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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Eastcote Ruislip Christian Spiritualist Church, Eastcote House, Eastcote, Middlesex, on Saturday, January 15th, 1949.

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"With a happy heart I come to assure you that there are many seeking to influence you. I have been allowed to mingle with you and your guides and helpers with the one idea of gathering you into the bands of spiritual workers, in preparation for that great and important work that lies in the next stage of being.

"Always remember that the links you make while in the body are for a far-reaching purpose. At the time you may think that some links are for your annoyance. Sometimes you thank God that there is a harmonious soul with whom you can feel a sense of companionship, for this means you have something to look forward to day by day and in the years to come.

"Because you are in a physical body you naturally shrink from those who seem antagonistic to your pathway of life. But I remind you that these links are for a purpose beyond the grasp of the physical mind, but one that will be clear - and good to remember - when the body is no more.

"Bear patiently with those who irritate you, with those whom you think take away your power. Bear patiently with them because unconsciously you will be acting as a missionary in the Here and Now. In time to come you will see what was achieved because they knew you, and because you did not spurn them, but at times you prayed for them. All this is true.

"Power is something that attracts everyone. There are many different definitions of power. Some wish for power in one form or another. You are dependant on power in a material sense and even more so in a spiritual sense: The power to do, the power to think, the power to create, and the power to become more like a son or daughter of the Most High, one fit for the Kingdom of God.

"Analysis of the word power could take centuries. In the past you have seen examples of different kinds of power, and very limited it may seem. But it served its purpose in the evolutionary process of man's life. Without the effort made by primitive races where would the modern world be? There would not be the ameliorations or comforts or amusements that are so much a part of your life.

"Do not feel pity for those of old because you consider that they were so unskilled, so unversed in all that you prize today. They were the pioneers; they were the ones who started to learn how to create power. Indeed they did far better than those now in the body could understand because they had so few tools. It was continual material conflict.

"Fundamentally, there can be no material conflict without also showing something on the spiritual side especially if the material conflict is for the overcoming of restrictions, of limitations, or of the actions and influence of those seen and unseen, who are out to wreck.

"The subject of war always arises. Many times you have been told that war, as it is displayed in the physical planes, is but the spray that comes from the great vortex of war in the dark spheres. There you can see conflict in its most terrible form because it is to gain power over the lives of others.

"In the material world you have been shown how the forces of evil changed history for millions of people. The young and the old and the defenceless were utterly at the mercy of those under the influence of evil forces. Indeed their sufferings were extreme. But in the hells of man's own making the position is very different. There is a cruelty not paralleled by anything known upon the earth. On earth there are those who are striving with all the force of their being to gain domination over the souls of others. They too are under evil influences, and they too are determined to win. There are no weak ones there, no victims in the earth sense. No one in the dark planes suffers because he cannot defend himself or circumstances are too strong for him to bear. They suffer, it is true. But the conflict is always between those who are equally determined to have their own will and their own way over others who are there.

"There are clouded views about war and warfare. It all depends upon the motive behind the war. You have had a great spiritual test. You saw civilisation rocking in the balance and there were thousands involved who were not compulsorily sent, but who volunteered to go and do what they could to drive back the tide of evil that sought to engulf those who knew something of the Laws of God, and who sought to put them into practice.

"To your horror it seemed that for a long time the evil forces would win. But it is always like that. At this time you especially need to know this, for you will have your own spiritual warfare - and it entirely depends upon your courage, your determination, your faith and trust in God - as to what the outcome will be.

"If these conflicts have not come to you, then come they must, for you are evolving souls. You have entered a physical body to gain experience. How can experience be gained unless by tests - tests of faith, tests of courage, tests of your honour and integrity, of truthfulness, and a test of love.

"Whether you are in favour of material war or not, there must be warfare. This is because of those countless numbers of God's children who, when in the flesh, flouted Divine Law, followed their own way and abused free will. They are now paying the price. With many, their bondage is still profound, and they come back into earthly conditions seeking an instrument, seeking someone so that their earthly desires - not destroyed by the loss of their physical body - may gain some measure of satisfaction.

"Take a calm and practical view of these conflicts, and make up your mind that there is no escape from them if you wish to progress. They represent the essential stones upon the highway. There are those, not so released as you may be, who will try to persuade you to go back, give it all up, the path is too steep or too rough for you to travel.

"But that is not the teaching of the Spirit World. That is not the example shown by the Master who came to teach us how to live, how to suffer, how to conquer, and how to leave behind for the benefit of others - Spiritual Power - so that others engaged in conflict might fight on and win, win a great power that inevitably it must bring.

"In the world today there is strife everywhere. The material war may have been won but those who influenced the ones to start the war were not beaten - they were only beaten back. Now they try other methods, other means to gain their ends. Are you allowing them in any measure to express themselves through your personality?

