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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 7th September, 1924.

"O Gracious and Almighty Spirit, we hand our bodies, our minds, and our souls into Thy loving care, knowing that Thou hast provided for all things and that with Thee everything is secure.

"Heavenly Father, pour down upon us tonight the spirit of peace, the spirit of understanding, and the spirit of unity with those who are in the Bright Realms - those who are with us this evening, bringing with them as willing gifts, that happiness and brightness which they have made their own through sorrow and through the very pain that sought to hinder them.

"O God, Thy little children, so limited, so dependent upon others, have to turn to Thee again and again for succour, for strength, and for that enlightenment which brings faith in its train - that faith which says to each one: 'Christ has my soul in safe custody, therefore nothing can strike the body unless I turn from Him.'

"O Holy and most blessed Spirit of Love, draw us up from the physical - away from the memory of the things of the world - draw us up in thought so that the unity between us may be complete, and that we may carry on the work which Thou hast given us without misgiving and without the thought of failure to hold us back...

"...Tonight, my children, I must go a little slowly at first because there has been much movement, and I have considerable work to do in order to close the gaps - to weld the conditions here into a solid whole.

"To you, my own dear children, it sounds rather strange that Zodiac should be limited in this way. You have rather a happy attitude in regard to me, which dismisses the things of the physical as of no account, because of the power which can be drawn upon at will from the Realms of the Spirit - under God's command.

"Well, my children, it is not quite like that, and I want you to know that my power is only unlimited when I am given the conditions suitable for harmonising the physical and the material with the spiritual and holy. Once that contact is made - that weaving together, that sealing down of the conditions - then indeed, as a gift from God, my power is almost unlimited, but I must have co-operation - co-operation from you - both in thought, in action, and in method.

"I tell you this because I know how much you long to get on, to work through the preliminary stages, and to feel that the boat in which you are, can, by the effort of those at the oars, be sent swiftly on to the land of right desire.

"My children, it lies very much in your own hands - in this way: You have been told again and again, that only in the silence, in the quietness of the Spirit, can the Voice of God be heard; and more and more do I entreat you to remember this - to underline it in your minds again and again... In the silence only can you shed the physical sufficiently to contact with the real things of the Spirit.

"And here I draw a very thick and broad line of demarcation between contacting with 'the things of the Spirit', and with those who are free from their physical bodies...

"Nowadays, there is that tendency to class together as 'Spirit' all those who have finished their earthly experience: But I am here to declare that such is not the case in any particular.

"In speaking of the things of the Spirit, you are inferring that which, anyhow, desires to be holy or to contact with the things of God. And yet, as you know, my children, there are many, many who have passed out of physical life who still cling to the things of the material world, and turn their face from those which are of the Light.

"These, dear children, are not 'spirits' in the sense in which the word is used; in fact, I would go still farther: I say that with these poor mistaken ones, they are even less now of the Spirit than when the physical body was worn and desecrated by themselves.

"Oh, do not put this idea lightly aside. Remember that the gift of communion is a general gift to all. But in the individual lies the choice, the choice not only of good or evil, but of seeking that which is only half-good or that which is half-evil - which can impersonate the good itself.

"We have much to do in regard to this. You see on every side that there are those who are not particular as to their friends, and, even so, that condition of mind is the same when they come here - they are not particular as to their friends, whether they are followers of the Master or not. And so trouble comes and that of which I cannot speak, because it means not only delay but the piling up of forces and of powers which will call from them the most determined effort in order to free themselves in the days to come.

"My children, you will gather from this that communion with those in the spirit should be confined to those who indeed, in some measure, represent 'Spirit', and not that which is less advanced than the earthly body which they left behind.

"You see, dear children, that in gathering you to my side like a loving and ambitious father, I am anxious for you to have, not the second best, but the best itself. And the only way to obtain the best is by dedication, by the separation of the bodily mind from the physical and material things of the earth; and before you meet us in the spirit in this way, to endeavour - by God's help - to yourselves enter into the silence, that holiness, that laying aside of self, that losing of the very soul - losing it in holiness, in the holiness which is all around.

"Oh, my children, could you but see what this free-will gift of yours could create, you would throw everything else aside to offer it up unbroken, complete as is possible while physically bound, knowing that in so lending yourselves to God's work you are bringing to the mind and the body powers and capacities absolutely beyond your comprehension now. Yes, you, my little ones - so doubtful of yourselves, with so many misgivings as to suitability and so on - you, my little ones, have been chosen to demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit working upon earth.

"And yet, as you know, all are called to do the same, but very few interpret the call in its right sense, and so they forsake the highest and content themselves with the second, the third, and the fourth best. And time and power, and a million things outside your range of thought, are wasted - for the time being - and bring anguish to themselves hereafter.

