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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Warriors Hall, Germantown, Philadelphia, USA, on Sunday, October 16th, 1938

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Saviour Christ, into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child.

"Dear children, as a humble servant of the Christ I come amongst you, and I ask you to realise that it is by a spiritual dispensation that we meet together in this same way - you, in a body of flesh, and the many unseen by you, in bodies that are celestial, as promised in the Holy Book.

"And I would at the outset impress upon you that although you are held by physical restrictions, there is naught that can fetter the God within. If only your will is attuned to the highest, if only you desire to penetrate the veil that hangs between the two worlds, then God the Father, the Giver of all Life, shall hearken unto you, and revelation lies ahead.

"But this night, beloved, I am instructed by the Master to speak to you upon: "The Spiritual Education of the Masses".

"And I want you to hearken unto me with patience, to remember that the time must come when your spiritual education will be tested, when the physical education of your earthly stage will also have to be reviewed. Woe unto those who have used the mind of the body for self, woe unto the ones who have despised those in humble positions, who have felt superior to this race or to that community, for - in that time of understanding - they will see that although their material education was put in, the spirit within was starved, and they have all to learn.

"At the outset shall we not consider the value of education and how far it takes us on the road of progression, how far it constitutes emancipation or bondage? And as you look about the world, the thoughtful ones are depressed by what the human mind has produced.

"Think of the music that fascinates today, think of the kind of art that is worshipped by the foolish, think of the tools which you all possess and how they are employed. What is their effect in this same time, and what will be the result on the generations that are yet to come?

"Oh, beloved, I speak to you in these seemingly stern tones because I am fighting for the real self within, because I crave for you happiness in the Beyond, because I see the trend of humanity and the kind of mediumship which the vast majority are demonstrating, whether they believe in mediumship or not.

"Shall we take the scientist, and surely those who labour for others are greatly blessed, but there is a flaw with so many; they delve into the earth for knowledge, they forget that there is wisdom within, that by dedication and prayer and work they can be led into truth as their consciousness expands.

"So while we thank the mentalists for what they have done in the way of eliminating toil and pain, do we not regret that so many of the scientists leave out the Creator of all knowledge and all life? Many say: "There may be a God, but I have no proof", for their eyes are bound and their ears are deaf, they realise not that they are working in a spiritual world as well as in a material plane. They cannot see the disembodied souls who are around, seeking to inspire; they fail to see the healers who restore their bodies and minister to their minds, who chase away the shadows of weariness and disappointment; they do not admit, for their knowledge is so limited, that they have a world of their own which you name the aura, that "world" representing a miracle in very truth.

"Those who have spiritual vision marvel at that which they witness, although they see only in part. There are uncountable vibrations surging around in the little world that is all your own. There are many colours, which are transmuted into that which you name rays of light, and above all, beloved, there is this wonderful fact: through the aura you are linked up to God's wide universe, to all those worlds which are beyond your comprehension now, for man has not been taught.

"As it were, you are a receiving station, and there are uncountable lines of light which form direct channels between you and spirits far from your ken, beyond your consideration, so far as you reckon space. Yet, because you are spirit, there is naught that can divide spirit, except the selfishness of man himself. Wonderful are the functions of the aura, inexplainable in human language, but through that little world you are fed spiritually, physically and materially - although you know it not; and if that little world of power were to wither, truly, beloved, no longer would you be here in a conscious state.

"You may ask me: "What happens at physical death?" I would explain, in little part, that the envelope in which the physical is encased is gradually withdrawn, slowly, so that no dire shock may be caused to the etheric body, which is the body you will inhabit. As the breath is passing out of the fleshly tabernacle, carefully its powers are harnessed - compressed, as you would regard it - and the little world in which you have lived so long is withdrawn when the strength of the physical fails and the transition takes place. Then, for the soul in its glad awakening, there comes a marvellous revelation of the generosity of God, or the terrible realisation of what the follies of the past have worked in for the one concerned.

"I want to impress this thought upon you, for it is a grave one indeed. How many of those upon the earth plane realise that, by their life now, they are building up that next body which they will surely wear - whether they believe in a future life or not?

