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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 5th June, 1926.

"Thou who art the Light of the world and the Light of all realms and conditions, we come into Thy Presence, certain that Thou art willing to hear us and willing to give and to give again...

"O most tender Saviour, we thank Thee with full hearts for all that Thou hast done for us, for Thy thought, for Thy far-seeing care, and we ask Thee to give each one of Thy little children greater consciousness of Thy companionship during the daily round. For looking into the hearts and minds of each one, Thou seest what is hidden from others - those times of loneliness and the seeking for that guidance which they crave. Thou knowest it is difficult when bound by the physical body to treat the physical body as though it did not exist, yet Thou hast taught us that all things material and physical are as naught between Thee and Thy children...

"The thought goes up, and not only dost Thou hear but Thou art waiting for the thought, waiting to bestow the blessing. Teach us, O Father, to be more discerning and to have more hopeful hearts, not only over our spiritual future but over the spiritual future of humanity as a whole.

"Laying our hearts and minds at Thy Feet, we commence our work tonight, leaving all things in Thy Loving Hands, and depending entirely on the power which Thou hast promised... Father, we thank Thee... Amen...

"...My little children, it is with a gladness too deep for words that I come into your presence tonight, yet ere I discuss with you that which is the subject laid down for this evening, there are a few things which must be said.

"You see, my children, it is like this: I am your guide, appointed by the Holy Master, and as your guide I must lead you ever up the hill, even if portions be steep indeed. How can I, sent by the One who is All-Pure, how can I say to my little ones: 'This will do or that will do?' Nay, my part is ever to point you farther up...

"This does not mean that anyone has failed, but it means most certainly that in the measure you have found strength within, so that strength is as a trust to be used to advance, to call others up, and to rest not - though it may appear to some that you have attained to heights which are fair indeed...

"My children, search your hearts and let not sadness follow your steps. Know you not that the Saviour came to teach and to train? Remember His patience with those who represented, at the time, material which was undeveloped in a spiritual sense. Think you to yourselves: 'If the Beloved could find within His Heart love for such as these, then even if I halt over my lessons, if I falter at their difficulties, yet His voice chides not but encourages me every step of the way.

"That is the aspect of Christ which must he forced on the minds of all; and in time to come, whether during this short stage in a material world or whether in one of those many conditions after the body is laid aside, that consciousness of what God is like must be made your own.

"Yes, and then there are those of my children, the brave and courageous souls, who say within themselves: 'But I do not want Christ to have to be patient with me; I want to learn my lessons, to show Him that I love Him and that my delight is to do His will'. Well, my little ones, if this is so, take your lesson even from this. Say to yourselves: 'Because of the patience of the Holy One, I too will try and imitate that which He stands for and pass on my patience to another'. Yes, to those who find it so difficult to grasp this great and glorious Truth, to those who are bound by the world, whose vanities and weaknesses are manifold, who are indifferent to the Name of God.

"The old way, dear children, was indignation - so-called 'righteous indignation'; but when we are free from that which binds, so we compare our thought with the thought of the Christ; and in His mind no impatience can be found - no impatience, but love and understanding past all explanation.

"It is difficult; it is more difficult than to take your hard lessons and to wrestle with them through the day; it is the most difficult thing of all to acquire that wide, deep charity towards those so-called 'sinners' who, it appears to you, desecrate their Father and despise their inheritance... But patience and love can work all things, and patience and love within the individual bring to that one a gain and a development which will amaze you when you see things as they are...

"Tonight, my little ones, because you are so centred in my life, I want to underline once more what you are to me, what this gift of God has meant to me. There are times when I smile - smile with a touch of sadness which you will understand - I smile when I hear my children saying amongst themselves that that which Zodiac has done they can never repay.

