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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle on Sunday, 9th March, 1947.

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"SAVIOUR CHRIST into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child.

"MY CHILDREN, it is always a privilege to gather here in our own conditions because, although you may not be aware of it, there are times when greater power is essential for the next stage of the work. Sometimes it seems to you that progress is being made and you rejoice; you feel at last you are scaling another span of the hill; and then come reverses, unexpected reverses and those which have been anticipated, and a chill falls upon the heart and mind, and there are those who become despondent. So much they hoped to do and much was achieved, yet more tests and still more tests lie ahead. Now, my children, what is common to the individual is general to this world.

"So, today, I have been commissioned to speak to you upon: 'The Shattered Aura of the Earth'.

It is a big subject, wide in its implications, deep in its personal responsibility; but you are sons and daughters of the Most High, and necessarily you must take your part in the working out of the Divine Plan, because you are part of that Plan. And I want you, in thinking of the plight of the physical world, to concentrate not only upon that which is universal, as it seems to you, but also upon that which is of a more personal character, that which concerns your own life, the lot of the people around you and their plans for the sweet by-and-by.

"My children, I have tried oft before to portray the kind of aura which has settled round the physical world; it is, as you would say, a medley of power and weakness, yes, of grace and of those patches of weakness which are used so eagerly by those arraigned against the Christ, seen and unseen. So I ask you to visualise the earth from its inception as something which had to gather its own power; and it is the same with anything that has to be born into usefulness.

"There are many stars or planets, as you name them, which are in use for the furtherance of life in its varied forms. There are some which are not yet prepared, in the sense that the 'life' which is within them - and there is life in all so-called 'dead' things - has not been quickened, the stage has not been reached when they have their part in the great Scheme of things.

"I bring in these points because I want still more to enlarge your vision; in a measure, shall we say, to prepare your minds for those further stages of understanding into which you will enter so gladly when the restrictions of this plane are over for you. So in thinking of the earth world you have to visualise, if you can, something that had to be prepared from a spiritual point of view, something that had to gather together the power which is essential for the furtherance of life in its many aspects.

"This explains in little part why in those early days man seemed to you to be so primitive, so limited, so ignorant. You can see now that those early forms of life in human form were really a demonstration of the pioneer spirit. Such as these had to give from themselves, through suffering, something that should start the formation of those auric rays which are essential for the progression of life in any planet; and when we think of that we pay full deference to those of old for what they did, which we enjoy in turn.

"But as you can see, my children, one generation or tens of generations, could not grapple with something so vast and important; and throughout all time there must be contributions towards the power which surrounds those spheres or conditions in which there is active life, because you are dependent upon that power in a tremendous measure; for instance, in regard to the release of the creative faculties.

"You are amazed to find that at certain times there seems to be a tremendous mental activity on earth, which shows itself in inventive genius. And then there seems to be a barren time, shall we say. But as you look back upon your own physical lives and recollect all that has happened during that short stage, you congratulate yourselves that you were born to take your part in something that really demonstrates a higher grade of mental and physical ability.

"And you are wise to adopt this attitude of mind, because it is in a measure something of a preparation for that greater Life, when you will look back upon this stage and smile to think that you could have been amazed over what man in the flesh was able to do, for you see then what really has taken place, that through the fact that the majority have followed their own way, worked out their own desires, gathered to themselves that which they valued the most, the power represented by the auric rays around the earth is at times of a very thin quality.

"Then you find also that there has been something of a readjustment; for instance: there have been those inspired by God to take the part of spiritual pioneers, to call to the people with an insistent voice, and even though only the few responded, because those few were in earnest, there was gathered something of real power, which was left in the conditions for the benefit of those who were to follow after.

"And then we think of the tribulation. As you know, these tribulations fall upon the masses, but they are generally created by the weakness of the few. There are those who have sinned against the law of brotherhood and they bring upon the innocent a suffering which is far-reaching and which, in many cases, is inherited by their off-spring. But God in His mighty wisdom has ordained, by spiritual law, that those who suffer through the fault of others, are in the position of leaders - they are leaders in sacrifice, leaders in giving from their real selves that which is essential to bring together the power for which the earth as a whole is starved.

"I know that these things may seem to be rather a tax upon imagination. On the other hand your minds have been prepared, and you can understand that the agonies of war - and I speak not only of those who were slain but perhaps still more of those who were left behind to take upon themselves great responsibilities, and they know that until journey's end it must be struggling and striving all along the way - you can understand that all this is as grist for the mill of real life; and the mill in this case can be likened unto something working for the spiritualization of the auric rays centred around the earth plane. And those auric rays are common to all, in this sense, but only in this sense: that free-will is never interfered with, and you and all those you know have an equal right to draw upon those finer auric rays as the other.