"My children, I am afraid you think that I have been scolding you a little, but not so - not in the sense that you would take it. But in your heart of hearts - those who have worked and striven and struggled to make this communion possible - in the heart of each one is that spiritual ambition to be used by God as God wills - and because of this, I point out once more the way: I tell you that nothing in this respect shall be denied you, but you must lend yourselves in God's way and not in the way of the world.

"You cannot run with the hare and hunt with the hounds; you cannot serve two masters, and more especially is this true with the things of the Spirit - it has got to be all - all - and not half, or a quarter, as the case may be. You have got to face the fact, and the time is hastening on when I shall want all the aid from you that I can get. You have got to face the alternative - that having striven so far and suffered so much, only the best is good enough for you. And so you see, dear children, there is no alternative before you. The children of God are the children of God, and what the Father asks, that will they give unhesitatingly, because the spirit within has grown and developed to the extent that it will not let them rest until the surrender is complete.

"And so, my children, I lead you on from this thought to another - and that is in regard to those problems of the earth which so fascinate and evade the mind of the body - the 'eternal why', as you say - those interrogations over science, over the construction of the human frame, over the many miracles of nature that are all around. For the solution of these I say, as I have said before, that as you grow ready for power and understanding so shall the illumination come. But to those who prefer to keep their eyes on the ground, rather than raise them to the Light of the Spirit - no answer comes; or if an answer comes, it but bewilders, and sends man once more on that circuitous journey which brings him back, in due course, to his starting point.

"My children, I speak plainly tonight, because I am speaking on my own. I tell you that God is willing - nay, is anxious - that His children should understand the Father-Mind and what that Mind has produced in these various forms - but the dedication is not there, and when you touch the things which are Divine, only Divinity can turn the key.

"Yes, and what is more, that Divinity is within - the spirit of man stored here in the body as a precious jewel - by many unknown, uncared for. But the jewel is there, a gift from the All-Knowing, All-Wise, and if you will tread the path in quietness, in sanctity of spirit, endeavouring to shed self, then - then you shall know. But the knowledge will come from within and not from without, as men think.

"Only Spirit can contact with Spirit - and the things of the surface are not Spirit at all. It is in the hidden, the buried, the unfound - in all those unknown things which torture the physical mind of man - it is in these the Spirit lies, just as beneath the physical frame is the soul - that which protects the Divinity - that Divinity which is unfathomed and absolutely unexplored, from a spiritual point of view.

"And it is to this that I invite you - it is to the higher ranges, not only of thought but of understanding, that I would lead the little children of the Light. And as you climb, mentally and spiritually, so shall the horizon open and the things which are of God be revealed. But the revelation does not come to those whose eyes are upon the earth. Yes, I speak seriously because I am addressing that greater, nobler self within, which does understand, which faints not and is never weary - that courageous, determined, spiritualised self, which is in direct contact with its Maker with nothing in between.

"My children, we have worked together through sad days and bright days - through storms and those brief calm periods which you love so well we have worked and suffered together. And so tonight I speak to you as grown men and women - and I include all my children, everywhere, however far away - I speak to you as grown men and women, and I ask you to consider the invitation which I pass on to you from the Master. It is yours to decide. Free-will is never interfered with, but there must be that within which is willing to give, if the heights are to be reached and held.

"Turn your thoughts from exhibitions and demonstrations of power upon the material plane; these serve their purpose it is true, but they are not for you. We have no time to linger upon such things. We have to dwell upon that which is the essence and not the outward and the visible; we are called to study the things of the Spirit in its highest sense of holiness and of purity, and have a lot to do - a lot to do in a very short time indeed.

"And to old and young, experienced and less experienced, I send out the call: I ask for volunteers. I ask for those who will be willing to leave the trivial, the earthly, the seemingly physical attractive - I ask for volunteers to climb the hill with me. And I see - and thank God for it - that the response is sure, that the voices of the valley will grow fainter and fainter, and the sweet Voice of the Spirit more definite, more penetrating as the years go on. I see that the last chain will be snapped asunder, that those ropes of desire will give in the end, and in the place of bondage will be freedom and the capacity to understand.

"And in saying this I am offering what no words can portray. I am as an emissary of God, inviting you to take part, not only as a guest, but as your own right as sons and daughters of the Most High; I am inviting you to take your own place in the Heavenly Spheres, which has been prepared for you. And, by God's grace and beneficent power, you shall arise and come.

"And now for a little while I leave you. Send out power and sympathy and thoughts of holiness and you shall reap what you have sown..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...At last, my dear friends... You must bear with me a little because I have gone through much to get this message through. It is inconceivable to me, and it will be to you, that God should cast aside all those adverse forces and powers and let me speak...

