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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 11th October, 1925.

"God of our fathers, be with us tonight. Grant that it may be possible that the restrictions of the physical mind may fall from us. Oh, open our eyes that we may see, grant that the bonds which bind the spirit within which is of Thee - that these bonds may be loosened for evermore...

"Holy Father, teach us how to come to Thee as little children. Grant that we may have faith and trust, and that love for Thee may so fill our hearts and minds that all else is crowded out.

"O Christ, hear us. Christ, hear us, and be present in our midst tonight... Amen...

"...My little children, we meet together for work, as always, and I want you to still more lay aside those most natural desires which arise in the mind to hear your dear ones speak to you in person. I ask you to concentrate on those things which are of the Spirit alone; to block out that which appertains to the earth and to the physical - not that the physical is evil in itself, but the shadows have the power, sometimes, to use the physical to make barriers between you and the Father...

"My children, more and more I ask you to try and get into the Silence - that Silence where only God's Voice can be heard; that inner citadel of Spirit where that which is Divine within you, can contact with its Creator.

"My children, each day, those who are able should put aside a few minutes for this most sacred work, for during that time we - embued with power from the Most High - we can, as it were, strike off the things which bind, and the spirit within, glorying in its greater freedom, is able to bring happiness not only to your physical mind, but to all within its radiation. For this purpose it is as well to enter one or other of those places of worship; but, dear children, confuse not this with brick and stone. There, indeed, God is worshipped in part if not in whole, but the places of worship to which I refer are at the disposal of each one.

"Children, in walking along the busy streets, even when those throng round you who are of the world, I say it is possible for the mind which wishes to be linked to God to enter into its own place of worship and to find Christ there. When you come here, you will see that not one second so spent has been wasted; and I remind those who are being prepared for this great and holy work that this is indispensable if they are to develop on those lines which are of Spirit alone...

"And now, my children, having gathered together your straying thoughts, I ask you to think for a while, with me, on a large and comprehensive subject; one which I will introduce tonight, and one which, as we converse together in this sweet way, I shall have to go back upon again and again.

"Children, tonight I want to open your eyes a little regarding that which comes under the heading of: 'Reality'. I want you to consider the physical standpoint, and then - so gladly - to turn your attention to that which is Reality indeed.

"In your little world, you are brought up against that which is tangible - which can be seen with the physical eyes, touched with the hands, and become acquainted with by the mind of the body; and there are those - so bound - who, looking at such things, say to themselves: 'Ah, here is reality! I have no time for that which is centred in the imagination alone'...

"No time - no time, dear children, for the consideration of that which lasts for ever and for ever. And - so typical of the physical mind which has not known its God - they concentrate their powers and their energies on that which, in a little year or so, passes beyond their horizon, never to return again.

"My children, get this point right in your minds: Say not to yourselves that anything of the earth - beautiful, fragrant, as it may be - say not that these things 'remind' you of those conditions into which you hope to pass when God bids you come Home.

"It is as this: Picture yourselves standing by a river and looking down into its depths, seeing the reflection of the sky, of the clouds and, perchance, of the flowers which grow on its banks. You can recall that the images flutter with the movement of the water; you fail to catch the colours except in a minute degree, and though you may exclaim at the loveliness of the reflections there, back you look to reassure yourselves, of the sky above, of the trees, and the flowers which bloom so gaily...

"Children, this is a rough illustration of the difference between the earth life, as represented to our physical sight, and that Spirit life, which is going on all the while, and of which you catch an echo now and again. The reality of your little earth is nothing but a reflection - a distorted reflection - just as the reflection on the water by which you stand.

"And I would have you ponder on this: That again, in degree, the colours, the beauties, the formations of everything which is in nature - are only imparted to you during the physical stages, in that tiny degree. The mind of the body, so bound by its own limitations and the limitations of physical laws and being, cannot grapple with a vision much bigger, much more beautiful than nature presents in this little world of yours.

"But oh, my children, never forget that this question of Reality waits to be understood, waits to be learnt, point by point. And until this knowledge is made your own, so you are as a stranger in those realms which should represent to you Home indeed.

"Reality: reality in sound, in colour and, moreover, in that understanding of the Spirit mind - that reality has to be pursued, has to be made your own, in part, before you can work for the God whom you will then adore...

"Children, it is hardly necessary for me to tell you that this must be applied to all those many things which come under the heading of the Fine Arts. Tangible they may seem to you, but those who created them - when they pass hence - look back on their handiwork, and it presents but a blur of that which they are permitted to gaze upon.

"I have told you the enormous responsibility which lies with those who create, whether it be in form, the penning of words, or that music which is of the throat. These gifts, dear children, have a sacred work to do - and the burlesques, the travesties of beauty, which are forced upon the world - ah, these have to be worked out with anguish when spiritual sight is their own...

"Oh, I would have you know this glorious truth: That in this room tonight, there is Reality in the God-sense, there is holiness, there is purity of thought, and these create a beauty absolutely beyond the conception of the finest physical mind...

"Children, when people come to you and argue against this Truth, pleading the necessity for 'reality' in order to satisfy the mind of the body, then with patience, try and show them how this little world and its tiny questions - which appear so gigantic to those who labour upon them - try, with patience, to show them that these reflect but in miniature, that marvellously active, working, insistent 'life' which is going on all around, uninterrupted, except for a second by the strife, by the discord, by the disbelief of man.