"Oh, the folly, the incredible folly, of the so-called mentalist who denies his God and ignores spiritual laws. Many a man, on passing through the change called death, has been aghast at his next state and the body in which he finds himself, for upon the next body is the record of the earthly life. He has sown in wilfulness and he reaps in sorrow, until rectification has been brought to pass. One aspect of education which has been overlooked.

"What will it avail a man that he was the inventor of earthly things when he is in an unearthly world? What of the man who has employed his talents to bring into being atrocities that shall slay his brethren? Think of the position of such a one. The waste of spiritual powers, the scattering of intelligence, the binding around himself of a legion of fallen angels, because he allowed himself to be tempted, and in falling, has added to their load as well.

"This is another point, beloved: no one is independent, you are all of one family under your Father God, and in yielding to the unseen tempters - and there are many - you are not only building up something to be worked out in time to come, but you are placing between the tempter and redemption a further portion of the journey to be travelled by him. No one falls alone.

"But there are some souls, who having lost heart over fighting for themselves, find a new courage when they know they are fighting for another still weaker than themselves. Have the masses been taught this? What of the young and the foolish who pursue the way of pleasure, regardless of others? Do they know that in disregarding God's laws they are not only piling up for themselves sorrow in the Hereafter, but they are condemning the unseen one who tempted them, to anguish as well?

"Indeed it is time that spirits from the higher realms came back to open the eyes of the people upon the earth-plane, for, alas, they know so little. Yet in the Holy Book it is written that as a man sows he must reap, and in the Holy Book so clearly is shown the continuity of life. Did not the Master say to His fellow sufferer: 'Today thou shalt be with Me in Paradise', that 'today' the eyes of the wounded one would be opened to love and peace, and the mind would forget its pain? 'Today thou shalt be with Me in Paradise', the Master says to every faithful soul as the transition comes. Over the past, many a man and woman passed out without the comfort of this great knowledge, fearful, yet seeking to trust, and indeed what a compensation has awaited them in God's Fair Land.

"Then, my beloved, I want to speak of earthly education once again. To some, language makes a great barrier. There are some amongst the earth children who scorn the thought that I lived in Jerusalem nearly two thousand years ago, because I come back speaking in English now. How pitiful it seems, how limited is the mind that gives vent to such a thought.

"I have explained again and again, that when we are free from the flesh we have to prepare ourselves for the Master's work, and over a time unthinkable to you, I have walked the earth plane with all the races in turn, seeking to understand them, seeking to influence them towards the higher path. I have lived their lives, I have taken upon myself with joy their burdens; but the choice of the Master fell upon me to come back to the people of your race, to give to those of the West the true message of Spirit, so that they might put themselves in training to be teachers of others, to be as guides and counsellors to those races which are not, in your language, so progressed as themselves.

"And I ask you who have travelled, to remember that you too sought to fit yourselves for your life in another land. There are men and women upon the earth plane speaking many languages by the acquirement of the necessary knowledge of the rudiments of speech; and these things are accepted by you, yet so many query why disembodied souls come back and speak in languages that were not their own when the body held.

"And while we speak of language, hearken unto this same simple fact. As you progress, language, as you regard it, will be discarded as a clumsy tool, as an impediment to understanding. Even now there are souls who are linked mind to mind; in this same time there are instruments in the flesh able to receive the thoughts of instruments out of the flesh, and this shall be enhanced as the harmony is increased.

"Now think you, my beloved, as to the attitude of the scholar. Sometimes he scorns the ignorant, sometimes a sense of superiority seizes his being because his material education is superior to that of those around. He forgets that that attitude of mind is showing that his spiritual education has scarce begun; and when he passes into the World of Spirit, rules of speech will have lost their meaning and their value. As he trains his perceptions so he reads, without the intervention of speech, the thoughts and feelings of those he companioned.

"Just a word of warning which I send out over the world, to those proud of mind, to those who forget that all children of God are equal in His sight, irrespective of race or upbringing. Each child is equally loved, equally important in the sight of His Creator. Have the masses been educated on these lines? You cannot answer: "Yes". Our pity goes out to the materially ambitious. You are meant to be ambitious, beloved, but for the progress of your own soul and the lifting of humanity.

"And here is another point which indeed I would force home. There have been many teachers, many prophets and leaders, and in the degree that they have helped on the spiritual education of the masses, they are not only blessed, but they are given Divine Power in the Hereafter.

