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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes, at the Central Cinema Yeovil, under the auspices of the Christian Spiritualist Church on Sunday, May 11th, 1941

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"God has ordained that we meet in this way because the need on the earth is so great for more Light - and more understanding - regarding the lot of man. Put away the thoughts of the world, your personal worries and doubts over the future, and heed the messenger of the Christ who comes in love to do that which God has appointed. To some it may seem strange that those who have passed out of the body for generations can come back and speak to you, but in the Holy Book it is laid out clearly for all to read, and if you disbelieve then the truth is not in you.

"The reason why man disbelieves those marvellous dispensations granted by God is simply through lack of experience, through accepting traditional thought, through binding himself in the prison-house of the past. But the hour comes when the call wings through the conditions: 'Arise and know that I am God'.

"Consider the part that religion plays in the life of a nation. True, it divides man from man. Some are so hostile to the religion of others that they become bitter enemies. Such as these forget that they are all the children of the One Father, and the time will come when they will inherit together the same wonderful home.

"There is a bridge on which humanity can meet - whatever their belief, whatever their gods - and that is the bridge of human love. Can you imagine that those who never heard of Jesus the Christ are not also bowed to the ground by grief? For the human heart is the same whatever the colour of the skin, whatever the environment in which man takes his way. Can you imagine that any mother, watching the 'death struggles' of her own is not anguished, however primitive - as you may regard it - that she may be.

"So those of us who are able, come back from the World of Spirit and try to heal the breach between men by religion, the religion of the earth. But remember that this gift of Spirit Return and Spirit Communion is the gift of all. Those you name 'natives' very often have clear vision, they are able to hear the finer vibrations of Spirit, they have that wonderful gift which you call telepathy but which in itself is simply mediumship, the capacity to contact, through the vibrations, those who seem to be separated, land from land or plane from plane.

"Some who are ignorant, so far as mental education is concerned, have a deep consciousness of the protection of their ancestors and others who have passed into the Great Unknown, and yet live and have their being and are interested in those on the earth.

"Once again go back to the Holy Book, for all that I teach is given there. Some claim that it is wrong to penetrate the Unseen, and yet the Master demonstrated in such a wonderful way that when the condition was right those who had passed out generations before, could manifest, and on the mount of Transfiguration for all time man was told the Truth.

"Others say that the visitation of angels who came to warn and direct was a special dispensation for a special time. But is that reasonable? Is it a feasible argument? Can they produce one fact to show why angels could come back to sorrowing man thousands of years ago, and yet today, when the world is racked in agony, that man should be denied that same gift of comfort and illumination?

"We have to be practical. Those who have passed into the World of Spirit have to be practical. They are dealing with fundamentals, and it is no use, once you are in Spirit conditions, to seek to evade facts; it cannot be done. Truth is in the conditions and that is why man suffers; he has to reap what he has sown; he has to come face to face with all his flimsy excuses when in the body, with all the entanglements of the physical mind, to which he clung while the wide open reaches of God's Land were there to be penetrated and the call to be answered: 'Come up higher and I will show you the Truth'.

"When you hear those of certain religions arguing that Spirit return and Spirit communion are wrong, send them back to their own Bible and ask them to come face to face with Spiritual facts. They will be silenced for they cannot give you an explanation, plain and logical, about the visitation of angelic beings in the yesterday of time and deny that these can take place today.

" - 'The Soul's Cry is for a Workable Religion'. What does that mean? Consider some of the theories, creeds and doctrines that have been handed down to man. They are not to be condemned, but you must face what is before the eyes of all who wish to understand. It is no use to have a religion that will not stand the test of sorrow. It is no use to have a teacher who cannot answer why it is that man is flogged with trouble, that tiny children are torn by physical death from the arms of their suffering mothers, that all the prayers, all the hopes, at times seem to be in vain.

"This is why the religion of your land today does not have the strength that the Father intended. This is why so often man wanders in the wood of misunderstanding, denying His God. He is tired of subterfuge, tired of being put off. Youth wants to know. It is God's Will that those in the body should know why these things take place.

"Man was given free-will. Because of the abuse of that free-will you have in the world today, war, disease - both mental and physical - and all conditions of disability. It is man's own fault. But God does not condemn. God understands. He struggles with man, wrestles with him in the spirit, knowing that the time will come, through suffering, when the individual will wake up to the follies of his childish ways, go back to the cross, cleanse his heart and mind, and become a disciple.

"He is tired of wandering, tired of exploring physical pleasure, tired of denying his Divinity. At last the realisation has come that he has betrayed himself in betraying God. Yet there is always the chance to start again, to make good and to tear the weeds out of the garden of his heart so that the sweet blossoms of the Spirit may grow, and this world may resemble something nearer to God's Purpose and Plan.

"As you look out upon the world today, with all the strife and suffering, you know the answer as to the reason for this condition. The abuse of power; the spurning of the Laws of God; individuals claiming to be gods themselves. Foolish ones and blind - what an awakening they will have, how humiliated they will be when they are in conditions where they must face facts.

"In that time, those who suffered, those who paid the price for understanding, will go with compassion to such as these and seek to tear off the bonds and make them free men. In God's wide scheme of things the time will come when even the most bonded shall be free, the most selfish shall seek to serve others and have the peace which service brings.

"Why is it that the majority in this world are so afraid of death? Because they have been wrongly taught. Death seems to so many as a thief in the night that steals away someone infinitely precious. Yet, when the eyes are opened, death comes as a radiant angel, casting aside all the darkness and the suffering of the past, opening doors into revelation and bidding the soul welcome.

