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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An Extract From


Taken from an Address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Co-operative Hall, Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham, on September 23rd, 1945.

..."What happens to the masses? And I bring in the thought of your boys, those thousands and thousands who are known only to the ones who love them. Yes, it is a grave thought. They may have a little Cross to mark their grave, they are in the reports gathered together by those who are responsible to the public; they are numbers, they are no longer even names, because there are too many of them. Do you forget them? Yes, if they are not your own. But as you pass the little monuments to the brave, sometimes your thoughts are caught back to that other war when you lost those who were dear to you, and you never fail to remember such as these.

"But these monuments are there to try to remind people what they owe to the masses; and we have to consider the position of those hordes of people, the men who have passed on into another world. Does it grieve them because those on earth have been rather ungrateful?

"No, they understand human nature; they would be the first to say: 'If I were in a body I should be just the same; there are so many distractions, so much to do!' And there is this, too, to be remembered: the unseen healers try to close in the old wounds and to put over them the balm of forgetting, for the burdens of life are heavy and there are always new troubles, new anxieties to be faced.

"But in God's wide plan everyone, however young, however old, is remembered by Him. Why do I bring in this thought? Because, beloved, over the generations there have always been the heroes and heroines who are forgotten by the majority. I am speaking now of the men and the women who had hard lives: the patient mother, surrounded by a large family, whose toil was never ended; the anxious father who never knew if he could make both ends meet, because of the demands upon his scanty means. Yes, they are forgotten for they belong to the past.

"Today your minds are upon other things, because those other things have been very important, and they have been forced upon your notice whether you would have them or not; but I ask you to try to go back over the past to the many generations who have lived even in these islands of yours. There seems to be no sign left at all, they are completely forgotten; it is just as if they had never existed. Some of you have thought: 'The time will come when I shall be numbered among the same - forgotten! All my sorrows, all my pains, everything I struggled so hard to achieve, will have left no sign behind!'.

"Then comes the comfort of this thought and the revelation that it brings of the right aspect of the Love of God. However obscure, however despised a man or a woman might have been, they are always known to, and always longed for by God. God never grows tired of us, He never grows weary of our complaints, never fails to stretch out the hand to help, and in that great Father-consciousness every member of His family is remembered in the same sweet equality.

"What a wonderful thought for the lonely, for the men and the women who have lost their kith and kin, for the large numbers of women who are growing old and no longer are wanted in the labour market or even amongst those they once thought were their friends. They have outlived their time, they are wearisome to those who have to listen to them, for many have grown self-centred; they think of their ills, they dwell on the past, and it is like a reel being ever reversed; and those who are tortured by their talk long to be free, to get away and to forget them.

"You see, beloved, when you look back over life as a whole, you find that there are great gaps - gaps in knowledge, gaps in love, and gaps in understanding. Man is in the early learning stages in this world of yours, but he is learning. And here comes the joyful thought: that although life is so hard, although the hearts of many have been broken by loss, although poverty seems to be a returning visitor and will not be despatched, yet through these very experiences you are making your own place in the World of Spirit, and that place will represent one of power.

"It was the unseen harvest gathered together during the dark days. The Winter-time of experience would not give way to the Spring; you always hoped that things would improve; sometimes they did, but so soon the scene was changed again.

"Many in the flesh exclaim: 'I am so tired of it all, my best efforts bring a black harvest, my sweetest thoughts are misinterpreted, my highest achievements for others are thrown back in my face as if they were enemy thrusts. I am tired of it all, I want to be free and in conditions of harmony; I want to find reassurance from the eyes of Christ!'.

"To you, beloved, I speak in tones of the deepest understanding. Did we not try to help others, to bring light into their material darkness, and were we not named the enemies of peace and order and the right way of life? We were hunted, we were beaten, we were stoned; we had to seek Holy Communion out in isolated places, in the dank, dark caves, or in a hollow of the hills, with one to watch in case our persecutors had found our hiding-place.

"So I ask you to remember that the harvests which you see are different from those unseen harvests which are under God's Divine protection? There are the watchers and there are the keepers. The watchers are those who have been trained in Spirit conditions to come back and to act as 'controls', using the physical body of those who are willing to submit to the essential discipline; and the keepers are the ones who are gathering up all those thoughts of yours which seem to produce no good results at all; all the little acts of kindness which no one notices, all the hours of strain and hard work which are taken as a matter of course."...

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