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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Monday, 18th April, 1927.

"Father of all Love, we, Thy little children, gather together this night asking Thee to make the future still more plain, asking Thee to show us how the purpose and the plan is dependent upon Thy children in the earth plane and in those planes which are Spirit. Oh, instruct us as to those mighty things which remain for ever. Pour out upon us Thy healing power so that we may realise that the past is past and the future is glorified by the pangs of the past...

"Into Thy Hands we commend ourselves, and we ask Thee to take us one step further out of things material and physical into those permanencies which are not only written on the scroll of time, but at this moment are being worked in, for the preparation goes on apace. Incline our hearts to keep Thy laws; open the eyes of the spirit to the wonder of a life of service, to that sweet tie between Spirit in a physical body and Spirit in garments of Light; and still more, to that strongest tie of all - the link between the child and the Father, the link between the Saviour and the one redeemed by Thy precious Love.

"Father, once more we thank Thee for all Thy many good gifts.


"...My little children, it seems to me that much time has elapsed since we met together in this sweet way; for as you know yourselves, time is not measured by hours or by days, but by that which has transpired within that time. Some days seem as a few seconds, some hours appear of such long duration that indeed we ask ourselves: 'Was there a yesterday and will there ever be a tomorrow?' Yes, little ones, you understand me well when I say that time is relative; it depends entirely upon that which takes place in the mind of the body. For remember this: The spirit within, because it is of the Great Source, has a longer vision; it is not held by the things of the earth or their events; it works independently, very often, of the body and the physical mind; it has its task to do, its many lessons to learn, and it pursues its course, if somewhat hampered by the body, yet out of its strength, throwing off the impeding hand and going on and on...

"So, my children, I want you to remember this: You regard me as Spirit purely and only, yet, if I let that pass, I am allowing a wrong impression to rest on your minds. Little ones, when the Father sends us to the earth plane to do His work, we have to take on much which, in a measure, represents those coarser conditions - a multitude of garments - to allow us to contact in a definite personal way, with the material conditions in which our work lies.

"So dear children, I want you to grasp this: Because I am among you, sharing in your joys and sorrows, so also some periods of physical time seem long to me, and the waiting for this meeting together has been indeed as a burden to that which is myself. For sorrow has come rather close to some, and the true friend, the real guide, not only wishes to be, but is so closely in the vibrations, that the ones who suffer can reach out and obtain that consolation which they need...

"Oh, my children, the barrier of conditions exists only and solely on your side. So far as I am concerned, not only by my heart's desire, but by the fact that I have taken upon myself that which represents 'density' in order to be in a personal way in your lives, so, because of this, I am one with you, and with all my soul I entreat you to make yourself one with me as well.

"These tests must come to all. If the physical experience held not spiritual loneliness, then, little ones, many lessons would remain unlearnt. For in spiritual loneliness - that loneliness which, it seems, no one can break - in that loneliness you find that foundation which has been built up by you over the ages that have passed.

"And so tonight I would speak on: 'Spiritual Loneliness', drawing your thoughts back to the One who is our closest Companion, our sweetest Friend.

"Children, from that time when the One you name Jesus came into consciousness - aye, as a child - so loneliness was His portion. Those in the little home had their own interests; in a measure they were akin to other things; and the child, in His thoughts and even in His play, was lonely in a way you scarce can understand.

"And yet send your minds back to your own experience or to that of another who was in your surroundings. Many can recall a lonely child, not necessarily the only child of the parents, but more often one child amongst others, who, even in tender years, stood by itself because those around had interests so different from its own.

"And thus it was that the Child was lonely. Yes, even the mother - with all her tenderness and her compassionate care - even the mother watched, as it were, from afar off, the petals of the soul slowly unfolding themselves and giving out that sweetness, that holiness, which was never forgotten by the one who provided for that Child the physical body which He was to wear.