"Face your own responsibility over death. However clever a man may be, however far-seeing, he cannot forestall death. Do not fear death - you died to another world to be born into this - it is but re-birth. The Master promised that those who love Him should never see death, but life more abundant, joy, peace, liberty, self-expression - the expression of the Divine within.

"So you see that your task, your responsibility is larger than anticipated. Because of the conditions that prevail upon the earth - and will continue to prevail - you are given the chance to do the work of God, to be the one to bring the good news, to scatter the sorrows, the darkness and the grief, to hold up the lantern of faith.

"When you say to the one who has lost all: 'It is well with your soul', your words are backed up by fact. When people are nailed to their cross it is no use to say to them: 'It will all be explained in the by-and-by'. They want an explanation there and then. Where is God? Their cries of anguish pierce the Realms of Light. But too often only silence mocks them in their grief because those in the body have been too indolent to learn, to seek in faith, to knock on the door and the door should be opened.

"This is a forceful message. For too long man has lived in a false world. Those of us who return hammer against such conditions, trying to pierce them so that the world as a whole may be roused out of ignorance into something of illumination.

"The soul's cry for a workable religion must be answered or the responsibility of man will indeed be great. Why should barriers divide man? Is it the bar of religion? Are they not God's children, capable of suffering equally as yourselves? Do they not know poverty, grief and disappointment, and thwarted ambition? It is against the Divine Plan that man should be separated from man.

"The only religion that matters is Love and Service between the children of the Most High. When this short life is over you will find all that separated you from your own kind was put there by the enemies of the Christ. You must hammer these barriers down in the degree that you allowed yourself to be separated from the children of the Most High.

"Man is a lonely soul and the loneliness goes far deeper than the earth. He cries out to his God - but God appears deaf to his entreaty. Yet all the time the Father of Infinite Love has surrounded each one with angelic ministers and with those who understand every emotion that pulses through the individual heart. But freewill cannot be interfered with, and if the one in the body decides to stand alone, the bright ones must wait until he is ready to receive them.

"As you will see, almost all the suffering on the earth has been engineered by the bound forces seen and unseen. You are all receptive to these vibrations and you cannot escape your responsibility. You vibrate to their personalities, whether their personalities are seen by you with your physical eyes or not. This explains what is going on today and why man is tortured, why there is war, poverty and disease. It is because individuals have trampled upon the Laws of the Christ and denied the existence of God. The Infinite Father stands back because He has given man free-will, and what the Father has given He will not take away. The Father waits and waits and the time will come when every soul will be linked once again to God with love.

"Much must transpire before that happy time, years must roll on, and the old sorrows, the old griefs, will be experienced by new generations. The earth life may seem long, but remember that Immortality lies ahead. The soul's cry for a workable religion is going to be answered. The Power of Holy Spirit will be released by suffering, and there shall be those who shall see the Light of God, and by the manifestations of Spirit Power that take place, even the doubters shall be forced to their knees to acknowledge that Life is the law of Love and Love is the law of Life.

"When facing the future, squaring your shoulders to the dangers that lie ahead, be very certain of this: that because you are a living soul, because you are a child of God, you have only one thing to fear, and that is spoiling the plan of your earth life. You came into the flesh to take on certain experiences.

"When trouble comes it is not that things have gone wrong - it is that the real self wants to make its own the experience of that suffering. You are called upon to posts of high duty; you know that without experience you would be useless. You have to pay the price for learning - by effort, by suffering, and by disappointment. So it is with the earth life. So it is that the strong souls take on the heaviest burdens. Child souls seek to push their burdens upon another, but what happens is this - when transition takes place, those burdens are doubled in weight. You cannot evade one lesson, you can only postpone it.

"To those who love God and seek to do His Will, rejoice, for great things are in store for you. You have made your vows, and when they are tested and you are found to be weak, they will be remade and strengthened. Only by temptation can you become strong. If you were not tempted then you could not bring forth the spiritual sinews of your real nature. Never be afraid of temptation. Stand as a warrior, commend yourself to God, and by will power you can see the battle through.

"Great strength comes from such as these and a wonderful creative power. These are the individuals that God seeks, these are the ones who must be used to shepherd the frightened sheep, these are the pioneers, these in time to come will be numbered amongst the saints and martyrs as those of another age, for out of their limitation they tried to do their best. They may have thought that they failed. The disciples thought that they had failed, but when they met the Christ face to face - what a relief to find that the little things they had done had been transmuted by His Love into those of utility, those who would live and those who would bring help to the coming generations. So it is with you. There is not one gathered in, not any who will read my words, who cannot stand as a pioneer, whatever their lives, whatever their environment, for within you is God, and God need never be denied.

"You are blessed with a stronger will power, determination to stand undismayed by war, by misery, by betrayal. Send your thoughts back to the Holy Master as He stood and faced His ordeal, and remember that until you can find within you the strength to stand alone in a physical sense, you cannot make contact with the real unseen as God has provided and as it is His Will. You are never alone. Always in the darkest hour the bright ones are there; always when the sorrow is greatest the Light of the Christ shines upon you in the greater measure still.

"The call has come to man to emancipate himself from the materialism of the past, to stand forth as a son of God, for indeed whether he will or no, he is the inheritor of Eternal Life, and what that Life means for man depends entirely upon himself.

"Blessed are the workers, those who have striven, those who have helped - there are great things in store for you. Go forth with increased courage, and the light of revelation shall make all things clear by the Cross of Jesus the Christ.

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