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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London SW12, on Sunday 24th February, 1924.

"God's Will be done. God's Will has been done, and once more we assemble together in this most holy communion, bringing our gifts of service, of dedication and the wish to follow direction, and laying them at the Feet of the Most High, certain that their love shall meet Love and all shall be according to the highest and the best.

"O Saviour Christ, we thank Thee again and again for all Thy good gifts, for Thy tenderness, Thy understanding and Thy merciful kindness, thank Thee that nothing in the physical is strong enough to shut us off from that which is of Thee, and that nothing can interfere with this demonstration of the Holy Spirit.

"It is for a great purpose that we meet tonight. Thy children have been tried and tested, and retried and retested again and again, and although the heart and mind have shrunk under the process, yet the spirit, free and untrammelled, has gone triumphantly on, and all has been according to Thy Will.

"O God, send down the strength which is needed, send down the peace which is Thy children's by right of suffering, and the joy which is but a foretaste of the real and glorious joy to come, in that time when the power of the shadows is no more, and when communion with Thee is unbroken and complete.

"It is with trust and with a renewed faith that we meet together again, and we ask Thee to wipe out of our minds the memory of the past - its sadness, its disappointments and its seeming injustices and hardships. Grant that we may forget them all, not only now but in the days to come, and that they may be powerless to cast a shade across the brightness which shall shine from Thee upon us all for evermore...

"...My children, once more you have the power of the Holy Spirit demonstrated, and I think tonight that this illustration should indeed strengthen your faith - that faith which I know has been cut at and torn at by the most dangerous powers of darkness there could be. But I say tonight that faith should be put upon so strong a basis that nothing more should be able to touch it. It is for you to respond in the way God expects.

"I am but a messenger from Him, and I say that upon you all, God has laid a deep obligation, and that is, that you shall rise above sorrow and doubt, and the distrust of others, and be free. Put your whole confidence in God and He will never fail you. It is that half-confidence which gives the shadows their chance - it is that moment of hesitation when the mind asks: 'Will the power of good be strong enough to overcome these terrible powers of evil?' It is in those moments of hesitation that much damage is done and you reap sorrow as a consequence.

"It is essential for all of you to put doubts of all kinds on one side and to be certain that what has been said is not going to be worked out in some abstruse, tangled-up way that entirely escapes your imagination. You have been given words - plain sentences. I have told you what the future holds and my words are not to be challenged.

"I speak most firmly. There has been too much of the wrecking process lately and I mean to put a stop to it once and for all. You must understand, that I am not only your leader, fighting for God, but I am also fighting for the spirit within you - two things separate to you, may be, but one and undivided to me.

"I am not in a position to say to you that after all this preparation, this travail of soul, and this postponement of joy - that it has all been a mockery and that I only said this, that and the other to urge you on. If I had adopted such an attitude, you would indeed have good reason to hate and despise me. Even now sometimes you shrink from me as a child would from a great but stern and unbending father. You feel that Zodiac expects too much, that he fails to remember your spiritual youth, and that the pace is altogether too great.

"In the first place, work of this nature is not given to those who are in their spiritual babyhood, that would be useless; it would be absolutely against our methods over here. Only when people have reached a certain stage of development are they suitable weapons to be used for God, and very often even then, when put to the test of the fire, the strength is not yet sufficient to fight through.

"I am your protector and your guide, and I have not brought you thus far to leave you now in your doubts and misgivings. You are coming with me to the end of the journey and nothing in your world or in ours shall prevent it. God has given you into my charge and in doing so invested me with power and with the necessary protection. To those who have asked themselves - as some of you have done - what the future holds, I say go back on your old records and re-read them. You do not do it sufficiently.

"Busy days pass all too quickly - a host of details take your attention, the mind is tired and harassed and the effort is often too great, and so the shadows use the physical mind with its capacity for forgetting those things it should remember and remembering those things which are best forgotten - to wound you again and again, and in so doing, to strike at the Heart of the Saviour.

"In the Bible you have illustrations of faith over and over again. You remember the words spoken to Thomas by our Lord: 'Blessed are they that have not seen and yet have believed' - and I say that in those words you have your direction, you have your admonition and you cannot turn from it.

"Once more build up the foundation of the pedestal on which faith rests. The enemy, under cover of darkness, has been undermining that which you failed to notice. But when the grey days go on and events seem so obstinate of changing, then the test comes, and you look around and see that damage has been done.

"More and more I wish to impress upon you all the necessity for watchfulness, prayerfulness and the constant rededication to God of heart and mind and body. It is the only thing that can save you on a work of this kind. You cannot take liberties with yourselves when you are out on the higher reaches. You have nothing upon which to hold when the wind blows cold - nothing but the Christ within you, but that is stronger than all the elements together.

"That is the position and you cannot ignore it. You have to realise that your supports are now down and that you are face to face with your real self. It is a serious thing. I am not minimising it all and yet, as with all big things, it is so simple. It just means that in place of those supports, which often failed in the time of need, in place of the shelter of the wood - though even there the storms beat in upon you and drove you from point to point - you have the God within you.

