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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 25th May, 1924.

"Father, once more like little children we come before Thee asking that Thou wilt give of Thy strength, of Thy courage, of Thy endurance, to those who need these weapons in order to carry them through.

"O Gracious Saviour, Thou who understands so well pain of the body, of the mind and of the heart - gather us into Thy Loving Arms, and grant that we may feel within us that sense of rest and security - rest in Thy strength and security under Thy guarding care.

"O, lift us up from the world and give us peace and again peace and still again peace, for without spiritual harmony the road is hard indeed. Into Thy Hands once more we commend ourselves, knowing before we ask that all that Love could think of will be done, and that Thy power is here - here to make good that which is missing and that Thy power shall carry us through.

"Understanding Mind of Love, because Thou understandest everything, only Thou canst help us. Those who see but the outward - they are fettered by the limitations of the physical mind and cannot give, even if they would, the help that is required. Only Thou, Tender Father of us all, can understand - and understanding can heal and turn into joy that which now seems but loss and pain. Into Thy Hands we commend our spirits...

"...Good evening, my children. This is one of the occasions on which we shall have to go a little slowly at first, but I know I can count upon your support, and there is here tonight help of so marvellous a character that I think we can put all our doubts on one side and be certain that that help will be more than sufficient to carry us through.

"I wish some of you could remember this a little more. I mean that so many of my children, when things are difficult, feel that we withdraw - that their distress, in some way or other, puts a barrier between us and them; in fact, that we don't like to see them what they call: 'making a fuss', and so, in order to demonstrate our disapproval, we turn aside until they have: 'come to themselves'. That is one of the most abominable lies that the evil seeks to foist upon the minds of tired children.

"Unfortunately, while upon earth, it is difficult not to judge us by earth's standards. Many people in your world adopt that attitude, under the mistaken idea that it is 'bracing'. They are influenced in many cases by good motives; they don't realise that in time of mental, physical or material trouble, the kind heart of another is wanted most of all...

"I have to labour these points because you forget so soon. I have to tell you over and over again, that when your need is greatest, Christ is nearest. It is when those pressing shadows of unhappiness are there in force that we are gathered, not in like force, but in numbers far exceeding anything that evil could produce, and I want you to throw aside those earth ideas in connection with us.

"It is not easy in your world - people act in the same way so often that it is firmly impressed on the physical mind. But we are never tempted to do likewise - in fact, it would be entirely against the inclination of even the least advanced on this side because, dear children, you must remember that once you are able to look into the heart and mind of another - once you have done that - blame or criticism withers down to its very roots and only love remains.

"It may seem strange to you that this is applicable not only to those who are out to climb rather ambitious heights in a spiritual sense, but that it applies as well to those who are as yet in the valley; but compassion, dear children, overwhelms every other feeling, and you cannot think of compassion without at once including love. In your world, it has been said that 'pity is akin to contempt', but over here we have no such rendering of what is, and should be, part of everyone's spiritual equipment. Those who are unable to feel pity have indeed a lot to learn, but even in the most elementary, now and again, something strikes the cord of pity... and God is reflected by the one concerned...

"Don't make so many mistakes in your thinking. It all comes, dear children, from an unconscious effort to bring into harmony the spiritual and material points of view. When things go wrong and your mind suffers, in the way of rebellion or from its own anguish, very often with the strong spirit there is the added whip of discouragement and dissatisfaction that the mind of the body is not able to do better, and this being so, the train of thought is carried on with the result that those on this side are forced into the earth mould and are judged entirely by physical standards.

"That may not be quite clear, and so I go back a little and say that there is the connecting thread right through, which builds up a good case on the shadow-side, linking us to that chain of circumstantial evidence, and so the last state is worse than the first.

"Tonight I said there was power here of a marvellous kind. True, dear children, because the need is here as well, and this you should take as an unbroken rule - that when things are hardest with you we are nearest, and that sense of separation is put into your minds by the evil only, who uses your distress as an additional opportunity for striking again.

"And now we will think of other things, and I want this evening, if I can, to direct your thoughts into a channel which as yet we have discussed but little, and that is in regard to: "Regret" - regret when you have passed out of the body and look back on what has been.

"It seems, to some of my children, that the joy of the Promised Land is cut into a very serious extent by this apparition of Regret, and a chill comes upon the heart and mind to think that after escaping the sorrow of the physical that the Spiritual World should be tinged with the same thing in spite of all the promises of joy to come...

"I hesitated there because in regard to the promises, it is not only those you have received during these evenings, but more important still, those promises which - like sweet scented flowers - are dropped in, in so many places in the records which you call the Bible.

"You see, the promise of joy hereafter is a very comprehensive thing, and to those who are weary, who have had rather a serious tussle during physical life, the thought of peace and contentment is very welcome indeed. They say they don't want treasure or power or gifts of any kind - just peace and harmony. And then those who come back and give their experiences cut into this hope in a very definite way - they speak of regret in tones that bring dismay to those who have built up quite another picture of the life to come.