"And then, dear children, as the Boy matured, so that isolation was more noticeable still. Friends were around and they called Him to their play, but even as He played so the distinction was felt. One was keyed to the things of the Spirit and the others were keyed to those things which were of the earth; and in time, they forgot to call, and the Boy crept away by Himself to think and to think, aye, of those things He could not understand.

"I want you to bear that point in mind. There are children in every age who have been conscious of greater, bigger things, which are beyond their physical understanding. It is as this: The door between the mind of the body and the mind of the spirit is ajar; the child is held by the physical, yet is dimly conscious of some great expanse of understanding of which it gets just a flicker, and, as it tries to seize the brightness, so it is gone.

"These children need much watching and much love as well, for lo, when sympathy is absent, the door swings to and the child is conscious of greater loneliness than ever. For in those quiet moments, so the real self was able to stretch out and contact with watchful, tender companions, unseen, yet felt; intangible to the physical eyes but oh, so tangible to the spirit within...

"The loneliness of Christ has been dealt with by many, for even those who look at things in the earth way are conscious that His very difference in aspiration shut Him off from those others of the world in which He lived.

"But I want this night, to go a little deeper than that. I want to point out that because the Child held close to those things which were good, those things which were pure, because the Child instinctively turned to its Great Parent, so that sensitiveness - which is essentially the equipment of the Spirit - was released in a way you cannot grasp while the body binds. The sensitiveness of the Child, the greater sensitiveness of the growing Boy, the intense sensitiveness of the Man, who, in spite of all the pangs it brought, forced Himself under the public eye and came up against criticism and condemnation in every form...

"Little ones, sensitiveness, because it is of the Spirit, exacts its price. But remember Christ. The sensitive in your own vibrations, the sensitive over the ages, they have withdrawn from the world as the world is. They have said: 'A quiet corner is best for me'. Best for the mind of the body, but oh, my children, how thwarting to the courageous spirit within!

"These sensitive ones have full excuse, so you would think, for holding back, for allowing those others who suffer not in that way to take the lead, to go out and harangue the crowd; yet, by the very fact that sensitiveness - which is Spirit-consciousness - is absent, so the words of such as these more often appertain to the things of the earth and those things of the Spirit are hidden from them...

"I take you back to the Saviour of the World. Children, cannot you understand how those in His vibrations, encouraged, influenced, controlled by the destroyers, unseen, yet capable of dominating them in a degree which represented a cruelty and a menace to humanity at large - cannot you understand how they used every means to turn Him from His purpose; yes, those in Our Lord's vibrations, the companions of His childhood, the members of His household, the stranger outside the gate, the stranger within that little settlement which represented, during the earthly years, His world.

"Children, that early preparation, that keeping calm and trustful under the blows of words which fell upon Him - all this which seems so brutal to you, was absolutely necessary to build up that foundation of resistance upon which He could rely when the whole world was arraigned against Him.

"And so we pass on, out of the years of childhood, out of the boyhood with its dangers, with its ignorances, with its flickering wisdom and partial understanding - we pass on until we come to that which you name the ministry of the Master on earth.

"And here, dear children, that loneliness was felt in all its fierce and burning vehemence, for the Holy One walked alone in the sense that He took a strange and unaccustomed path. He walked alone, and though He drew that little group which followed after, He Himself - because He claimed spiritual instruction from God direct - He suffered from an isolation which was greater agony than the Cross.

"Yes, and those who followed after, when the price had been paid, when the preparation had been put in, they too were to know a loneliness, if not so great, yet as great as they could bear.

"It is the path of spiritual progress, it is the only way, because, my children, when the call comes you must leave the crowd with its many interests - with that which holds the mind of the body - you must leave the crowd and cross the wilderness; for the wilderness - with its temptations, with its trying of patience, with its unseen enemies - it lies between you and the Promised Land...

"But oh, my children, I would not bring sadness into these vibrations of peace, for have I not told you, and have you not learnt by experience, that the mere fact that you have found the will to leave the crowd and that which holds the mind of the crowd, and try and penetrate into those Truths which are of God - the mere fact that the desire and the determination is there, brings to you the One who was loneliest of all, brings unnumbered ones who suffered loneliness in degree, brings this wonderful company into your surroundings; and you are companioned - companioned physically, mentally and spiritually - every inch of the way.

