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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Portsmouth, on Sunday, 10th January, 1932

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"SAVIOUR CHRIST, into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child.

"MY CHILDREN, so gladly I come amongst you to speak in this same way, and if there are those here who find it difficult to believe that a spirit disembodied for nearly two thousand years can come back and use the physical tabernacle of another, then I ask them to wait awhile, to wait until their own earthly body is laid aside.

"Then they will have revealed unto them many miracles of God's grace, miracles so simple yet so strange - those things which demonstrate that the laws of God govern physical laws and even the disbelief of man's mind.

"Tonight I have been instructed to speak to you upon: 'The Purpose of the Earth Life'. At the outset I want to bring in those economic conditions which are causing distress to so many who have not the clear explanation which God meant should be their own. I want you to realise that those who are free from the body are not indifferent to the plight of so many upon the earth plane today; but freewill cannot be interfered with. That which appertains today is the direct result of what has been done by the free-will of man. You may answer me: 'Yes, but the innocent suffer for the guilty,' and I reply: It has been so since life was first created.

"But although the innocent suffer for the guilty, God's law of restitution, God's law of compensation goes on all the time; and although one here, one there, nay countless thousands, may suffer through that which is against the Divine Will, so again the Divine Will and the Divine Law bring to the one concerned - or to the many - that compensation which in the Life to come shall show that God is not mocked and that His protective care is around all who suffer.

"In regard to the purpose of the earth life, I want you to realise that there is no gift which you possess, or anything upon the earth plane, whether animate or inanimate in your language, which is not treasured by God. There is something of God in everything there could be, there is something of God in this material (platform curtain), there is something of God in the wood upon which I walk, there is something of God in those lights which seem so bright to you, there is something of God in the vibrations around each one. Oh, believe that there is naught that is common in the whole of creation.

"But I must remind you that some of those things brought into being by man have not been used as God intended. Many with the gifts of the earth mind abuse their powers; many with the gifts of the hands, of creating music, portraying upon the canvas the scenes of daily life, many have forgotten that there is a life to come and that in that life to come there is this great fact inescapable before each one: that the past must be retraced in thought, that it must be retraced in deed, and all that which is arraigned against the law of harmony and of love must be righted before the individual concerned can really progress.

"Yet I would not sadden; the day has been over-saddening to you - the dark sky, the storm, the wind which has swept over house and hill, these things oft cast a shade over the mind of those upon the earth plane; but the storm and the tumult have their part in the great constructive plan. The purpose of the earth life must not be overlooked.

"There are those who have taken on a physical body, and when they grow to man's or woman's estate, they feel that a so-called 'good time' is their right. They turn from their lessons, they shrink from the discipline of the daily round. There are the young of every nation who long for that which they call pleasure, and there are some who seek pleasure by ungodly means. But forget not this: the earth life is of supreme value because during this stage the vast majority know right and wrong, the vast majority can exercise their own free-will.

"I would remind you of the far, far past. Man was created in the Image of the Divine, pure, perfect, but without the gift of personal experience. So it was that long before the earth plane came into use for the purpose and the plan, man was trying to learn how to govern himself, to control those gifts granted unto him, and to put to a right use the opportunities around him.

"I want you to realise that this little globe - which seems of such importance to you - represents one stage, and one stage alone. You have taken your way in other spheres as a living soul, clothed in a garment, not of flesh but of something finer or something coarser than flesh. As a living soul you have had countless lives in other conditions, in those worlds which are beyond the imagination of man. Way back over the far, far past you have lived your many lives, and now the stage has been reached when you have learned sufficiently to know the difference between right and wrong. Blinded, held by many restrictions, you take your way on earth, or so it seems to some, in loneliness of heart. But that, again, is not the Will of God.

"The Will of God is that there shall not be any barriers between the many worlds or states of existence; the Will of God is that man should commune with man wherever the individual may be; the Will of God is that you should hear the voice of the one who has gone on before ('departed' loved one): the Will of God is that you should see that precious soul close beside you in the home, but in a finer, lovelier body than the one you treasured so much.

"But the Will of God has been turned from because those upon the earth plane followed the path of personal indulgence, those in the physical body forgot the simple laws laid down by God as Christ.

