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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Elm Park Christian Spiritualist Church, Hornchurch, Essex on 2nd April, 1950.

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"At this season of the year, many thoughts flow through your minds. The aspects of material life will not bind those who are spiritually intelligent. Groping and seeking for inner truths, they are often perplexed because there seems to be little response to the longings of the soul.

"Today there is much that causes heartache. The exercise of free-will is showing itself in a rather terrifying form. Many of the young are no longer held by the teachings of the past; their code of conduct has entirely changed and they throw off those restrictions that are imposed upon them for their own good and for their own safety. But the young alone are not to blame. Many of the older generation have ignored the spiritual side of life and are content to be materialistic. A strange teaching dominates the conditions. It is the direct work of the unseen evil forces and which must bring repercussion, not only upon the earth world but upon all other states as well. Do not push this thought aside, thinking that it is but the trend of civilisation. It is nothing of the kind. It is the abuse of liberty, the new doctrine that everyone is capable of carving out their own career, irrespective of others or of Divine Law.

"Because of this sweet season of Easter, think for a moment on: 'The Resurrection of The Life Force'.

To a great extent, the Life Force is associated with things of the physical. But things of the physical are only one guise, one aspect of the truth. Accept this as a fact. The things that you love in this material world, have cast off to a certain extent their material guise; that which you desire with your baser senses are more heavily clothed in matter, and it will take some time after transition for you to become cleansed of the materialism represented by your desires of the past, unless you have resisted them. That is a most important point. Many people would like to do better but find that obstacles seem to stand in their way, making them fall again and again.

"Be comforted in your heart, for as you strive to rise above that lesser self, you are gaining. It may not be perceived within your limitations but God and the angel world are marking these signs of progress. Then when the body is cast asunder, you will find yourself strangely free of those faults and failings from which you shrink.

"Take this message far and wide, for God views with pity and understanding the struggles of humanity in the coils of materialism and physical bondage.

"Throughout the world there are many who have ideals and seek to strive to attain a measure of what they have in mind. Different kinds of religion are very useful because of the different temperaments. It would not do to have one great religion upon the earth because of the various stages of evolution in which mankind can be found. When you are in the Spirit World, these differences are still noticeable. But because the individual cannot escape from Reality, presented to his consciousness is the knowledge that, to others, Service expresses the only real religion and that Service is independent of creed and doctrine. Man then is brought down to fundamentals, to the law of Service. That is the Religion of the World of Spirit to which you now belong.

"To those who watch, there is one thing that seems unfair from material standards. For instance, inventors of any age, who have received inspiration from another sphere, are seldom honoured in their own country. They may have taken great pains to bring about a product, seeking to safeguard it legally as the law of the country requires, but only a few benefit from that which they have brought to fruition. The child of their mind has taken form in a material guise. There is one who creates and one who can turn that creation into a practical business proposition. Some such as these exploit those who do not have the wherewithal to further their creation, launching it out upon the great sea of material life.

"This same law relates to the arts, to music and other lovely things. Many a true artist dies poor. They have something they seek to express to others that they believe will benefit the world. But those exploiters are too much governed by their own affairs and the desire to 'get on' in the material sense. Think of the songs that are unsung because the music-maker has no one to listen.

"What beauty lies hidden in the greater mind of man. It is like the hard green bud in the springtime. You marvel that within there could be imprisoned such beauty and fragrance and the power to heal. It is the same with man. In his mind are those hard cores containing 'life' - a part of the Life Force of his Divinity. Yet because of unsuitable environment, he lacks opportunity or initiative. So that 'wonder' does not have the advantage of life in its truer sense upon the earth.

"Always remember, anything that is good or beautiful in its highest sense - created by you or half-created, even stifled at its birth - has a chance of life in another sphere. There is a resurrection for it in so wide a measure that earthly language could not convey the truth of it to you. That unfairness referred to earlier is not possible to eradicate during the earthly stage. But know that unfairness is not possible in the Realms of Spirit.

