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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes given in the first half of the twentieth century.

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"MY little children, I come into your presence with the message from the One Who loves you best.

"We have much to do. I have spoken to children here and children there, and I have sought to warn them as to that which must come to pass. I speak not of tribulation or catastrophe to raise your fear, but to give you confidence - confidence in your Leader. I say that the trouble which must come upon this little world is not to bring anguish or sorrow, but rejoicing; for indeed there are some souls - the brave souls, those with the warrior spirit - who are sufficiently released from the earth and all it holds to stand that which you name suffering for the sake of the great gain hereafter. Remember the Holy One, the Master Who was crucified after His life of service upon the earth plane! I remind you that until a nation or a people has reached that stage of release from the physical and material so the crucifixion cannot come, for the resurrection follows close upon the great surrender.

"My children, I gather you into my love and I say unto you, because it is truth, that before you entered the physical tabernacle you were known to me. I say further that my presence amongst you in this way tonight is by command of the Holy One Who has instructed me to bring His message to you direct.

"Now, my little ones, bear with me for a while. Soon will be that which you name the anniversary of the catastrophe called the War. Your hearts and your minds will be drawn towards those who have passed on so far as the physical is concerned; yet these minister to you direct and live your lives with you, seeking to watch and guard and protect. Ah, in a few short days, so you will seek to break asunder the veil between you and those who love you well, and thus it is I come to speak upon: 'The Soldiers of the King'.

"I ask you not to allow your minds to rest too long upon the earth soldiers, for the soldiers upon the earth plane are, as it were, but a shadow, a pale reflection of the warriors of the great King of kings. Your boys, those you love so well, they - according to the sacrifice made when in the physical body - they are the tried warriors of the King of Love, and so they come to you tonight, as they come to you so oft when you forget, and their message is: 'Oh, be willing to endure a little today for the sake of the power and the peace and the joy which the suffering shall bring tomorrow!'

"They say to you: 'That which I endured upon the battlefield - the pains, the wounds, the weariness, the hunger and the privations - all this has brought unto me something which can never be taken away!' Indeed, it has brought unto the individual the release, in a measure, of the Divine within, and the Divine within has all power for it is indeed of God, being a fragment of the great and almighty Creator.

"So, although I understand so well how your love seeks for this one and that who died for king and country, yet I entreat you out of my greater knowledge, out of my longer vision, to come to reality, to think of those who are warriors of the King of kings. This applies to each and every one. Children, what should be the equipment of a soldier? You may say to me: 'He must have that which shall deal destruction unto others' - but I ask you to probe a little deeper than that. I say to you that a man who has the equipment of war and yet has not self-discipline, has not the will to endure, then those implements instead of representing a safeguard to him and his country, are indeed as a disadvantage, a menace to himself and others. Oh, cannot you see that the implements are dangerous or useless when training, discipline, self-control and obedience to the greater self are absent?

"So then, I come to you, whether old or young; to the boys and the girls and even to the little children, and I say - because God is God - that each one can be as a warrior of the great King of kings. And mark you this, that if you shrink from the training now, if you hesitate over this and that, if fear seizes the physical mind and takes the strength out of the physical limbs, so then one time you will submit to the necessary training and discipline, for each one must be a warrior of the King of kings.

"Children, I feel that among you there are some who at this same time are indeed warriors of the great King of Peace. There are those in this little temple of light who have suffered, who have given up, who have had their loved ones taken away from them. There are those who have had poverty and sickness and the treachery of friends. To such as these I say: Rejoice! According to your sufferings so you are as prepared soldiers of the King; according to your sufferings.

"There may be others here who say within themselves: 'I have no wish to suffer. Life is sweet, surely God does not mean that I should be unhappy or that I should give up that which I prize so much!' Little children, deceive not yourselves nor allow others to deceive you. Think of the Christ, the One Who gave pure joy to others yet bore the burdens of humanity!

"Oh, listen and learn, for time is fleeting and great things are coming to pass. Only in the measure that you are willing to grasp the Cross and to follow in the footsteps of the Master can you give out joy to others or can the sweet joy of the Spirit be made your own. Look around you! The selfish, those who make a god of their possessions, are they the happy ones? Many such as these, out of self-indulgence, out of pandering to the physical body are sore beset by pain and disease. There are some who would change places with the lowliest toiler who had health, but they cannot, for 'the wages of sin is death' - death to their powers, death to their strength, death to their happiness. But the wages of effort are strength and joy and peace and those gifts which make you like unto Christ Himself.

