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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
and was printed in the Greater World newsletter on 12th January, 1929, and reprinted in 1957 and 1963
(the date of the message was not supplied)

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"My children, first I would speak to you about that which you recognise as sadness, and I say - because I am instructed to pass on comfort and cheer - that these passing moods, these waves of darkness or shadow, they serve God's purpose in the degree that they build up within you the power of resistance which shall stand you in good stead when trouble, as you recognise trouble, comes upon the earth plane.

"Think not that you have reason to be sad, that you have found within yourselves thaat which is failure, thaat which is weakness, thaat which is fear. No, I say to you that you are as trained soldiers; and if, in comparison with those who have gone on before, you appear inexperienced, then I say to you: Have you forgotten that those who have gone on before are with you now to give of their wisdom, their faith, and their strength?

"Therefore sorrow, as you recognise sorrow, should be unknown. Sadness, as you recognise sadness, should be swept beyond your vibrations, for we have embarked upon a mission of joy, pure joy, and when you see things as they are, you will know that the pangs, the misgivings, the thoughts that approach in the form of sorrow, this but covers up the unbounded joy which lies beneath.

"So then, arise in faith; cast care aside. Be certain that Christ goes in front and all is protected; that your part is merely to answer when the call comes, and to put your faith and trust in the power of the Holy Spirit.

"Having reassured you in part, having drawn you into the vibrations of love, bestowed in so lavish a manner by the One who taught us - and will teach us - how to love, so I speak on that which I name: 'The Rolling Away of the Stone'.

"I wish you to ponder upon the rolling away of the stone before the tomb in which the physical body of the Beloved was laid. Oh much lies beneath this simple act. It is symbolic of a thousand things; indeed it indicates exactly what must happen to everyone, either upon the earth plane or in some condition when the physical body is no more.

"There are many at this time of the year, who go back in thought over the past. They count their gifts, but alas, more often they count up those things which have been 'taken from them', as they say. Yet you and I know that such an act is impossible. What a man has, that he holds until by freewill he lays it aside, and this is worked out to spiritual precision in regard to possessions, whether they represent the treasures of the earth or whether they represent those sweeter treasures of love.

"The individual makes the choice. There is not one who enters the garment of flesh who is not shown the way which lies in front - the sorrows, the difficulties, the pangs of the body, the separations; yes, and a host of things incomprehensible to the physical mind, but all playing a most important part in shaping the future of the one concerned. Therefore, do not say to yourselves: 'I have lost my child,' or 'I have lost the one I loved best of all.' 'Loss' is a term related to the physical alone.

"By a law of God, that which we have, remains with us until - with greater sight, with fuller wisdom - we give up that which we prize so much, in order to learn the lesson of self-denial; that lesson, which again, brings us the most desirable gift of all, for does it not link us to the Selfless One, to the One who gave all, and gives all, to those who for the most part know Him not?

"Therefore, in going back over what has been, take care. Blaspheme not against the Name of the Most High. God cannot take that which is good from any child of His own. He has bound Himself by the law of giving and giving, and every little separation represents the bestowal of the same gift in a glorified form.

"So in regard to the past, whatever the past may have held, whether it be weakness, whether it be sorrow, whether it be joy, I ask you in the name of the Beloved to open that tomb. If you have not sufficient strength to roll away the stone yourself, another shall help you, for within the tomb of the past, lies not that which is dead - that which is withered, that which has changed from something desirable to something of horror - but the angels keep guard over the loves, over the tears, over the memories, yes, and over the failures, over the mistakes.

"There are those sent by God to guard or to retrieve, to restore or to replace, as the case may be. Cannot you see where I am leading your thoughts? Have I not told you that the man or the woman who focuses his or her attention upon self alone, that that one is as a child in spiritual emancipation? And have I not told you that great things are coming to pass?

"There are some - because they do not read within the words of God the promise there so faithfully revealed - who are conscious of fear or misgiving; but I say to you that what the world calls tribulation, shall be the power to roll away the stone from that which represents the tomb wherein lies the sleeping Christ.

"So we come back to the things that matter; we approach those truths which never have to be revised by man; we get nearer to the Christ, and we see that beneath that incident in the life of the Beloved, there was something of prophecy concerning the future, concerning man's inheritance, concerning the purpose and the plan.

