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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Christian Spiritualist Church, Reform Club, New Inn Hall Street, Oxford, on Sunday 15th July, 1945.

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"God has blessed all who have gathered, putting aside discomfort, desiring to learn more of Divine Truth. I want you to know that these physical tests are for a great purpose - to some it may not matter that they miss this or that, believing that they can always pick up the missed thread and still weave it into the pattern. But we were instructed by the Master as to the necessity for faithfulness over little things.

"Today, there has been an opening of conditions not known by you except through your imagination. There are many drawn in from dark spheres, the mentalists, the materialists, those who in foretimes tried to carve out their own way, irrespective of the law of God laid down in the Holy Book. So at the outset you can feel that you have been missionaries for the great and holy purpose that shall be revealed to you when the body is no more.

"You have in your midst certain aspects of psychic power. Some you accept, and instinctively turn from others. But for the most part man knows very little about the origin of the power, how it operates, and its consequences. I shall speak to you about this great and important subject because you cannot teach others until you have learnt yourselves.

"Way back in the past there was a force that was called hypnotism. It has free expression among certain types and it was used for certain purposes. But public opinion was being awakened to the kind of force it represented, and to the repercussion upon health and the morals of the period.

"Some of you may have been interested in reading about the power exercised under the heading of hypnotism or mesmerism. You know that in other countries, as well as your own, a great deal was taught in regard to those strange powers which some were able to exhibit and to practice upon others.

"But healthy-minded people today instinctively allocate that exhibition of psychic power as something very closely allied to black magic. Those who have had any experience at all of black magic in the Eastern countries are appalled by the results, by the gradual crumbling that has followed, as night follows day.

"In days of old there was a certain type of power recognised, but repudiated, under the heading of witchcraft. Because of the fear that held the hearts and minds of the majority through ignorance - and also through the wrong application of this psychic power - it was deemed necessary to regard it as a crime. Many who were innocent suffered because of the abuse of the power by the guilty. Today, the consequences seem to be far-reaching. But, be assured, public opinion is liable to change.

"Publicity is given to the instruments that are able to make a good living by the exercise of psychic gifts for their own advantage. When you read about such things, with all their repulsive details, you are instinctively shocked. You know that something has gone wrong. These people have allowed their gifts to sink into the mire of the earth, and are exercising something closely allied to that which you regard as hypnotism. Their power is not being used to raise humanity or to raise themselves - but to satisfy the baser instincts in those who listen.

"For what do they consult such instruments? Too often it is to gain material advantage or to retrieve a material loss. Those who go to them realise that from a material instrument material facts are expected. How far do the material facts given by the instrument help the lives of those concerned? If you analysed the messages delivered and were able to follow the trend of events, you would see that only a fragment of truth had been passed on - and that in so subtle a form that it could be twisted to represent almost anything that might take place. Yet there are still thousands of people that desire material messages, even after they have been grossly deceived.

"That is the dark side, the harmful side. But with all gifts, even those that come under the name of black magic, one has to remember the gift - as intended by God - was good, but it has been desecrated, it was so distorted from the real that 'good' was presented in an evil form.

"Take for instance, hypnotic power. Sometimes it can be used with good effect in regard to nervous afflictions and also in regard to those painful remembrances that seem to have broken the hearts of those who have experienced them. Certain physicians believe that sometimes the wheel of memory can be reversed by the operation of a stronger will upon the mechanism of the physical mind. When the gift is used in this wise - for entirely altruistic purposes - then you can see that every gift that has been brought within the range of man has its place. The responsibility rests entirely upon man himself, if out of God's good gift harm should come.

"You who are thoughtful exercise your imaginations. Imagine a world where all those gifts that come under the heading of 'evil' were absent. If this were possible you would find that there were very few gifts left to man at all, for this wise and logical reason - everything in the human make-up, when given by God, was for the benefit of the individual and mankind as a whole. But at the same time freewill accompanied the good gifts of God, and so you find the mind, the emotions - everything that constitutes humanity in the physical body - slowly but surely was moulded according to man's will.

"Today there is much distress caused among certain sections because the physical emotions dominate their lives. But it was intended by God that the emotions of the heart and mind, and the senses, should bring to man happiness in its highest and purest form. This is prevalent all around the world today, and the consequences will be severe, not only for the individual but also on the generations who are yet to be born.

