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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes in the first half of the twentieth century.

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"MY little children, it is indeed with joy that I come into your presence this night. There are many gathered here, those of old who started from Small Beginnings; yet in this same time they are named by you as the disciples of the Christ. Oh my children, how can I express to you what is in the Father's heart? There are those upon the earth plane bound by the physical mind, held by the restrictions of their day, and they say, 'What can I do?' or 'How can I help to cleanse the world? - the task is beyond my powers.' Ah yes, beyond the powers of the individual, maybe, but not beyond the power of the great Almighty Creator Who is searching for tools and, alas, so oft' searches in vain.

"Children, this night under the guidance of the Christ I speak to you on: 'Small Beginnings', and I take you away from the earth plane, far, far back to that time when, having reached a certain stage of involution, having drifted away from the Lord God of all, so, through the suffering entailed something on the redemptive side was gained, and you started that which was spiritual evolution. Now hold this thought in mind for it bears on that which I would teach - Small Beginnings.

"In the long, long past, so man fell from perfection and became even as one bonded and enslaved; yet God is the Father of the bonded and enslaved, and God's laws triumph over the laws of man, over that which is done through the exercise of freewill, aye, through the exercise of that most precious gift bestowed upon the child by his Father.

"From Small Beginnings - out of pain, out of bondage, so the laws of God commenced to work back to that which had been thrown away, and little by little, stage by stage, the individual gained a measure of freedom and a still greater measure of freedom. So it is that we meet together - the bonded weaved in with those of old who indeed took the same path, made the same mistakes, had the same failures, fell into the same follies. Oh think you! Though these were as children in understanding, children in spiritual insight, yet they knelt at the Master's feet and sought to learn. Yes, though bound they approached the beloved Stranger and asked Him as to this, as to that; but oft His answers puzzled their puny minds and they retreated from Him to commune amongst themselves: 'What of that statement, what of that problem?' - and the other would answer: 'I know not, yet I believe that what the Master says is true.'

"Cannot you see that through this act of faith something was built up - built up from Small Beginnings - something strong, something which in time should, like a cloud of gold pass away from that little part of the world and spread its splendour, its radiance over all that which must be gathered in. Oh listen and learn, for times are pressing. There is that coming upon this little plane which must be met and faced; and those with sight realise that on small beginnings - that which you, out of effort, that which the few in different parts of the world are desiring to create - that on those small beginnings so the foundation of the coming of power must rest, the coming of power which shall open the eyes and minds of the bonded and set them free.

"I speak to one here and I speak to another there: What have you done, what is it that you seek to build for Christ? And if you answer me, 'Oh, I have tried but I am thwarted, no outlet can I find!' - then I say in the name of the Master: Be of good cheer; out of small beginnings so God, the Mighty Creator, shall build that which is your spirit's desire. And if there are others who say, 'The call has not come to me,' then I answer: Beware, take care; the call comes hourly, nay, minute by minute, but sometimes self, masquerading as a friend, binds the ears and the eyes of the one concerned.

"You have not been called? Child, God has called to you over the ages long before the physical was thought of, and the call is: 'Arise, take up your cross and follow Me!' Long before this little earth was thought of, Jesus the Christ and the Cross of Protection was there, and will remain for ever and ever.

"Then, my little ones, there are those who have erred, those who once had the physical garment but now are free from that which seemed to hold, yet find themselves still more bound. Oh, to all these I speak, directed by the Saviour of all: Delay not but look to your tools, for time is fleeting and much waits to be done! Cannot you understand that the Christ still calls to you and, more than that, that there are those in other conditions still more bound who are awaiting the message which you can bring. From Small Beginnings commence to build that which shall enable you to look into the Realms of Spirit, and to grasp something of the brightness and the peace which God means shall be your own.

"Oh, my children, I say to you that your part is this - and you cannot turn from it or if you turn from it some day, in one state, you must go back on your tracks and take up that which you are unwilling to grasp now. There are those in your surroundings who are as maimed souls. They are your brothers, your sisters, and they know not the truth. You ask me: 'How can I go to such as these? They want not that which I bring!' I turn you to the Sacred Record: Think of Christ - how He started from the little home in Galilee. No one wanted the message which should bring revelation upon the earth, yet He started from Small Beginnings; He gathered one here, one there, and taught them as to those events which must come to pass.

"Cannot you see how the Lord God of all chose the same path which is open to you now? He went out without a following, despised by those in the little village in which He lived. 'Who is this? - only one of ourselves?' Oh, is not this enacted again and again? Here and there a child inspired by the Spirit comes out of the crowd and attempts, through the grace of God, to give forth the message of the Most High. How few extend the hand of friendship? How many scorn this one because 'well known.' As with the Master, so it is with the individual now, yet in the Master the guidance and the direction are there for all to see. He left the little village and those who spurned Him, and from Small Beginnings commenced to build that which should revolutionise this little earth.

"Oh, my children, I say not to you that you must start upon the great, upon that which is important to the eyes of the physical body, but I turn you to the Christ and I say: Start now from Small Beginnings for the time is coming when you, individually, will need a firm foundation in order to hold close to the Anchor which never gives.

