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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 9th August, 1925.

"Most gracious Saviour, we praise and bless Thy Name. We thank Thee that Thou art ever ready to listen to our petitions; and we ask Thee to so purify our hearts and minds that we may be able to receive the truth direct from Thee.

"Father, be with us during these short hours of holy communion. Grant that those who love us may not only be present, but may show their greater love by handing over everything into Thy tender care...

"O God, we ask Thee to train us, to guide us, to prepare us further for this great work; and we ask Thee too, that by Thy grace the shrinking of the heart and mind may be quelled; that we may take the 'tests' which are necessary, even as decoration and honour bestowed by Thee.

"Give us the great sight, when we shall see in the ease of the world the underlying danger; and when we shall perceive that in the so-called blows of fate is Thy Hand guiding us all the way, moulding us to the Divine purpose, so that instead of hindering we may indeed contribute our share... Father, grant that this greater vision may come - that we may see before us the Vision Glorious, and always and for ever Christ our Saviour leading us on and on... Amen...

"...My little children, we meet together in this sweet way somewhat sooner than you anticipated, but I want you to realise that things do not 'happen' in the earth sense - that they are God-directed and by acquiescing to His will you are contributing your little, which, in time to come, shall be seen as great and beautiful as well.

"So then, my little ones, remember this always and for ever: That the next step and the next is God's will, and if you allow physical inclination to intervene, then indeed, you are breaking that perfect harmony which has been set into action in order to bring you out of the wilderness into the Promised Land of Revelation.

"Oh, my children, take this to heart - and there are some who know that I address them direct (medium and note-taker). Do not hinder those who are piloting the ship out of the harbour of the earth across the sea of experience into that harbour which is Home indeed. Hamper them not by thoughts of doubt - by those ever ready objections which fly to the mind. Remember that in times of danger, or when direction seems a little vague to you, that those in the Spirit charged with power from the Great Pilot of all - they know best because they have seen the future.

"So, my children, let your minds at this moment sink into that deep river of God's Love and say to yourselves: 'All is well because Christ is leading me on!' My child (Dorrie), I speak to you with special emphasis tonight. I am endeavouring - and those who love you are endeavouring - to steer the little craft of your life into safe waters. Cast not the rudder of faith aside. Never question: 'Can I do this, can I do that?' Say instead: 'God needs me for His work', and you shall see - oh, with so much joy I say it - you shall see that the Father knows how to look after His little ones.

"Tonight, dear children, I ask you all to lay desire aside. I did so before, but then it was God's will that those who loved you should speak to you in person. Tonight we are a little farther on, and I beg you to concentrate on the Work and the Work alone, when you shall see that by the very absence of the visible and definite presence of those linked to you by the closest ties of the Spirit - by their absence - you have knit yourselves to them far more closely than if they had spoken (through the trance medium). That is another spiritual law - the laying aside of the lesser in order to gather to yourselves the greater; yes, you shall see what it means to work for God in God's way, putting aside the desires of the heart.

"My children, tonight I have another little inch of that long furrow of knowledge to lay open before you, and I ask for your kind attention so that the links may remain unbroken, so that God's will may be accomplished.

"Last week, dear children, we discussed together that subject which has raised much speculation: I speak of thought-transference, what you in your world call 'Telepathy'. And following on that which I was able to convey - so limited, so fragmentary, it is true - I want you tonight to think with me awhile on: 'Spirit Consciousness' - that consciousness of 'something of God' within.

"Now, dear children, as you were told, even in the lowest forms of creation 'Spirit' must be - in the sense that nothing which is, which has been, or which will be, can have existence without the power of God in it and around it.

"Tonight, however, I am taking you a long way from nature pure and simple, and I want you to focus your attention on man - maybe the 'children' of humanity - but those who indeed come under the heading of 'Mankind'.

"Once again you get the trinity of thought. Here is that instinct, that intuition, that Spirit-consciousness - which, as we see it, are the three big steps which lead to God...

"Yet confuse not my meaning: Although to some it is possible only to experience that which you term instinct, yet by the gracious will of the Father, many there are who, on stepping free from the physical tabernacle, find that Spirit-consciousness was their own. Yes, though they knew it not, though the physical mind bound and fettered them, though the knowledge of the world was as an unopened book; yet such is the Mind of God that He, taking the simple impulses, the sacrifices, even that rebelling against the sense of imprisonment - taking these - by the magic of His Love, they are shown in their true guise as 'consciousness', not only of God the Creator but of the gift of Divinity within.