"What does psychic power illustrate? Very often today, it illustrates something that has lost its beauty and its pure intention. Yet it also illustrates a mighty force that is housed in man's Divinity. That force is so predominant in that spark of Divinity, that in time to come it will represent the executive power of the real self within. Man in this state represents but a little child - mentally and morally, and in form; 'form' here means the capacity of the physical body to do, to achieve.

"Consider that great nation (Germany) that plunged the world into tribulation. Here you have a vivid illustration of psychic power that was truly hypnotic. Those men had developed their mentality to such a pitch that they had great influence over other nations. Even if that influence was associated with fear, still one has to admit that the influence had a tremendous effect on the trend of events. Weaker nations were afraid to challenge that power; others were so under the influence of the mentality of that Empire, that they meekly complied with everything that was demanded from them, with the direst results.

"So you see that the hypnotic state cannot be relegated to the far past or to the yesterday of time. It is in your presence now. It is shown by the operation of certain aspects of psychic gifts - such as the baser forms of music, art, and the portrayal in words of those suggestions that are indeed akin to the filth of the lower planes.

"The Master Christ is aware of the need to safeguard human nature from what it does not understand. Those who come under the heading of 'good' - who being sensitive - are also the prey of the 'stronger' characters, seen and unseen, who literally mesmerise them by the force of their desire. The hypnotic influence is so apparent that they are amazed. Eventually they ask themselves: 'Why did I not say no, when my whole instincts were against the suggestion made?'

"It may be in regard to the trivial pleasures of the day, but the individual concerned realises that he or she had stepped down from that high altitude of consciousness of what is right and good and sweet and beautiful.

"From the World of Spirit it is difficult to express in human language the depth and breadth of the love for you who are imprisoned in the flesh. In the World of Spirit we are free. We have passed through many stages, we have watched with sadness the young taking the valley paths; and yet, if they had made just one more struggle, the unseen angelic messenger - who was fighting with them and for them - would have been able to win the day. But even those who are bright with the glory of God's Kingdom cannot interfere with freewill.

"You, who know something of the Divine Truth, are being asked to aid. Having seen in operation psychic power on the spiritual plane, you have known people overwhelmed with grief being restored as happy citizens; you have witnessed those sore distressed by the pains of the body, having their faith and their hope renewed, when - through this great permeating power - something of health is restored to the flesh.

"We, in the World of Spirit, are thankful to know that there are those up and down the country who would not sacrifice their belief in psychic power and its benefit, for anything else that the world might offer.

"Are you aware of how great is the responsibility that rests upon you who know? It lies within your power to exercise something - in relation to a hypnotic power - over those who are weak and wayward, to be shown in a little of its true aspect as the power of Holy Spirit before it fell from its God-estate.

"Many crave the toys of Spirit Communion. Some say that they have many gifts. Remember that you too have all the gifts you can imagine housed within your Divinity. It depends entirely upon your spiritual aspirations and upon the soul's choice before entering the flesh, as to those gifts that you exercise during this one short stage of life.

"Always bear in mind that there are millions of states, millions of worlds, and millions of different kinds of bodies sheltering the Divine within. If they do not shelter that which is holy, they are imprisoning it, and no words can express the anguish that such as these will suffer until the doors are battered down, until the Baby Christ can be born and nurtured and grow as God intends.

"Where is your place and what is your soul's desire? It is true at times man allows his soul's desire to be dominated by the desires of the mind or of the emotions. But until man has learnt his lessons - and found that what he has sown is not the good wheat that brings the Bread of Life but only the tares - will he be willing to learn at the Master's Feet.

"Remember Matthew (Matt.18 2-9), and how the Master underlined the responsibility of causing another to stumble, and how he sought to force upon those around Him to listen before it was too late - and there were many in the Master's time who used their psychic power in its extremely developed form for their own advantage. He urged them to tear off the filth that covered that beautiful power, and restore those psychic gifts to what God intended: as the operation of Divine gifts, so powerful, so potent, that the density of the physical body could not stem their operation for the good and for revelation.