"Well, my children, will it be hard for you to understand if I say that both are absolutely correct? Once again, I come up against the limitations of the physical mind which exclaims: 'How can these two conditions be there - they are in direct opposition to each other?' Still, I am going to try to explain a little, and later on I shall explain a little more - and presently you won't want any more explanations because you will understand within yourselves.

"There is not one child who wishes to love and serve God, who shall not find that peace and that harmony for which the soul so longs. It is essentially a spiritual longing, and one that will remain for ever and for ever. You know with many wishes that they are of a temporary nature only, and as your conditions change, so they fade and pass away, and you soon forget that they ever existed. Well, little ones, we have no need to dwell upon those; but the longing for peace, for unity with the Spirit and each other, is essentially of God - and you shall find it not only intact but in such measure that you will be amazed.

"And now, after having given this little reassurance, I will turn to those remarks - which have been given under Christ's direction - in regard to sorrow and regret over missed opportunities. Those warnings were necessary, they are always necessary to the children of the earth, because when they come over here, so often the half-reproach is wrung from them: 'I did not know - I did not understand!'

"Because they did not know and did not understand, much help is given to them to make up for that which is missing. But when you get a spiritually advanced character, it doesn't satisfy them to have that which they have not wrestled for themselves, and over and over again, according to their advancement, so they leave their gifts, unwilling to take them as their own possessions, until they have gone down to the first rung of the ladder of endeavour, and by prayer and effort have gained them - just as they would have had to do had the knowledge of these spiritual laws penetrated their physical minds when upon earth.

"You see, dear children, I do make a distinction - a very big distinction - between those who know and those who have no chance of knowing. Those who love God best will not take advantage of 'not knowing' - they treat themselves exactly the same as if they had known and thrown it aside.

"In coming back, you must remember that to a certain extent they take on earthly conditions, and everyone who speaks to you in this way, (Note: through human deep trance medium), has not only a great deal to contend with in order to do so, but also - for the time being - they attract to themselves all those old thoughts and memories of years long past.

"The effect is almost what you would call 'suffocating', because you, as you live your lives, only get the experiences of the moment, but they get the experiences of years in bulk, which makes all the difference. It is this bringing together with so much force of the physical with the spiritual, that wrings from them those cries of regret and remorse over what might have been done and what was allowed to slide.

"Do not think that when they are working for God on our side - working for God in the Spirit - that they are obsessed by grief and regret. There is no time for these feelings to be indulged in. I particularly want you to remember this; that when you see so much that can be done, when you realise that every thought, as well as every second of time, is of first importance - then all other feelings are swamped by the enthusiasm to do and to create for God.

"While they are speaking to you, their one thought is to prevent you from making the same mistakes - those little omissions which they see now count so much, once the body is laid aside. They speak with intense seriousness and complete sincerity - do not err on that point - but also do not feel that they are sorrowful or regretful during their spiritual life.

"I have told you before that pain is of the earth only, and joy and gladness and beauty and brightness is everywhere over here. That is true in every particular, and I want you, when your friends come, not to allow yourselves to be disturbed by the thought that after all their struggles and strivings to bring out the God within themselves, that they are sad or anything but rejoicing in the Lord.

"And now I come to another point which I must put in here in order to avoid any misconstruction by the shadows.

"Self-complacency, dear children, has no place in the joy which is of God. Sometimes upon earth, those who are very shut in manage to get a good deal of temporary satisfaction out of what is called 'self-approval' - that complacency which carries them through a lot. And the outsider - not a very discerning one perhaps - but the outsider mistakes that for happiness, but they have no connection at all.

"I want you to remember that the joy and the gladness over here comes from this: The contemplation, so far as can be borne, of the wonderful Love of God. You all can gather in something of what this means. Think of your love for anyone upon earth - how you like to be with them, how your whole nature expands under the miraculous power of love. You say to yourselves: 'I am a different being when I am with them!' Yes, you are, in this sense: The real you opens out even as a flower, and the fragrance of the soul is allowed to escape and to bring its own sweetness to another.

"That is an elementary illustration of what makes the happiness on this side. There is everywhere that which draws out from us all, everything that is worth, and you know Who it is that has this power - only Love itself could produce love from those so limited in comparison. Christ, our Saviour, is the Magnet here, as well as in many cases upon earth, and it is His great and overwhelming love for us that is, literally, the Sunshine around us and the Sunshine within. Only to be nearer to Him in thought, only to be able to cast forth to another just the tiniest ray of the Love which represents the ideal...