"Yet, dear children, the loneliness persists - and why? Why, because the spirit within, out of its pure desire, waves back the bright throng and tries to walk alone. For have you not been told that each one must learn to walk firmly on that upper path, if they, in turn, would win the strength to go back and lead others along that self-same way?

"So, dear children, it is quite natural that the Saviour of the World had to walk in loneliness, although the Spirit within instructed that God was accessible as the impulse to contact arose. Moreover, as you have been told before, God, as man, went through the same experiences as you and I, and had those Spirit guides and helpers (Mark 1:13, Luke 22:43), even as you and even as was my gift (Hebrews 1:14), in what seems to you a far-off time.

"Little ones, on the Mount of that which you name Transfiguration, so revealed to those privileged to see, and so passed on in words for generations to read in time to come, were those servants of the Holy One (Luke 9:30,31), who, during His earthly sojourn, acted even as a father and mother and supplied strength from All-Strength; because God, as man, had fettered Himself as man is fettered, had cut Himself off from His Godhead except in that measure of contact which all His children could enjoy.

"And so, though I speak of the loneliness of the Holy One, I would not have you think that His isolation was more than that associated with the body; yet, because it provided that essential experience, because it only could build up that spiritual foundation which enabled Him to face, with calmness and meekness, those enemies which attacked on every side, so dear children, Christ shared in that which all in turn and in time must go through.

"But many experience it not until the body is laid aside. You ask me: 'But if the body is no more, cannot they see the Bright Ones who are all around?' And I answer, little ones, that the test comes as this: When the body has been discarded and the spirit, in a measure, is released, the consuming desire of that spirit is to enter conditions where sorrow, where darkness, where spiritual ignorance abounds; and in those conditions so they go through a loneliness inconceivable to the physical mind.

"This illustrates once more the price exacted for postponement. The strong soul, who, in a degree, is conscious of the Divine within - that soul takes this experience during the earth stage, and, by the pangs endured, draws to itself power for evermore. But the soul who wishes to travel without those greater burdens which provide the biggest tests, that soul postpones that experience and evades it, not only through the earthy stage but through many stages which lie beyond.

"But have I not told you that the time comes when evasion no longer is possible; and when, in a measure, the spirit dominates the garment it wears, so the spirit takes on that loneliness; for without it, a link is missing between itself and the Redeemer of us all. Think of the loneliness experienced by the aspiring soul when, voluntarily, it goes back into conditions not its own; when, again voluntarily, it throws in its lot with one, who, as you would say, had nothing in common with itself for the spirit is buried beneath that which is physical, that which is material, and that which is bestial. Yes, the aspiring soul fights for the release of that one in conditions which are an agony to the sensitiveness which is its own...

"Yet, my little ones, when the spirit within is, in a measure, released, so each pang is regarded by us as a gift, so each repulse means that that spirit is that pace closer to its God; for has not God been repulsed from the beginning of time? And how can His child find unity with its Source if such an experience is absent, has never been taken on by itself?

"And so, my little ones, I bring you to the Christ, to the One who loves us so well, and I ask you to get His earth life into that right perspective which it deserves. You mourn over the sufferings of the Christ; you exclaim with horror at the brutality of His death; but, dear children, Calvary, to the Lord God of all, was but one experience out of countless millions which man has inflicted upon Him from the beginning of time.

"You are amazed that Love - such Love - could be repulsed, that it could pass unrecognised by the masses, that there were any so blind, any who could resist the spiritual magnetism of His Presence. But, little ones, has not mankind repulsed the Love of God over the ages? And is not the Love of God, in this day, repulsed again and again?

"The gift of Calvary - it is as this: Only by the physical fact of His personal suffering could man be brought to relent towards his God. The sufferings of the great Father-Heart and Mother-Heart of the Creator, these are passed over, unnoted, unthought of. And so God came as man in order to impress upon the physical mind of man something of that suffering inflicted by the coldness, by the hardness of the children towards their Father.

