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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes in the earlier part of the twentieth century

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"MY children, you have been gathered into this little home because a messenger from the Master has a message to deliver to you individually, and that message must be passed on through you to those in your surroundings. Oh little ones, the messenger, whoever he may be - however great, however weak - the messenger must pass on the message as the message has been delivered unto him to give to others. The great Teacher of all planes, all conditions has gathered close; and while I seek to guide and to explain so the Master, the Holder of wisdom in its infinite sense, is passing on to this, His servant, the message which he must deliver. Therefore, listen and make your own that which is the Father's Will.

"Around you many have gathered. They are the bright ones and they hold the links between you all. Behind them are those who seek to be as the bright ones - many, many are these; and behind them, stretching out even as a great multitude, are those who in time long past forgot their God, forsook the narrow way, and now at last are seeking to retrieve that which they cast from them. So as missionaries we meet together and the power generated, as you would say, by this little circle of effort, that power has life everlasting and its uses are many. It passes far, far away from these vibrations and it shall raise one here, one there, and the number shall be uncountable because this is the law of God.

"Tonight, dear children, bearing in mind the sacred season which you commemorate on your little plane, I would speak unto you regarding the Sleeping Christ Within. Is it not plain? As I draw your attention to the work which must be done - the great, grand missionary work, the task of retrieving for others that which they are too weak to retrieve for themselves - is it not plain that these, the great multitude, have a sleeping Christ within. The Divine spark, that which is wisdom, purity, holiness itself, that is the gift of the individual, however bound, however far he may have wandered from light and love, but the Christ within is in a sleep that seems as death.

"Have I not said - and I would impress this upon your minds, for you must give out the truth - that man was created in the image of God, that within the individual there is all-consciousness, which means all-wisdom; that by free-will that which is lovely, that which is powerful in the God-sense, has been crushed and buried? Yet it is there. This thought I wish to impress upon your minds: That however far a man or a woman - by free-will - may have wandered from God, yet God is their Father and Mother, and the time must come, because something of God is housed within, when that one must return unto the Father and be again in His likeness, hold, in miniature, His purity, His love.

"Little children, when we speak of those in bondage it seems to us that only so few aspects can be touched upon. You upon the earth plane look around and you see those who are held, those who no longer have command over themselves for, alas and alas, they have relinquished that command and given it into the keeping of the ones who are out to wreck. You see those who are chained by the thoughts of the world, fettered to their possessions, making a god of earthly power; and you see that such as these follow the false shepherds, and the false shepherds hold them fast.

"But think you, what of those conditions beyond this little earth plane - and this earth represents to us but one tiny patch of life in the God-sense - those teeming millions of souls created by the Father in His own image to share of His gifts? There are those held in a way inconceivable to the physical mind. Have I not told you that they bear no resemblance to human form? Their diseases are many, their deformities are great; yet within is God, but the Christ sleeps as if in death.

"Cannot you see, my children, that those who in a measure have consciousness - consciousness of their Divine inheritance - that these must forget self and pass amongst those who know naught of truth and seek to save? Cannot you see that the responsibility lies upon those with sight to give sight to those who are inly blind? Those who have been healed by the power of Christ must go to those who know not Christ, who have bound themselves in horrors which I cannot portray in the physical language; those who have been healed must seek to heal others, for you are one, one family under God.

"I have told you before that this earth plane represents one stage of development, one experience through which the evolving soul passes. I have told you that there are countless stages, countless experiences, innumerable worlds, and this applies to the long past as well as to the glorious future. And so it is that there are many - the children of God yet enemies of their Father - who have not yet sufficiently evolved to take on the earth body and the physical experience. They are in the place which they have built up for themselves by that which they have done, by that which they have cast from them, by a denial of their holy inheritance, by cleaving to the mess of pottage and denying the Divine within.

"What as to these? Hope in a glorious form I hand out to you; for the Master bids me speak in His name that which is the truth, and the truth is glorious, the truth is joyous; for man shall be saved in spite of his weaker self.

"So then let your thoughts pass from yourselves and even from those upon the earth plane who are in a bondage terrible to your eyes. Take the wider view, the universal view, and think of those so held by the past and so chained by the present that even the weakest of this plane represents unto them something in the nature of a god. And here it is that the weak ones, the frail ones on this plane can be used if they make the smallest effort to be strong.

