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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 31st October, 1926.

"Beloved of our hearts, Thou who hast made it possible for Thy children to come to Thee and to receive instruction direct, to Thee once more we give thanks.

"Most merciful and understanding Father, teach us how to be redeemers of others; grant that we may lay aside those things which would intervene, and that we may prepare ourselves to be used by Thee in this most sacred work.

"O Christ, lighten our hearts and remove from our eyes those mists which hang between us and Reality. Grant that we may have the faith to go forward whatever the future may have in store, certain that God's ways are best, positive that each day brings to us the spirit's choice; and though the physical mind may shrink from tests, may quail before unknown terrors, yet the consciousness may come that the spirit, with sight, has chosen and intends to pursue the path in front...

"O God, enable us to be more sensitive, to be more conscious of the mighty host of helpers which are around; force into the mind of the body the realisation that wherever we are, however great the fight, that Thou art with us, and that we, calling upon Thee in love, may feel that peace and certainty which faith brings...

"For Thy many good gifts and, most of all, for the gift of Christ, we thank Thee, our Father and Mother God...

"...My little children, we come into the presence of the Holy One with a sincere intention in our hearts to learn of Him; and I want you to remember that because you are the children of the Most High, it is the Father's pleasure that you should have those possessions which you can understand, which you are old enough to hold in your hands without bringing damage to that which is Divine within.

"Yes, dear children, seasons come and pass away, the years are gathered into the folds of the past, but whether it is this generation, whether it is the past, or whether the days to come, Love - the Father's Love - remains the same. And I want you all to apply this to yourselves individually, to reason with the physical mind in this way: 'Here in a body I sojourn for a brief space; behind me is a holy ancestry, a sacred record because of the experiences I have passed through. The earth life - with its vicissitudes, with its petty irritations, and its great big heartaches - the earth life is but one stage further on. And in the future - in the future is sight.

"You see, dear children, that when you know the Truth, something of the long vision is made your own. Commonsense - aye, even the reasoning of the physical mind - tells you that in this body you function only for a space; that you must have come from some condition other than physical, that there must have been a 'before' as there must be a time to come... Yes, when the physical tabernacle is laid aside, with its hopes, with its ideals, with its weakness and its trivial desires, the time must come when, free from that in its physical sense, you take the next span of the journey, the journey home to God.

"My children, it has been provided that I speak to you tonight on that which I would name: 'The Spirit's Choice'.

"There are underlying my words, as you know, intentions, personal intentions which apply not only to you gathered here but to many of my children who send their thoughts to this little room while their bodies remain far away, or so it seems to you. And again, because by faith the door has been opened, there are countless numbers who, by the grace of God, have been attracted in this direction. Buried, stifled, almost killed though the spirit's choice may have been, lo, a flicker as from the light of a taper is showing, and that brings them to the brightness which this little gathering represents...

"Children, I have instructed you from early days that we work not only for ourselves. Nay, in order to bring to the individual one grain of advancement, one speck of progress, so another must be included if that possession, minute as it may be, is to be made our own.

"So tonight, my little ones, in love and understanding, I would talk to you awhile regarding the spirit's choice, and I want you to remember that word 'charity', which I explained was 'understanding love'; to draw that beautiful gift, as it were, close to you - and in colour it is that which you name violet and rose - to draw that beautiful garment close to you, and to listen and to learn; and, in turn, to pass on to others that which I have sought to explain.

"You see, my little ones, within you is Purity, is Wisdom, is Love, but during the long journey much has been lost, and, again, much has been mislaid, and still again much has been covered o'er by that which was less beautiful, less fine, less tender, less like the One we wished to represent.

"But since a long yesterday, the desire came to you to climb, and by the mercy of God the length of the hill and its steepness was hidden from you, lest sorrow claimed your heart and dismay seized your mind. Even as a cloud so the height and so the beauty of the climb has been veiled; but, my children, you are growing stronger now, and the mind - once satisfied with toys and trivial things - the mind demands more, cries out: 'Give me knowledge even though it may represent suffering too'. When the individual arrives at that stage, lo, the angels in Heaven rejoice, for in a measure the spirit's choice is understood.

"But, my children, I would particularise over this and over that, for there are many under my care who are hard beset by that which they name 'trouble' but which we call a 'gift'. To them I speak with the mighty understanding gifted to me by the Father: I tell them that the spirit no longer will be denied; I tell them that, in a measure, their chains have been struck from them; that, in a measure, they have seen God, although their physical mind has oft exclaimed: 'Is there such a One as this?'

"You and I, dear children, we have been taught to think from within and not from without; we have seen that the Source of Wisdom is not - it cannot be - out in the physical world where material things play so great a part.

"Nay, within, it must be within that we can seek for Truth and find the solution of the riddle of Life, Life in that long sense which I have indicated, that Life which counts the physical experience as but one amongst a myriad which it has passed through, or which it will claim as its own in the days to come.

