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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 22nd August, 1926.

"Father and Mother God, send down to Thy children here assembled the gift of vision. Grant that each one may realise the meaning of life and their part in the great constructive plan. Teach them how within is that power, that understanding which not only can be used for their advancement, but for the unfoldment of Thy truth...

"O God, forget our misgivings, forget all that we fail to rise to, and give us the gift of forgetting too; so that we, not held back by the chains of the past, but as happy pilgrims, may go forward in faith, certain that Thou hast provided protection, certain that in our hour of need, lo, at our side, we shall find Christ.

"And then, O Father, mindful of Thy Love, we thank Thee. We thank Thee that Thou hast called us and we have hearkened to the voice of the spirit within; we thank Thee that Thou hast given Thy children the strength to disentangle themselves from the things of the world and to take the steep path, which not only leads to Thee but which shall show the multitude the way to find Christ...

"Oh, help us in our present need, illuminate the future so that we may forget the desert and enter into the garden of understanding, when all will be plain and we shall arise renewed, conscious that we belong to Thee... Father, we thank Thee...

"...My little children, tonight I find in your hearts and minds that which brings joy, that which brings peace. I find love and service; I find the wish to rise, and, more than that, the deep desire within to raise others. Oh, never be confused in your minds. I have taught my little ones that the shortest way to that advancement which they long to make their own is in helping others, is in strengthening the weak, in inspiring those who are buried in the things of the world, in restoring to the individual the consciousness of who they are and to whom they belong... That, my children, is the short, sure way to God.

"Yet, tonight, passing by those things which are personal, I call out from within that which is strong, that which is valiant, that which is determined, so that each one may contribute their part. It is work for us. Those who seek but the knowledge of things physical, they understand not that even as the flowers are plucked so their death sets in. The flowers which bloom for ever, the flowers which never lose their fragrance, the flowers which never fail to soothe another - are those of service, of effort, and of concentration...

"Therefore, my children, we will speak tonight on that which will not only explain things to ourselves, but that which will give us a deeper understanding of others, a wider sympathy with that which is enclosed in the human heart and mind.

"And so, my little ones, the subject of my discussion is that of: 'Sensitiveness'.

"And I want to show you just how Sensitiveness - which is a gift, which is a most precious tool - can be used for God, or can be used to delay the plans of God.

"Yes, there are those in the world today who represent even pillars of' beauty, over which that which is coarse is laid in order to conceal. Some there are, who fear others might covet that beauty; some there are, misers in heart and mind, who grudge that another should even gaze upon that which is valuable. And so, blind to the ways of God, unmindful of the imprisonment of the spirit within, that which is holy, that which is Divine, is clothed in dense materialism, and brings neither comfort nor joy to themselves or to those within their vibrations.

"Mark well, children, the equality of God. Many inequalities are apparent on every side, yet the Father of us all gave to each one the same gifts, the same powers - but some forgot: They forgot the purpose and the plan; they forgot from whom they came; and they forgot to whom, in some future time, they must return - for that which is within is God.

"My children, those on earth today call these individuals undeveloped, and sometimes they use harder terms than that. Yes, indeed they lack the finer feelings, they lack the capacity to feel for others, they lack the understanding which makes the bond between man and man complete.

"And these, dear children, very often gather to their sides the possessions of the world, for lo, while others were tending the spirit within, they sought the nourishment of the body, and took not only their rightful gain but much which belonged to others; aye, that which in time to come so gladly they would be free from, so hateful the burden, so crushing the load. These, we know them well, and our attitude should ever be thus: Prayer and concentration, when possible, of the severance of the chains, on the freeing of that which is pure and holy within, for sorrow awaits them when the little casket of flesh is no more...

"And then, dear children, there are those you love, those who understand the troubles of life, those who do not pass by on the other side when this one is sore beset, when that one is tortured by the body. And, if in thinking o'er their characters, true understanding comes, you will comprehend that the body does not dominate, but - consciously or unconsciously - the spirit within. The miniature - aye, it must be so during the physical stages - in miniature, they have seen God.

"And then, my children, we come to those who are still less bound; we come to those who realise, in a degree, that they are the children of the Most High, that their habitation is not this little plane of sense and of things material, but their real home is with those who serve the Master, those who strive to overcome... These we love with all our hearts and we hold not back our admiration; we are conscious that they present an ideal, something to emulate, something to attain to in the days to come...

"And now, my children, I would explain in regard to this same Sensitiveness. This most precious tool is within the capacity of all, it is part of yourself - that finer, nobler self. It is even as the marble pillars plastered with that of the earth, waiting for consciousness to come to the owner that hidden beneath there is beauty... beauty hidden beneath.

