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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes in the first half of the twentieth century

"DIVINE Spirit of Heavenly Love, pour down upon us tonight Thy blessing, Thy peace, and understanding of Thy ways.

"O most merciful Father, we thank Thee again and again that ever Thou hearest the requests of Thy children, both on the earth plane and in Thy Bright Realms. We thank Thee for Thy ever-listening ear, for all Thy understanding of those deep spiritual longings which are urging Thy children on.

"Grant tonight that indeed we may contact Spirit with Spirit; that we may be able to lay aside the garment of the flesh and to penetrate into the sanctuary of Holy thought; into Thy peace and all that that means.

"Inspire us with love - love towards Thee, our Saviour Christ; love towards our dear ones separated by the physical alone; love towards each other - all linking us to Thy Divine purpose, to the working out of Thy infinite plan for the raising up of the children of the earth, out of darkness and twilight into the Divine Light, when the realisation will come as to who they are and to Whom they belong.

"Into Thy Presence we enter with humble hearts, with the wish to learn, with the desire to be a little nearer like Thee; and, trusting in Thy Love so confidently, we hand ourselves over into Thy Father-care. Grant that we may give out of ourselves thoughts of holiness, of strength and of faith; we ask it for Thy dear Name's sake. Amen.

"MY children, I have come into your presence sent by the Master, and the message that I give forth is not my message - it is the message of the Christ! So then, take care how you receive the holy message. Pay no attention to the messenger but seek the Master, the great Bestower of all things. Seek the Christ and you shall find the Christ; seek the things of the earth, even if they be the so-called truths conceived by the physical mind of man, and you will find that which shall fail you in time of need. There is only One Who can hold when danger is around; there is only One Who has the power to quell the weakness that is within, and that One is Christ.

"Children, I lift up your hearts and minds from the earth plane and I link you to those conditions which are Spirit in very truth, and following the direction of my Master, I speak on that which I name: 'The Eternal Quest'.

"Oh little ones, so vast a subject is this and so little can I portray to you this night. Yet it is not mine to do your thinking for you; I am a messenger from the One Who is All-Wisdom and His direction is that I should lay down that which is the truth in outline, and it is your part to probe, to analyse and to make conviction your own.

"Think you as to this: The Mighty One when He walked the earth plane gave out that which was pure wisdom, unadulterated truth. How was this received? Those with the lesser wisdom, those with puny intellectual light, they took upon themselves the part of criticisers, of scoffers, and the truth which was and which shall remain for ever was discarded as worthless, as something unworthy of attention! And so Truth - aye, the great Truth-Bringer - was crucified by man out of the vanity which held man's mind.

"Children, when I take for our little conversation the subject of the Eternal Quest, when I hold out to you this high and lofty ideal, I wish you to penetrate beneath the surface, to be content not with the idea that the eternal quest is God - the God without and the God within - but to ponder concerning the God without and the God within.

"Little ones, what is God? What is the Divine within? In little part I can explain but only in little part, because you, at this stage, cannot understand the illimitable facts which remain for ever; yet it is the Father's will that you should learn and that I should come amongst you and seek to teach.

"What is God? In the Sacred Record there portrayed in simple words is the answer: God is love! Therefore the Divine within you, in degree, is love as well. Now, hold this thought in mind. There are many here who have that which is the pioneer-spirit. There are those others who would be as the pioneers, but weakness of the physical garment or a certain indefinable frailty of the mind holds them back. They are ones who give generous admiration to the pioneers, but they say within themselves: 'The steep and difficult road is not for me; I am a child in such things.' Yet they delight to listen to the stories concerning the pioneers of old and the pioneers of today.

"To such as these I say, commanded by the Master: Oh little ones, in time to come you too shall create spiritual history, for because the desire within is to be as those brave courageous ones, so then it is ordained that the strength shall be forthcoming. Aye, in the tomorrow you shall be numbered amongst the great and glorious pioneers.

"The eternal quest - God, not only the God Who is the great Creator, but the release of the God within. The valley seems so far from those great and glorious heights, and the valley holds, the traveller tarries, yet the traveller must go on; but once the valley stage is passed no longer is he or she a traveller but a pilgrim on the long steep way to God.

"So I draw in the brave and the courageous, and I draw in those who seem weak and frail unto themselves, and to the weak I speak in tones of understanding. Oh, remember that at one time this same servant of the Master was weak even as yourselves, but by the strength borrowed from the Christ, by the protection of His holy angels and those of old, so this same servant gained a little of strength, and his exceeding great reward is to come back amongst the children of the earth plane and give out messages of cheer, aye and perchance of warning, but the message of cheer could not register the truth which is of God if the warning were absent, if the voice of the messenger cried not: Beware!

"To the weak, to the frail I speak this night, for I can tell them the short quick way up the mountainside, out of the travellers' stage into that of the pilgrim.

"Call back your thoughts to the eternal quest; hold in your minds the great God of all, and, again, cleave to the interpretation of the mighty Creator - Love, illimitable Love! So then, little ones, you have your direction; to those who are weak comes the opportunity which is never taken from them.