"But I ask you this day if you can find a higher definition of goodness and purity than that exampled by the Master Christ? Why is it that there are some who hate His very Name? Why was it that in the days of old they crucified Perfect Love? The answer is so clear. These are indeed among the fallen angels. They cannot describe good in its highest form without the Example of the Master Christ, for they would have no definition to fall back upon, yet they scorn the Giver. Woe unto such as these, for amongst them will be found in the Hereafter the tempters of mankind, and upon the bodies that they inherit will be shown the treachery of the past. God is not mocked, His angels have charge over you all. But freewill cannot be interfered with, for God has given it unto man to use as he chooses.

"Oh, beloved, my heart is torn by the sufferings of humanity, because it has not been educated as it should be by the teachers and leaders, because there have been so many false shepherds, because there have been so many so-called leaders who have been afraid to go in front and pierce the shadows erected by physical death, whereas if only the courage had come, they would have found that as they approached that dark cloud, lo, a miracle was worked, God was justified, the revelation promised was fulfilled.

"There are many in the body who have been given the strength to pierce the veil and to see the outer courts of that which you name Paradise, and words fail to express the beauty and the joy and the peace that God has built up for those who love Him and seek to keep His commandments. Beloved, your responsibility cannot be evaded, the responsibility of God's children in all worlds must be faced in time to come. Again you must ask yourselves, and answer honestly: 'What are you doing to educate spiritually the masses?'

"There are some who complain that there are those in charge of little communities, possessing not the education that would make them seem suitable leaders. The answer comes: Where are the educated ones, and are they willing to do the work of Christ? Remember the Master and how He passed among the people, choosing one here, one there. Why? Because He found in those of humble heart the sacrificial spirit, the will to endure to the end. That is why the Master chose those few who were to be the light-bringers for the generations to come; and you today, beloved, are drawing power from them.

"This world would represent a state of utter un-civilisation if the Master had not come, and if His disciples had failed in their holy mission. You owe your spiritual and material education to the saints and martyrs of the long ago. What are you doing for the generations that are yet to be born?

"Think it over, and in the silence of your room pray to God for guidance while opportunity is yet your own, for you know not when the call will come to you to pass hither, to take up life under other conditions, when the education which you possess which belongs to the earth alone, will be proved utterly useless; but not the effort, not the patience, not the will to conquer weariness - that remains.

"How clear is the path when the light of truth that shines from the Christ streams upon the road. The Master of All Wisdom spurned the so-called intellectualities of His own time; but He gave a message that will never be forgotten, for in His simple stories were the foundations of eternal truth.

"Oh, I know that there are some here ready for the message that I bring, ready to make the full surrender, longing to be used for the Master's work, willing to undertake their part to make things plain to the ones who do not know. Upon such as these rests a wonderful blessing; and I would come amongst you to release still further the Divine that is within to remind you - while the short space of this time remains for us to be together in this same way - to remind you of all those hidden talents, all those wonderful gifts which have never been exercised at all, because you do not understand.

"My heart is full of joy, and I know that as I take my way through many lands, there shall be those to welcome, and more than that, to meet me in spirit - a servant of the Christ, pledged to His work for evermore. Surely, beloved, there are those among you who realise, this night, a direct call from the Master has come? And the responsibility cannot be expressed in words if you ignore it and pass along in the old somewhat careless way.

"The education of the masses is of such great importance, not only for this stage, but for the life to come, not only for this generation but for the children who are to undergo their earthly experience. What can you say when you are free, if you know now and did not pass on the truth to those who were ignorant? Can they not turn upon you and name you false friend?

"Oh, I plead with you to honour the bond of friendship. There is naught that is so hard to work out as treachery to a friend who trusted you. Was it not exampled at Calvary; is it not exampled today amongst those who repudiate the Christ, their best Friend, the One Who loves them and will love them whatever they may do?

"Loyalty is indeed of the Spirit, and when you are free from the flesh, you will want friends as you have never wanted them before. Your consciousness will be released in little part, you will find then that the mind has no power, no force, without the added gift of love. You will try to work, try to create, try to lift the burden from another; but in the degree that you cannot love truly, so your powers are limited.