"Responsibility comes back to the individual. What is it that you most value? The approbation of those in the body, or the smile of the Christ? Are you bound by the vanity that holds the material mind? Or have you fallen out of love with yourself because you love the Master better, and because you love the Master better, you love His work and mean to do it?

"You can always gauge the kind of control that is around the lives of others. Whether you believe in mediumship or not, it makes no difference. Everyone is surrounded by a cloud of witnesses in all the many worlds. Some of these witnesses are evolved, some are in the learning stages, and some are still bound.

"Free will is never interfered with, either by the Father or by the ministering ones. God has given us free will and by our expression of free will there comes freedom or bondage, joy and happiness or pain and sorrow and loneliness - a loneliness that is profound.

"With all the force of my being I plead with you and all those who read my words, do not let those foolish things that are the general make-up of each individual stand between you and spiritual ambition. They are so trivial. They will be seen as the tinsel toys that attract a child when you are in conditions of reality. Pride of heart, pride of mind, the exercise of free will, and the desire to get on in the material sense - stand in the way of spiritual progress, they block the road to peace and understanding, and mean much travail in the Spirit World hereafter.

"You who desire to do your part, who have the courage to come face to face with conflict, are not going to be deceived, even if you have been deceived in the past. You are going to meet the challenge of the enemies - seen and unseen - and see the battle through to the glorious end. The moment you take that stand there are two things that will happen. The opposing forces will increase their opposition, but the angels of the Most High will be there to minister in greater measure still.

"If at times you feel something like despair over your material and physical failures, over your temperament that sometimes insists on asserting itself, then you are urged to go on with the battle - go on. God does not expect you to win on your own strength, and these things cannot be hurried. It requires further release of spiritual consciousness. All the time you are resisting despair or depression while you are hoping for better things, the protection is built up, the power is being gathered around and the day comes when no longer will you stumble.

"The conflict goes on but something of power has been won, and you are on the verge of becoming the victor. Because you have fought your battle, you can go to others in despair, who are frustrated by the forces arraigned against them. You can lend them your power and understanding, and they shall be raised from the dust of the earth, and stagger forward into the Light, drawn by your example, drawn by your love and victory - that shall be theirs as well.

"Spiritual conflict and the power it brings! Seek not to escape from battle but go forward in the strength given to you by the Creator: Hoping much, praying much, and always putting into action your hopes and your prayers for something better.

"Space and time or physical restrictions are nothing to those in the World of Spirit, and therefore, nothing to the Father.

"You are urged to listen and give out the good news. But always first learn the lessons that can assure that the news will remain good for the benefit of others. Many sin against Divine Law, some consciously, some unconsciously and some because they forget. God understands human frailty. But let man remember that they must be strong, not only for themselves, but for the coming generations. If they do not fight their portion of the conflict to bring purity and goodness upon the earth, what of the young who are following on?

"Would any parent or grown person stand back and allow the young ones to do the part that they should have done themselves? Material warfare showed the wonderful heroism in human nature. When one who was weak, or a little child, was in danger, many rushed forward to save and secure.

"I give you a message of good cheer. Mistakes will be made because those who are seeking to climb have not sufficient experience. Also, there is not sufficient willingness to be guided by those who have the experience - but after the suffering, after the lessons have been learned, after the wounds have been closed - they shall be shown for their comfort and as a symbol and sign for others, who will, in their turn, make mistakes, that God can save, God can retrieve - and having gained their own experience - they will be in a position to safeguard the souls and the hearts and minds of others, who may be far back upon the road of knowledge that leads to revelation.

"I beg you from my very being to show a united front, allow only the Bright Ones to guide you. If there are those who would shed dissension, face your enemies unafraid; and by congregating together as a band of workers, at last you can become victors through your determination to see the battle through.

"All churches, all communities, and many homes have these conflicts to meet and overcome. But do not be disheartened. Go through the house of your heart and mind, and pray that only the blossoms of the Spirit may receive your close attention. Let the thoughts representing the weeds of the desires of self be choked out because the blossoms of the Spirit are stronger by far, and many more in number.

"In the Name of the loving, radiant, living Christ, you are blessed with determination to partake in all the conflicts that cross your path, remembering always the spiritual power that they will bring. This world needs spiritual power to save it from falling into other pits, other traps, laid by those unseen who are out to wreck the plan of God, and to plunge humanity into an anguish that will be profound.

"Fight on, soldiers of the Cross; fight on comrades of the Light. There are many from past ages coming back to aid you. They fought their battles, they suffered sorely, and they understand. Unite with them, and because they had the will to win so you will also have the will to win because you desire to be a server of the Christ, Who serves us all in so comprehensive a way.

"The workers are blessed and requested to do their very utmost to see that they - and all around - put into practice that which has been expressed here by direction of the Master Christ. Farewell."

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