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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 5th November, 1927.

"To Thee, O God, we raise our hearts, and we ask Thee out of Thy understanding Love, to pour down upon us this night fuller revelation of the purpose and the plan. Oh, instruct the mind of the body that each one is a pilgrim on the long journey home to their Father and Mother God. Let no thought of the dangers of the road or the difficulties to be overcome cast a shade over the assurance that faith should bring, but rather let them turn to their task with hopeful hearts and with certainty that, as the need arises, so the power will come...

"We, Thy children, enter into Thy Presence with humility, yet with a deep pride and thankfulness that we are Thy own. Oh, take us out of our lesser selves, let us forget for these few hours the physical world and its many distractions, and draw us to Thyself and bless us as we dedicate our minds, our bodies anew, to Thy holy service... Father, we thank Thee. Amen...

"...My children all, this night once more we meet together to consider not the physical world or material things, but rather: 'The Spiritual Nature of Ourselves'.

"And I want you, in thinking of this great gift which you name communion, to ponder on those many branches which, once the door of communion is opened, as it were, lie spread out waiting for your exploration.

"It is as this: Many approach (Spirit) communion with those who have gone on before, but their minds are swayed by material considerations, they come not to that which is as the throne of grace with humility, seeking to cleanse their lesser selves. Rather, it is to minister to desire - the desire to know what the future holds, the desire to be told that this trouble and that shall be taken from them, the desire to have reassurance over the material things of daily life.

"I condemn not, but I emphasise once again that this holy gift was never meant for that. And, in the measure that a man or a woman approaches the door between themselves and the full life of Spirit - in the measure that self holds - so, although a door is opened, yet beyond lie not the Realms of the Spirit, but those many conditions where desire still holds its sway.

"Oh, ponder on this, and warn those who are turning from the best to the second and the third best in the pursuit of that which they name the Truth. I say, because it is God's Truth, that those who gather together to learn as to the material welfare of their lives and those who surround them - these may get their messages, but those messages as they come are loaded by self, by the desire to please, the desire to tell those on earth that all is well with material things, forgetting that the only true meaning of that word 'well' concerns the Divine within...

"My children, slowly, in some cases very slowly, those who have the gift of communion are raising their ideals and their aspirations. Slowly their eyes are brought up from the earth, from its toys and so-called pleasures, and fixed on the Master Himself. To come to listen to those who are free from the body, and yet to hear not of Divine Truth, that to us is waste and loss in a way I cannot express in words.

"So, my children, because we love our Saviour best, because He means more to our real selves than anything or anyone else in any world, so I can say that the Holy Spirit is in our midst, soothing, aye, but only so that the warrior has greater strength to fight tomorrow. The soothing which is concerned with the comforting of the physical mind, that to us is destruction.

"The Spiritual Nature of Man, one day, some time, must be demonstrated by everyone.

"And I want you to go back, in thought, over that which you name the Holy Bible, that record put together by those of old with a care - aye, with an effort - inconceivable to you in these times. I want you to realise that when it is a matter of God's Truth, though the enemies of the Spirit seek to check - and do check in a measure - yet, that which is Truth remains. Only a fragment, perchance, of the Truth which it was the Father's will should be retained by man, but God has to use the instruments on the earth plane, and because of all that turning from the Law of the Spirit, so the precious jewels of Reality were overlaid by the dust of the ages, and many such treasures wait, and still wait, for those with the will, with the pure heart to uncover...

"My children, I have told you before that in the Sacred Record the spiritual nature of man has been laid down, and though there may be a million and a million who seek to discredit that story of old, the time will come when those who have built up their own theories concerning God and His creations, will come back, come back to that Narrative - bare, fragmentary though it is - and say to themselves and others: 'In the likeness, in the image of God, was man created in the far past'.

"You and I and the many have listened, and we have weighed that which is called evidence, that which has been collected and collated by the thinkers through the generations; but I say - because the Master directs me to underline it tonight - I say that for the most part such as these have delved into the earth for that which they name Truth, and have forgotten to go to the Source of Truth to obtain that which is permanent for ever.

"Children, when you are free from the body, the knowledge of the earth will seem to you as this: Even as the long grass of the field; it plays its part, but again and again the scythe comes, and that which has grown beyond the need of eye and mind is gathered up for other purposes and is forgotten. Over the ages, so that which is as the turf of Truth has been allowed to grow wild and unrestrained. Seeds of all kinds from all conditions have fallen there, and they, in turn, have been accredited as the substance itself.