"Oh, my children, it is simplicity itself. There is nothing that makes one grow so fast as the Sun of Love, that creates, that develops, that unfolds - is the centre of attraction - and when the eyes of the spirit are opened and we see a little of what Love means, then all that latent nobility within comes to the surface, and there is nothing, nothing we would not do to develop that which represents, in miniature, the Christ and God Who made us...

"Do not confuse my points. Be quite sure in your minds that although remorse may burn and torture the mind of those who were estranged from God, once the wish is there to climb, the joy comes in so much abundance that the suffering itself is joy in its completest form...

"It is hard for you to grasp that, and yet go back in your minds. Was there not one you loved sufficiently that you would not have willingly, gladly, joyfully, taken of their pain so that they might go scot-free? To those who are climbing, this experience comes at least once during the physical life, so you will understand what I mean when I say that the pains of growth are taken as joy itself, because each pang brings you closer in touch with the Father.

"And then there is another aspect I would refer to. You must remember when a child is young and the road is long, the weariness is very great indeed. When you are older and traverse the same distance you smile to remember how tedious, how irksome, and how painful it seemed in the days gone by. This should give you hope, for it is just the same with the journey of the spirit, and when you come here, the very toil which the road represented, shall be shown as so much strength that you will be able to look back and marvel that the way seemed so long and so uphill to eyes blinded by the world.

"Sort these thoughts out in your mind. You will find they will all fit in in their proper place - not contradictions, but facts appealing to reason and commonsense, and above all do not go back on that torturous idea that God, or anyone over here, retreats when the shadows advance. As they advance, so do we, and could you but see it, not one of my children is in danger from them - the self within is protected by that which you call 'the past', and that protection is strong enough to defy them all. The physical mind suffers, it is true. These are the stones on the great highway, but in time to come you too, my little children, shall look back and thank God, both for the great and the small - thank God that they were there and that you felt the pain of them...

"Tonight then, my children, I will leave you with this thought, chiefly because it is the thought which predominates over everything else and always will: The Love of Christ, the attraction that He has for us - conscious or unconscious - the attraction which the Master has for all. That power of drawing which is His, is the source of all that happiness, that peace and harmony which you and many others are so often sending out your minds to reach. Next time, when this longing comes, remember that you are trying to contact with holiness, and holiness is joy, and joy is love, and love is God - as you know full well... And now I will go.

(After all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued)...

"Well, my children, we've tried one or two little experiments tonight, and we have done very well - very well indeed, and the greatest experiment of all was to use a tired mind and body to demonstrate fresh powers. But so it is with the things of God, and you will find, dear children, all of you, that if only you try to keep your wills in harmony with His, that curious material will be found suitable for His work.

"Often the little children of earth throw away as useless, what we can utilise in a very valuable way indeed - and I just impress that upon you because you are not the best judges of what, in your own minds and characters, is likely to produce the best results. I see that over and over again... the valuable pieces are thrown aside by you - in fact, you would destroy them if it were in your power.

"This, then, dear children, should teach you to enlarge the boundaries of the physical mind a little more, and I want to add a word particularly to those who are conscious of temptation, of whatever form it may be. It comes to all, of course, in the way most likely to deceive, but in regard to temptation, don't think that those phases are blots upon your life. Very often they produce the most beautiful part in the pattern which you are weaving.

"There is always a sense of shock to the mind when anything in the nature of temptation is experienced - even in the matter of losing one's temper. Now, that is a very common form of temptation, but I say that you will judge yourself hereafter not on the question of temper lost or held, but on the struggle which lay behind, whatever the result may have been. But that does not mean that struggle must be lessened - it should tell you that at once - for as you struggle so shall your progress be, and as your progress so the sense of peace and unity within.

"But I want you to regard temptation in a saner way altogether. I want you to fight it with all your might and main; but I don't want you to fear it, because often the fierceness of the temptation is an illustration of the strength of the spirit within. As I said before, you don't bring out your big guns to attack a weak enemy.

"There is a reassurance in this for many outside this little room. I want them to take the common-sense view of temptation in whatever form it may come, and while they hold on tight to the anchorage of Christ, not to despise that self which is putting up as big a resistance as it knows how...

"With these few closing words I will leave you. I do want you to remember this evening that God not only works in mysterious ways, but uses all sorts and all kinds of little things to bring His children on. So it isn't wise to despise this or that in your own lives or in your own characters, because sometimes the very thing that calls out your deepest disapproval is that which hereafter shall be shown to have produced what nothing else could have done.

"Attune your hearts to the Spirit, dear children, still more diligently, and have great hopes for the future - great hopes and great anticipations too - and you shall find that all has been provided even to your heart's desire, and that God, as your Father, has shown what Father-Love is like. Rest then in peace and security, and be certain that the tomorrow of your earthly experience shall blot out today for ever and for ever so far as the sorrow side is concerned...

"God said: 'Let there be Light', and there was Light, and there shall be Light, because it is His will... Goodnight, my little ones."

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