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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Centre of Fellowship in Christ, 1a Union Street, Barnet, Herts, on Sunday November 28th, 1943.

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Beloved workers in the vineyard, I come amongst you once again with gladness, for I know that there are some here who hold me as a comrade pledged to the work of the Master Christ because they too have taken this stand. This makes a close bond between us.

"Today I wish to speak to you on a subject that sometimes stirs up strife between men: 'Safe and Unsafe Religions'.

"It may seem that this subject is too depressing, and that concentration should be upon the brighter side in the World of the Spirit, where the barriers erected by different religions will be no more. But it is a false impression to believe that in the next stage of being the barriers erected by different religions will not exist. Free-will cannot be interfered with, and habits of thought cannot be lightly cast aside. So you can perceive that the subject relates not only to this world but also that vast area beyond physical death. Friends and fellow workers, so much needs be done to ensure peace and the furtherance of the Divine Plan.

"Think for a moment on the diversities of religions. There are those who claim that they are right and that all others are wrong. But you who have been taught something of the Divine Truth realise that the fundamentals of all religions, true religions, have their similarities. There are differences in approach. There are those who like the ritual without which religion seems to be barren. There are others who, because they despise a ceremonial spirit, go to the other extreme and scarce offer a flower in the Name of the Master Christ.

"In the past those named 'heathens' worshipped images. But those creatures of God, knowing so little, made their petitions to that which they regard as a Deity, and the One True God - the Father of all mankind - accepted them, and according to the sacrifice made in the name of religion, so those children of the earth not only acquired merit but found a wonderful home awaiting them when the sorrows of the physical were no more.

"So the religions that man regards as unsafe are put aside as well as those of primitive times, and we turn our thoughts to the cultured, to the mentalists, the ones who thought they could give out their own little world, something superior to the truth brought by the Master of All Life. But are they condemned? No. They are pitied because their religion was unsafe in the degree that self predominated.

"As you are fully aware, there are teachers who claim such great and grand positions that scarcely is there room for God at all. They are arbiters of the fate of those under their care. Tuition came to the masses only through them. Analyse for a moment the kind of religion they offer, the kind of faith they passed on, and what the future they held has in store. By their power and authority some were able to wrest much from the sufferers, the ignorant, those who were filled with awe.

"They brought their gifts, they made their huge sacrifices, but they did not receive the comfort to which they were entitled. Rather, fear held their being, fear of the future, fear of punishment, fear of the master of religion, to whom they paid full deference because it was demanded.

"It might be said that that was a dangerous religion to adopt. But the danger lay with the leaders. The flock were protected by the suffering and sacrifice entailed. Remember this: there are those who have deplored the fact that not all the shepherds are clean. Yet through these shepherds the sheep are gathered into the fold and seek holy intercourse with their God.

"The vessel that is uncleansed by the abuse of free will, in time has to be cast aside. But the man or woman, who approaches the sacred table seeking Holy Communion, received it direct through the Spirit of God in man linking up with the Spirit of the Father. You see how God takes the failings of man - those sins of the flesh - and by Divine Law transcends them by His Power and His Grace.

"There are those today who cleave to an ethical religion. They claim that good conduct is all that is required, and at the same time they rule out the Example of the good conduct they advocate. These are as children, and the time comes when they have to mature - sometimes it is not while the flesh holds them. But then the awakening, the realisation, is bitterer by far.

"What is the reason for the arguments and for the tenacity shown by such as these? It is not far to seek. These are men and women who appear to be so under the power of the human mind that they overlook this great and important fact - that the mind of the body perishes with the flesh but the habits of thinking live on.

"You see then, that those who follow that which they name an ethical religion are not wrong, they have traversed only a field or two into the great continent of religion - religion as presented in the World of the Spirit.

"What of your loved ones who are free of the flesh? What are their views now? This rests entirely with them. Some still believe in a Judgement Day, and because they refuse to recognise that life is not only immortal but unbroken, they are, as it were, in a stupor, missing the marvellous opportunities for learning that are on the other side, for progressing and for loving.