"This, my little ones, is the Truth; and until you have gained much wisdom in conditions other than the earth, you cannot grasp the gift of the Cross; the gift individually to mankind of that visible, outward illustration of the suffering imposed by man on his God...

"I ask you to think of yourselves: Who is there who loves, who has not felt that anguish which goes deeper than all else when that love has been repulsed? Even the suggestion foisted on the physical mind by the destroyers of love - even that seems intolerable to you. What of All-Love, who poured out that which was Himself upon those around Him, and found in their eyes naught but hate in return?

"And because of the self-discipline, of the preparation which had been put in, so the Divine within had been released and brought a sensitiveness impossible to be grasped by anyone upon the earth plane... And All-Love not only read in the faces of those around hatred for Him but, indeed, He was unprotected from all that venom of thought, that deceit, that crooked thinking; all the plotting and the planning was as an open book to Him, adding its agony to the rest...

"Again I bring you back to the present and to those who turn from Love understanding not what Love is like, and I ask you, and I ask all who read these words, to think of the anguish of their Father and Mother God over their thoughts, over their loneliness, over that ruling out of their physical lives of the One who longs to be their closest Companion and their unfailing Friend.

"Little ones, in thinking of Calvary, keep that great gift in its right position. Because the physical fact was there, so countless thousands have been brought to consider their suffering God; and the physical suffering, His loneliness, His undefended position, all this has called out the chivalry of their hearts and released the love of their minds.

"But lose not sight of this great Truth: The gift of Christ on earth was but one short illustration of what has been going on since the beginning of time, and what will go on through many centuries to come, for the children have strayed far and much has to be put in before they can be gathered back into that unity with Spirit which once was their own.

"So my children, to all you meet, whether they have thought of God or whether their troubles have held all spaces in the mind - to all, pass on the word of warning, bid them not add their quota to the anguish of their God. Tell them as to Calvary; and tell them further that when His children turn from Him as from an enemy, once more the Cross is borne by the One who gave them being...

"The spiritual loneliness of the individual is but a test, even as physical loneliness, which is far more common, is but to bring out those depths which are within. There are many who say: 'I cannot be alone', but when loneliness is forced upon them they find, if they have the will to seek, that, as it were, beneath the surface of the mind there are treasures which can be drawn out, and these not only compensate for the lack of physical company, but they provide a companionship far more precious than those of the physical world can give. Unconsciously, by the very fact that they are removed from those in the body, the real self has stretched out and opened to itself that which has no boundaries, that which is unlimited, for it is of God Himself...

"Holding that thought in your mind, you can see, dear children, that the test provided by spiritual loneliness is, again, to ask the individual to grasp the deeper and allow the shallow to depart, for around each soul there is that great Spirit reserve which can be drawn upon at will; and though the body faints and though the mind of the body seems - for a time - to have lost its power, by the mere fact that the physical is submerged, the spirit can take command if the willingness is there...

"So, my little ones, when the test comes to you or to those you know, speak in tones of the greatest reassurance. Tell them that their loneliness is a direct link with Christ; for though the Christ was surrounded by those of His servants and drew from them that power from which He had separated Himself, except for the link within - that though Christ had those same companions as they possess, yet He too was conscious of a great, great loneliness, not only in regard to those upon the earth plane, but, because of the aspiration within, He strove, as other strong souls have striven, to walk alone; to build up that stability which, when the great test came, would remain unassailable by all the blows directed against it.

"And that, dear children, explains the Garden and the great loneliness which fell upon the One we love so well. As man at times loses touch with His God because the enemies of the physical are too strong, so the Holy One took on that experience Himself, but demonstrated for all time that even as the temptation came, so it could be vanquished and overcome...

"Children, when those who love the Master hold up that great Example, so often they overlook that God fettered Himself precisely in the same way as man is fettered, and because of this, so man exclaims that Christ is up there and they are in the depths; that they are divided by conditions, by that lack of spirituality which He showed in such full measure.