"My children, cannot you see how these thoughts of yours are cherished by me? Yet, I must speak of things as they are, I must underline once more that what I give to you, in turn you give to me. If I suffer through you, if your griefs are my griefs, if your troubles are my troubles, if your grey days my grey days - what does this represent? Gain to the spirit of the one you name Zodiac, and because it is gain so, it means that I am that much nearer to my Master, to the One who gives all to you and to me, one step nearer to unlimited Love...

"We understand each other so well during that state which you call 'Sleep', and tonight it has been ordained that I should speak to you, briefly, upon that same: 'Sleep State' - and tell you that which may prepare the ground for the next step and the next.

"You see, dear children, throughout the ages, man - concentrating on the mind of the body and that provided by the physical minds of others - has overlooked the chief function, the Christ-purpose of that state called Sleep. The physicians, the healers of the body, they give due deference to its importance. They have proved, again and again, how necessary it is that the body should have its strength replenished and that the limbs should gain their necessary rest.

"All this we take for granted. That which is called Mother Nature has laid down rules for this and rules for that, and if they are transgressed then retribution follows. But tonight, I want to take you away from the physical aspect and I want to show you God's mighty Love at work.

"Children, I have told you before that in counting yourselves bound to this little plane (the earth plane), you are making a great mistake. Could you see things as they are, you would find that the spirit within functions only in a fragmentary way in that which is physical or material in substance. The spirit within the body is imprisoned, aye, held fast, but its liberty is not entirely curtailed when those who own it have been sufficiently awakened to recognise God in their lives.

"So, dear children, while you do your daily tasks - those in some instances mundane in the extreme - if you could see with the eyes of the spirit, you would find that the true self was only giving a little of itself to the work on hand, but was learning the meaning of that which lies underneath the task.

"That is a point so often overlooked. The daily round, so much to be done again and again, with always the certainty that tomorrow it will be required to be done anew; and there are thousands, uncountable thousands, who think within themselves: 'What waste of time' - but the spirit knows better, the spirit is not deceived by the outward, by that which is visible to the physical eyes. The spirit is concentrating on its liberation, aye, and more than that, on its reunion with the God from whom it came.

"This twofold aspect of the daily task has not been explained as the Master desires, and until the explanation is given, so the fretting goes on; and fretting, my children, is a withered leaf of the beautiful rose of effort which you are creating.

"There are those present who will know that I speak for them; there are many others of my children, distant from here, who will wonder if I thought of them. I think of them all, and I would teach them God's side of mundane work, of the weariness of the body, of that accumulation of petty tasks...

"You see, my children, from the Spirit point of view, the physical life of many is as a sleep which sometimes is so heavy that we cannot wake them. The life on earth, in comparison with the full free life of the Spirit, is stagnation; it is the passive as compared to the active, compared to that doing and thinking and creating and controlling which each one must make their own, if they are to work for God as He has ordained. So, pursue this thought, thinking of yourselves individually, because each one is concerned and each one must learn.

"Children, that state of unconsciousness - spirit unconsciousness during the physical stage - is the cause of all the trouble, all the sorrow, all the misunderstanding, for it is so bound by the body that it has no power to transfer from itself to the mind of the body how things stand, what is being worked in, what is the purpose, what is the plan...

"And then, from the physical aspect, I take you one stage farther, to that state when the body is quiescent, when the memories of the earth, as it were, are closed in, and when the spirit, for a few hours, is able to live, able to think, and able to do in a measure as it longs... And that state of activity you call Sleep - it appears to some, who have not studied God's laws, that the child or the man or the woman is as a log, the sleep of the body binds it, and even the individuality of the self within seems to have passed away...

"Children, once before, I explained to you that if gifted with spiritual sight, you could look down upon your own body during that state which you call sleep, and you would find that the outer shell seemed strangely shrunken, and that the emanations - the spiritual counterpart - stretched far out, protecting and holding it fast. That is another of God's laws. While you sleep, although the spirit within seeks other conditions, other experiences, yet it forgets not its tool, it holds fast to that which is going to bring it so much, and, combined with those who long since have shed the tabernacle of flesh, so the protection is built up all around.