"Cannot you see the marvellous chain of light, of effort, of service? The vibrations thrown off by the ones in bondage here reach others still more bound, who could not contact with you direct, who cannot contact with us because they have built up the barriers which divide. By the law of God, by His love and mercy, through countless agencies straight from Christ, the power is poured down until at last it reaches those frail ones upon the earth plane. By its strength they raise themselves and perchance seek to help another, to guide the young into a safer path than the one they took themselves, to stem the tears of the aged. Weakness shows a measure of strength, though the mood may be passing and the darkness closes in once again; but out of that, so the link is made with others who feel no compassion, whose darkness is supreme.

"Yet again, by the mercy of God, in these something is aroused - the sleeping Christ, as it were, stirs within. They see something which represents a better condition than their own and, out of the very selfishness which holds them, they find the effort to grope towards the twilight out of the night. Weakness gives place to a little strength and God's Will is done.

"Oh, cannot you grasp that this great and glorious work must go on apace, that you, individually, have opportunity in an amazing form for you know that which is the truth? You have a measure of light, aye, you represent to those in darkness a torch, and they, seeing the light, gather as close as conditions allow. Some of you feel that which is akin to fear. All feel sadness yet know not what assails you, you know not why the world seems suddenly to have lost its brightness and its peace.

"What has happened? The missionary spirit is in action. The individual is giving off light to the one in darkness, a flicker of peace to the one who is a stranger to peace in any form; and, again, God's Will on earth is done.

"The sleeping Christ within - forget not the grave import of these words - the sleeping Christ within! Search your hearts and minds and answer truly. What measure of consciousness has the Christ within you regained at this stage - what measure of consciousness? Little ones, you can answer out of the joy which holds your hearts, that the sleeping Christ within has been awakened, awakened! But that is one stage alone, and here we come to the gigantic mistake made by many who have Spirit-consciousness in little part. By the mere fact that they know God and revel in His truth, by the fact that they can read the sacred Book and gain comfort and reassurance, so they think they are safe, so they think that God's purpose has been achieved. But the sleeping Christ has only been awakened and the great realm of activity beyond the awakening has not yet been penetrated by the one concerned.

"Do you not understand? Those who find satisfaction in ecstasies of adoration, these have not yet understood the law of God; for though the sleeping Christ may have been aroused, the one who has the active Christ within works, works out his own salvation and the salvation of those around.

"So, little ones, I draw back your thoughts to the tiny Babe in the lowly manger. Ah, there in the arms of the Mother lay the sleeping Christ, beautiful to love's eyes, precious beyond all words. Think you as to the symbol of the tiny Child, aye, and as to His journey through childhood until manhood was reached. This is symbolical of each one, of the experiences of the sleeping Christ within the individual who, in the first stages, must take of another's care and protection; yet as strength is gained, as consciousness comes to the mind, so the child-soul desires to help those around. Out of the passive into the first stage of the active; and then, as the years go on, the taking on of suffering in many forms.

"The pangs of growth! Little ones, you cannot grow spiritually without suffering being entailed. As the child-soul grows so comes the development of the greater sensitiveness, the shrinking from the cruelty of others, the hard looks and the harder words. Through the pangs taken on by the spirit's choice, so the boy emerges into the man in the God-sense. Yet look back, have I not said that when the tiny child sought to help those in his surroundings he had entered the first stage of the active plane?

"So, day by day, month by month, year by year - this coincides with stages of experience - effort is built up upon effort, and out of the suffering which the effort brings, out of the pangs of growth, so at last the awakened Christ within the human soul has reached that stage when self is forgotten in service for others. And, again, the symbol is carried on. The one with the active Christ within - thinking, working, building, creating - that one draws to him by the very contrast of conditions those who give hate for love, treachery for loyalty. Children, in thinking of this sacred season of all the beauty of the story of the Master's life upon the earth plane, oh widen your thoughts, for Christ came as example, as symbol of a thousand, thousand things. Yet man, because of the bondage which holds him, so oft takes but one and precious time is wasted, glorious opportunity has not been seized, and thus sorrow awaits him in the time to come.