"My children, these physical bodies of yours are physical only in the degree that you yourselves ordain. Flesh and blood, ah, but what is stronger than that? The spirit which controls that flesh and blood. The spirit which, as it were, is a king over the domain of the physical, yet some of his subjects are disobedient, some are rebellious, and some have never learnt the lessons he came to make his own. The body - the organs and the muscles - all these are your subjects when the king is strong enough to rule.

"But, my little ones, it may interest you if I explain that to those who have the sight which is sight indeed, the physical body appears thus: Even as a garment of gossamer, clothing the beauty of the spirit within; for that beauty, being of God, cannot be borne by the eyes of those still continuing their earthly journey unless they have been prepared.

"So, my little ones, when those come into your vibrations who reflect a fragment of the love and the brightness of God, recall my words: Their body of flesh is but a veil to hide the beauty of the spirit within, and it only, in a measure, deceives those who are observant; they feel, they sense that the spirit is functioning even in a plane which is material, even amongst the mundane, trivial things of daily life...

"Therefore, dear children, because I know that each one would that indeed their body was of that gossamer texture, so that they might reflect something of God to those amongst whom they move, because of this, I would teach you and show you that the development of that Sensitiveness is, in itself, an assurance that the physical has been triumphed over by the Divine.

"Some there are who have told you a little in regard to the sensitiveness of the fingers; and, again, there is that still more subtle sensitiveness - consciousness of the vibrations of others. And why is this? Because, dear children, of the thinness of the garment which lies between their real selves and the outside world. The spirit, all knowledge, all wisdom, has been clothed in many garments through the ages which have passed, and still holds many which will be shed in time to come. Yet, because the journey is upward, and because the mind is fixed on freedom, so though those garments may be many in number, the Divine within is able to disregard them and to feel that which another represents...

"Children, in those things which you name the 'Arts', sensitiveness has been proved essential if progress is to be made - sensitiveness to sound, to degree, to colour, aye, to a thousand things; but listen while I speak:

"There have been those who have been acclaimed masters of their day, there have been myriads in the past who have left their mark on the physical world, who have been extolled by others, and rightly so for they have created that which was beautiful, that which has brought delight to many, and through the years to come will bring joy to others.

"Yet, my little ones, there were those who forgot - who forgot why that gift of sensitiveness had been bestowed upon them; they forgot that it belonged to that time when they not only knew God, but sought to create that which represents the Beauty which never passes away; they forgot that that same 'feeling' was part of their equipment when created by God - gifted with that which was of Him and sent forth on the long journey of experience, so that, in time to come, they might claim those gifts as their very own, bought by suffering, purchased by effort...

"Some of these, dear children, have gathered close tonight, and I send out my love so that they may retrieve that which they so carelessly cast away; for the beauty of the physical world, unless inspired by the beauty of the spirit within, has no life beyond this little plane - even as the flower, once plucked, it dies.

"In God's Name I invite them - aye, I entreat them - to lay aside that which once seemed to them so important, that which once represented all that their heart desired. I call to them, passing on the Love of their Father and Mother God, and I ask them to lay aside everything, and as children to work for God, for only those who have the pure heart and the faith of a little child can enter into the realms which are Spirit in the true sense of the word.

"And then to my beloved children here I speak, and, instructed by the Beloved, I show them the path in front. In the past, they have listened to my voice, they have heeded that which I fain would impart...

"Sensitiveness belongs to the spirit within which is all-pure, all-holy, all-love; see to it that what you portray expresses something of that purity, something of that love. And even as you work with zest, delighting in that which emerges out of your effort and concentration, think to yourself: 'This gift belongs to God, I am but a custodian of the gift; and in the by and by, I shall stand before Love and Love may bless me - ah, will bless me - because I listened to His Voice'...

"And then, dear children, because we are out on holy work, because this particular gift is sacred in God's sight, so for this brief time I want to direct your thoughts away from anything and everything of the world in which you live. I take you by the hand, with deep understanding of the crying need of the spirit within, of its entreaty for help and strength to endure, and I show you that the sensitiveness which will last for ever, which at no stage of your development will you ever be asked to lay aside, is that sensitiveness to the soul longings of others, they are but a physical expression of that priceless gift which lies within you all; as spirit to self, however light these may be, and even as Christ's chosen ones to do His work in His way - by understanding, by that deep compassionate love which can go to the bound, which can go to those who indeed are covered with the sores of their own past thoughts, and with that sensitiveness which is not shrinking but striving, seek to raise, seek to renew, seek to bring back into that heritage which they have thrown away...