"How many are there in your own vibrations who are as though they were dead to the joys of life? How many do you know who have crucified the Christ within? How many are there, out of the spiritual ignorance which holds their minds, who cry to others: 'Let the dead bury its dead! - My life is finished so far as the earth is concerned'?

"Cannot you see that by the power of the Holy Spirit, there must be those with the will, with the determination, and with the faith, who can approach the tombs of others and roll away the stone? And when they look within - the one who rolls away the stone, and the one to whom the tomb belongs - they shall see the angels of the Most High, and joy shall banish the darkness of misunderstanding.

"These are grave words, serious words, deep in their import and deep in their responsibility so far as you individually are concerned; for mark you this: You have a little of light, and there are tens of thousands who have no light at all; you have a little of happiness, and there are countless numbers strangers to happiness; you have a little sight, and there are millions blind, yes, blinded by self.

"The work of God waits until those with the strength, those with the courage - remembering how others rolled away the stone before the tomb of their own past, with its disappointments and disillusionments - there are those who will not rest until they act in this wise unto others.

"What of the past? I speak not of this little earth life, I speak of the great wide stretching past. Children, how could you listen to my voice, how could you be drawn into this place, if someone had not rolled away the stone for you, if your resurrection had not taken place?

"Yet there is this which must be remembered: Lack of effort in one state or stage means very often that the stone which was rolled away rolls back. The pausing, the hesitating, the wondering why, the reluctance to act, has dimmed the brightness within the tomb, and the one who possesses it cries in fear: 'As I expected, indeed it houses death!'

"What is death? What has died? Many precious gifts lie within you in a sleep that is as death; many weaknesses have been withered down to their roots, and in their place the sweet blossoms of the Spirit have arisen, and cast their fragrance over others. The tomb of the past represents many deaths, but have I not said that you die to one condition to rise to another; that if your gifts - God-gifts - have perished, so it seems to you, still the seed remains within. And under the sunshine of God's love which inspires you to work, to fight, and to struggle for others, so from the seed the life shall come; and that life shall grow in beauty, grow in power, as you relax not your efforts on behalf of others. This is the law of the Spirit.

"Cannot you see how the coming of the Christ, as well as that which followed after, was the first point towards the rolling away of the stone, so that the sleeping Christ entombed in man might have its resurrection?

"Ponder on this. The coming of the Christ - the laying aside of power by the great God of all, mingling amongst His creation, carrying their burdens, taking on their experiences, ah yes, in a way inconceivable to you at this stage; the loneliness, the hunger, the weariness, the failure of so-called friends, the scorn, the hatred, the giving up of the little earth life, the period of quietness for the body within the tomb, and then the resurrection and scattering of the Light which shall not fade.

"This relates to you and to me; indeed, it is the history of the long journey of 'man', who was created by God in His own image, and gifted, in miniature, with His gifts, protected in a way you cannot grasp, and sent out with the blessing of the Most High, to live and to learn - yes, to live! For have I not told you that life fluctuates according to the desire within to rise?

"There are some upon the earth plane, who to us are as the dead. Yet there are many, helpless on their bed of pain - the body with its flickering vitality a thing of sadness or horror to others - there are many such as these who are alive, alive in faith, alive in aspiration, and they shall know not death for ever and for ever.

"Thus we come back to reality; we come back to the purpose and the plan; we come back to God's entreaty; we come back to the desire of the Divine within. Because, in a measure, resurrection has been made our own, so we must go to others, and by the knowledge we have purchased, by the wisdom we have gained, roll away the stones before the tombs where the sleeping Christ lies within.

"We are out on a long Campaign. We are out upon a dangerous mission - in the sense that we are dealing with forces and powers arraigned against the Christ. But under the guidance of the Master of all souls, all conditions, fear is cast aside, strength comes to our limbs, power comes to our mind, and we shall not rest until the part allotted to us for this span has been worked out, has been done according to God's plan. Out of the suffering, out of the self-denial, out of the watchfulness for ourselves and others, so with our tools, bright and ready at hand, we are prepared for the next stage, and the next, and the next. The stone no more shall roll back and imprison the Divine within.

"I speak in most part of that which is beyond your physical comprehension, but I am allowed to come into your midst and say you are blessed by God, for you seek to learn, you seek to work, and you are willing to respond to the call. The new year holds possibilities and opportunities precious indeed; yet they but indicate, in miniature, the era of revelation upon which we have started, by God's Divine provision.