"But here, dear children, once more that same gift of freewill operates to your advantage or to your disadvantage, for the mind of the body still has the power, in a measure, to impede the progress of that which is Divine within. This then is the point to which I am leading your thoughts: Those amongst my children have, time and again, wondered as to their part in this great Work, have chafed against the obstructions, the hindrances, and, worst of all, the lack of opportunity. A willing tool, yea, but a tool - it seems to them - that, as yet, Christ has not honoured by use.

"Oh, my children, how difficult it is with limited conceptions of Love, to take in anything of the unlimited nature of the Love your Father has for you. For your comfort I am bid to explain: This little realm of yours - of necessity bound by borders of many descriptions - this little plane is only one condition out of those many conditions in which the true self functions, even in one little day. And during those hours when the body rests, ah, then that which is your real self is free to work as it so desires.

"Children, the sleep state, so-called, is just a little preliminary preparation for all that wonderful work which the great Hereafter holds for you all. You work by day perhaps, and for many neither the heart nor the mind are in their tasks; but the true work, the work which counts - the work which the spirit desires - is carried on during that time when, it seems to you, that all that is vital of yourself is at rest.

"But, dear children, remember this: That the Spirit World and the physical world each supply to the other what is essential. Were it not for the hours of day, for all that transpired during that period - the fret and the heartache and the misunderstanding - so, my little ones, then the spirit would look in vain for its tools, for that which is needful to do its work. It is free but it is empty-handed, and that state means anguish to the real self in a way no words can explain. The days provide that which is needful for the spirit to pursue its task when it is free from that which binds; and the renewal of strength and the renewal of courage is as a natural result of the work which the spirit accomplishes when the body was forgotten.

"Cannot you see, my little ones, how dependent each is upon the other? Cannot you understand how after a day of pain, when so gladly you lose consciousness of weakness in sleep, cannot you imagine how it is that when morning comes, lo, that strength which was missing has been renewed? You get up to do that which the day holds, and you accomplish it in spite of the enemies of the flesh, in spite of the weakness of the very tool you are using. And once more, as night falls, so the spirit, rejoicing in that which it has gained, pursues its course, bringing in turn just that which the body requires to carry it through the next day, and in so doing builds that which will never pass away...

"You see, I am bound to put the emphasis on the body-side, because you are so bound, so conscious of this, so hindered by that, so weary, so full of that indescribable resistance of the physical tissues; yet, without that and the pursuing of the task at hand, so the spirit would mourn, and so the spirit would be unable to bring to the body that which it needs so sorely, that which is essential to provide for the day to come...

"My little ones, in reading my words, I think you will find I have made it plain. It is difficult, when talking of those things which are real, to so present them that the mind of the body - of necessity dealing with unrealities - can grasp their true significance, but find comfort in that thought; and then, send your minds on to the sweet by and by, when the body-side, so it seems to you, will have been discarded and, maybe, forgotten. But then, dear children, the aspiring spirit within - that which is Divine, that which understands what service truly represents - that spirit, seeking more tools, seeking those experiences by which only it can get free and find its unity with God, so the spirit willingly, joyfully comes back to those on earth, and because it has not that valuable weapon of the body itself, then it lives in close contact with another who has; and through the pangs of that body - aye, more than shared, borne in triple part as I have told you before - so the spirit once more is able to gather up its sheaves in preparation for the great harvest; ah, for the harvest which will be needed by others in time to come...

"That is the key to life in the Spirit - not sunning ourselves in glorious conditions, not displaying those wonderful gifts provided by the Lord God of all - but seeking ever that development, that expansion, that knowledge which will not pass away. And the only way in which we can find our true treasure, is by giving out to others, is by that gleaning of the fragments so that when the call comes and another is hungry, we have in our possession that which will supply their need.

