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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes in the earlier part of the twentieth century.

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"FATHER, with a grateful heart I thank Thee for the opportunity vouchsafed this night.

"My little children, I speak to you as those I know and love. Think not that the word stranger could exist where you are concerned, for indeed it is true that in the state you name sleep so we wander far together and I have drawn your love towards me and, in the Name of Christ, I have sought to teach you that which is the truth. So this night you gather into this little temple of love, and I say to you that the blessing is upon all. The blessing is upon those who started from small beginnings, aye, upon the pioneers who did that which was the Father's will. You are blessed by the Holy Spirit, and there is held out for you that which shall gladden your hearts in time to come. Oh, little ones, we are out on a great, a glorious mission. I speak under the ray of Christ, and I ask you to think within yourselves not as to the cost, ah no, but as to the privilege, the honour, the glory of suffering a little for the One Who loves you best.

"So this night I take the subject of: 'The Road to Vision', and I wish to impress upon you not the earth view, not the view propounded by those who have half-vision, half-wisdom, but that which is the teaching of the Master, that which was followed faithfully by those who indeed held up the torch of truth so that the generations which followed them should know Christ as Christ is and was, and know God as God is and was as well.

"So I speak to you as to The Road to Vision, what the future has in store. Little ones, when I was bound by a body of flesh even as you today, when I sought for the light but found only that which was darkness, so then something was released within; aye, by suffering as you name suffering, something was born within - the desire to probe, to penetrate, to grasp truth in spite of the cost, in spite of the pain it might entail. And as dawn broke I knelt in spirit before my God, the Lord God Jehovah about Whom we knew so little, and I prayed with my heart as well as with my lips. And so the time came when the Master called me out of the temple, laid upon me the cloak of service and with the kiss of peace sent me out to war.

"Now, little ones, follow me in thought for there are many - deceivers - who would tell you that the road to vision can be purchased by concentration, by the withdrawing of yourself from the toil of the day, from the irksome round, from its irritations, and retreating into some quiet and beautiful spot to commune with God. That is the road to vision, so these ignorant ones proclaim, but I tell you, for indeed it is the truth, that the road to vision is the hard road, the steep road, it is the road that the Master took Himself and bid us, nay, called us to follow too.

"Oh, listen and learn, for I feel that there are those present who have not grasped truth in the measure that God intended. Children, I say that great things are coming to pass and there is much that must be worked in if, when these things come upon this little world, you can arise in courage and hold fast to Christ, can give of your vision and the faith that is born of vision, to those many who are without.

"Little ones, think you as to Paul. Perchance you will say to me: 'Even before Paul acknowledged Christ so vision came to him, and through that vision he was made aware of Christ' - but I say that the vision of the Christ, that which brought upon Paul physical blindness and something akin to death, that in itself was but the first step, it was the summons to endure what those of the earth should wreak upon him. Paul's gift of sight came long years after that priceless gift of Christ. The vision that called him out of the worldly bondage of his day, that in itself signified one thing and one alone - that he must cast off his fetters, separate himself from those who would hold him back and take the lonely road, the road of exile, the road of suffering. And after many years Paul had 'sight,' the only sight which is worthy of the name - the release of the Divine within and the inrush and outrush of the wisdom which does not pass away.

"So, little ones, come with me in thought while I go over your lives, and you are well known and loved and cared for by me in company with those you name your guides; we work together for the fulfilment of the Holy plan. Children, I feel that with some the autumn of physical life has been reached. Oh, let not this thought bring aught but happiness to those who desire to do the Master's will. How can I put it into words that will portray to you what God intends? The autumn of life and all that which lies beyond; the putting aside of the physical garment - so-called death; yet we know it not as death but as re-birth, as fuller, glorious life.

"Now, think you, what have you gathered, what have you attached to yourself, how far do the material things of this little earth hold and fetter? Do you look up at the wide expanse of sky and over the deep blue sea and say within yourself, 'It will be hard to go'; then, my children, ponder upon my words, for I say to you that when the physical is no more there shall open before you a horizon staggering to your consciousness now and you shall pass over that which is the sea of forgetfulness. Oh, many have seen these glorious waters, symbolical of so much; and as I speak so, opening before me, is that ocean where men and women can forget the sorrows of life, its disappointments, the many partings and the anguish of the physical garment. Aye, and you should know that many walk across those waters, even as the Master walked on the waters of old, yet they are drawn not down but they are raised up.

"Oh, beneath your feet, little ones, something of the miracle of God's love shall be revealed, but you will pause not there: you will gather up that which has been gifted to you and take of the waters of forgetfulness to others; and the one in sorrow, the one who cries: 'My heart is broken!' will arise and say: 'I have faith in God!'