"Is it not plain? Cannot you see the writing on the wall? Cannot you grasp that those who are bound to the world are, literally, killing the joy for which they long so much? They are the shirkers; they are the ones when the battle call sounds who sleep; they are the ones who are held by fear. But the warriors of the King, soldiers under Christ, with happy hearts they say within themselves: 'Oh, I know the road is hard, that weariness must be my lot, that others will cause me pain but I have the rest which is of the Spirit, the balm which is of the Divine Love, and the courage which is of Christ!'

"Oh, let not my words pass unheeded, lay them upon your heart; for there are those who, living under the false glare of the earthly sun, are allowing true happiness to pass them by. These, indeed, must be sifted, and no strength, nothing that lasts will be found within.

"Who is the happy warrior; who is he that every man in arms should wish to be? The man or the woman who, as a little child, turns to the Christ and says to the Master: 'Use me for Thy Holy purpose; take of my will - I make the full surrender!'

"Children, these things may sound hard to you but I say that this night, gathered close to you, are the Holy Ones of old, men and women like yourselves; those who knew sorrow, those who knew poverty and anguish; those who knew weakness of the physical garment. These walk amongst the children on the earth plane, scattering their blessing, bestowing of their strength. They say to you: 'Look up! The road that seemed so hard to us led into revelation!' - and they today are as the angels of God.

"Yes, Peter and Paul, James and John, the women from the humble homes, Martha and Mary, and many others unknown to you by name - they come into your presence bestowing upon you their gifts; and the time is coming when you will have to make a great and serious decision.

"Little ones, when trouble draws nigh, when the tempests rage, when the waters rise, then you will have to look to your equipment. Where is your anchor? What of the little craft which represents your life? Will it be tossed out on the wide and dark sea of misunderstanding, or will it be fettered to the harbour of light? Who is your pilot - self or God, Christ or the world? For mark you this: The time must come when warriors, when those with the fighting spirit in the God-sense, will be urgently needed, aye, those with the essentials to save others who as straying sheep have followed one shepherd here and another there and have forgotten the safe fold from which they came.

"In that time you, dear children, will look back upon this night and you will not be able to turn your eyes from the truth. Oh, think not that I would cast sadness upon anyone for I feel there are those here who have the warrior spirit who, indeed, are prepared to suffer a little today so that tomorrow shall be fair. But remember that the tried soldier, the experienced warrior, travels light. The one who is new to the long campaign thinks to himself: 'I must have this and I must have that. I must make a brave showing to others, otherwise they will not know that I am a soldier of the king.' But the wise one, the one who has been in battle before, he says: 'My son, cast aside that which you have accumulated; when the long march is on it will weigh you down to the earth.'

"The only equipment necessary for a soldier of the King is faith and trust in God; ah, and courage for Christ, for the One Who loves us best!

"When I lived upon the earth plane I was attached to the Holy Temple. There were those there who gathered unto themselves precious jewels and robed themselves in rich raiment, asking of others many gifts to place upon the altar of the Lord God Jehovah. There the costly gifts were laid although the starving in their thousands thronged the outer courts and were as a disgrace unto those within. Aye, when I trod the earth plane that was my life until One passed before me! Oh, lowly was His mien; dust was upon His cloak; His feet were in that which showed signs of wear, and His face bore witness to suffering and fatigue. But as the Master looked upon me radiance shone from out His whole being, and I knew I stood face to face with God!

"Oh, cannot you see, cannot you see? Those who say they are followers of the Christ and yet forget the simple way, the hard way, the way of service, such as these desecrate the very Name! They are, as you would say, toy soldiers for child-souls to play with. But the warriors of the great King, such as these know, for they have read the narrative of the life of the One Who was the greatest soldier of all; they know that the path which leads to victory - victory over self, the only victory which is worth having whether it concerns the individual, a nation or the world - they know that the path the Master took is the only one which leads into the triumph which cannot be gainsaid.

"So think you like this: 'What has my life held?' Perchance you reply: 'Sorrow, disappointments and many trials.' Then I answer: Your link with the Master has been riveted and nothing can sever it. Oh, let the spirit clasp the Cross and refuse to turn from the Cross!

"Little ones, clasping the Cross and grasping the Cross, they are not quite the same. There are those who clasp the Cross, feeling upon their breast its magic power; they are the tried soldiers of the Most High. There are others who grasp the Cross, yet as their hands close upon it so fear seizes them, and it is thrown aside. But forget not I have said that in this little life or in the life to come, so the Cross must not only be grasped but clasped; and in that hour you shall experience a joy and a peace and a revelation beyond your comprehension now.

