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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 1st October, 1927.

"Father and Mother God, we ask Thee, because we are Thy children, to bless us gathered here, and we pray that we may be worthy of the call and of the gift which Thou hast bestowed. Oh, teach us the true value of spiritual things; grant that the light which is of the Divine within may show not the difficulties which lie around but the glory of a life well spent. Help us to be great, yet keep us humble; help us to be pure, yet guide us so that we may not turn from those who are impure. Oh, release within us the missionary spirit so that all we have and all we are may be laid before Thee, to be used at Thy Holy Will.

"Grant that the peace which is of understanding may descend upon us all, lifting our hearts and minds above the material, out of the physical into the bright realms of Spirit, where we, because we are spirits, can contact with all that mighty being and doing which Thou hast set into motion... Our Creator, our Father, our Saviour Christ, accept us as Thy children this night. Amen...

"...My little ones all you are here this evening for a holy purpose. Each one is conscious that, in a measure, they are instruments of the Most High; each one has tried to separate themselves from that which binds, from the chains of physical life, and because of this, so the Tender One gathers you in, and He bids me instruct you a little more as to the purpose, as to that which surrounds the little stage which you call your 'life' now.

"Oh, remember ever that you, at this point, as it were, have emerged out of the valley on to the hillside. Many are finding the exposure there is hard to combat, many look with apprehension as to those who would gather close and wreck the plan, and many say within themselves: 'Can I go on?' But the voice of Christ answers at once: 'Follow Me'.

"You, dear children, are being trained, not only for work here and now - that work which is valuable in every sense - but you are being trained for a mighty purpose when the little earth life is no more. You know full well that there are countless thousands in bondage, that there are uncountable numbers who know not that they have left the physical stage and could be in realms of Light. All these wait for those with the Christ-spirit to minister direct.

"There are many who have penetrated into conditions which would be terrifying to you but many more are needed, for the numbers there are great and time is fleeting. You are called as missionaries; you are not called to dilate upon anything which has not as its foundation, Christ. You are called to teach that which you know of the Sacred One, and out of the preparation put in now, so, with your armour of Christ, you will be able to be used to win for Him those who have turned from Him over the long past, and, as yet, have no wish to return.

"There are around you, at this moment, those you name the bright ones, those who were tested in the long ago. Oh, forget not that the way for them was difficult too. In the Sacred Record or in those pages devoted to those you name the saints, there you see the effect of struggle, as it were, the finished picture of the physical stage is laid out before you, and you love and honour such as these because they were faithful unto death - the death of the garment which bound.

"My little ones, all such as these had their weak moments, their misgivings, their doubts, as to whether, after all, God expected or wanted them to suffer so much. They too had enemies in plenty, enemies in the body and those free from the body; but because they tried, because they did not wish to fail, so the Lord God of all cast the clouds of failure from them, and they stand to you as the Spiritual Successes of their day.

"Go back on the Sacred Record and try and picture to yourselves the ones of old, their conditions, how little knowledge even of the earth was available to them, how strange a conception they had of the Lord God of all. Think of Abraham and think of Moses. Where were the interpreters in that day to explain something as to the mighty Mind of Love? Yet in spite of their blindness, in spite of their restrictions, such as these, stand out as an example of a life lived and laid down for their Maker.

"Can you visualise to yourselves the thoughts of such as these, their loneliness both mentally and spiritually, the legion of enemies which surrounded them, the 'unknown' in front, and their Leader - God - a Ruler, One who must be obeyed? Yet, such as these, out of the release of the Divine within, tore aside, as it were, the curtain, and loved their God and recognised Him as their Father in very truth. The great ones of old, their stupendous difficulties and the isolation of their position - yet, in spite of all, faith prevailed.

"Little ones, in order to view the life of any man or woman, it is impossible to get a true vision when such as these are in your own vibrations or even in your generation. When you pass hence, you will look back on these little evenings together, and through your being will rush gratitude to God; for out of physical failure, out of the lack of material possessions, so a great spiritual success was laid down, to grow and spread its branches in all directions. And each one who gathers here, each one who sends a thought of sympathy - for sympathy is power - they have contributed to the work of the Holy Spirit as demonstrated in this little circle of effort...

"But I must pass on, for there are those who call my attention, not by that which they name themselves, but by that which ever represents the rough road which they made plain for others to tread upon, the inaccessible mountain which these pioneers conquered for the sake of those who were to follow after.

"These are claiming my attention because they illustrate the blindness of the earth experience, for each one thought they were blundering, thought they were ineffective tools, failures in every sense of the word. But what marked such as these from the great majority was this: That in spite of those thoughts, in spite of the failing heart and the reluctant will, they went on. The guidance was sufficiently strong to forbid them to take their hands off that which you name the plough, and so in loneliness, oft in sorrow, the long, long furrow was opened and the seeds were sown as they went; and tonight, by direction of the Holy One, I point out these to you as the spiritual successes of their time.