"Yet, because there are those who love God and who wish to follow in the footsteps of Christ, so such as these, by effort, through persecution and that which you call martyrdom, have been as the scythes which have swept off that which is of the world, and for a while the roots of Truth have been exposed. But remember that they are not there alone. Think of that which has been contributed by man, all those seedlings which have forced and held their place over the past.

"Yet, God is not mocked, and His angels, aye, His Holy Self, again and again has inspired man to get back to fundamentals, to be willing and ready to do away with the superfluous on that which is indeed the sweet field of Truth...

"Little ones, in the stage before the physical there was much which was similar to this little earth; and, again, in the stage before that there were kindred points; yet, evolution was steadily and faithfully carried out. You remember and yet you forget. Again and again, in pursuing the words of another, so echo holds your minds - it is new and yet it is familiar, it is only strange in part; and something within responds to the truth unfolded through that which you name the inspiration of the writer. And those who understand the source of inspiration say: 'Someone greater, someone wiser, was able to use the instrument at hand'.

"The spiritual nature of man has triumphed in a minute way. The physical mind may still hold the larger portion, but Truth, or its reflection, has shone down upon the earth and gladdened the hearts of the children upon it...

"Yes, and when 'inspiration' has full force and is able to dominate the thoughts and the speech of anyone, then not only are you, as it were, gathering a thread from that before stage, but you are linking it up with the stage to come. You are mediums, instruments - call it what you will. And thus it was that those old ones of old put down in the language of their time a mighty Truth, yet they understood not either its implication or its deep meaning.

"Even as I use this child, and others are used, so the message came from a condition more developed or evolved than this little earth, yet it was the portrayal of that which has been in the far, far past when man, as a 'thought' of God - because the great Mother and Father Heart was lonely - when man was created in the likeness of his Maker, all pure, all wise, yet without that which you name experience; holding the gift but without having earned the gift; knowing all Truth but not having suffered for Truth. So the writers in an earlier stage of that which you name this little planet, being as mediums, as instruments, were the connecting link with the past, the present and the future.

"The spiritual nature of man was demonstrated by such as these, ignorant and limited as many today would name the prophets, but they were greater, grander than man has ever understood. Through the power of the Spirit, because these children of the earth desired to do the will of the Lord God Jehovah, so God's will was done.

"Yet, remember ever, that the physical stage has demonstrated that man, as a whole, is neither ready for Truth nor does he desire to possess it. Only the few in the past, only the few in the present, have the humble heart, the obedient will, aye, are ready to lay aside the knowledge of the earth for the wisdom of the Spirit. And that has held humanity back, and that will hold the individual back; yet, the time will come when the spiritual nature of man will dominate the physical and the material, and All-Truth will pour through the vessels at hand His Truth - not man's truth but the Truth that remains for ever...

"Oh, my children, I seem perchance to harry you, to exhort you beyond your strength, but you, through understanding that the Holy Spirit can be used today even as in those days which you name Pentecost, you have much responsibility imposed upon you; yet, that responsibility is the greatest gift of all.

"Those in your surroundings may spurn the Truth, the wiseacres of every age smile with scorn, even as they smiled at the Master Himself; but Truth shall be found to be stronger than them all. I ask you to face this fact: How many of the so-called scientists of any generation have pursued knowledge with prayer, have abased themselves with love before their Creator? How many, how many?

"Those who went to God for knowledge received that measure of wisdom which they could hold and pass on, but many reaped the stake - aye, they reaped a persecution impossible for your minds to conjure up. Yet, time passes, and such as these, at last, stand before the world as a demonstration of the power of God at work. The spiritual nature of man arose out of its bondage, and the past - that glorious past, when the individual knew not the meaning of self - that glorious past was reflected in the present. They gave their all, and Truth was manifested even as the physical garment was taken from them, and they were received into the arms of Christ...

"Little ones, today, the love of comfort is too strong; today, reluctance to suffer is seen on every side; today, the things of the world seem so attractive that many are unwilling to contemplate another state of all. Yet pause; forget not that when trial and test come, when danger threatens close at hand, so out of the individual rises something fairer, purer than the physical, and the spiritual nature of men and women is demonstrated once again...