"So then, my children, while those of old minister to you direct, while they seek to unclasp your fingers from earthly toys, while they endeavour to unfasten the locks of your mind from inherited tendencies and man-made laws concerning God I say: Make your great decision: Christ and the Christ path, or self and the road that leads away from peace.

"Little ones, the earth warriors have gathered in so close. Across the faces of some there is consternation and dismay. They are the ones who today have sight and are conscious that when their great opportunity came they allowed it to slip by. They fought temptation only when the world insisted, and to those things which the world ignored they closed their eyes.

"There are others, beautiful spirits, young and old, but all have the youth which power brings. They are calling out to you: 'Look up, be wise in time! That which I have today is worth a thousand deaths to reach. I come back to inspire you, to recharge you, to point to the steep hill, to the overcoming of the obstacles upon your path!'

"That is the message from the one you love so well. And in the measure that you strive, in the measure that you dedicate yourselves, so then not only are you nearer to the peace which cannot fade but, through your act, you are making it possible for the brave warriors who belong to you to gain a greater peace, a greater joy themselves.

"For, little ones, the only way to progress is the way that Christ laid down - by helping others.

"Praying for yourself and striving for yourself, this produces a degree of power; but praying for others and striving for others, this brings the great power around you for the Holy ones gather close; you are as warriors under the great King of kings Who sends His legions to fight with you and for you, aye, He sends His strength, and the enemies shall not prevail.

"This is the message from the One Who loves you Best. Oh, forget it not. The mind of man seizes on this and that and soon the light is succeeded by the twilight, and the twilight leads into the darkness of spiritual ignorance. Again I say unto you: Prepare! - and the love of Christ will teach you how to increase that preparation, how to cast aside the things that hold, how to take up the banner: 'Forward and Onward in His Name!'

"Children, before I leave you I would give one personal word. I come into your presence to cheer, to warn, to encourage, and I say that in this little temple of light so great things can be worked in; great things, grand things, things that are of God. How? Only by dedication, only by the spirit of self-sacrifice. Deceive not yourselves nor allow others to deceive you. You cannot build anything that can resist the wind of the earth plane unless you build by effort, by giving up, by concentration on those things which are of God.

"See that your foundation is firm. Let not envy, hatred and malice cross this threshold. Each one has a gift. Oh, little ones, you have many gifts, but each one has a special gift - the gift of being, in degree, like Christ. So then, build your foundation truly. Let not one brick be put here and another there so that the enemy can creep in and tear down that which you seek to build. It must be Christ first and self last.

"If one has a gift which you prize, in honouring that gift you have shown that you have a greater gift than he or she; you have shown that you have the gift of being in a measure like Christ. If one seeks to lead beyond that which is for the good of all, then to that one I say: Forget not that 'the first shall be last and the last shall be first.'

"The gifts of the Spirit are housed within each one. God gives in equal measure to all His beloved. Who shall say which is the greatest gift? Nay, only in the mind of God is the secret held. Who has the greatest gift - the one who speaks, the one who serves, the one who sweeps or the one who 'sees'? Only God can answer that. Therefore see that your foundation is built according to the Christ plan, each one bringing his little gifts and, above all, the dedication of the greater self within, making an altar - not something grand and costly - but an altar where self is laid, where full surrender is made. If this is done then in the name of Christ I say: That which you build, that which you do will astound not only yourselves but others, for Christ has blessed you.

"The Cross is athwart this little room. Its brightness - oh, little children, how bright the Cross can be! - its brightness depends upon yourselves. The Cross of Christ gleams as the brightest sun but those upon the earth plane, by their disregard of Divine laws, they throw across its beauty the mire of the physical world, and the brightness is quenched. Across the room is the Cross of Christ, bright and glorious, blessed by the Master Himself. Oh, see that it is not dimmed; and think you of this: As you strive, as you hope, as you pray and work, so the brightness of the Cross can be increased a thousandfold, for there is no limitation to the glory and generosity of God.

"So, my children, as I leave you, I bless you. Love pours out from me. I know your lives, I know your struggles, I know there are some here who at times have felt that God has turned from them. tonight you have explanation - explanation! You have chosen the warrior path; you are soldiers of the great King of kings - indeed you wear upon your breast and upon your brow the Cross that marks you as belonging to Him for ever more.

"I bless you with understanding, I bless you with courage. Oh, take that which the Master holds out - your great and grand inheritance - and make the full surrender to the One Who loves you best. Farewell!"  

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