"Remember my words, for when the body is no more and you stand in those realms which are Spirit, lo, the remembrance will return, and in looking back over the journey of the earth life, your heart will be torn if you failed to remember that the gift which is of God is that of lifting another's burden, soothing another's pain, throwing yourselves into their conditions by sympathy, by understanding; and, by example, demonstrating the One who loves you best, the One who has fought for you over time unthinkable, the One whose patience never fails, who is incapable of reproach, who is Love in a way impossible to portray. Aye, that you, little ones of the Light, have, to this one and that, shown the Christ-spirit, shown how loving human nature can be, how it can rise, how it can cast off its chains and where it links up with the Divine...

"That is the path in front. Steep? Ah yes, it must be so. Difficult? Aye, but difficulties are as steps into achievement; and as you climb, so you shall catch the sweet cadence of those voices which belong to the ones who love you best, so your ears, physical though they may be at this stage, by that same sensitiveness, shall be trained to catch those sounds, to hear this one and that, and the sight which is of the spirit within shall pierce beyond today - aye, and tomorrow - and see, not the roughness nor the obstacles, but the Father standing with outstretched arms, welcoming you Home, bidding you hasten still more.....

"That is the future. These words are not mine - they come from the Master of us all who has bidden me speak. And why? Because each one loves Him, because each one desires to serve, and to those who knock, the door must be opened.

"Yes, my children, we have much to do. The present builds for the future, and the training - undertaken voluntarily by the spirit within - is preparation; preparation not only for next year and the next, but for that great constructive Work when the physical body has been forgotten, when your names have passed beyond the memory of those on earth, for in that time you will be as tested, proved soldiers of the God you love...

"There is work to do, work of a character I cannot attempt to explain, work in conditions which are hidden from your understanding now. And the Father uses us, His children, to do that which He could accomplish so much better Himself; but because we are His children, He wants to bring us on, He wants to bestow upon us more and more of those same gifts which He possesses Himself, wants us to be free, wants us to understand the joy which completion brings, the unutterable peace of being linked to God, not only because He is our Father, but because, by our striving, we have tried to make ourselves worthy sons and daughters of the One who is greater than all yet humbler than the least...

"And now, my children, I will leave you, but I want you to remember that the banner before our eyes is that of: 'Work'. We are holding it high, and nothing shall tempt us or induce us to lay it aside...

"Work and effort and dedication - the short, steep way to God. And now I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, tonight God's will has been done; and I want you all, as you take up your life again in the world of physical things, to allow the benediction of this evening to rest upon you. I want my child (Mrs. Scales) - a stranger, but known so well in the Spirit - I want her to feel within that not only refreshment has been given, but the strength which lasts...

"Tests? Ah, the soldiers of Christ know that word full well. Discipline? Oh, call it not so, but preparation. Look round and see God's Love at work. Count your treasures, the treasures which are treasures in God's sight - the love received and the bestowal of love; and then out of your strength, claim from your Father that which you need for the minute, aye, for the minute... Tomorrow is in God's Hands; yesterday showed to all the protection which is around. Minute by minute, draw from the great Source peace and reassurance that because you have taken so steep a road, you are blest by the Father; and His blessing is translated in many ways - translated so that the eyes of the body can gaze upon the blessings which lie around...

"And now, my children, covered o'er in a way no words can portray, I commend you into the care of the Beloved, I ask you not to forsake the joys of the earth, its beauty, and its many good gifts, but even as you cull the sweet flowers which Nature gives so generously, from within to acknowledge the Creator; to spiritualise the flowers by your thoughts.

"For, little ones, although you know it not, you can help on the evolutionary stages of those things which grow in your garden, yes, by thought; and in a little time to come, I will instruct you further regarding that most wonderful - and yet, almost entirely misunderstood - gift of creating.

"So then, my children, remember this: That because you love the flowers, because you use them to show your love for Christ, not only have you helped yourselves but indeed that portion of Nature is in your debt...

"A great thought to reflect upon - ah, a fragment of the mighty Mind of God.

"And now I bless you in the Name of the Father, and I bequeath to you His most precious gift - sympathetic, understanding love. For the King of all gives to His sons and daughters that which He prizes most Himself; and in giving, lo, the threefold gift once more is unfolded...

"The peace which is service; the rest which is striving; the attainment which is succouring others - that is the blessing of your Father and Mother God.

"And now, dear children, I leave you in this way, but I am within the call of the mind of each one who needs me - aye, before they call so Christ has given me the power to answer - and all, all is well... Goodnight, my children."

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