"But at once we are brought up against something which is irrefutable, something that never can be overcome by the united intelligence of man, and that is that only what man gives from a spiritual sense is he able to receive. And so you find that there are so many spiritually ignorant who are trying to gather around themselves the power created by others, and this is the position of the selfish in the home, in the wider field of toil, amongst the nations. They are selfish over many things; they want and they intend to have, if they can possibly steal that which is their heart's desire.

"So as you take your way during physical life, you are brought up again and again against this grave problem. You think of War, but I have underlined again and again that war with physical weapons is but one aspect and not by any means the worst aspect from a spiritual point of view, because through the intense suffering much is redeemed to go into the Mill of Life and so sweeten and strengthen the auric rays which are congregated around this earth.

"Now, my children, we must go a little deeper than that. It is all very well to point out what is wrong with the world, what is wrong with the people, what is wrong in ourselves, but we are brought back to the practical side, and the practical side is this: how can these things be righted? Can they be cured? And as we think on these lines, we are taken back to the parable in the Holy Book where you are told that God created man and breathed into him 'life'! (Gen. 2. 7).

"I want to lead your thoughts into this avenue but I can take you only a step or two now. It is your part to exercise your minds, and still more your intuitive faculties, to find out exactly, or as nearly as you can, what is meant by 'the Breath of God'. Again, in the Holy Book there is indicated that the time shall come when all mankind shall be as one breath, or shall breathe as one. You see where I am taking your thoughts?

"You, with your physical make-up, are immortal, you have within you much which you do not understand at this same stage, and yet all the time you are using, unconsciously, those spiritual faculties, or some of them at least; and in regard to your own aura and the auras of those around you, once again I emphasise that the important part of the aura is represented by the fact that it is a breathing apparatus. Through the auric rays which you yourselves have built up by your attitude of mind, you are able to breathe, spiritually, to inhale the Breath of God, and also to expel the Breath of God from the Divinity which is within you.

"And some there are who unconsciously perchance to the mind of the body, are keyed more closely to spiritual vibrations, there is within them some deep longing to be more like Christ, to be a burden-bearer and to hope that the strength may come, and these people have beautiful auras. And if your eyes were opened you would see that in the aura there was represented - for the lack of a better word - uncountable 'pores' which vibrate to the Life within and also to the Life without. Visualise a spiritual sponge with extremely small cavities charged with a tremendous power and vitality. Through those pores you are drawing in, as it were, your daily bread; and, again, by the desire to help another to become one of the Christ army, you are also expelling nourishment in a far larger manner than hitherto you have grasped.

"You see, dear children, when you think on these same lines at once you are aware of the link you have with the earth and its auric rays, because the earth is dependent entirely upon the life there is within it for the supplementing of its auric rays and for the maintaining of their spiritual strength; and what appertains to the physical world is also a law which is worked out still more minutely with spiritual states.

"In a spiritual sense, it is man's own doing what is built up around him in the way of conditions or vibrations: man goes to his 'own place', but that is quite independent of the mundane physical aspect of the circumstances of your life. This is apparent, for there are those with courageous souls who choose deliberately that which perchance hurts the heart and mind the most; they are contributors to the power which is wanted so badly for the raising up and the inspiration of this plane from a spiritual point of view.

"So when you feel 'inspired', remember my words - that your own aura is becoming more sensitive to the auric rays from another sphere; and those auric rays pass, as you would say, automatically through the auric vibrations surrounding the earth, whether they be good or whether they be ill.

"Children, you are intended to be in direct contact with your Father, and as at times you feel inspired to do great things spiritually, ponder upon the significance of this fact. What has happened? You have engaged upon an experiment into the supernatural; your real self deliberately has counted the cost, and in spite of the reluctance which you know will come from the physical mind, you have decided to pay in full for what will represent unto you infinite treasure in the days to come.

"And this is why, my children, there are many who are inspired - the musicians, the great poets, those who try to do God's work amongst His unfortunate children - this is why they find themselves up against such tremendous obstacles. In the first place, they have been entering an unknown province - the province of the supernatural; and they are as yet somewhat inexperienced, they have to buy their experience, because only by buying your experience are you in a position to pass on the lesson of that experience to others who are still more inexperienced than you may be. Sometimes your hearts ache as you think of those with great minds and wonderful ideas, those who were highly inspired, and you read of their poverty or their bad health, of the unkindness of others, of the weakness, perchance, in their own characters which worked against them and their inspiration throughout the long struggle to achieve. And you are wise to send out those loving, understanding thoughts, because when you are free from the flesh and you witness the great experiment upon which such as these were engaged, you will marvel at their temerity; yes, and at the courage which must have been behind it to drive them forward and keep them determined, whatever the cost and whatever the suffering involved.

"You see, dear children, I am coming a little nearer to leadership, and leadership must exact a price from the more sensitive part of you, that which you regard as your very being. In this way only can this world of yours continue its progression. As you think of the material hardships of your forebears, and those of the far past, as you remember their lack of opportunity and yet what they were able to do - their faithfulness to the path of duty, their ignorance of Divine Love, and how many showed love for their fellow-beings - at once you can reckon up in your own minds that they must have made a very big contribution to the auric rays which surround the earth plane; and this is true.