"What as to your resolution? What as to your compact with the greater self? Do not say as those of the world: 'I will promise naught lest I should break my promise'; but say in the name of God: 'These are my ideals; by Divine help, I will at least draw a little nearer than before.' And if you fail a thousand times and still desire the best, so, as the year passes on, closer and closer shall come the fulfilment of that which your spirit desires so much.

"God's ways are not man's ways, but one day man's ways shall be God's ways, and heaven shall reign upon earth, but before that can take place, uncountable stones must be rolled away before the tombs of others. Can they do this for themselves? No, my children, this is our work, this is our mission, this is the task that we have accepted from the Hands of Christ, and we go on undaunted by difficulties, unhindered by fear of the weakness within.

"If you felt certain of strength within, then I should say to you: Take care, beware, enemies are around. The humble heart, the simple heart, this provides the instrument for God's use. Those who turn from their fellow creatures by seeming superiority of any kind, these cannot be as instruments of the Christ; for they do not understand the power of temptation or the long road which lies in front.

"So I say to you, if the flames of temptation beat upon you, if fear holds you, if reluctance should seize the mind, remember my words. Lean not upon yourselves, but upon the strength provided by your God. Out of the pangs which temptation brings and leaves behind, out of the fears and the difficulties of overcoming, out of the misgivings and the pangs of regret, so the understanding comes. You can go to others and take the message of cheer, bid them look up and look forward, bid them forget the past, to waste not vitality over that which has taken place, but to build anew under the Master-Builder - to build anew.

"And as you give of your own experiences to others, the sleeping Christ within shall stir, and in time they will arise and take, in miniature, the path trod by the Master - the persecution, the garden, and the cross. And - joy upon joy - the stone shall be rolled away from the tomb, and instead of death, revealed shall be a glorious resurrection, and the angels of the Most High shall be found there, safeguarding and covering over the past; for this is the Law of God.

"Today is a day of work. New eras, new seasons, indicate greater life, fuller freedom, which means that self is pushed aside for the common good. Therefore we give up our physical wills, and we seek to learn so that we may be as missionaries amongst those who are blind and bound; we seek to learn so that the knowledge may come how to release, out of its prison-house, the Divine which is held within.

"Your hearts should be full of joy, for direction has been given, and the narrow road widens and widens as the distance is covered. What means this? It means that the tiny pathway which you cut for yourselves alone, must be enlarged and enlarged again, for others must walk therein, and their numbers are uncountable.

"So then, the future is this: The widening path; the greater opportunity; the giving of faith to those who know it not; the passing on of the little light which is your own to those in darkness, and teaching them how to act, in turn.

"As I speak I see the road, and the road is golden and glorious. If it is steep, that in itself is a privilege indeed, for the upward road leads out of the earth, out of things holding, out of limitations, into the freedom, the sweet liberty and the radiance of the Spirit. Thus reassured, with light and cheerful hearts we go along the wide, wide road, the steep road that leads to God.

"My children, would that I could give you my vision at this moment. Around us there are countless thousands bound by self, fettered to unworthy desire, and not all are free from the earth body, which can represent the greatest gift of all. Why are they thus? Who will set the slaves free? Where are the representatives of the Saviour?

"Ah, here and there, I see one working, some imperfectly, it is true, but they work. Here and there, I see no toiler, but only those false to themselves and false to those around them. Yet I look again, and by the power which God has bestowed, and through the power, so missionaries are made, and the scene is changed.

"Where there was one instrument used by God, there shall be a dozen, and where there were twelve, there shall be twelve hundred; and in time the blind and the bound shall know the sweetness of freedom and light, for this is the Will of God.

"Oh, roll away the stones before the tombs of others. Give out that which you yourselves have gained; and what the past has held and what the future holds, all this shall be blended together.

"The greyness and the blackness shall be covered over by the brightness and the sweetness; and that which you have failed to do yourselves, shall be found even as the spirit within desires; for out of failure, you shall warn others against failure; out of the falling, you shall have experiences to hold others when they are in danger of falling too; and by the lifting of the heart and mind, by the seeking and the holding, so the power shall come; and again I say, God's Will on earth shall be accomplished according to the holy plan.

"I bless you, my children. I bless you with realisation as to that which has been handed to you so lavishly this day. Farewell."

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