"Little children, as I have told you before, the need for Christ in the individual life, the need for revelation, the need for service, for that dedication of self, is so urgent, so terribly urgent that no words can express it.

"And I remind you, because it is God's truth, that if, over the ages, those who followed after the ones you name the disciples of the Master - if, over the ages, those who indeed should have been disciples - had been willing to suffer one quarter of the early pilgrims, today war would be no more, persecution, strife and all the bitterness which follows, that would be unknown.

"If the individual this year, last year, and during the years of the past, had been willing to suffer as those humble men, those lowly men suffered, then, my children, the physical garments in this day would represent something approaching that which is glory itself. Nay, I go further, I say that man would have been so spiritualised that the earth stage would have finished its part in the great plan.

"This must be faced by us all. You cannot say to one here or there: 'You are guilty and I am innocent', unless, literally, you have taken up the cross and have sought to follow in the Master's steps.

"And then, my children, I bring you to the Sacred One during His sojourn upon earth:

"Oh, go back on that which you name the imagination of the physical mind, and cull from memory some conception of what the Master suffered by His environment, by the coarse conditions of His day, by the materialism, and the denial of everything that God should represent. Think of His thoughts. And I am directed to tell you this night that the Beloved of our hearts had many a battle to overcome, even in regard to going among the masses and drawing the attention of the crowd to Himself...

"Children, since taking up this work, you exclaim how much things hurt, how strangely sensitive you have grown. But I ask you to compare yourselves with the One who had overcome so much, who had the Divine within so fully released that He stands out as an Example to all. Think of His sensitiveness; think how His surroundings must indeed have been torture.

"The men and women of that time knew none of those unwritten laws which obtain today; they were a primitive people and they hesitated not to speak that which was in their minds. Opinions and opposition to opinions, strife - aye, and a jealousy and cruelty hidden from your consciousness now - that dominated those with the power, those who had it within their grasp to issue decrees which affected numberless others, those who held, as it were, in the palm of their hand, not only the happiness of their fellow creatures but their lives.

"When we passed out of the Temple and sought the companionship of one like-minded to ourselves, so on all sides, impossible to be ignored, were injustices, impositions, cruelties and tortures which no language can portray. Religion represented something to fight over. 'God', except for the few, was used as a lever to force another to do that which was against their will. God, in the sense of goodness and compassion, was unknown.

"The teachers and the preachers taught that which had been laid down by Abraham, but only the few - only the few - ever sought to put into practice that which they expected from others...

"How can I describe to you the conditions of that time, when might was right in the eyes of all who held the reins of government, when poverty and disease were regarded as a necessity, when suffering was the order of every day - common things, so familiar that they raised not even a flicker of interest, far less of attention, from those in better conditions. In a way you cannot understand, the physical bodies of thousands represented an anguish unspeakable...

"All this, dear children, was not only the result of ignorance but of the wilful disregard of the rights of others, the direct result of selfishness in a thousand forms. The children, the little children, they, as I told you before, represented 'hands', labour - exhausted, wrecked bodies, and this went on on every side except with the so-called favoured few; and all the result of self.

"Into this quagmire of horror, Perfect Love came with His message - the message of His God... Oh, think you, my children, what each hour, each day, must have meant to One so kind. Think of all the compassion drawn out from that great well of Love, and His helplessness, for the most part, to rectify the anguish which was around, for the Lord God of all, in coming into the physical garment, laid aside His power and trod the humble way, even as you and I.

"Cannot you imagine how His hands went out to this one and that, how to Him it was torture to keep anything for Himself when there were those so sorely in need?

"He passed among the masses, and in their ignorance - so far as the mind of the body was concerned - in their ignorance they called to Him for aid, for He stood to them as the One who had the power to give. Yet oft He could not give for they themselves could not take - the preparation had not been put in, the bondage was too great. In miniature, they were imitating those in high places. What they had they held; what they could procure by devious means, that they claimed until it was wrested from them by another stronger, crueller still. Yet the Holy One gave and gave again, for there were many who, out of their stripes, had, in a measure, something of spiritual freedom, and when they loved then the Beloved could bestow...

"Children, I direct your attention now, not to the ones whose names are so familiar to you, but rather to the obscure, those who were humble in heart and mind, those who expected no mercy from life, for they had proved that mercy had no existence. These, the failures of the earth, the down-trodden, the oppressed - aye, the slaves to others who had the power - these, when they passed hence, out of the dirt and the heat and the disease and the venom, out of the reach of the whip, beyond the sensation of starvation - these came into their inheritance, and they stand to all as examples of the spiritual successes of their time.