"That is the real; the earth life, in so many cases, is but a misrepresentation of the real life, which is not reserved for some time far ahead, but is around you - around every one, whether they deny it or not - from the hour of physical birth until their rebirth into those conditions which are rightly their own...

"And here again, dear children, you get a hint of responsibility. When you pass hence, you will find there, the originals of your thoughts, the originals of your actions, the originals of all that mighty, seemingly complex system, which you call physical life. It is in your hands now - it has been in the hands of man right from the beginning of time - to mould himself according to that which is holy, or to mould himself according to that which is a desecration of life itself.

"Cannot you see the power which is in your own hands? Cannot you see how joy and peace and holiness can be yours, in place of misgiving, of sadness, of those many phantoms which torture the physical mind and weaken it by constant attack?

"When you pass hence, you will see the 'originals' of your life on earth, and you will know that although the physical was but a reflection of the real, you had fastened to yourselves the 'real' because, before you were man or woman in physical guise, you were Spirit, and you belong to those realms which are of Spirit alone, and to which - though it may take you aeons of time - all must return...

"Oh, my children, fight it out within your heart and mind. Say to yourselves: 'What am I building up? How shall I face Reality when the counterfeit of reality is no more?"

"Yet here, dear children, as always, I have a message of infinite love and comfort. Those who have sought to rise above their physical selves, those who by kindness, by all those little acts of service have benefited their fellow beings, those who have not been too busy to sympathise with another in sorrow - these, though their minds may have been bound in other directions, will find, as they enter into the brightness and the gladness of Permanency, that all the time, unknown to themselves, they were the children of the Christ they knew so little about.

"The Christ Spirit - it dominates, it controls, and wherever you go, however far afield, you will find, that all unconsciously to the actors, they were, in miniature, imitating the example of the Holy Master - that it was His influence in their lives which made them long to rise above the earth, above physical desire, and to be centred in the freedom of the Spirit.

"Oh, my children, never judge another; never say - and never allow it to be thought - that God does not understand those whom He has created. Their opportunities, the environment of each one, is - in the Father's Mind - part of the plan, part of the working out of the great pattern; and He understands. Not one thought of love and service rises in the heart and mind which has not Christ in it, that is not a definite expression of the Divine within, which - fettered and imprisoned though it may be - still is able to rise above its afflictions and to contact with the Father of all Love and understanding...

"This truth, dear children, has got to be forced on the mind of humanity: You cannot judge God by physical standards. The futility of this is shown on every side, and it explains those 'sins', those terrible mistakes which have been committed in His Name...

"The Reality of God - ah, here we pause, because of necessity our limitations say: 'Thus far and no farther canst thou understand'... The Reality of God - of that understanding, sympathetic, enveloping Love. That is God, but we cannot grasp it. That is our Maker, but we bow the head in humility to think that we - out of our limited imagination - had designated that which is Love itself as something resembling a ferocious Justice which intends to get His own back at whatever cost to the children He has created.

"I speak in all seriousness on this point. Man is not fit to judge what God is like, because, in the main, he has never taken the trouble to understand even the rudiments of a love without self in it...

"Children, never forget: Opinions may be thrown against your physical minds; wave-thoughts from continent to continent may leave their mark - but detach yourselves from everything which limits the Love of our Father-God... our Father-and-Mother-God.

"Yes, tonight, we have tried to get one step nearer to that Reality which all must face in God's good time; that Reality which remains, permanent, unchanged by the actions, by the thoughts of an erring humanity; that Reality which is God...

"And oh, my children, think what it means to those, when they pass hence, who see how terribly alienated their 'realities' are from the One Reality; when they find that even the beauty of this little world, because it was misused, stands for that which is hideous in its essentials. Think how each one must suffer when they are in a position to gaze upon those glories of the Spirit which are the realities linked to the Great Reality, and which, in miniature, express the Mind of God...

"And now, my children, I am going to leave you for a little while, but I want you to give out all the help which is possible, because, as I remind you, work has to be done tonight. We do not gather together to satisfy either the curiosity of the physical mind or to pander to its desire for entertainment; we gather together to learn - with reverence - a little more about the things which are Eternal, a little more about the wondrous Mind of God..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, we must close, and I want you all tonight, in your hearts and minds, to praise God - praise God because He has called you; and to view the gifts of the Spirit in this wise: As tools lent to you by the Creator of all; and because they are only lent, they must be guarded, they must be returned to Him bright - untarnished by anything which relates to the earth in its earthly sense...

"Oh, my children, for ever rejoice that you have seen the Light. Cast care aside, lean on your Guide; and because you wish for faith, not only shall that faith come, but the purification which only faith can bring...

"Children, in the days to come, remember your obligations to yourself, remember your obligations to each other, and remember your obligations to humanity at large. Only in this way can you provide those suitable instruments for the Master's use - only by concentrating on the great good can you lend yourself, and blend yourself, to the One who came to earth to save man from himself...

"In the future, you will find that the Light will grow. In work, you will gain freedom from self, by that application and close concentration on the things of the Spirit, so God not only will bless you, but will use you to be a blessing to others...

"And now, I will bid you Goodnight, leaving in this little room thoughts of holiness, of peace, and longing for better things; leaving with you our thoughts of love, leaving with you a reflection of those things only which are Real... Goodnight, my children."

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