"Yet here again I have words of hope, words of great inclusive cheer. The purpose of the earth life shall be made plain to man as time goes on, and then it will be seen that the troubles, the pains, the disappointments, the carping anxieties, that these are restoring to the individual what the individual has lost through his own ignorance or folly; then it will be seen that the gifts of the mind and the gifts of the hand were given for a purpose far beyond the imagination of man now or in the time of long ago. Oh forget not this - the gifts that you possess today are as echoes of those gifts which have been bestowed upon the children of the Most High.

"Then I would speak to the wiseacres, to those who prize their intellect, to those who say: 'Give me facts!' I speak to such as these in tones of love, even if my tones seem stern. Brother, be not over-confident regarding that which you believe. Forget not that the time will come when the body of flesh will be laid aside, when that mind of yours, which seems so all-important now, will have lost its cunning, when the sight of your physical eyes will have grown dim. Then, brother, it will mean all in all to you how you lived your life upon the earth plane, whether you were compassionate and just, or whether you were ambitious in the earth way and forgot to be ambitious in the God way. In the time to come when sight is made your own, then point by point shall be vouchsafed to you the study of the past, and in your new-found liberty a truer sense of values will be made your own, and the value of a tender heart, the value of an upright life will seem of first importance.

"The purpose of the earth life is so great, so merciful, so inclusive, that I can but indicate a trend of thought, and you in turn must follow that trend of thought and make the truth your own. Within you is the Holy Spirit and by seeking you shall find. Within you is God and by applying Divine laws to the things of daily life, so it shall be proved to you that God's laws are true and God's laws are justice itself.

"Now I wish to speak to the toilers, to those who are hard beset; yes, I speak to the tired mothers, and to the boys and girls who have seen the ambition of their heart laid aside for the ambition of the spirit. Be of good cheer, the purpose of your earth life is being worked out! If your earthly desires had been worked out, then the desire of the spirit must wait a while for fulfilment. If there were no storms and tumults, how could man grow? If there was no effort given forth, how could the seed planted in the darkness force its way into the light?

"So it is with you. The troubles of the earth plane are great and they must increase, but out of the troubles, out of the sorrows, so shall come the resurrection of man. Out of the darkness so a great light shall be shown, and in that light shall be manifested your true Master, your truest Friend, Jesus the Christ, the One Who trod the earth plane and suffered not only as you suffer now, but suffered in a way you cannot understand while the earth mind holds.

"So I want you all, especially those who are troubled at this time, to arise in spirit, to allow something of explanation to filter through to the mind of the body and to realise that what a man sows he must reap; and this applies to countries, to nations and to worlds as well. What has been sown must be reaped, but in the reaping - though there are tares amongst the wheat - in the reaping there shall be shown many sweet flowers of the Spirit which were overlooked by searching man.

"I would that I could show you - who are so hard beset - that the processes of release, the processes of spiritualization, they are ever the same, whether in this world or in those many worlds through which you will pass. Out of that which is given up, so you take; out of that which seems to go wrong, so a mighty 'right' is given instead; out of that which a man does in faith, so something is constructed for evermore, and I would that you could take this thought to heart.

"You look out upon the world today and you see that which calls out exclamations of admiration. There is the inventor, the constructor of earthly things. What has he done? What of those great ships in the harbour? Are they safe from the storms of earthly life? What of those inventions which would defy time and space and the vibrations which govern the earth? Does not the thought of those things constructed by man make you pause to ask: 'What of the constructor and of these constructions when the earth life is no more?'

"I answer you with words of cheer. In those great constructions many have toiled, many have given their best; and when the ship or the vast building is no more, so in the conditions, there for evermore, is the beauty created by the patient worker. By that which has been torn from man, by the stilling of the word of complaint, by hearkening to the voice of discipline, so when earthly things are no more, beautiful, strong vibrations of Spirit remain as a demonstration of the Divine within man.

"Much I would pass on, for there is that which tortures the mind of man. The earth life, which seems so full of injustice, so full of sorrow - what is the meaning of it all? The meaning is glorious, the meaning is so constructive, that man has never grasped it. It is clearing the path for you, my brother; it is clearing the path for you, my sister, so that when the earth garment is cast aside you shall walk, free, into the home which God has prepared for you, and the entanglements of the earth will hold you no more.

