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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Welwyn Garden City, on Sunday, 9th August, 1931.

"Saviour Christ, into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child...

..."My dear children, I come this night because the Master bids me to go to the north, to the south, the east and the west, to give to the children upon the earth plane the simple truth which is of Him. I want you to bear with me for a while, for indeed I would unfold something of the truth which is of God. I ask you to bear with me with sympathy, for I must use earth language, that which applies to material things, and yet it is the Master's Will that I unravel those things which are spiritual in very truth.

"From the outset I would explain that I use the term 'dear children' simply as an endearment, for we who are free have a great, wide love, and those upon the earth plane - whether they know us or not, whether we seem unto them as strangers in very truth - each one is loved by us. I use that phrase 'dear children' because the Master has instructed this one, His humble servant, to try to pass on to you some conception of the mighty love which He bears for each one.

"So, dear children, as we meet together this night, blessed by God, feeling upon us the sweet sunshine of the earth, is it not a time suitable, is it not a time well chosen when we should try to draw unto us something of the sunshine of the Spirit? And tonight I have been instructed to speak to you upon that which I name: 'Science and Real Life'.

"Science to us simply means the truth. I want you to go over that which you name 'science' upon the earth plane, and to realise that those who give forth fragments of truths are blessed in the degree that they seek to help their fellow men; I want you to send out thoughts of peace, thoughts of help to all those many who even at this hour are struggling with disease; I want you to realise that God is not a God in the far spheres, but God as Christ walks side by side with the patient investigators, those who want to restore health to the physical garment, those who want to restore healing to the mind within.

"Blessed are the healers, blessed are those who have given their little all to tear out those secrets which shall bring health to a nation, health to a people, and peace upon earth. And here I would unravel something which is so oft ignored.

"Little ones, do you know how much so-called 'evil' is cast over the conditions because the individual concerned is out of health, is prey to some foul disease? These diseases fasten upon the body and they poison the clear blood stream, and that blood stream, as it courses through the brain, rouses irritation in many forms; and so it is that malicious thoughts, thoughts which are damaging to the one concerned and to those around, arise in the earth-mind and they foul the clear, pure stream of life.

"Therefore, from the spiritual standpoint, you see that it is of the greatest importance that the healers should have full powers; and the unseen healers, countless in number, they work with them by day and by night, hoping that the thoughts that they cast upon the physical consciousness may become tangible in material conditions, and that the investigator, the man who probes hoping to unravel the secrets of this complaint and that disease, may be lead into the clear path of truth.

"But here, because it is the truth, I must enforce and emphasise again and again that these workers, these investigators, could have shortened their labours, could have penetrated into true wisdom if they had prayed more, if they had turned to the Master of all life and asked for His help. There are some - and I thank God for it - there are some of the healers who do pray that God shall guide their hands, that God shall guide their minds; but there are many who have yet to find that a God really exists and is conscious of their work upon the earth plane.

"Cannot you see that in the great science of medicine, in the great science of surgery, man, because he is held by intellectual pride, thwarts that which he desires to do? But the time is coming, the great awakening is coming when the wiseacres will lay aside the wisdom which is of the earth, and with the heart and mind of a little child kneel before their God and ask that He shall use them as the Father would have.

"Then we pass from the science of healing, and we take a brief survey of other sciences which hold the mind of man, indeed which seem unto him as all-important, not only now but for all time. There are many who exclaim with joy as they see machines sailing so gaily through the air, but the honest man knows that there is so much beyond his grasp. When he watches the tiny butterfly as it flits from flower to flower, as it flies against the air currents, he realises how futile is the earth-mind, how limited, how held; for in that tiny insect there is something which triumphs over man's difficulties; the butterfly has within itself the power to soar and to go where it wills.

"But remember this: because you are divine, your limitations can pass away, they need not hold you; yet man wills that he shall be held by the things of the earth. Again, I turn your attention to the flowing, marvellous life beneath the ocean, within the waters. Man stands humbled before those creatures of speed, those creatures of utility, those creatures which seem to have mastered that which is beyond human ken. The 'Science of God' is revealed, the 'Science of real life' is exemplified by so-called lower creations.