"But, my children, if the individual would only hold close to the God who gave it being, it is possible, it has been made possible, that those cabined within the physical body could rise to the same heights as Christ rose, when they could do His miracles and more, for Christ held back much of that power which was fully released within.

"Yes, if there was the man or the woman who literally and actually followed in the steps of the Saviour, the laws of nature could be controlled by them, by the simple fact that they had within their grasp understanding of the laws of the Spirit, which can control and do control, in a measure, the laws appertaining to this little earth.

"So I ask the preachers and the teachers to call out the strength which is buried within the hearts and minds of men; to place no limitations on what they can rise to, what they can endure; for each one of the Father's children in time to come must be as the Christ Himself...

"Little ones, it seems an ideal beyond your grasp in thought; and there has been a great lack as to the passing on of this great Truth - that God has made it possible that the man or the woman who can be as selfless as Jesus was selfless during His earthly experience, that the man or the woman who can reach those same heights, could perform the same miracles which came so easily to Him.

"For when God came as man, He brought naught with Him which His children have not in their power to make their own. If Christ had been different, how then could the Master say: 'Follow Me, do as I do'? It would be but mockery of those He loves so well. Christ was an Example in every respect - the life, the death, the resurrection; and there are countless millions who, ere the third day has passed, are at work again - aye, even before their physical body has been hidden from sight...

"Christ was the great Example, and by faith and trust and, above all, by love, we can do as He did; we can place our feet in the footsteps of All-Purity, All-Holiness, All-Power; and though we lag behind, though we must rest by the way, and though the call of this and that distracts us, one time, however far ahead it may be, each one must place their foot in the same imprint that Christ left behind, and step by step take the same path, do the same things, think the same unselfish thoughts.

"For God's plan for man is that man should be as Himself, and until that is made a fact, so the perfect unity between us and our God - on our side - is incomplete. Never forget that on the Father's side, no barriers can exist between Himself and His little ones; but our lack of experience, our lack of understanding, our imperfect grasp on wisdom, as it were, bars us from that perfect joy, that exquisite peace which unity with our Creator represents and which was once our own - our possession as a gift, but after the long journey of experience ours by right...

"And now, my children, I will leave you for a space. This evening will be a short one, yet I want you all to give out that power which is within, to pass on as your contribution to this sacred work for God. Give out of that which is your self, and a blessing will be bestowed beyond your comprehension at this stage. And now I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, we have worked through, perhaps against great opposition, but we have worked through. And I want you always to be certain that when you gather together in this sweet way, however weak things may be on the physical side, that which is Spirit is strong in the strength of God.

"And oh, remember the companionship which is all around; remember those who are so dependent upon you for joy and happiness and even peace of mind. For when a spirit undertakes the charge of those on earth, it is not done in part, they throw in their lot with their charges, and though they guide or seek to guide, very often the children - as all know well - they have the greater power to hurt or to heal, to bring brightness or to cast sadness; for love being love holds nothing back...

"And so, my little ones, we close; yet once more I bring you back to the Cross, but I leave you not there; I remind you once again how joy followed swiftly on sorrow, how life over seeming death, how Love triumphed over that which was hate in man's heart. And this thought we will take with us: That whatever the pull on the physical side, the power on the Spirit side is trebly strong; and God, because He is God and our Father and Mother in Love, so when God has spoken, then that which He has uttered takes place...

"The Most Holy One has said: 'Let There Be Light' - and the Light shall come, and those who hugged their twilight to them - they shall be forced to admit the Light, for God has spoken and God will not be denied.

"And so, my little ones, I bless you with faith, with confidence, and with trust in the One who loves you best. Hold fast this thought, for, when the shadows draw nigh, faith and trust is even as a barricade and they depart from you; and by your act and your determined stand, you have opened between yourself and God the sunshine of His grace...

"Goodnight, my children, and rest in peace, conscious of the mighty Love which is around you now and for evermore... Goodnight, dear Children..."

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