"Others claimed leadership upon the earth - and still full of their own conceit - awaken and seek for disciples, and they find them because there are many as bound as they. Some, by mind suggestion, claim to be the saints of old. They masquerade as someone great in the eyes of God because they know that those who listen to them will give a greater measure of allegiance to a great one whose name is enshrined in the Book of Life.

"Why are these masquerades allowed to continue? They need not continue for one second unless the individual desires to be deceived. The moment the instinct arises to know the truth; there are those around to open their eyes to something of Reality.

"But recollect that habits of thought persist, and there are many in the body now who hold on to their convictions. They refuse to believe that the so called 'dead' return, and who name Spirit Communion as blasphemy. These same souls persist in their beliefs when they are in conditions where the Light of God could shine upon them and bring them the freedom that the aching soul within them desires.

"Everywhere you go today there are partisans of different kinds of religion. Some call it Socialism. Some go still further and name their own religion as the only one acceptable to God the Father. But religion is the gift of everyone, whatever their life, their upbringing, their race and their colour or form. Religion belongs to Nature, to the fairy worlds, to the animals, life in the oceans, and to that vast unknown life - space.

"As you pursue the path of knowledge, think about what constitutes a safe religion or a religion that is unsafe. The answer is profoundly simple - 'profoundly' because in these grand simplicities of life there is a profundity that no ignoramus can destroy. Truth is of God.

"The way into the light is the way of service, of sacrifice, of the mustering of courage, and by stemming the word of complaint. In the darkness of the physical place hold up your tiny torch of faith, and trust and hope in that brighter future promised by the King of Kings for the princes and princesses of His household.

"When you read about strange and alien religions, remember that God understands all temperaments. There are those who can approach Divinity by one way, and others who must have another. There are some who want the complicated, others who are tired of the complexities of human life; some find it easier to worship God in rich garments, and there are others who take off their shoes and bare-footed, approach towards the holy altar to make their humble petitions. The Father understands all of these. These outward methods of approaching religion are of small importance. The one thing that matters is sincerity in heart and mind.

"Temperament while the body holds is something tangible to be grappled with and not to be despised. There are those who feel starved without colour, those who feel that they are isolated without light, and there are many who feel that they must have an outward visible form of making their petitions. They spend their small means and find a sense of peace as the little light flames out - symbol and sign of something given by them.

"Others, perhaps stronger souls, have that deep conviction that the only way to worship God is to do His work. They know that worship is not necessarily an act of obeisance in some edifice, or even the repetition of many petitions. Yet these things are helpful to many and because they are helpful it illustrates that God is giving, and therefore the one who takes has to put upon his shoulders the yoke of service and in turn, go out and give to another who is perhaps in dire distress.

"What can he give? He can only give in relation to the capacity of the sufferer to take - and that is one of the greatest tragedies of human life. You cannot force upon any individual that which he is unready to accept. It is a question of consciousness, a question of vibration, a question of the release of the Divine within. But that does not mean that the Missioner should not try, or that the disciples of the Most High should not do their very best.

"Always remember when your words seem to fall on deaf ears, that this plane is only one short span of life. When that soul is free from the cumbersome mind of the body, he finds that in that which you name the subconscious the memories of the past are stored. Your look of compassion, your words of help and guidance, your faith, your knowledge, will help to change the aspect of life in the next world for the one concerned.

"Coming to the facts with every religion you have to remember the kind of religion that prevails in the World of the Spirit. This does not include the outer courts, the astral conditions, the planes of desire, the Summerland of man's hopes for himself while upon the earth plane. In the Spirit conditions religion is demonstrated from the highest to the lowest, from the strongest to the weakest - by service, by sacrifice, and therefore those conditions are charged with joy and a peace that no earthly words can describe.

"Are your thoughts linking a little closer to the great privilege that is yours? Can you not see how your thoughts and your attitude towards life here and now, can break the bonds of some of your forebears if they are bound, can set free many a prisoner - stranger to the mind of the body - but one who loves you, for in their darkness you brought a light. Wider and wider opens the area of man's effort though bound by the restrictions of the flesh and the narrow orbit of this material plane, for you are Spirit and the gift of omnipresence is yours now and forever more, and it has been yours since creation.