"Then the question comes in these days when in many ways things are easier - and they could have been very much easier if the quality of inspiration had been given its rightful place - when you think of this, the thought naturally arises as to your own contribution. Work, prayer, faith, yes, all essential for the purification of the earth plane; but you want something more than that - you want to express 'the Breath of God' which has been made your own by your own free choice, and by your own attitude of mind.

"There are some who in their hours of weakness utter that prayer: 'Breathe on me, Breath of God!' and they are conscious of contacting with a purer power than their own. These are the baby stages but they are of the greatest use; and I want you in thinking of this great subject of the Breath of God, to remember that only in the degree that you can inhale the power of the Holy Spirit, can the real self entombed within you gain anything of release; and its release is essential for the betterment of the earth plane, for the giving out not only of inspiration but for the manifestation of those higher forms of the creative faculties.

"The earth is growing old, so it seems to some, but really it is in an infantile state of consciousness. I say this in all humility, and when you are rid of the cumbersome body of the flesh you will, in your measure, understand that which I sought to convey. It will seem to you that everything upon the earth plane was so laborious, so hampered by material influences that the wheels of life were clogged by man's exercise of free-will, which, naturally, brought its own consequences.

"So in thinking of your particular lot and trying to visualise something of the future, will you adopt this attitude - that you are in training for leadership in the degree that you are willing to lead in so-called sacrifice and suffering. I say 'so-called sacrifice', because once you understand Divine Law, sacrifice as regarded from the earthly point of view is an impossibility; you give up the lesser to attain the greater. One tiny portion of yourself - the physical - groans under its burdens; but it is only such a tiny part of that which is pure and perfect, that which has an all-glorious future, and a future in which there is the right exercise of power.

"And in that word 'power' there is included all the good gifts. Power on earth is limited to its material use, and there are many uses which may be destructive. But when you are free you will find that in that word 'POWER' is expressed the Breath of God, which, breathed upon man, can change him from a material being into a spiritual one, from something so hampered by limitations that he is almost, even at this stage, as clay; but by receiving the Breath of God once again he bears resemblance to the Image in which he was created, and is a partaker in all that which Divine Love expresses now and for evermore.

"My little children, there is so much that we could discuss together. Again and again I must go back upon the subject of 'the Breath of God' and lead you, if I may, by easy stages into a greater consciousness of all that it implies, all that it means not only for this planet, but for countless spheres. And because you are all as one family, so the conditions around you, in another sense, represent, again, one family.

"There are spheres which are terrible to behold - representations of the folly and selfishness of God's creations - and there are spheres bright with the beauty of sacrifice, enhanced with the melody that has been culled from faithful hearts and minds undertaking the mundane task; and then there is that which you name Heaven, so vast, so all-embracing that it would be impossible to convey anything of what it represents in the language of the earth.

"But God's Plan is that worlds, as well as people, should represent in turn one great family, that the Universe, as you understand it, and the Universe as we understand it, should represent one family; and the time will come when each state, so far apart now in progression, will be brought, and shall be brought, into harmony one with the other. And beyond that lies another area of usefulness in which you, as highly evolved beings, as those who have struggled up the steep hill side in spite of weariness and pain, will have your part. But this is far beyond the physical consciousness to grasp, for there is no end as there was no beginning to the Love of God and its varied manifestations in countless forms, all expressing miracles of Infinite Love and Grace.

"Now I leave you for a span, but I want you to welcome those who come as your fellow workers, as those who have earned the right to speak to this little planet. And they will be blessed by that which they have sought to give forth, and those who hearkened will be blessed in the measure that they were able to breathe in the inner meaning beyond, the simple message that was given.

(After others had spoken Zodiac returned and gave a personal message to each of the 19 sitters)

"And now, dear children, I draw in the strands of your lives, binding them close together for a mighty purpose, and through this dedicated hour or two there has been something of a miracle wrought. Only a small group, it seems to yourselves; but if your spiritual eyes could be opened you would see that we have drawn in those from many conditions, some to learn, some to teach you, but all desiring to rise on the stepping stones of the past to better things.

"In so contributing to this time of holy communion they have done something towards sweetening the earth, cleansing its aura, allowing those holy ones who have passed through myriads of experiences for love of Christ, to come back and bind you together closer still, until at last you form an unbroken front, all different, all fulfilling individual parts of the pattern, but all 'one life' and ultimately, 'one breath', because God will not only be without but within you, in that full expression which is the Father's Will for us all.

"I bless you in the Name of the living, radiant Christ. Go forth and take upon yourselves those garments which will seem unto others as expressing joy - joy in the mission to which you are dedicated now and for evermore!

"Farewell, my little ones, farewell."

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