"The autumn stage of the physical experience should indeed represent a golden glory; but look around. Those of the world, those fettered by the subtle temptation of love of possessions, what does the autumn of life stand for to such as these? Alas, the relinquishing of all they hold dear. They cling to the physical garment although, literally, it is withering upon them; they cling to that body yet faculties are failing and sight grows dim. The road to vision has not been chosen by them and when the winter time falls upon them, lo, it will be barrenness indeed.

"I speak in tones that perchance sound over stern, but the world must awake to reality, to the truth that God is not mocked and that what a man sows that must he reap. The earthbound, the spirits in prison, they hold and they hold. 'Life is sweet,' they say. What know they of Life? That which they call 'life' is even as some hideous form of decay; they have clothed themselves in that which indeed shall represent bondage when the physical body is no more.

"But I bring back your thoughts to that which is held out to those who love their God, to those who say within themselves: 'Though I fail a thousand times yet will I arise and try again.' Little ones, your first deep sorrow indicates that you have in very truth crossed the road of misunderstanding and have placed your feet on the road of vision; but remember this: One sorrow, one struggle, means one step and no more. Yet through the grace of God, all round the little children of the light there is opportunity in a glorious form. Some say within themselves: Must I seek trouble, must I long for physical suffering? Oh no! God's law is that His little ones should be happy and should pass through the earth way with a body fitted to do the work necessary for itself and others. But man has forsaken the laws of God; they were too simple, perchance, or they exacted too much, perchance; but the laws which man has built up for himself exact from him ten thousand times more.

"My children, think! Yesterday perhaps sorrow crept close, but today the clouds have parted; oh, with gratitude thank your God, but pause not there. Yesterday perhaps for others the sky was free from threat of storm; today such as these are held by anguish of the physical or tortured by anxiety of the mind. So, little ones, because you have chosen the road to vision instinctively you go to such as these and in ministering to them you are one step farther along that road, one step farther.

"Then, perchance, there are others in your environment who say: 'The gifts of the Spirit indeed are constructive; I would that I had sight; I would that I could see other conditions, other worlds; I would that I could pass on re-assurance and demonstrate this truth to others.' Good, little ones, but there is something better, far, far better.

"The road to vision holds sight in a thousand forms. What is that which you recognise as 'sight'? The privilege and the joy of seeing those who have passed on, aye, and perchance those who have fallen back though free from the physical garment. But that to us is one gift, one stage of that which we name sight. Now think you, my children. This little temple of light and that (table) which my hand rests upon; oh, commonplace it seems to you. But I am far away from this little England and I gather up that which you name the vibrations of other climes, other peoples - children of God not yet as yourselves. I am going back over ancient history. I see not the wood, I see not the tree, but I see something created by God, not the seed from which the wood was produced, but back, back, back to the 'seed' from which the seed of the tree gained its life. Now think you not as to one generation or another; I am going back over countless ages before this little world was thought of; yet I say that this is but one more aspect of that which you name 'sight.'

"Again, I call back your attention to the ocean of forgetfulness in that which you name the Spirit World. As a cleansing water so this will appear to you; and forget not that the water of the earth is but the merest reflection, but the faintest manifestation of that which I name the waters of forgetfulness. Oh, gather in this thought, for I would teach you, I would instruct, I would enlarge your vision, for I say that you have taken up your burdens and you seek for a city far beyond this little plane - the city of revelation.

"Now little ones, hold this thought in your minds while I seek to explain. This little planet represents to many 'life', indeed 'creation.' Oh, how foolish it sounds! I would explain that that which is on this little earth, its trees, its wood, its beauties, its horrors, these things are but reflections, fragments of something which was in the stage before in lesser perfection; yet, again, - forget not this - in a farther stage still, nearer perfection. Yes, the beauty of this earth is but a pale reflection of the perfection which God created when He desired to have those of His own to love and cherish.

"When you look at the flowers and the trees, the hills and the dales; as you take up grains of the earth and let them pass through your fingers, what are you looking at? Oh, talk not to me of that which you name the atom. Man in his ignorance provides theories and statements but the time comes when humiliated he stands, for he finds that that which comprises the atom is but a reflection of something greater or something less, according to that which you name involution or evolution.

"Now to what am I leading you? More and more, my children, I say to you: Fetter not your thoughts to things physical or things material, for these things are as the dust to be swept beyond your reach, beyond your consciousness. You are sufficiently grown to appreciate something better, something nearer to that created by your God.

"The road to vision! You who have the gifts of the Spirit, ponder within: What is it that you possess? Something precious in God's sight, but keep your sense of proportion; let not these gifts assume too great an importance; for when you are free, when the light of the love of God shines upon you, so then the little things that you had and you held seem even as the tiny daisy which is gathered up and cast aside. Yet the daisy has life, forget not that; the daisy has life, sweet and beautiful in this earth plane; but what was the history of the daisy, whence came the daisy, what was the origin, what was the source, what was the long family behind the daisy? Oh, carry your thoughts back, think of that created by God, the 'life' within the daisy; for the daisy as you see it, is as a pale reflection of that created by God. The white and gold is symbolical of much, aye, of something beyond your consciousness now; but indeed the daisy of today shall evolve into a beauty unthought of by anyone upon the earth plane.