"Until this law of Christ is recognised, so men stumble, and so the spiritual release of the masses is kept back; but the call goes out to those who know in part to persevere, to go on until they have that which God has provided for each one - that wisdom, that understanding, which will force upon the mind of the body the reality that only by giving can we gain, only by helping others can we be helped ourselves, only by giving out strength can we be strong in our own hour of temptation...

"Children, you know full well that during that state which you call Sleep, according to the ambition of that which has been released within, so, quite naturally, you pass into those conditions which bring not only to the spiritual mind, but to the mind of the body, the experience which it needs. In regard to this point, the gift of free-will must be controlled by the individual, must be protected by the owner, and, again, must be directed into that course which the Divine within dictates, whether it be into planes of Light or whether it be into those planes which are twilight in understanding, twilight in progress, twilight in all those things associated with the God whom you adore.

"But no thought of anxiety should hold you regarding this, for the spirit is strong, and the spirit is sure, and whither it goes so the protectors go too, and what it works in comes back, yes, comes back to that same mind of the body which would shrink indeed from the task the spirit had on hand, shrink from the responsibility.

"Children, the missionary spirit never dies. Remember that though you follow strange paths when the body is at rest, yet the missionary work which is done then is but a preparation for the great work which lies in front. You have much to do; the call has gone forth for workers, for prayers, for constructors - and the little children of the Light have answered, each in a different way, and what they cannot work in during their waking hours, then that is not only accomplished when sleep claims them, but is preparing them for fresh work when the conditions which hamper them now are cast aside...

"My little ones, I will not keep you longer, but I must ask for your sympathy - your tender sympathy tonight, because the child I use is a little overtired, and it is difficult, as you know, without damaging that which is physical, to get the power which we need; but God provides all things, just drawing upon those who love Him so that the unity may be complete, so that there may be not only love and service on one side, but the desire to love and to serve from you as well... And now I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my little ones, all is well, and there is no need for anyone to have regrets tonight. All is wonderfully well, and Christ replenished that which we could not find ourselves. So, as you go your separate ways, let everything else pass from your minds but this: That that which each one requires is provided by God; that though it seems to you that this may fail and that may fail, that the troubles and problems of life are too pressing, that those who should work are inclined to shirk, then remember that God's ways are bigger and greater and grander than you can imagine.

"And if those who should represent Love sometimes blur the glorious vision of Christ and His teachings, yet in the individual, in the mind of this one and that, Truth is forcing an entry, and the day will come when God no longer will represent Power, no longer will represent that Justice which so often causes the heart to quail, but God will represent the tender Shepherd of mankind; and those who condemn their fellows will see for themselves that as a Shepherd so He follows after the lost sheep, so He pursues the erring child until at last that child - so estranged from Love - turns back and links up with the One from whom it came...

"You see, dear children, that in the twilight stages of humanity, so the darkness still lingers in the mind of man; but we have emerged from that into the rosy dawns, and because there are those who will raise their eyes from the earth to the Heavens, so the beauty of that dawn has entered their being...

"But that is not all. The next stage is the full day, when revelation no longer shall be denied, when the children of the earth will realise that the earth is not their true home, but that the Home which is rightly theirs is in conditions far different from the betrayal of self and the bartering and thieving and treachery of physical life. Their true home is where Love dwells, where giving and helping and helping and giving reign supreme.

"It is the heritage of man, that linking up of the Divine within with All-Power without - yet, once more, replacing the thought of All-Power by the most Divine thought of all - Love - unlimited, unending Love - ours. Not held out in the by and by, but as our own possession from the beginning and remaining with us for ever and for ever...

"And now, my children, I will say Goodnight. Let peace and sweet content be in your midst. Say not to yourselves: 'What a pity this, what a pity that' - but just remind yourselves how, at the call of each one, the Holy Spirit was drawn to you; that when the need arises the help is not delayed but comes, even as was said, as the swift flight of birds, resting upon you and giving you that which you require, because you are God's children and He is Love.

"Goodnight, my little ones..."

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