"There is many a man and many a woman who when the earth life is over, still cling to the earth. Yet those with spiritual power shall release them in time from the bondage which holds.

"The roses bloom and the roses fade away. The sunshine comes and then a cloud obscures the sun. The warm winds of the west are changed to the cold winds of the north. Each and every one has its place. If the rose did not die to this state, it could not bloom in the brighter planes of Spirit. If the body that holds you now were not cast aside, what would you know of real truth, what would you have of real gifts, what would you experience of joy?

"The mind of man today may seem great. It is a valuable tool; it is a tool that can be used for a Divine purpose, but when man passes into Reality he finds that the finest brain upon the earth plane is as a child's intellect in comparison with the mind possessed by those who trod the path of duty while the physical body held.

"So I say unto you: Children, prize the earth mind in this sense: it is something which will allow you to have something better when you are free. Prize the strength of the physical tabernacle in one sense alone: the physical tabernacle, if used for the spreading of God's truth, if used for the protection of others, that physical tabernacle will lead on to a 'body' charged with power; and then, even as God desires, by thought you shall create some of the wonders of the Spirit. By holy desire you shall set into the conditions harmony of sound - the music of the spheres. By dedication, again, you shall bring into life those things which you love the best.

"So I ask you to be practical in the Spirit Way, to use that gift of commonsense which is your own, and to commune within. Today passes, tomorrow must come; the earth life - so short, so brief to us - the earth life will soon be over for you, and then as men and women imbued with power if you have striven, or if you have not, with feebleness of mind and a feebleness of garment, you will take your way.

"Is it not worth while to have a little struggle, a little pain now? Is it not worth while to go without today so that in the sweet by-and-by you may have and hold for evermore? The way of the Divine within you is brighter than you can imagine. You strive and it seems, perchance, that you fail; but in God's sight and by the law of the Spirit, you strive and you attain. What seems to happen upon the earth plane is of little importance in comparison with the real Life of the soul.

"The days are speeding fast. By the power of the Holy Spirit I have foretold that certain things will come to pass. In that hour, in that day, let it be that you are among the pioneers, among the brave souls, the leaders of others; that you stand unafraid, confident not in yourselves but in your God, knowing that one step to the left or one step to the right means that you can contact the companions of the Spirit. They are enduring with you, protecting so far as possible and ever leading you out of the things which seem into the things which are.

"There must come upon the earth plane that which man calls catastrophe, but do not think of this with fear in your heart. With Christ in your heart and mind naught that is evil can touch you. And more than that, your part shall be the man's part or the woman's part in the God sense. You will be able to go to others with your sure protection and calm their fears.

"The purpose of the earth life must be worked out for you as in the time of long ago it was with us. Persecutions were many, but we were content to meet them as part of our portion and as part of the Holy Plan. There are persecutions today, but they are of a different character, persecutions which attack man, persecutions which attack women - the persecution of anxiety, the persecution of poverty, and the persecution of a wavering faith. But tonight a glorious future is held out before you, if only you will do your part. Great things must come to pass. Great things can come to pass in the human soul and in the human mind. You each one can demonstrate that the Holy Spirit governs the earth laws, the earth life, and even those things which man has done against the Divine Will.

"The time has sped. I must leave you in this same sweet way, but I would reassure again and again. The purpose of the earth life is so clear when the earth life is over, but while the body holds, many, as blinded children, wander hither and thither, fearing what lies in front. The purpose of the earth life is to set you free from that which binds; the purpose of the earth life is to show to man, if man is faithful and true, that though bound by the physical, he can demonstrate those God-like gifts which are his own.

"Peace be amongst you! In front, glorious in its radiance, is the Cross of Jesus the Christ, protection for each and everyone - the protection of the power of sweet simplicity. So then, my children, as you take your earth way, I entreat you to be practical in the Spirit sense, to build not for the earth life, but to build for your spiritual future in the little tomorrow which can represent Eternal Day!

"Farewell, dear children. I would that I could have come amongst you to give that which is my gift from God Himself.

"Farewell, but we shall meet again."

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