"Oh, my children, more and more do I implore you to cast aside those conceptions of the world - those hundred and one barriers between man and man, those restrictions of race, of creed, and still more so of learning - I entreat you to try and get God's view of the ones who toil and, it seems to them, toil in vain, shut in by the darkness of the physical mind, uncouth both mentally and spiritually it would appear, yet because of their hardships, because of the very lack of ameliorations in physical life, so they demonstrate the strength and the courage of the spirit within...

"Ah, let those who make sweeping assertions as to 'instinct' take care, because instinct - in a crude form perhaps - is indeed that Spirit-consciousness, without which no one can climb the hill to God. And when those same instincts drag man away from the Light into the twilight, again I say: Judge not but pray, for there are those allied to the destructive forces who indeed play upon that very sensitiveness with which the child of nature is endowed.

"And here, dear children, I want you to give full value to the sensitiveness of those same primitive races; how again and again they are forced to rely on that which is within, for which they can find no reason, and of which they can give no explanation. But as you have been told, those in the Spirit, directed by God - by that 'instinct', by that very sensitiveness - are able, in a measure, to protect and guide them. Physical though instinct may be, it is spiritual as well - and that is what the majority forget.

"Now, dear children, it is quite possible with the untutored types of humanity - for these to possess in an enormous degree that which is regarded as 'intuition'; and here it is that I want to make it quite clear that the gifts endowed by God work separately - operate on an entirely individual basis - from the physical mind and the knowledge it may contain.

"Have I not shown you that instinct, that 'sensitiveness' to conditions - for which no explanation in physical language is available - that this is protection for those who are not in a position to protect themselves? Again I say that intuition - the capacity for pushing aside material facts and, as it were, seeing in the distance the light of direction - that too is solely and only part of the spiritual equipment. How often have you found that by obeying unquestioningly the Voice - that influence coming from you know not where - that you have achieved greater and better results than by long hours of mental concentration?

"And, mark you, this faculty is within all; the gifts of the Spirit are not scattered here and there as favour directs. God, in giving of Himself to you, to me and to the countless millions that have lived on your little plane - God gave with both Hands equally to all.

"Yet there have been those who, listening to the shadows, have allowed themselves to be diverted out of the straight and shining path, and the darkness of the forest has closed them in; and darkness and light are, as you must see, enemies in every sense there could be. Yes, Light is the enemy of darkness because it must destroy it; and darkness, knowing that Light in the end shall prevail - that darkness - by subtle means, with the wile of the serpent, seeks to shade the Light so that the true Vision is gone, so that God's gifts may lie within - unused, untried.

"Keep these points clear in your mind - that valuable as knowledge may be, attractive as all those accomplishments of the physical mind may appear to you, the greatest gift of all is within - the greatest gift that could ever be thought of is: Consciousness of the love of the Father and of the kinship there is between you...

"So, my children, I ask you to guard those intuitions - not to dismiss them as imagination or as accounted for by physical conditions, but to guard and to tend them, realising that delicate plants need understanding, need care, need suitable food, in order to bring them into the beauty which God intended that the flowers of the Spirit should possess.

"And then, dear children, I want to speak to you about that Spirit-consciousness which I am so anxious to forward and to strengthen; and the importance of this cannot be over estimated because what is not accomplished now must be done in time to come, when those gifts will be wanted for use by the Master.

"And it is just like this: There you will be with the One you love best, and in your hands you will find the tools of service, but they won't be bright or ready for use. Yes, and this is what causes the greatest grief of all. Opportunities on every side, all those wonderful things that you longed to do when in the body, made possible - nay, they are waiting to be done. And the children of the earth - because they still remain children - are hampered and hindered, they have then to set to work to do that which might so easily have been done before...

"Does this sound hard? Then, my children, I have infinite comfort for you all. I tell you that there is not one of you who, when you are free, shall not thank God that you are free indeed; yet in order to make this possible I beg you to prepare still more because of the wonderful future which awaits you.

"In regard to the unfoldment of the Spirit, most of you instinctively - aye, mark that word 'instinctively' - have found the key; and is it not that of service to your brothers and sisters who, as yet, are further down the hill than yourself? - That service which is entirely of the Spirit, that giving out of love - so hard to do, it seems to some, yet when they are in the atmosphere of love they find that so naturally the love flows out from them to contact and to join with the love which is all around...