"Children, what know you of love? Ah, what know the children of the earth of love! Perchance you answer: 'I have loved greatly, but pain followed fast on the giving of that which meant so much and now, disillusioned, with sadness in heart and mind, I have vowed within myself to hold my love, lest another has the power to make me suffer once again.' These thoughts pour through the mind of the body, and why? Because the little children of the earth plane understand not the meaning of love, understand not that which is a symbol of their great and grand inheritance, understand not that love is the eternal quest! Oh, remember ever that no pioneer gets beyond the first range of the hills of achievement without the staff of love.

"So, little ones, you who think that courage is far from you, take this lesson to heart. Train your mind to think on the lines of love. Send that which you call the emotions through the pure channel of love as love is, and have no fear. As you learn to give out that which is essentially of the Divine within, so you will find that around you the conditions - once dense and holding - seem to lighten; indeed, they are charged with a beauty that is of the Spirit. And as you give forth of love, lo, to your great astonishment and delight the love-waves of others reach you, intermingling with that which you name the aura, and something of God is created for all time. Consciously or unconsciously you have started towards the eternal quest - love in the God-sense, love which holds within its folds power in a million forms.

"Therefore, if hitherto you have chided yourselves over weakness, over lack of that courage which you admire so much in others, take heart, be of good cheer! This night you can commence that which is the foundation of your courage, your resistance, your determination, and in the little tomorrow, with the cloak of protection around you, you shall find yourselves struggling up the steep road to God, caring naught for the difficulties and obstacles on your path because the eternal quest holds you, mind and body and soul. You are seeking love in the God-sense, and you cannot seek love in the God-sense without finding in your vibrations amazing demonstrations of the love of the Most High, for God is Love and you are His little children, drawn to Him, aye, fastened to Him by the chain of love throughout the long past and for all eternity.

"Now I speak to the brave ones, to those who have something of the pioneer-spirit. Perchance at times you count your wounds; perchance at times others say unto you: 'Is it not some great foolishness which holds your mind? What have you gained? See what you have lost!' And for the moment the shadow of doubt is cast across the brightness of your high endeavour. You ponder within: 'Is it an act of folly? What have I gained? I have lost and lost!' But the pioneer has a firm foundation; the staff which he has purchased by effort does not fail, and a moment later his laughter rings out. True, the enemy drew close; yet by the strength and vision drawn from God, so the pioneer sees that it is an enemy who speaks and not a friend. A little older, a little wiser, a little more experienced he goes on and on.

"Children with the brave spirit, children inspired with something of the Christ-Spirit, what is it all about? Whom seek ye? One who gives unto you that which your lesser self craves, one whose fair promises concern today and not tomorrow? Ah no! You seek One Who took the earth way in time long past, and you go back in imagination upon His life, His struggles, His toil, His sufferings, and conviction is born within, and the struggles of your own life - its pangs, its disappointments - are as signposts on the road to God. Were these things absent fear might easily seize your mind, for they were upon the road the Master took Himself.

"The One Who sought for love upon the earth plane and found it only in the few, the One Who gave unlimited love, Who typified love in a thousand forms, that One is the One you seek, and the One you have found in a way you cannot understand at this stage. 'Whom seek ye?' - the Master Who went in front and called to us to follow on.

"To you who are brave, to you who have courage I speak: and I say unto you that in the little time to come so you must produce all your resources of courage, for there will be others who will be in sore need, and if you fail them then indeed they will be as ones forsaken.

"Cannot you grasp that that which must come to pass upon this little plane is part of the plan? The eternal quest of the Spirit within cannot be continued unless the cleansing takes place - the eternal quest: love in its greater, holier, God-like form. Oh little ones, I entreat you because I know your lives, because each one is linked to me through our Master Christ, I entreat you to make ready, to hasten your footsteps towards that grand and glorious goal upon which, as it were, the Divine within has fixed its eyes - love, God's highest, sweetest gift!

"Should that which you name catastrophe touch you or yours, you have your direction. In the measure that you can forget self, in the measure that you can be brave, resourceful, in the measure that you can keep your courage high, so you indicate to those who have true vision that you are that much nearer the eternal quest - love for humanity, which indeed is love for God. You who are hard beset by the enemies of the physical and those struggles which you name material, oh, is there not opportunity now to demonstrate the Divine within, to show courage, to faint not under the load of anxiety, to remember the poverty, the anxiety in the little home at Nazareth and the great and glorious triumph over circumstances?

"Cannot you see that around you your privileges, your gifts lie in their thousands? But the test must come, the test as to your weakness or your strength; and in the measure that you rise above the test so you indicate to those around and so the consciousness is born within you, that you are a pilgrim, that your quest is God, and God is Love.