"All the other things are now left behind and you are called upon to stand up, emancipated and free, with your hands outstretched to Christ, and there is no one else to bring you through. It has to be done. These tests have to be faced; you have to learn to know your real self - the self which belongs to God, and until that real self is in harmony with the physical self, which as yet does not sufficiently recognise its Master, sorrow intervenes.

"Once you could adopt this attitude: 'With Christ I am secure and nothing can touch me' - nearly all the worries of your life would disappear never to return. I know it is a most difficult attitude to attain. It is the highest of all and only available to those who have bought and paid for it. I am not referring to happy-go-lucky people who shelve their own responsibilities off on to Almighty God - they have much to learn in the days to come, and that is not the faith to which I refer. The attitude of the Children of Light should be this: 'God is my Father and I am His child - therefore nothing that is not of Him can touch me' - and nothing can touch you if only you believe.

"My children, I find that I have rather - shall I say - hurt you this evening by my seemingly stern remarks. And yet if you saw someone you loved well in danger - if not of self destruction, then of great unhappiness - would you not speak with determination yourself in order to prevent that which is preventable, and that which is entirely against the Will of the Father?

"Don't think, little ones, that I have not all of you in my heart. Could you get the smallest idea of what you mean to me, what your anxieties cost me in thought and in prayer - if you could see what the sad days represent to your guides, you would not think of me as being a leader rather a close and tender companion.

I want you more and more to build up the love between us; not to allow it to grow thin, and not to think that Zodiac is far removed from you, but to let me into the personal side of your lives, and to be certain that what concerns you in the smallest way is a thing of great importance to me.

"I am so anxious to bring things through to a successful conclusion, and I do not want you, when the promises are worked out, to have the bitterness of regret from which you cannot escape if you do not trust me to the utmost. It will not be easy then for you to forgive yourself your doubts. In the happy moments the remembrance of them will come back, like little whips of remorse, and the longing will rise up in your hearts: 'Oh, why didn't I trust Zodiac more!' - and this is not my wish. I want the joy when it comes to have no shady corners. I want it all to be bright and uniform, and I want you to feel that there is nothing with which you have reason to reproach yourself.

"My children have a curious impression of me - but never mind. I understand how it all comes and I am not going to discuss that now. Soon the greatest enlightenment of all will be in your own possession, and then you will see that indeed you belonged to Zodiac and Zodiac belonged to you, and that we were all united in love with Christ our Lord and Saviour.

"Now I will leave you for a little while. We shall do what we can tonight, and I think that when the evening is over you will be able to echo the prayer with which I started...

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"Well, my children, I am not going to keep you any longer. If you could see things as they are you would know that tonight has been a triumph over the body, its woes and its weaknesses - a triumph in God's sight, because of the faith in which you gathered together, and because you left it in His hands to do as He thought best.

"Now I find on going through your hearts and minds that in some there is a sense of compunction and misgiving, and I speak to Annie particularly in regard to this.

"My child, is it not reasonable to you - having suffered so much - that God has you under His protecting wing and there is nothing strong enough to divide you ever again? You must remember that these are the training days and the shadows are not easy to circumvent; they have had all the advantage - so you think - but you will recollect that only to the spiritually tried and tested are such tests given. In itself it is a sign of progress, and you are not to think anything but this: 'I am right with God and God understands me and His Love faileth not'. Put all other things than these out of your mind and be certain that in His sight you are His devoted and obedient child.

"Now, my children, I will close this evening with just a few words on the gathering together of the little children to hear the Voice of the Master.

"I think there are very few of you who do not read with delight the story of Christ, and how He gathered the children to His knee and taught them simple things, and impressed upon their hearts His own Personality. Well, my little ones, that has been the case tonight. You have been gathered to the knee of the Master and He has been talking to your spirit while your mind has been listening to me.

"I want you to gather this thought unto yourself. In the busy life - the discord and the triviality which so often comprise the days of those upon earth - I want you to recall what I have said this evening: That the real you, the spirit within you, is gathered to the side of Christ and is listening, and drinking in, with love, the words which come from Him.

"I want you to separate yourselves more and more from the world, and to link yourselves more closely still to the Spirit, knowing that that is your right environment, and that the earth is but the training ground - the forcing house - which produces the flowers of the Spirit in all their beauty and sweetness.

"Let not your hearts be troubled ever again. Put on the whole armour of Christ and, go forward with renewed courage, and be certain that God has spoken, that He is in command, and that the Holy Spirit is working through your lives - and in your lives - and that which was, shall be and will be, in the sense that God looks after His own and has prepared a place for those that love Him.

"Goodnight, my little ones. Gather around you my love and let me take you all in, shutting the cold and the dreariness outside. That is my heart's desire, for you belong to me and I belong to you... Goodnight."

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