"Children, does it not bring us back to reality, does it not rouse within our hearts and minds something which inspires us to try and try again? Knowledge is sweet, knowledge is power, ah yes! and because knowledge represents so much power to the earth-mind and earth-body, so there have been many over the past who have worshipped at the shrine of knowledge; but when the earth-body was cast asunder they found to their consternation that they were worshipping something which existed only in their imagination. For mark you this: the knowledge of the earth is of the earth; the wisdom of God is of God, and only the one who is linked to the Great Spirit - the Creator of life in a million, million forms - only that one can draw unto him true wisdom, the wisdom which does not pass away.

"Science and real life. Brother, what will it mean to you when the earth-body is no more if you have learnt to conquer that which man calls the air? you will see then for your own satisfaction - for in that time something of freedom will have been made your own - you will see the marvels hidden in that which man calls space; you will have revealed unto you that form of life which is ignored by those in an earth-body - the life brought into being by the tiny child who looks with tenderness upon her doll. Strange it seems to some of the wiseacres that a tiny child has it within his power to create the animal he loves so well; strange it seems to those who have probed into the sciences of the earth, that the little maid has drawn unto her not only devotion, not only service, but has drawn unto her the power to create life in tiny measure, because she loves the flowers, because she listens to the song of the birds, because it seems unto her that the strange things that fly so fast around know that she loves them and they respond in turn.

"What of the baby-mind; does she understand the different names of the birds? Can she pick out the flowers which are prized by the expert? Nay, she culls the daisy out of the grass; the buttercups bring a message sweet and full of cheer.

"God is revealed to the child-mind in the life upon the hillside and in the hedgerows, and that tiny child - I say it by the power and grace of God - that tiny child, by her ability to love, has more wisdom than the wiseacres of any generation.

"So I ask you to consider this great truth, not to be content with the things of the earth, but indeed to probe in the God-way into those truths which are all around. The flowers? - yes, they are sweet; the strong trees which shut off the wind from the little homestead, and the great hills, all, all have a message for you: to probe deeper and deeper still, to go back beyond the history of this little planet, to ask yourselves as to the beginning of the life of this and that which is shown on all sides. This little planet, dear children, is of short duration; the life thereon, so short it seems to the mind of God. what of the world to come, what of the world from whence you came? Spirit you are, spirit you will remain for all time. Over the far, far past, long before this planet came into use for God's purpose, you were a living soul in conditions hidden from your consciousness now. You learned your lessons or you forgot to take up the lessons which lay before you.

"Does this not bring unto us all a truer sense of proportion? When men talk glibly of the sciences of today, I ask them and I ask you to take the true view; to get away from the thought of this little planet alone and to allow your mind to soar into eternity, and also back into the far, far past when science, the truth which is of God, was within your possession. For you were created in the image of the Divine and gifted with something of His mighty gifts; but during the long journey of experience, by the misuse of free-will, so many of those gifts were cast aside. Yet to us all, because we are divine, because we were created in the image of God, to us all comes this glorious chance - to be as Christ intends that we shall be; and then the gift of creation shall be ours in very truth.

"How sweet it will be to fly through the atmosphere and to explore those marvels in God's Land. How wonderful it will be to defy time and space. We think of the omnipresence of God and we know, because within us there is something of God, that also something of this gift shall be our own.

"Aye, even at this same stage something of that gift has been made our own. The body remains here, perchance, but your thoughts, your sympathy, your love fly across the wide ocean, and those gifted with true vision see your soul body by their side. The link with the physical has been kept, but the soul body of the individual, drawn by the chords of love, has defied all physical restrictions and limitations, and a hand is grasped or a message exchanged.

"Here we get one small instance of the science of real life, the true science which shall stand for all time, when all that which man so prides himself upon at this same day shall be cast asunder as of little worth. But mark you this, by the effort torn forth from the investigator, by the giving up and the self-discipline, so he has purchased for himself the right to enter through the door of revelation, and according to his spiritual strength - not according to his mental strength, but according to his spiritual strength - he shall pass therein and miracles of God's grace shall be revealed to his longing eyes.

"So I come back this night with the simple message of the Christ, and I ask you to go back upon His words and to remember His love of little children and His appreciation of the simple heart and mind. If you love, you shall create in the God-way; if you serve your neighbour, you shall indeed have a kingdom all your own; if you apply the gifts of the earth-mind to unravel the 'secrets' which shall bring alleviation to those so sore beset, your powers and your gifts shall be uncountable when the earth garment is no more.