"Little ones, so plain it is. Man, out of his pride, out of that which he builds up over simple, holy things, has made the road so difficult, has cast over the traveller the heavy cloak of doubt which impedes and holds him back. But I say unto you, a messenger of the Christ, borrowing at this moment of the power of the Holy One - that the road to God is simple and, when love is within the heart and mind, not too difficult to be taken, even by a tiny child. The difficulty comes in when the eyes stray from the Christ and are fastened upon the toys of the earth, for then, unknowingly, the traveller is engulfed in the wood of misunderstanding and the stars of hope and promise are obscured.

"But that is man's way, not God's way. True, the Master suffered but His suffering was because those He loved so well wanted Him not. Perfect Love was spurned, and therein lay the anguish of the Christ - not the Cross. The body had its pangs, oh, many pangs, but the Tender Heart was torn by the hatred of His own creation. Such tests, little ones, do not come to you. You have friends in plenty, aye, many in the body who show unto you their high and fond regard; and those with clear vision can see around them the bright ones who are charged with power, and they know that they live under the rays of their most comprehensive love.

"So I say unto you, the road is straight and simple if love governs the heart and mind; and the time shall come when numbered amongst the pioneers, the spiritual warriors, you shall see - just a span in front - Love in a form so glorious that it will amaze and overwhelm. Yet have I not said that love is the eternal quest? Ah yes, and as we gain release, as the Divine within controls and governs the lesser self, so love expands in beauty, is transformed again and again. And throughout all time to come still the same quest is ours, for love is of God. The child is of the Father, created in His own likeness and gifted, in miniature, with His powers - in time returning to that holy state - but the child is the child and the Father is the Father. It is our gift to have love in its highest form, but because we are the children of the Father so only a fragment can we hold.

"Thus the quest goes on. We seek ever for love in its highest, holiest form, and as we shoulder our burdens, as we carry our Cross, as our staff of faith strengthens, so, before us, is the Master, and little by little our consciousness opens and we are able to take in something of the majesty, something of the humility of the Divine.

"So, little ones, as you go your way, hold fast this holy thought, that you can be as the great and glorious pioneers of old, and the way is straight and simple. You have been gifted with understanding in part, you have been told as to the goal, as to that which you must seek until you find; and even as you raise your hearts to God and ask Him as the child you are to lead you, to protect you on the way, to give strength instead of weakness, light instead of twilight, so those others who understand love in something of its true character gather close.

"Neither fear nor dismay should ever find a place within your heart and mind, for you are companioned upon the holy quest; and, what is more, the Divine within shall not be satisfied until the steep road has been taken and the eyes are lifted above the earth away from the things that once appeared so attractive, so desirable. And when eyes and mind are lifted to the heights above, from within comes the consciousness that no longer can you wait - the eternal quest will not be denied.

"Forget not that the quest of each child, whether they acknowledge God or not, the quest is always the same. That is why those who are bound catch at that sore travesty of love which is proffered by some as the gift itself; aye, that is why the children upon the earth plane desecrate the Divine within. A glimmering of the quest has pierced their physical consciousness; they ask for love but oft give and receive that which indeed is of the earth and must represent bondage in time to come. Yet I would not have you overlook that this inverted desire, this desecrated impulse is a mutilated indication of the quest of the Divine within - Love.

"So, my children, I pass from you in this way, yet ere I go I urge this upon you, and I speak in tones imperative because I see the need which lies in front: Gather in your courage, force out the weak thoughts, the frail thoughts, the dark thoughts! Be certain that because there is that of God within, so indeed the quest - the Divine quest - is yours. Make ready, not tomorrow but today. Each hour give out the love that is within; and if it is the lesser love at this stage, oh, as you give, it shall become the greater love, for you cannot give love in any form without being a better man, a better woman. Those who take love and seek not to give back love in the measure that they understand, these are betraying the Christ within, and such as these, in time to come, must learn to give out love. Love is life; Love gave us the consciousness that we possess; indeed, we are expressions of the Divine love of the Creator and, in turn, as lesser creators we must hold the gift in something of its holy form.

"So then, little ones, start today. Give out love! Purify the channel through which your love seeks to run, and in the little time which you name the future, so with gladness in your hearts, with strength within your minds, you shall find yourselves as pioneers, servants of the Most High. And you shall look back and see those others, once so weak, whom you dragged from the valley of self, and your eyes shall go over them and you shall note how bravely they are taking the hill. The eternal quest at last has seized their being, and the part you have played is blessed by God. So we go on, the weak succouring those who are weaker still, and the strong sending their strength to the weak and weaker, and thus God's Will is done.

"Little ones, I bless you, bless you with that highest gift of all - Love. Fear not if your love fails your high desire. Through the blessing of the Christ that love within shall be purified, refined; and as you strive and as you struggle so around you the beauty of the Spirit is being built up, and that beauty and the power it represents shall never pass away.

"Little children of the Master, I bless you with love. Resting upon each one, even as a cloud of rosy gold, is the love which is Divine. Oh, thank the Father that through the release of the Divine within you are on your way towards the eternal quest - God, and God is Love!

"Farewell, but we shall meet again."

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