"Often others take credit, undeserved credit, for the efforts of others, sometimes in silence, sometimes by implication. But the inference is there that has power over the minds of those around.

"Looking back at your pioneers, were they not spiritual inventors? They wanted to help the sick, the halt, the lame and the blind. By gigantic effort and supreme suffering they managed to start the work. Those who watched were very free with their criticism. They prophesied that it would not work, that mistakes would be made and their efforts would be wasted.

"But the spiritual inventor is not put off by that kind of attack and moreover, they have to learn to stand inured to attack in many forms. The unseen enemies are busily engaged in using the minds of those - their mediums upon the earth - who do not know that they are instruments of such as these.

"This great subject RESURRECTION does not only apply to the coming of the Master Jesus amongst His own people after the Crucifixion. Everything that the Master did was a form of example. It was not something that was delegated to Himself alone because of who He is. Certainly the Master carried through the earth experiences in a far better way than anyone else. He stands before mankind, the great Exampler, bidding man to strive more sincerely in order to raise himself up higher where greater strength can be given to him by the One Who loves him best.

"You who believe in eternal life do not find it difficult to accept that you will never see death. That is a fact. But it depends upon your own character how much 'life' you will be able to manifest within three days after your transition. Here lies the great difference between the children of God. Can those who have experienced difficult lives and who have put up a brave fight, imagine that the coils of death could hold so much life? Think of the warriors who made so noble a surrender in the name of duty, who loved physical life and who had love-ties that drew them back to their homes. Spiritual dignity held them to their task and they passed out of the physical body in a horrible manner, or so it seemed to others. Yet they found that they were restored to full vitality ere three days had passed.

"Why did not the vitality come at once? Memories bring about shock to the aura. The aura has a very great influence upon the new life emerging out of the darkness - and the pain and horror - into God's joyous world of freedom.

"The resurrection of the true Life Force is what the world desperately needs today. Those who run churches, of whatever denomination, are finding that the road is steep and stony. Some, who have not toiled in like manner, would like to take their place and others are scheming to bring about their downfall.

"The person whether in the home, or in the community, who has the greatest capacity for sacrifice, should be regarded as the leader. It is the only criterion of true power and it should be expressed for the betterment of others and the raising up of humanity.

"When you pass into the World of Spirit, you will see this Law in operation in all its wonder. You will find strangers and friends, who were despised upon the earth, in places of honour, drawing to them the love element expressed previously through their service. Realisation comes that there is someone with experience who can help them, who can put them wise, who can save them from taking the valley path and show them how strength can come to climb the steep hillside that leads to emancipation.

"What is your part? Where is your life today leading you? What will be the result of your great gift of immortality? How much of the Life Force are you seeking to release?

"You are all creators. Many do not understand the law of creation. If you have tried to bring into being things of utility to help others, then you will find that you have a strange power. The things that you desire to bring to life will no longer be beyond your range. They will have become a possibility and by learning the Laws of God that govern creation, you can create the roses you love so well.

"If you were not kind to the flowers when upon the earth then you will have to wait. A Law transgressed against has to be worked out and the lessons have to be learned.

"You who have gardens, who have artistic skills, maybe even music makers, how are you exercising your gifts? Do you look upon your patch of soil and feel that it cannot be productive? Many having toiled upon their garden find that the rough places of Nature are too much for them. But yet the effort is not wasted. They have been working upon their spiritual garden where flowers do not die and no insects devour. All the lessons learned - and from which you shrink during the physical stage - are there for Divine purpose. They will bring you happiness, give you power and make you a healthy child of the Most High. When you are healthy in a spiritual sense, many other doors are opened to you and revelation lies ahead.

"Think about what talents you possess. Maybe you do not consider that you have any talents. What about the one talent from that famous parable that brought so much reward to the one concerned? Think of those with many talents who abuse them and who damage the minds of others by the use to which they are put. There is much to be considered.

"Many great artists forget the Law Of God. They create to appeal to the baser level of human nature. They do not realise that in so doing they are cutting themselves off from the use of their creative gifts when transition has taken place.