"You may say: 'I wish I could see' (clairvoyance) or 'I wish I could hear' (clairaudience). Others regret the fact that their influence over others seems to be of a very puny kind; they have to stand back while those with more personality dominate the crowd. When such as these are present, there are no ears for the quiet sweet Voice of God used through His humble-hearted servants in the Vineyard.

"Some may feel that others have been preferred before them, and that in the wider walks of life they have failed to influence those around. Yet there are others who apparently could do so easily. Be comforted, and comfort those who are placed in a similar position. It were better by far that a rope had been placed around the neck of those who dominate, if they do not desire the spiritual release of those they address.

"Look at the English violet: no one despises it, and indeed there are many who seek far and wide for those emblems of beauty. They say that it reminds them of something that they have forgotten. Although they do not realise it, they are recalling a little of the fragrance of those higher planes that they frequent when sleep holds them fast.

"To those who seek to do good - not abusing their powers, but always asking God to guide them so that the right word may come, so that they may not prove a stumbling block on the road of life where another is concerned - realise that although your words may fall upon deaf ears, this concerns only those in the physical body. You are linked to many forms of life, not only those who have had a physical casket, but to the Little People, to the Fairies, to those who act as guardians to the creatures of the seas, in the wide conditions of the sky or caught up in the clouds - a life so minute that it baffles the human eye and certainly the human mind to conjure up.

"You know only one aspect of life, that which is crude to all who have passed through Spirit conditions. Remember that you are only a wayfarer here, and this could be described as just an 'inch' of the journey. But through that inch you can make your garden beautiful to behold. At eventide God walks in your garden, blessing that which you have done, that which you had hoped to do, and soon that inch is turned into a 'yard', soon that yard is turned into a mile - and then comes the time, when, free from the flesh, the little you sought to do has provided for you a vast area of effort, and introduced you to the hidden forms of life that baffle the imagination of the physical mind - but they are no longer strange to you.

"In the Holy Book it states that man should gain dominion over every other form of life. Here, you have in its highest form, that so-called hypnotic power - cleansed, refreshed, renewed, and so changed by experience, that at last that which was base, gradually but surely, is brought back to its highest form.

"It is God's sweet intention for you - and for everyone - that as you pass along your way, flowers shall spring into being, glorious music shall emerge as it appears from the vibrations, beautiful forms shall be seen hurrying from the four corners to join you - all expressions of man's holy dominion over other forms of life. What is it that gives the power to man to have dominion over these other forms of life? There is only one thing - it is the release of the true love within. You can become as a king, and your realm need have no barrier at all.

"To the instruments, to those who would be instruments, and to those who feel that they never will be instruments, know that you are all mediums in the sight of God. Illustrations of your mediumship pass into these conditions - where death cannot enter in - and there for good or for ill, the record will remain of their past; not necessarily the record that others accredited to them, but the record of that which they sought to do but found, to their anguish, they had not the power to accomplish.

"With balm and comfort upon your minds, know that you - the children of God - can be certain that all you desired to do that was good, has been accomplished by the Great Constructor. You did your part, and God stepped in and finished what was beyond your strength.

"Can you not feel the holy vibrations? There are those in the Unseen claiming you as their brother and sister. Many of them abused their psychic gifts in the days of long ago, but today they are sufficiently awakened to be brought here, and from this time onwards it shall be climbing for them.

"Your part has been the missionary part. Your part must always be the servants of the Master Christ, the servants who have been entrusted with that glorious ministry of seeking for others until they are found. Know that you are blessed. In the silence of your room, take up the written word when it is available, and seek to understand that which has been given to you. By prayer and service, all that has been hidden can be brought to the surface and made crystal clear, for God has promised.

"You are blessed with the desire to understand - and more than that - for when you have a little understanding, put into practice that which you have learnt and seek to pass it on to others. In this way, although it may take much time, the Kingdom is built up, and the dark spheres are over-reached by the love and the glory that shines from man when he demonstrates the God that is housed within.

"The workers are blessed, and as their courage rises to meet the opposition and obstacles on their path, so shall be their happiness when this tiny experience is numbered against a million of others.

"By the Cross of Jesus the Christ you are blessed, and into His loving care you are commended now and forever more.

"Peace be with you all."

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