"But I must remind you that all who fight are not warriors. Nay, some are forced to do that from which they would be excused; yet, God's mercy is over all, and out of the pangs, out of the forcing aside of unwillingness, so something of a harvest is preserved for the childish ones. They gain a measure of maturity through the circumstances of their lives; and this is going to be demonstrated in the near future.

"You have heard from all quarters of this little earth that prophecies have been given out as to the cleansing of the world, as to the making good of that which has been allowed to slip away. In that which you name tragedy, that which you name tribulation (World War II - 1939-45?), the reluctant ones must suffer, as well as those who would give themselves and all they have to God. The unruly ones, the childish ones, the ones who want only the pleasures of life, these too, in time to come, are forced into the arena, and they perish - so they think - they perish, so that hereafter they shall have something of the fullness of real life...

"In the little tomorrow, you shall see this worked out in fact: That the children will be children no more, that the spiritual nature of mankind shall be demonstrated for their own sakes and for the sake of others. And the next stage into which they pass shall hold for such as these that which is gain instead of loss, that which is strength instead of weakness, that which is power and love and joy; for the mighty hand of God has been at work, and out of the very blows of the wreckers, out of the conglomeration of weakness and that which you name 'evil', so the Great Constructor, through the miracle of His Love, saves man from himself, and gives to the wayward ones something representing a firm foundation, which, when the body of flesh is no more, represents their all.

"This is the future, and the hosts of God - those whom you name the bright ones, the holy ones, they have cast their net of love over humanity; and if suffering must come, oh, believe me that those with the strength will suffer with them until redemption is their own...

"And now, my children, I leave you for a space; yet, remember that if not in one stage, then in another, those who are terrible to look upon - from your point of view - shall once more represent the perfection from which they came. Perfection: Perfect in mind, framed in the image of their Father and Mother God - this is man's heritage and this is the truth of the past.

"One day, and that day is not far ahead, those who have stumbled over this simple fact shall so gladly reconstruct their thinking, and thank their God for His mighty Love and His comprehension of all human and spiritual needs. Man was meant to be as the child of God, in image and in aspiration; and over the ages by the power of the greater self within the individual, so God, in degree, has been demonstrated to the doubting masses, and a part, that part of the holy pattern has been worked in.

"Thus I leave you. Keep from your minds the desire for this one or that, and remember that long before the physical garment was donned by you, these evenings were planned, for God has cast over you the silver chain of His Love. You are drawn to the things of the Spirit by the power of the spirit within, and the great Father and Mother Spirit without - yet within as well. Hold that which you have - the holiness and the peace - for we work under the Master's direction..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, only a few words in closing. This night has been worked out according to the Divine plan. Therefore, question nothing but raise your hearts in thankfulness to God. Oh, think not that the Father does not understand how you would ply your loved ones with questions, how you would wish to know this and that; but remember that each one in any condition, in any plane, is under the care of God.

"Is not that enough for you and for them? A little while in a strange land, you work out your experiences; a little loss, a little sorrow, a little separation; but, oh, remember that your home is not here. Your home is in those conditions where hate and bitterness have no place; your home is represented by Love, by understanding, by an effort inconceivable to you at this stage. Then prepare yourselves, put aside all that which bars your progress. Prepare by giving out love, by thinking thoughts of peace, and by working for the service of mankind under Christ...

"Service for others means service for yourself, and by that effort which is concerned with the raising up of others, so your spiritual nature is demonstrated in part, if not in whole. And in the tomorrow of time - in brighter, purer conditions - so, with joy, you shall thank God that you did your little best to release something of that perfection which is housed within...

"I bless you in the Name of God with the will to work, and with a faith that shall sweeten your days of service, and shall make the link between you and the Great Constructor tangible even to your physical minds...

"The blessing of work - work for the Master, work to bring nearer the fulfilment of the holy plan. Take and make your own... The Presence is with us, and the One who loves you best has gathered you in. You belong to Him, and He, out of His great Mother and Father Heart, has provided for all your needs; but remember that you must emerge from things physical into things spiritual before you can take of those gifts which His generosity would bestow...

"Goodnight, my children, and with thankful hearts take up the journey of life. Much has been given to you; therefore, out of that much give to others in turn... Farewell."

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