"Again I take you back to the One who loves you best, even the Tender Saviour, the great missionary of mankind. I ask you to try and visualise the agony of His daily life, how His tears fell, out of the anguish which was within. Yet, my little ones, remember this: That though He was hated by many, He hated none, but loved them all.

"And while I am upon this point, I wish to reconstruct that which is quoted so freely by the spiritually ignorant - the driving of the money-takers out of the Temple, and the whip which the Master held in His hand...

"Little children, to some who are in bondage, a great satisfaction comes in the thought that Jesus the Christ was guilty of lack of self-control. There are those in the world today who are glad that the whip was taken up by the Holy One and that He was 'sufficiently human', so they say, to be 'charged with anger'. Children, I was there when that incident took place, but I was bound as many were bound, yet I saw the facts and I narrate them here.

"Think you to yourselves, those of you who have the gift of greater sight. You are able to see around the careless child, the unthinking friend - the companions (fallen souls) who have gathered near and who seek to destroy harmony and trust. You, who have clear vision, can remain calm when one, maddened by strong drink, forgets his manhood and is even as a brute - for you see the tempters, those who are using the weakness, the frailty of the will. And when you stand to attack, you attack those who are unseen, unknown by the one concerned, and you wrestle with them until, through the grace of God, you have separated the influence from the one so blind.

"The Master stood amongst those He loved and He saw what was going on; He saw the great army who had gathered, bent upon the destruction of those so unconscious on the earth plane; and because such as these thought of self alone, so the connection was complete; and out of the anguish which was His own, the agony over wasted opportunity, of all that must be retrieved, so the Holy One took up the whip.

"My children, the Beloved stood before the many with the little whip in His hand. The one who was nearest could have felled Him to the ground even as He advanced; but Christ, using the very weapon of the physical mind and the cowardice of the heart, held up the whip and drove them out...

"Oh, think you, dear children, what was it that sent them scattering in all directions? The little whip and the power of the physical hand, or the great outrush of spiritual power, which, like a dynamic force, was irresistible, for evil cannot stand before good, hate must give place to love...

"One other point in regard to this: All who have the greater vision are conscious that when many are gathered together, so, by their concentration, they provide that which is as a magnet, either for the good or for those you name evil; and the only way to, in a measure, release this bondage, is to scatter them; for as they divide so the power is dissipated, in part.

"Anger of the physical mind was impossible to Love. You have the instinct within that where love is, anger can find no place. The anguish was for them, for they, in their blindness and their ignorance, literally were mediums of those from the dark planes.

"And so, my children, I bring you out of the past, yet my theme must ever be the same. Around you today, there is discord and there is dissension. Each one, in addition to the God they seek to worship, have other gods as well. Yes, and such as these exact their fullest price, and very often, because Christ represents something contrary to the physical will, so the lesser gods find more favour; and when one of these gods represents something which has a fragment of good in it, or perchance, that which has much good in it, so they conciliate their conscience and continue their way.

"Life goes on but Christ remains almost unknown, and because of this the discord comes; because of this one here cries: 'Follow me, my way is right, all others are wrong!' And another springs up and calls to the crowd to bear witness that the one who claims so much is but a fool, blinded by his own conceit; and in turn he cries: 'Pay no heed to such a one. I have found the direct way into the Kingdom of God!' And then, dear children, there are many others, each with their own little gods, and nearly always, if you give them their rightful designation, these gods are the gods of the mind, seldom the gods of the heart. Much ado is made and the calls go on all over the world: 'Follow me, follow me!' But the only One who has the right to say to anyone: 'Follow me', is the God who was the Christ - the Christ who was the Creator and is the Creator of all things...

"Little children, in the measure that the individual obscures Christ by either the theories of the mind or its fancies, in that measure they are thwarting their own progress and the progress of those who heed. Lay aside the trappings of that built up by the mind of man, lay aside the doctrines and all that built up by the past and honoured by tradition, lay aside your own views and your own interpretations in the degree that they obscure the beauty, the perfection of the life and the teaching of the Christ.

"In the fragments preserved in the holy Record, there, provided for all, is sufficient to satisfy their needs, their aspirations, their hopes, and their holy desires - in the simple humble life of Christ. The doing without, the giving, the prayers, the thought for others, the love for little children, and above all, the patience - the patience over those who regarded Him as something which must be destroyed.

"The life of Christ, His teaching, His Love - take this and pass on the good news to others, that in their lives now and for ever is the sweetest Companion, the One who never misunderstands, the One who never grows weary of helping, the One who calls to them only so that in their response He may give - give of Himself. That is Christ.

"Children, had those who are the custodians of the Truth - those who are the representatives of the Sacred One - had such as these, over the past, kept that thought for ever in their minds, today there would be no call for 'evidence' of the great life of Spirit which is all around, no need for tests as to this and that; they, out of the release of the Divine within, would look to the left or to the right, and see - with the eyes of the spirit - far beyond these dense physical conditions, into Realms of Light.