"And that is why so many after the transition are almost broken-hearted, for they have to learn right from the beginning how to love, how to love another better than themselves. There was around them opportunity piled upon opportunity, privileges uncountable, but where are their tools? By effort, by suffering, by striving and striving again, they have got to win the power to hold those tools which are not of the earth at all, and which they forgot to exercise while the flesh held them, for their minds were on other things.

"One last thought, and then we must part. What of your sacred dead? Think of your loved ones who have passed into another state. Do they understand your life, are they conscious of your griefs? Do they share your joys? Yes, and if there are those who say: 'Do not wish to bring back the so-called dead,' then I answer that they cannot interfere with the law of love.

"Those who are free from the flesh love you now in so great a measure that there is no peace for them in their own happy clime if you are suffering, if you are lonely, if you are tired and out of heart. Love will not be denied. There are thousands of mothers who have earned great reward, but they choose to come back upon the earth plane to minister to the motherless, to give of their unbounded love to those who have been denied love, and they bring with them many little children for the childless.

"And I want those who have never had a child of their own, and yet love these little ones, to be certain that around them are the sweet children from the Better Land delighting to serve, ever pouring out upon their lonely hearts the wealth of their innocent affection. Oh, wonderful gift.

"Have the masses been taught this? Are there not many who take their way in deep desolation because the true affection within them finds no outlet at all? The responsibility rests upon those who know, they are the culprits, they are the ones who condemn the lonely ones to their solitary state. They could have told them, they could have comforted, they could have exampled the Love of God expressed for His own upon the earth plane, but they were occupied with other things.

"As I take my leave I bless you, bless you, beloved, with the high ambition to bring peace and consolation to those of your fellows; and healing, if not for the body, then for the soul.

"Indeed the power is here, it is man so oft who stems the flow; but the time is coming when great manifestations of the Power of the Holy Spirit will take place, because of the devotion of the few, because there are those willing to make the full surrender for Jesus Christ. Such as these shall see God manifested upon the earth plane, but the treacherous - the enemies in the flesh and free from the flesh - at last shall be brought to their knees before the Cross, and Love will await them, cleanse them, and at last they shall be made whole.

"Oh, beloved, I bless you with understanding, with the Christ-Spirit so released within that henceforth your desire is to be a missionary in your own conditions, in your own homes, amongst your own friends; that you will do the Master's work while sweet opportunity is your own; and in the by-and-by what joy will await you, what wonderful vistas open before you. No barrier shall be too high for you to break down as you progress, no beauty too fine, no gift too precious, for God waits to give unto His own that which He has Himself, and the only thing that prevents is the wilfulness of man's heart and mind.

"So as I take my leave, I bless you with a released spirit, with a re-birth into that higher consciousness which shall show you henceforth as a warrior for Christ; and as I speak, lo, upon the shoulders of some the cloak of service is being placed. Hold it fast, it is more precious than you can understand now.

"There is so much for you to do. Humanity groans under its burden, and knows not why it suffers. Be up and doing, spread the good news, give the explanation that shall quell the rebellious mind and comfort the broken-hearted. This is your part, this is the working out of the Divine Plan, this is the reason why spirits come back. But the message that we bring from Spirit is not to flatter and deceive, is not to instruct you regarding your material life, but to educate you spiritually for the wonderful life, that immortal life that lies ahead.

"The peace of God indeed has been drawn into our midst, and there are some here whose spiritual education has been enhanced. There are some here who have received the direct call from Christ, and they will answer.

"Indeed we thank the Father that this mission in other lands (i.e. USA, Holland, etc.), undertaken with faith, has been blessed and blessed again, for not only have many in the body hearkened unto the word of truth and made it their own, but thousands of unseen souls have been drawn into the conditions and have received their spiritual baptism; they have been rescued from the past, and henceforth they take their place amongst the great Christ army for the Christ Crusade.

"So we thank the Father for all that He has done, all that He has given, and the future opens out to greater opportunities still, for that which has been done has been done well, and the next stage holds still greater responsibilities, fuller opportunities for work for love of God.

"Peace be with you all, beloved. The golden Cross of Jesus Christ hangs athwart this hall, and those who have true sight can witness to my words.

"Farewell, farewell, may God indeed enrich you as you take your homeward way. Farewell."

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