"Cannot you see that the true science, the real science is ever the science which Jesus the Christ came to earth to bring? Cannot you realise that those with the worldly minds have been deceived and they have deceived others in turn? The cry goes up from all quarters of this little globe: 'Feed the mind!' But so oft the spirit within is starved. Oh, feed the mind with the true food of the Spirit, let those abilities which you possess be dedicated to your God, and then, dear children, you shall prove, not only your wisdom for this little planet, but the wisdom which shall be yours when the earthy body is cast asunder, the wisdom which shall need no revision, for it is of God. You have learnt how to hold the key of true life, you have learnt how to insert the key in the door of true knowledge, and peace shall be yours for evermore.

"The scientists of every age revise their theories, they alter their boundaries and they rebuild again and again; but I emphasise once more that if only these men would approach their God with a humble heart and a humble mind so, by divine power and inspiration, that which is the truth would rush through them to a waiting world. If the clever ones, the so-called wise ones, over the ages had followed the path laid down by Christ, disease would now be unknown, war would be an impossibility, and you would have a miniature heaven upon earth. Many 'secrets' of God would have been revealed, those secrets required by man during the physical stage; and when the physical stage was past, true wisdom, the wisdom which is Love itself, would be open unto man for evermore.

"And now, dear children, I come amongst you to release, in the degree that it is possible, the earth-mind.

"Let not doubt hold your mind as to the power which is given unto us by God. Go back on the sacred Scriptures; read there again and again the promises of the Most High. God shall give unto His creation those gifts which are of Him, but man must realise that he has much to learn, man must realise that he indeed is a son of the Most High. Knowledge must be acquired by slow stages, many experiences must be his; but the road, which seems so sorrowful to some, so dark and overcast, so full of earthly loss, the road of experience is the short sweet way to God.

"Peace be upon you, little children of the Light; let it not be said that our Master ministers unto His children from some far sphere; nay, where the need is greatest, there the Master comes; where the weakness is greatest, there the power of the Holy Spirit is bestowed in unlimited measure; for the children of the earth are the children of the Father of all life; the children of the earth, wayward, foolish though some may be, they are the children of the King, and the Kingdom of God is indeed desolate until they are gathered in.

"Oh, I would release you from the bondage of the earth-mind, I would give unto you something of spiritual consciousness, for great things are coming to pass and I want you, each one, to be ready, I want you to be as the tried tools, to be as that which can be used in the redemption of this little world. Is it not worth a little pain now? Is it not worth that which you call loss, so that when the call comes you can answer out of the released spirit within: Lord I am ready, use even me!

"Healing for you, dear children, not only of the earth-body, but the closing of the wounds of sorrow, the closing of the wounds of anxiety; healing for you, dear children, over all that which memory represents. Count not these things as 'trouble', but rather go back and see in the thorns of physical life the promise of the roses of love which are to come. Back, back to simple things man must go; back, back to where Jesus stands, there to receive from Perfect Love not only that which He delights to give, but to receive that which the individual so longs to make his own - the command to go forth: Feed My lambs, feed My sheep, seek for the lost and seek until they are found! And the time shall come - and I say it inspired by the Holy Spirit - the time is coming when man shall awaken from his long sleep and then, as a freed being, the true science of real life will be made his own and he will work for God for evermore.

"I bless you as I leave you. Those with clear vision can see this night some manifestations of the Spirit of God; those with clear vision can see, as I speak, the golden Cross of Jesus the Christ built athwart these conditions. Oh, dear children, open your eyes, but if true vision cannot be made your own for a span or two, then open the mind of the body and allow the true vision of the Spirit mind to guide your footsteps along the way which leads to God. Then sadness will be no more, then suffering will be seen as the gift it represents, then the tools of the earth will be rededicated to the Master's use; and when the earth-body is cast asunder no sorrow, no darkness and few restrictions shall hold the children of God, for God waits to give to the humble heart and mind.

"I bless you as I take my leave. Hold fast to these last words - 'the humble heart and mind' - The true science of real life is the science which the Master exampled in perfection.


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