"Think upon these words, and when you hear those who are ignorant speaking of the barriers created because you accept and love the Lord Jesus, the Christ, speak from the knowledge within. The Master said: 'Before Abraham was, I am!' And the Master Christ is that accessible representation of the Godhead that man can understand, for man indeed is finite but God is Infinite.

"The finite mind cannot grasp the infinite, so God sent that representation of Himself - Pure Love, Perfect Understanding - to introduce Himself to the earth children, to break down the barriers between them and their Creator; and all are the Christ's, for the Christ was and has been and will be, and no one can separate Him from the Father of All Life.

"There need be no barriers between you and the so-called 'heathen', or those of other climes and different temperaments. Within the heart and mind of each one there is love, and in that fount of love there is the desire to express itself, and the only way in which love can express itself is through service and sacrifice.

"You cannot say which man or which woman of the many races has the greater love, and you cannot say that man as a whole has a greater love than a devoted mother of the animal creation, who, weak and filled with fear, fights on in spite of anguish until physical death comes, in order to protect her young. I would send all the psychics back to Nature, to show them the miracle of God expressed in a mother seal, or in many mothers among the so-called lesser creations who, while life remains, will battle against the stronger foe, for their young come first.

"These things are symbol and sign of religion - safe religion - and when you are free from that which binds you, with joy you shall pass through the animal planes and see what suffering and sacrifice have wrought in the outward form of many an animal, many an insect, and in many a form of life that you did not know existed - for within each one there is a spark of God. Though Nature, as presented today, holds creatures from which you shrink, they have fallen from their high estate, and the time comes when they will come back to beauty and utility, and there will be nothing left in them destructive to the Divine Plan.

"How sweet is the thought - perhaps more than that - Utopia, or Heaven! But we are creators, and the time will never come when - through the power granted to us by the Great Creator - we shall not endeavour to give life to other forms, other things, other souls.

"Sadly, this great secret can scarcely be grasped by the mind of man. We are the children and the Father is the Father. Everything that the Father has He desires to share with His children - and the children can indeed share when the children prepare their hearts and minds.

"Again we come back to the definition of true religion - the only way to prepare our hearts and minds is by falling out of love with self, and loving others; by seeking to raise them and to give them freedom because we have felt its sweet breeze blowing upon us, and have gained the strength to rise from our knees and to give thanks to God.

"There are many whose hearts go out to their loved ones. Could it be because of the great love your dear ones on the Other Side bear for you? Often we stand beside those in the flesh, seeking to influence, seeking to help, but their minds are occupied with other things - they have no time at the moment to listen to us. But, do we go away? We look back upon our own past and see the picture faithfully portrayed, how surely the holy ones stood by us, seeking to gain our attention, to raise our hopes, to strengthen our faith, but we were immersed in our grief and woes and anxieties, and the horizon was dark because the light within us was clouded by self.

"Life is so simple, so wonderful, and so full of promise. Beloved disciples of the Most High have given to you religion in its purest, loveliest form, but you must not rest content. Your part is to go to the North, South, East and West, and spread the truth. What if you think you are bound by toil, or duties in the home? But you are free to go wherever you will in spirit. As you take up your daily newspapers and read of the woes of others, their weakness, even as you continue your toil, you can co-operate with the unseen because the spirit within can go where it wills. Because you have sorrowed with one and rejoiced with another, when you are free from the flesh you will find the link was made and you are as friends.

"That is one of the most wonderful aspects of life in the World of the Spirit. Passing out of this dark plane, filled with sorrow, forsaken by friends, perhaps, the pains of the body even as a scourge - then free from it all, finding a great concourse of souls. They seem to know you, they are waiting for you. But what is better still - you know them. How do you know them? Why do you know them? Because of the dispensation of the sleep state, free from the flesh, your friendships are allowed to flourish. Strangers to the mind of the body, but well known, well loved by the mind of the spirit, because you have worked together, you have sought together, and you have achieved together.

"All are blessed, seen and unseen, the workers shall indeed find that which they tried to do with humbleness of heart was finished, rounded off, enhanced by the Great Creator, the Father of All Life, who watches the efforts of His children and is waiting to give to them the power that they have won by the desire to do their best.

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