"So, dear children, I would tell you, for your instruction, that by quiet concentration on the things of the Spirit, by spreading the truth regarding the things of the Spirit among others, by doing the next thing, by holding on to the promise of God that He will guide you, you can - without any of those mental attainments which now seem so attractive to you - you can indeed be 'conscious', not only of God in your life, but of His mighty power and His creative thought within you - within that which is restricted indeed.

"And mark you this: That God expects His children, as well as entreats His children, to come closer to that which His Holiness represents. Many there are who would warn you that the cultivation, or the wish to cultivate those higher, stronger powers which are Divine - they would warn you that this is presumptuous indeed; but Christ says to you, as He said to us in the days of old: 'Follow Me' - and He was God.

"My children, as the days go on, you will find almost in a miraculous way that the physical mind will hold you still less and less; you will find that you will look at nature with new eyes, you will look at humanity with new love, and because of this you will understand - yes, understand - a little more of what is in the Heart and Mind of the great Father...

"And now, my children, I am going to leave you for a little while, yet in speaking at so brief a length, I am definitely calling upon that Spirit-consciousness within; I am saying to each and every one: 'Teach yourself, for within you is something of the greatest Teacher of all'.

"And if you endeavour to put God first, so the light of revelation shall stream down upon you, and you will indeed realise in all its sweetness, in all its wonder, what it is to be a child of God... And now I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, tonight I have tested you all, not excepting my own child. I have tested you in this sense: That I have kept from you those dear ones, those near ones - and I've brought into your midst just those others who, at this stage, could help you most.

"One word I would add about that same independence, lest misconceptions should arise. In regard to my own child, it was necessary for this work, that that independence should be there - the capacity to carry the weight of the burden apparently unaided. But it so often happens - during the physical experience - that the shadows endeavour to use the very foundations of your character to come between you and the Great Heart of the Father.

"In each one of you here, there is a danger of this happening, but it is in regard to different things. Remember, dear children, that often the very foundations of your faith may be used to strike and undermine, so that what you strove most to achieve - the very quest you loved with all your heart - may be used, as it were, to throw a shade over the brightness of God's Face.

"Be on your guard, in this sense, and in this sense alone: Put God, as your Father, first; and the moment you find that you are unable to go to Him in trust and faith, in perfect confidence, then, dear children, turn out that little house of your mind and find where the speck of dust lies hidden... It is of more importance than you can understand; it is of first importance that the channel between you and God should be unimpeded, even by the quest to which you are devoting your lives... God first, then His work - but God first!

"And now, my children, I ask you, in reviewing this evening, to think how each one who has spoken has revealed something of that precious gift of soul-consciousness - the consciousness of the Holy Spirit within. I ask you not to indulge in self-analysis beyond a certain point, but rather to view yourself in this way: 'In relation to those who come back and speak with so much frankness about themselves, how is my own life working out?' Yet, dear children, if that thought brings a regret which in any measure dims the Love of Christ - beware, for a subtle enemy is at work...

"You see how fine these points are? You see how watchful the awakened soul must be? Because, when awakening comes, there are those on every side who would show you false pictures of this and of that.

"But you are asked to fix your eyes on the Bright and Morning Star, on the One who is there - whatever the conditions of your life may be, whatever your actions, whatever your thoughts... As the slayer kills his victim, Christ is there, trying to save him from his retrograde act.

"In those dens of vice, which to you, in themselves, are a denial of God - in those vice infested places, there is the Spirit-force, striving, struggling, so that when God's little ones leave behind them their sorely distorted minds, there will be a link so that even then He may bind them to Himself...

"Oh, ponder on the Love of God; gather to yourselves that deep assurance that The Beloved is in your lives, that The Beloved is for ever at your side, and that The Beloved will bring you safe Home at last, out of the valley, over the rocks, up to the heights beyond; and then recharged with His Love, gladly - oh, so gladly - will you retrace your steps to hold out the hand of help to another...

"That is the gospel of Christ. That is the teaching of the Lord God Almighty. And the Holy Spirit is in this room tonight, seeking to force upon you all some conception of the greatness - of the grandeur - of a life of service.

"God bless you all and bind you ever more closely to Him, giving you peace and that sweet content, giving you love and - more than that - giving you that greater love to pass on to others... Goodnight, my little ones."

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