"Yes, upon this little earth so sorrow must come. It will start in ways that seem of trivial character. Fix not your eyes on the large spectacular events. Remember the cloud which arose even as the size of a man's hand. Small beginnings. Signs of the times. Little ones, a most glorious sign. Tribulation you may name it, but I say in the Name of Christ that it is a gift, it is the coming of the cleansing, when sight in its true sense shall be made your own, when the little children of the earth - now so occupied with material things, on pleasure bent, thinking of that which shall bring delight and ease to the physical garment, pursuing that which is as the will-o'-the-wisp - when these shall seek out a teacher here and an instructor there. And woe unto you if you have not that which is the truth to impart, for again I say, great things are coming to pass. From Small Beginnings so the courage, so the endurance must be built up in order that illumination and revelation may come.

"So, then, I speak in this little temple built by effort, aye, which has arisen out of holy desire, and I say that that which has been put together is blessed by the Master, blessed by the Master, for out of Small Beginnings that which is the Divine Will shall be built up. Little children of the Light, remember that the candle which is yours must be held aloft, for only by so doing can the little light be changed into a great light, and the great light into that which cannot die away. You may say to me: 'Even as the light of the candle, so is mine; as I seek to hold it aloft so the cold wind of criticism blows it out.' But I say to you: Within there is that which shall replenish the light - faith and determination. The candle - that which is the little light, your own - it is there to be re-lighted a thousand times; and as you re-light it and re-light it, so the flame shall burn brighter, and the time shall come when no cold wind, no enemy hand can blot it out.

"Through effort, through dedication, through prayer, so you find that the Light of the Great Divine has been made your own, and all is well. Yet think not too much upon the light which is your own. From one light so many lights can be created. Then say not to yourselves: 'My light is good; how beautiful is my light!' Rather ponder within as to those who have no light. Take that which is your own - lend it, give it, and you shall find, even as you give, that another light, stronger, more beautiful, is within your hand. It is the law of God.

"Go back upon those of old. What of Peter, impetuous Peter? What of John, with the love of God enshrined within; and those others, less well known to you, but equally well known to God? Oh, forget not this, that the obscure are equally well known to God! Go back on these humble men of old, the fishermen, the men who had no opportunity of travelling over this little plane. They started from Small Beginnings and they built up that which defies the enemy. And today you are drawing from their strength, you have gathered their light; and they are thrice blessed because they have been used to help those further down the hill, for all in time must scale the mount of achievement.

"My children, as I speak I bless you all in turn and I shed upon you the Light, for great things are coming to pass. You are called to the highest and the best, called to leave that which is the lesser as to truth, to separate yourself from what the world has to offer, and with humble hearts to retrace your steps back to Christ, to the simplicity of Christ; to leave behind you the complications of the physical mind; to retreat from all that and to take up the staff of faith and to pass amongst others. They may seem strangers to you; you are brothers in the Spirit. They are your work. Give of your little light, or if it is a great light, then give ten thousand times more.

"Little ones, I bring back your thoughts to the Small Beginnings of Peter and Paul, of John and Barnabas, of Philip and Stephen, and all those many others. Oh, think you: Out of Small Beginnings so the ones you name the saints and martyrs gained the strength to suffer and be strong. Ah, here we come to liberty - the power to suffer and be strong.

"So I entreat you - because I see the future, because I see the time when the physical garment is no more - I entreat you to overlook your tools, to inspect that which is your equipment, to put the house of your mind in order, and then as pilgrims to don the cloak of service, to turn to the Master and say: 'Use me, Saviour, as Thou wilt!'

"Little ones, that sentence, 'as Thou wilt', is as a dividing line between half-understanding and revelation. There are thousands upon the earth plane who would work for God in their own way, but not in the way the Master has laid down - the humble way, the simple way. Much good work has been done by such as these, I deny it not, but when they pass into the Light they will be anguished to find how much they threw away.

"Out of Small Beginnings, out of fragments, as it were, so you collect that which is the corner stone. Many reject these stones - they are of little importance to their minds. But the time comes when through the humble heart and the obedient will, something is built up which represents the corner stone, and out of that the illimitable can and shall arise, for God's laws control man's laws and His little children shall share even those gifts which are His own.

"Come child (Miss Rita McEvoy), arise and take my hand. You have done that which is according to the Will of the Most High. The cross has been vanquished by you again and again. Tonight I mark you with the Cross - not of sorrow, but the redemptive Cross of Christ. Have no fear! The difficulties and the obstructions in your path are there to be overcome; it is the pilgrim's way - but as each one is surmounted so the strength shall come, and under the Master's hand so all shall be found according to His Holy Will. Child, the future holds this: Storm and sunshine and storm again. That is of the physical. The Spiritual is the radiant Cross of Christ! I came because Love instructed. I came because your love called to me in turn. Let not the past be remembered - the future belongs to God.

"And so, little ones, I bless you each and every one. The Holy Spirit is resting upon you all. Take that which the Master gives and have no fear. Out of Small Beginnings commence to build, for time is fleeting and much must be worked in. I bless you with healing, I bless you with peace. I bless you with the love of the Divine, and, above all, I bless you with courage. Oh courage, courage, my children, for great things are coming to pass!

"Master, we thank Thee with grateful hearts for all that Thou hast given to us, Thy little children. We are of Thyself, we know, but as we kneel before Thee, so as babes we seem unto ourselves. Yet Thou hast called us to arise, and in faith we take of Thy gifts, and we thank Thee Whom we recognise as our Father and Mother God. Master, Thy will has been done on earth this night.

"Farewell, little ones, farewell."

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