"The road to vision! How can we travel the road, how can we make ourselves fit for the 'sight' which God intends shall be our own? I come back to my first words: Only by the way of service, by suffering, by relinquishing the things of the earth and clasping those of the Spirit.

"So I speak to the young and I speak to the old, I speak to those who have tried and those who have forgotten to try; I speak to those who are willing to sacrifice their lesser selves, and I speak to those who flinch from that which is self-denial; to you all I say: Let not your hearts be disquieted; God is not mocked. That which you give up, that which you steel yourselves to do without, oh, tomorrow, tomorrow in another sphere so indeed you shall find to your exceeding great joy that you have purchased something of vision. And forget not this: That vision brings joy and peace and a thousand other things as well. Again I say to you, pause not nor linger along the way, for this little world in time must go through its crucifixion. Why? In order that its children may have something of vision. You say to me perchance: But what is my part, how can I help? And I answer: Day by day, hour by hour you can help your God, you can help the Lord Creator of all by simple methods; not by propounding strange and difficult theories, not by searching the minds of others to find 'knowledge' for that which has no life beyond this little stage.

"Within you is wisdom and wisdom is love. Day by day, hour by hour you can help your God to prepare His children for revelation, revelation as to Christ as Christ is, revelation as to the road that has been travelled, revelation as to the glories which lie in front; ah, by the raising up of heart and mind, trying to be brave when courage seems to fail, trying to smile when grief holds your heart, thinking of others and not of yourself. Thus around you, my little ones - oh, how beautiful it is! - comes the cloud of power, and that cloud, shot with a thousand hues, radiates light not only to those in your surroundings but far beyond this little plane. This is your gift. Is it not worth the struggle, is it not worth the withdrawal of yourself from these things which at one time seemed essential to you? Ah yes, you know well.

"We have struggled in the past with those who indeed are as spirits in prison; we have struggled in the present and we shall struggle in the future, and the result will be as God intends. And such as these, with the strength purchased by suffering, they shall lend their strength to the weak; and those that are weak shall rise out of their weakness and show to the astonishment of others something of strength.

"I must pass from you, yet I would portray to you before we part that which is held out to the pilgrim who travels light. Little ones, do you expect that I describe that which is beauty to your eyes and mine? Nay, I hold this back, but I say unto you that the most beautiful spot on earth is as nothing compared to that built up on the road to vision. But how is all this glory created, you ask me. By something drawn from you, by something that you have given up.

"Again I see those you name the Bright Ones; ah, as you pass along the day so, though unconscious you may be, they are even as the 'walls', and they give you of their power, they give you of their peace, they give you blessings uncountable. And a little farther on I see that which is indeed a portrayal of the love of God. Ah, my little ones, those of you who have seen the Christ! What is that vision? To you something precious, something sweet; but I say that no physical eyes, no physical mind, can see aught but a fragment of Christ as Christ is. And there is the Master, standing with outstretched arms, calling ever to you: 'Come, come!'

"And as the pilgrim goes forward, blind and bound, unconscious of the sweet companionship, unaware of the closeness of the Master's presence, so indeed something of vision at last is made his own; and linked to 'vision' as you understand it, is the wisdom released from within.

"And that is why there are men and women today who, after a life of suffering, after going through 'purgatory' itself, men and women who can with calmness, with faith, turn to the Christ and say: 'God's ways are best.' This, little children, is vision - and, in comparison, that which you name 'sight' is blindness itself - the vision which comes, bought and purchased by suffering, that God's ways are best, that Christ is love and all is wonderfully well.

"So, my little ones, as I leave you I entreat you to turn not from my words but to make a holy compact with yourselves that henceforth it shall be the hard road for you, the road of service, the road of watchfulness over self and double watchfulness for others. And I promise you, in the Master's Name, that a span ahead you shall have this gift of vision, you shall say and mean: 'Whate'er betide God's ways are best; not my will but Thine be done.' Ah, then indeed you stand side by side with the angels of God and something of their vision has been made your own. So, little ones, I bless you yet I warn you. I warn you as to consequences and I bless you in the name of your Father and Mother God with the strength to pursue the path, to hesitate not but to claim your spiritual inheritance.

"I bless you in the name of the One Who loves you best with vision, with that which shall teach you that all is so wonderfully worth while; that trials and sorrows are gifts, that indeed they open the door into revelation. Thus I bless you by the power of the Master with vision as vision is. Peace be with you all; hold fast to the gift of the Holy Spirit which has been bestowed this night, and in thankfulness reach out to Christ, for indeed great things are coming to pass. Farewell."

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