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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An Extract From


Taken from an Address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, held at Greater World Sanctuary, on Saturday, November, 17th, 1945.

..."Then we think of the ruling classes after death, and we have our kings and our queens, our princes and our governors; we have those with vast authority and those with very little authority, but the manner of selection makes all the difference to the power and the grace and the light which can be brought.

"So as you think of the sufferers and those who tried to resist suffering and still do their part, and yet remained among the downtrodden from a material point of view, take heart of cheer, for their position in the world to come is assured, because birth, social-standing, all these things are as nothing once the little bridge between the material world and the Spirit side is passed.

"You have amongst you leaders who have not been 'chosen', so they imagine; they were 'called', but evidently there was something missing and they were not amongst the chosen during the physical stage. But sometimes, beloved, because they are strong in spirit they deliberately withhold from themselves earthly power so that it may be still more purified of self; and later on they may be able to step into Spirit conditions and take up a higher form of work.

"Yes, the 'choosing' in the World of Spirit is, as you say, automatic in the sense that it has all been planned before; it has been built up by fragments during the earthly stage - all the hopes and the efforts, and the rising above disappointment and holding on to courage and to faith. These things predestine a child of God for his or her position in the Spirit World. And I want to remind those who have been chosen as leaders on earth, that the strains and the checkings, act as the essential preparation for that finer, far more important form of leadership in the world to come.

"Some on earth are attracted by the embellishments of physical life, by the bestowal of honours, by the adulation or the admiration of others. These are but temptations. See that your feet are upon the stones that will bring you safely over the rushing river and you may gain the other bank without disaster.

"The only honour in the World of Spirit that we prize is this: that others see upon our brow the tiny Cross of Jesus Christ, and its Light can be so strong that it can penetrate thousands of miles, in your language. All who understand look for the Cross, not the individual, and according to the brightness or the dimness of the Cross, they know the degree of help which can be forthcoming from the one concerned.

"It is a wonderful thought to feel that names and titles, position and power, are all as nothing in comparison with the tiny Cross which the servants of the Master have earned, and which forever seems to rest upon their brow. How glad you will be when you find yourselves in those beautiful conditions and then realise that you have the capacity to link up with other servants of the Master who seem to you as the kings and queens, as the rulers and governors of vast hosts of people; and through the brotherhood spirit, through the fact that you belong to one great family, you have the privilege and the joy and the inexpressible happiness of watching them and learning from them how to rule, how to exercise authority, how to gain that everlasting influence which nothing and no one can ever destroy."...

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