"But, my children, I want you not to confuse that which you name 'trouble' and the spirit's choice with those blows inflicted upon another by the man or the woman who is alienated from God, whether that man or woman is in the body or has passed into those conditions which they have built up for themselves...

"The spirit's choice was to make the Divine within its own, after having borne the heat and travail of the journey of experience; but that journey of experience has included much which was against the Father's will: It has included the enmity of brother and sister; it has included that deformity of the mind and the soul, which, in a measure, is directly the result of others - those others who should have lent their aid instead of blocking the path in front.

"And, my children, no one can say in truth: 'This does not apply to me'. For the guilt over the centuries must be shared by all, in degree - in degree.

"You see, my children, that in the world today, you look round on this one and on that - those perhaps stricken by illness, those perhaps who have that disease of the mind which is labelled 'sin' - and if you are just, if you have vision, you see and you say that the guilt in the main, that the weakness in the main, lies with another and not in the individual concerned. Yes, and because of those in the past, so this one and that is hindered on the path, so the choice of the spirit within is frustrated, is thwarted and turned aside, because the conditions, the environment, proves too strong.

"Here we come back to personal responsibility. Today, amongst the thinkers, there are those who would issue a warning as to that which they name 'pre-natal influence'. At last - at last some glimmering of the Truth is dawning upon the bound mind of mankind; but oh, my children, pause not there. That influence upon the individual stretches right back over the centuries, and you, my little ones, are influencing others in turn. No one can say: 'I suffer alone'. No one can say: 'My life is my own'. We are bound together by ties, by a chain of such thickness that nothing of the earth, or of those conditions beyond the earth, could be strong enough to sever one link...

"To those who are sore beset by temptation in whatever form it may come, to them I speak with knowledge, that knowledge gifted to me by All-Wisdom, All-Love. To these I speak with sight, for the vision has been made my own so that I might forewarn others, so that I might protect and guide and help.

"To those, wherever they are, who are beset by temptation, to these I speak, instructed by the One who was tempted most of all: I entreat them to fight again. I entreat them not to be discouraged by many failures, by that sense of oppression, by the consciousness that the weakness within has gone too far; I entreat them to fight again and still to fight again.

"And then, my little ones, I have a word for those to whom such as these are linked; and I address them in this wise, for indeed they must be taught before they can understand. I say to them: Judge not, and, again, judge not. Go back over the past in imagination, calling upon that elusive memory of things as they are - the Truth, or those fragments of it which it is in their power to hold - and remember that the one so tempted, the one so frail, has come into a body predisposed to that temptation; it has been weakened, enfeebled by the blindness and the deafness of those others who have passed out of physical life. Yet, condemn not them, for they, beset by influences in so complicated a form that I cannot explain it tonight, these in turn were sinned against, as well as sinning.

"The only way you can help, and the only way they can be helped, is by prayer - that sending out of thoughts of love and healing - which even though it cannot contact now with the one who is tempted, yet will provide strength for that time when the body is laid aside...

"The influence of the past - oh, think you, my children, how through the centuries, thoughts - terrible, treacherous, ah, charged with self - how these have been thrown off. The individuals, they have lived their little lives, they have grasped at this and they have torn from another that, and now they are in that form of torment which consciousness brings of how the spirit's choice has been betrayed.

"My little ones, think you like this: Can you imagine that the spirit, before physical birth, only hoped to achieve the little that some have made their own? Can you credit that the spirit - that that which is of God - meant that its physical tabernacle should show that cruelty, this deception, that hate?...

"My little ones, the spirit, when it enters upon the physical experience, is full of hope, full of expectation, full of its lofty ambition to learn its lessons, to gather up its sheaves, and to come Home with the joy-bells ringing and the blessing all around... But the tabernacle of flesh which it must use, provided by another, ah, tragedy lies in that. The body of flesh, yes, its very weakness, its very frailty, provides many a pitfall for the unwary; and the physical mind, so distorted, so influenced by others, this terrible hindrance is too great to be overcome.

"Can you imagine that something of God could contemplate coming into the physical world, into conditions surrounded by luxury and those baubles which are gathered by those who do not understand - can you imagine that the spirit contemplated holding on to those possessions while others went starving, while countless thousands were enduring hardships and privation?

"Yet, this happens every day. The spirit, in being born into conditions of luxury, hoped that by its many possessions it could come nearer to God; hoped that with so many opportunities at its disposal, it could show to the world God's Love for the fatherless and the widow, for the orphan and those who had lost their all.

"Again, my little ones, do you think that any spirit could contemplate a future in which most terrible acts were to be committed - a treachery to a brother or a sister, the betrayal of a trust, the stealing of a friend, aye, and the crushing out of the life of another joy and hope and faith in God?...

"My children, be not confused: When your spirit took on the physical experience, it came imbued with strength from God, and it meant to learn its lessons, it meant to help all in its own vibrations, it meant to cheer and comfort, and, above all, it meant to show the Christ-spirit to those around.