"Such as these would not question: 'Dare I believe that the earth stage is but one stage of many stages? Dare I believe that those who have laid aside the physical body are still in my life? Dare I believe that the holy ones of old are conscious of my needs?' All this would never arise, for they, as spirits, could contact with spirit, as the great God intended. In the quietness of their room, with heart and mind dedicated to their God, so they could see the Christ - that measure of the Christ which they could grasp.

"The teachers and the preachers, the custodians of the Truth, all those who, over the past, have been the instruments of this one or that - such as these, had they been willing to separate themselves from the domination of the physical mind and to focus on Christ alone - such as these would have had a revelation past your comprehension at this stage. And forget not that over the ages there have been the few who, by a life of self-denial, have looked out of the darkness of the physical and have seen and testified to something of the wonders prepared by a loving Father and Mother God...

"And then to the strangers present I speak (Miss Burdett, Miss Cunynghame, Mrs. Boydell):

"Little ones, those in the Spirit who love you so well, who have fought for you, who have guided you up the hill of aspiration, these have asked me to do my part this night.

"Before you lies this, as before each one: Two roads - both lead upward but one is steeper than the other. The steepest road is that of service - the putting aside of the desire for this and the longing for that, the harnessing of the mind and the body for direct service under Christ...

"The road is steep, yet, my children, it is hallowed by much. As you climb, you will recognise many things, for remember that others have gone before, that that road has been taken by many a traveller, many a pilgrim, and such as these are around you now, saying: 'All is well, all is well'.

"What of the choice? Little ones, great things are pending, as you have been told before. In those times, endurance will be wanted. Endurance is put together by a very slow process indeed, and so, when the strain comes, many will break under it. Yet, those who, in the past, chose the steep road, they will have their foundation, and in that time both physical and mental stress will be triumphed over, for you will think of others, and as you think so the bright ones who are thinking of you, by the link thus made, will be able to share, and, in a measure, bear that which is individual to yourselves...

"The call has come. Oh, trouble not because you think your gifts are lacking; the gifts of the Spirit are many in number. Sometimes, by the very withholding of the one you desire so much, so you are being prepared for that revelation which is of the Spirit itself.

"Some on earth use their sacred gifts for a purpose never intended. Such as these, alas, are binding themselves; for the greatest gift - and the gift so oft despised - is the helping, the consoling, the thinking and the planning for someone who is not able to help themselves: The gifts of the Christ.

"Cannot you see how your values must change? All-Power, All-Wisdom, calls to humanity not through the exercise of that which appeals to the physical mind, not by His healing, not by the control of material forces, but Christ and His influence is based upon His Love. Oh, little children, so plain it is - the Christ part, the Christ-spirit, that is for you.

"And thus I leave you for a space. You will find, in the little tomorrow, that this night has provided for you unbreakable links, links with those who have the greater love. And remember always that power and love to us are one. As your love so your power, and without love so power is absent too.

"And thus I go, but we have work to do this night for the purpose and the plan. Therefore, the Master takes your willing gift of service and consecrates it to His use..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, dear children, this quiet time together is drawing to a close, but I want you, as you go your separate ways, to remember that the word 'chance' has no meaning to us, that those who have spoken to you tonight come by direction of the Holy One. They have ministered to your spirit, and you have made links not only with them but with countless others, to whom they are linked in turn.

"The purpose of these evenings is to develop that which is the Christ within, yet we name it the 'release' of that which has been bound. As you aspire and aspiration is translated into work, so, dear children, you shall find that your horizon opens. The ones you love who no longer wear the physical garment, they are close to you, yet their power is limited in the measure of their inexperience, but they call to others for help and the response is made at once...

"Keep this in your minds as direction for the days to come: The universal outlook, which is the personal in the God-sense; the universal love, which is individual in the Christ-sense. Disentangle yourselves from all that which seeks to fetter your mind, your interests, to the few, to the narrow groove. Remember always that as you grow, so, by a spiritual law, you are opening to yourselves wider areas of influence, greater possibilities of contacting with and growing into the vibrations of others, with those who, in a far-off time, gave their little gifts to God, gave to the One who took but to give a hundredfold in return.

"All this is symbolical of your lives, of the purpose of your meeting here, of your work beyond and beyond again. In front of you is the Cross, not as a cross, but even as a post of direction. Where the Cross is, there you know that safety is around. Changes will come, changes must come, but the Cross indicates your path, and with the Cross you are bound to the One who loves you best...

"The blessing of greater vision, wider thoughts, bigger hearts - under the guidance of the Beloved I pass on this blessing through the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

"Goodnight, my little ones, and joy go with you..."

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