"The things that carpenters make are open to criticism, but never mind. In trying to do something you will find - when this short stage is over - that you have released the power within to bring into being the little children of your mind that escaped you because the hands and consciousness had not been sufficiently released by practice to do what you hoped to do, so that you should not be ashamed.

"Therefore, to you cultivating gardens, let not your heart be discouraged by your failures. Always remember that you are tilling the spiritual soil as well as the material mould. If you have tried to put into words some of the imprisoned beauty in your mind and feel disappointed with the result, remember that all the effort and the disappointment entailed are practice for some mighty purpose. It is for the resurrection of the true Life Force within you, which is imprisoned in your Divinity and waits for release.

"The only one who can open the doors of the prison house is you.

"As the glad season of Easter comes and passes, do not put aside the thought of Resurrection. It is the law that appertains to every minute of your life. Try and understand the effort of those who undertake mundane tasks with teasing irritations on your behalf.

"You are weaving something so beautiful that the crude physical eyes cannot be brought to bear upon it. All the labour of the home is not something that is scattered by others to be done again and again. It is preparation for that lovely Home that you will inherit when this dim earth life is over. By the striving, by the strain of patience, by wishing that you could do something else or have the chance for self-expression, these are all as the furniture of your real Home.

"Through the release by discipline of the Life Force within you, you are creating something that will fill your hearts with delight and moreover, will never pass away. It will only be enhanced in beauty as you strive in that Life to come where opportunity lies all around.

"In these words there will be comfort for some, and others will take the trouble to analyse the meaning of the spiritual Life Force in all Nature. There is nothing created by God that does not have the spark of Himself in it and that also has immortality in a changed guise. This includes even the reptiles and other creatures that fill you with horror. They are but distortions of the real, and one day they must be brought back to their true guise and fulfil their own place in the Divine Plan and to do their work for God. They will join with all other forms of life, man, the Little People, the great wide spreading trees, the vast oceans and the life within them, of those minute forms of life in the air that escape the finest microscope of the earth.

"Widen the borders of your consciousness, strike off the bondage that is associated with the physical, and learn in the here and now that you have within your power to bring about a resurrection of the spiritual Life Force. Because there is Divinity within you, there is in a tiny measure all the attributes that are in mighty measure in the Godhead. Nothing is shut off from man. It is man who forgets to strive, who loses faith in God. God never loses faith in man.

"At this joyous Easter time, put into practice what you believe, that there is no death. Bring into being these wonderful talents hidden within you, which lie nigh unto death when you fail to strive, when you will not put them into use as God intended.

"The physical strain upon the body can - in the degree that is wise - be triumphed over by the spirit desire, but only when the one concerned co-operates with the Godhead.

"There are many who cannot respond to the spirit because they have not had any practice. Practice is essential for every child of God so that in due course they may exhibit some of those finer qualities associated with the Divinity within. Let there then be Resurrection when you put your heel on disappointment and disillusionment for evermore. That is of the earth, earthly. You are of the spirit and your life is everlasting.

"Gathered around you, unseen, are many who bind you with cords of love, seeking to help you. Do not spurn them. Pray in your heart and mind that you may respond to those higher forces and so honour the One Who loves you best: Jesus the Christ. For the benefit of mankind He resurrected all that man had sought to kill.

"Many people who will be uplifted with new heart over the difficulties of life will read these words in time to come, in lands far away. They will realise that they have been deceived by the apparent appearance of things. Because the clouds have been swept from their eyes, the Light of the Spirit of God can reach them. They will go on striving in their humdrum and distasteful lives, knowing that all is well with their soul. In the end, God shall be justified, for His promises will be seen to have been kept, not only in the letter of the Law but in the spirit of the Law.

"You who have true hearts think of the Life to come so that God's Home may be complete and the great band of workers who are gathered for the dangerous and important work for the children of mankind.

"God has indeed blessed you, so in gratitude turn to Him, our Father Who knows all things and Who will strengthen you as the days go on. In the Name of the radiant Christ, you are blessed. Amen."

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