"I am a stranger, except by name, and belong to a Church that, in a sense, is alien to your own. The barrier could never be bridged, so I thought, and you think as well; but to show you that God is stronger than all I am sent into your presence tonight to testify to the brotherhood of man, both in the spirit and in the body.

"You have much to forgive - in this sense: That we have been the guiltier in blocking the unity between your church and the church I loved so well and tried so hard to serve.

"But we have this to learn: That in God's sight, all those intervening barriers of dogma and of belief do not exist, and He says to us all: 'Gather together - yes, together - at the foot of My Throne and as a community raise yourselves to respond to Me'...

"There on the wall (crucifix) is that which represented to me all that life in the physical or in the spiritual might mean. I knelt at the Cross in spirit, and even though my thoughts wandered at times, I knelt there praying for mercy and forgiveness; and the Cross stands for all time to man as safety - but that safety is for all and we knew it not...

"I am scarcely able to put my thoughts together this evening - in this way: It seems to me, that in going back on my life, that the Truth was so obvious, the Scriptures so plain... I marvel again and again that I could have held to the division of the goats from the sheep - the division of one church from the other while both sought to serve the same Master. It seems now incredible to me that I could have been so limited - and yet even in this a purpose has been served, because I was sincere.

"Now, out of the beneficent mercy of the All-Wise, I can come back and work, can contribute my little quota towards bridging the barriers in between; and each time you can say: 'We are not disunited'. And each time they - the children of the church I once thought represented everything - each time they can be brought to see that love for God is all that matters, that service is the bond of unity between man and man - each time I can be used to bring about this sweet intercourse of ideas - so shall I get nearer to Christ and the Truth He came to teach...

"My friends, only because of the width of your sympathy am I here; only because there was not that barrier of opinion, of bigotry in between us, am I able to tell you that tonight, in your presence, is one who worked - and indeed made many mistakes - but worked in the Church of Rome, with never a look behind as to the question of any other sect or belief.

"I am here in the spirit, speaking through the body of this girl (Miss Winifred Moyes). I am here to demonstrate the brotherhood of man, that Christ made no division, and that God regards us all as equal in His sight, and joined together in service... It is Vaughan, and I ask you to keep my name in your minds so that I may come again... Forgive me, I am accused of being an orator when in the flesh, and it is difficult in speaking to rid myself of the old habit, but you shall see - as time goes on - the spirit changing, in the desire to be as God would have me be.

"In the presence of the Host of the Holy ones of the Spirit, I re-dedicate myself to work for God. I pray that it may be accepted from a contrite heart, for Christ's sake, Amen..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, we have had a happy evening and I think you are all, in your heart of hearts, pledged to God and pledged to the work.

"I want you all, as you go your separate ways, to think of this: 'That I, with my weaknesses and my failings' - for as you grow, dear children, these things seem terribly prominent in your mind - 'but even with my weaknesses and my frailties, I can be used for work for God, I have my part to play in the Great Plan for lifting up humanity and setting it forever on that high plateau of Peace, where storms beat in vain!'

"Yes, it is a great, grand journey we are on. Some, of course, who thought in the beginning that it would soon be finished, have been disappointed - but it is the thought of the length of that journey which inspires us so. No question of milestones, even of birthdays. Once you pass a certain point, then each step will be met with joy, and even each pang will be counted as treasure as well.

"Oh, my children, rouse you - rouse you from your thoughts of the world and what it can offer. Bestir that which is within and make room for the spirit to grow. Remember that however hard, however steep the path may seem, it is simply in imagination only.

"You will get this view yourselves as the days go on, you will see that, even as I stated, those deep anguishes of the heart, those torturing thoughts, were imagination - in this sense: That they were built up by the physical mind alone, for all the time the spirit - free and separated from everything that speaks of pain - joys in its God, rejoices in its at-one-ment with the Great Spirit, and draws unto itself the power which is of Him.

"Set your house in order; be watchful over the little things, prayerful over the big. And as each night falls, and as each morning's work begins, know that within you is the strength, the courage which will carry you through; that even as an army there are the helpers around you, inspiring and encouraging you to answer to the Voice that calls you on.

"Oh, be not distressed if the enemy makes a noisy fusillade - he is not on the gaining side. And although at times it seems to you that the forces of evil can trample the good underneath, yet you shall see - as I have said - that all the while the good was only pushed on one side, and when the evil had exhausted itself, rose up untouched, supreme.

"Therefore, my children, I leave you in contentment, knowing that you will not only hold your flag up, but that the weariness you have experienced sometimes will fall from you and you will go forward rejoicing in the banner that you carry and certain that the Master goes in front.

"The blessing of the Spirit of Love rest upon you, and keep you in harmony now and for ever more... Goodnight, my children."

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