"Yet, in this, read no condemnation but a mighty hope wrapped up in Truth. You, my little ones, may have faltered by the way, may have questioned and wondered, but the spirit's choice has held firm in this great respect: You would, if you could, help those who are harder tried than you are; you would, if you could, be missionaries, give out that saving grace, help this one and that to grapple with their troubles, aye, and to be certain that God's Love overrules all, whatever the day may hold...

"My children, the spirit's choice will not be denied once the physical mind has recognised God; and though the physical mind may send up its complaints, yet the will holds firm - and this is the most important thing of all - the will holds firm. And because of that, the Father will supply that which you find is missing, the Father will give to each one the strength to go on, the determination to win through, and the hope for a brighter tomorrow.

"Yet, my little ones, never forget those who are farther down the hill, never forget the weak ones, the blind ones; for they perchance, have taken on a body more dense, less sensitive, less responsive to the spirit's guidance; but over these throw out your love, will them to be firm, and out of your desire firmness shall come, if not during the physical stage then when that is o'er...

"We work not but for today; we seek to retrieve that which has been lost over the centuries, and by God's grace we shall find, in the glad tomorrow, that what was missing has been restored. Never give up hope, never say of this one: 'He is irreclaimable'. Never say of that one: 'She has sunk too far'.

"These phrases are unknown to those who have entered into the conditions of Spirit provided by God, for once the Door has been opened, the vision comes: This way lies attainment and again attainment; that way lies many struggles, many defeats, but the attainment in the end. There are no 'lost' in God's sight. The Father's Love is over them wherever they may be, and by the help of His children - aye, using us so that we may have the joy and the infinite gain - so the straying ones will be caught and fettered by love and slowly - ah yes, it must be slowly - drawn back into the Light, into the joy of Realisation - of realising that they are of God and God is in them, that they are of Purity and All-Purity will purify them, that they are of Love and that All-Love will so fill their being that the weak thoughts and the weak desires will be crowded out. Love will hold all spaces in heart and mind, and out of their love, redeemed themselves, so blest by God as His redeemers, they will retrace their steps and climb the hill again with another and another...

"That is the spirit's choice, and however much the world, or the influences of the past, or the temptations of the present, may seek to intervene, the spirit's choice in one glad time will be worked out to perfection; and when that completion comes, so, my little ones, the past, as represented by sorrow, will be no more; the past will be steps into happiness, into wisdom, into that revelation which goes on and on, for the children of the Most High have much to learn of their great and glorious Father.

"And now, my children, I will leave you for a space. I want you to give out of yourselves as usual, because here work holds chief place -God's work - which is not only replenishing the strength of those who listen, but is creating strength for those who, as yet, have not caught the quiet Voice of the Spirit of God. And now I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, we must bring this evening to a close, but I want each one to feel within that the spirit has chosen the very best; and more than that, that by the grace of God, the release of the Divine has been brought about that you, in your physical bodies, as it were, can reach out and contact with your own stronger self, and see that that self is linked to God...

"The future has much in store. This work - started so humbly and with such diffidence - this work is growing into a tree and its branches shall reach out and afford shelter and protection to many.

"But, my children, remember this: That this promise for the future is God's will; yet, in order that the plan may be worked out in all its beauty, all its power, you, my little ones, must lend your aid. The Father, All-Power, could accomplish that which we strive over the years to put into being, the Father could accomplish it by the act of one thought, but His little children would go beggared if that were so.

"And because He wishes to give us those good things He possesses Himself, so He says to you: 'Lovest thou Me? Feed my lambs, feed my sheep'. And you, by your efforts, by your wish to serve, by your laying aside of this hour and that hour for God's work, so, my little ones, you shall see that the tiny seed planted in such ignorance shall gain strength and strength again.

"And when you pass hence, with joy you will find that, at last, you took of the Tree of Life, and you allowed all else in the garden of the earth to remain untouched. The gift of Life - the power to create yourself, and that power passing on the power to others to create in turn; not for self, but to supply the needs of those who are spiritually hungry, those who thirst for the Waters of Truth. Thus, by your action, setting into motion that strength and courage and endurance which others, hearing or seeing, shall wish to adopt as their own.

"This is the future. The past has built up the present. The memory of sorrow shall be wiped from your minds, and whatever happens, sorrow as sorrow, no more may find a place, for the consciousness will be within that each pang is strength, each grief nearer to God, nearer to joy, nearer to fulfilment, nearer to that Love which, once it is our own, holds us fast and protects us and binds us to the Father for ever and for ever.

"And now, my children, in the Redeemer's Name I bless you, bless you with understanding, bless you with the spirit of the pioneer, so that when you are free you may stand before the Saviour and gladness shall fill your hearts - gladness shall fill your hearts.

"And now I go. Goodnight, my little ones..."

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