"The sleeping babe, the humble home and the mother's love - these indeed are symbols of the journey home to God. The boyhood, the manhood, the crucifixion and the resurrection - symbols again of what each one must undergo before the Christ, as the Christ was given, can be raised again.

"So I draw in your thoughts and I place them, as ever, upon the Beloved of our hearts, and I ask you during the days to come to seek to gain the wider outlook, yet to pause not there; to remember ever that thought is good, but thought unallied to action is only half-good in the God-sense. Meditation is sweet; contemplation can release the soul from many of its complaints, but meditation and contemplation unallied to action leads but one foot up the steep hill of achievement.

"Nay, again I bring you back to the Christ, to the One Who was the embodiment of effort, the One who worked while others slept, the One Who prayed yet prayed not only but sought to put that which He prayed into action. I bring you back to the One Who walked this little earth plane, Who, by suffering, by work, created sufficient power to bring about the release of humanity at large; not only upon the earth plane but in all other conditions, if those so bound could have taken of the power, could have remembered the message that He delivered so faithfully, the message of His God.

"So, my children, I lay upon you this great injunction: To widen your outlook, yet in widening your outlook to forget not to search your heart and mind, to say unto yourselves: 'What measure of consciousness has the Christ within me attained at this same stage?' And then, if sorrow seizes your heart because the Christ seems so inactive, to cast your fears from you and to go to another where the Christ within sleeps and sleeps, and seek to awaken him. By the effort put forth, by the holy desire, so the Christ within you shall not only gain strength to act, to think and to construct, but the Christ within shall dominate those in your surroundings, for the active Christ cannot be withstood. The power has come, and even as one working miracles you shall go to this one and that, and as your vibrations contact with their own, so consciousness shall come to them, for the awakened Christ cannot be withstood by those held in the bondage of self.

"Thus I bring you back to hope in its most glorious form. You have within you all-power, all-wisdom, and that power and wisdom can be released as you strive, as you work, as you think, as you pray, as you turn to God. Oh, forget not that those who seem even as animals, held by the desires of the flesh and the bondage of the past, that within them too is Christ, all-wisdom, all-power; and it is your part to awaken the sleeping Christ so that God's will on earth may be done.

"Cannot you see how God has blessed us, how He has given it into our power not only to lift the weak, to guide the straying, but - joy upon joy - to bring gladness to the Father and Mother Heart of God, Who yearns over His children, Who has sought for them over time unthinkable, Who will not let them go but holds them by that within which is of His Holy Self.

"So then, my children, we are banded together on the glorious mission to arouse the sleeping Christ within those of our brothers and sisters, not only upon the earth plane but in conditions far denser than these. Hope before us in all its radiant glory, hope before them, untarnished, undimmed - this is the future, God's glorious future.

"Remember that within the physical body - limited though it may be, restricted by the laws of the earth plane - remember that within that body, housed, imprisoned, is power, God-power; and through your own effort, through your attitude of mind, through your holy desire, your determination and your faith, so that power can be released.

"Many there are who, when finding the obstacles thick upon the path, retreat. Pray for such as these! Many there are who scale the first obstacles and think that that is all. Pray for such as these! Some there are who, whatever the difficulties upon the path, however great the temptation, some who cry: 'I go on whatever may befall!' Oh pray for such as these, yet in your prayers let thankfulness be the dominating note.

"So, dear children, I bless you with vision, Spirit-vision, which is consciousness of the great and glorious opportunity held out unto you by God. I bless you with consciousness as to the honour bestowed upon you, aye, and as to the strength which comes to each one as you seek to answer to the call. The power of the Holy Spirit is resting upon you all, binding you together for service for our Master Christ. Let the power of the Holy Spirit remain. Hold fast that which is your portion and go on, recharged, seeking with determination to arouse the sleeping Christ in the hearts and minds of others.

"The chains are breaking, the clouds are lifting, the sunshine of the love of God is streaming upon this little earth. Out of the efforts of the few, out of the hope, out of the courage, so the clouds shall be dispersed and so the Kingdom of God - which is peace and love amongst men - will be brought about, but the suffering must come first.

"Farewell, little ones, I bless you and bless you again."

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