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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 8th August, 1926.

"Father of all mercy and love and understanding, be with us tonight. Grant that the power may descend, and that we, as little children, may grasp something of this great gift which Thou hast offered to all...

"O Christ, cleanse our hearts and inspire our wills; grant that the determination may come to be free from self, to lay aside those many desires which appertain to the earth, and to arise in that spiritual power which is within each one to reach out and grasp what Thou hast taught.

"O Saviour of mankind, help us in our blindness, help us to get free from that which binds, that which holds us back, and grant that, as happy pilgrims, we may not only take the steep path, but glory in its steepness because each step takes us nearer to Thee...

"Christ, strengthen our wills, and give us the grace to look beyond brief today into the glory of the Eternity which awaits us all... Commending ourselves into Thy loving care, we commence our work tonight, laying aside personal desire in the wish to serve, in the wish to reach the very best... Amen...

"...My little children, tonight I come into your presence with a blessing in both hands, and because the Lord of us all is Love, so I entreat you to take of that blessing - to put aside your doubts and fears, and, in faith, to come with me in thought for a brief space while we think together of those things which are of God...

"Yes, in this little room tonight, drawn here by the wish to serve, those whom you call the bright ones have joined with you to praise God. And you know full well that the only way in which we can praise God is by dedication, by work, by the laying aside of the physical will, and taking up those tools of service which one day - in the physical body or free from the physical body - must be made your own.

"And so, my little ones, bidding you be free from that which binds, bidding you lay aside the restrictions of the physical mind, I take you in thought just one step over the threshold of Wisdom; and when you join your loved ones in those realms which are Spirit, then you will look back and find that this evening represented a previous thread of knowledge to which - though the physical mind perchance forgot - to which the real you held on, for it knew that something precious had been made its own...

"Tonight, little ones of my heart, I speak on: 'Progression'.

"And these simple truths which I seek to impart, one day must be learnt by all. There are some who, by work and service, have striven for that spiritual emancipation which they feel must indeed be made their own; yet, in striving, so the doubts have come, so the opinions of others have, as it were, thrown dust across the glory of the Love of God, and they - confused, disturbed out of their concentration on the highest and the best - they have hesitated even while the gift of revelation was almost within their grasp...

"Progression - how wide a word is this! Aye, even in your little world, much can be interpreted from it; but lo, when the veil of the physical is torn asunder, then you will see that you scarce understood the first principles covered up in that word Progression.

"Those of you who have read these records, know that ever I have brought you back to the Master's Feet; ever I have told you that though the mind of the body has done good work, yet it is the spirit, the spirit alone, free from the mind of the body, even in its highest sense, which has found Christ - found Christ, and in the finding has been enabled to place trouble where it belongs...

"My children, I want to draw in this evening, in regard to Progression, a little faculty which is in the majority, and that is the faculty to criticise, that tendency - nay, it is unconscious for the most part - that tendency to condemn. For think you like this:

"How can the spirit soar, if the little things of the earth fetter it? How can the prisoner be free, if the chains have not been struck off? Yes, I taught you regarding Job, and some there were who gathered in something of what I sought to portray, but oh, my children, that story of the great hero of the past has been worked out in miniature, again and again, throughout the ages, because human nature changes so little, because the heart and mind of man has not yet contacted with the Christ, with the great Freer of self, with the One who is Love in a way incomprehensible to us all...

"My children, when those among you are in trouble, think you like this: You come to them with your gift of consolation, with your love, maybe, with your understanding, and sometimes you can heal the wounds and sometimes, ah, the damage has been too great. And then those who love Christ, having done their best, commend the suffering one into the Sacred Hands and ask Him to complete that which they themselves could not bring about. These are blessed by the Father, and the blessing grows and grows through all Eternity, casting its fragrance on many entirely unknown to the individual concerned...

"But the other side of the picture brings sadness to those who see things as they are, for with the majority, criticism and condemnation so easily arise, and damage is done to themselves and to the others who wince under the lack of that sympathy which they expected. Yes, dear children, it is sad to witness how man strikes man, how brother inflicts injury upon brother, and how sisters forget to stem the tears of their less fortunate sisters, because, they do not understand...

"Oh, think you like this, for it is God's truth: I say that the one in suffering - in spite of the complaining mind of the body, in spite of the rebellion, in spite of that bitterness which so often seizes the unwary - that the one who suffers is greater, is nearer to God, than their criticisers, than their condemners.

"You see, dear children, when you have been through similar trouble, no criticism can enter into your view point regarding the sorrows of another; nay, the leaves of memory are turned, and in imagination you go back to that time when you too shrunk under the blow, when you too questioned whether your God had forgotten you, when you too prayed for faith but found no response to which the mind of the body could fasten itself.

"I say, instructed by the Great Consoler, that His children, in suffering - because the spirit within has chosen that which goes so hard - that these children, in spite of their complaining, show a greater love, a greater aspiration for the God whom we all profess to adore.

"This is Truth, so beware, beware of your attitude towards those who falter by the way; bridle the tongue, stem back the thought, for one day, one day you too will be brought face to face with those same enemies, those same destroyers, and if you withheld compassion from another, so you may find that those in your own vibrations will be lacking in compassion for you.

"And so, dear children, we come back to that wonderful word Progression, and I want you all tonight, with your sorrows past and present, to take of the comfort which I am instructed to give; to say to yourselves: 'Yes, others may think me weak, may think me complaining, but God understands that I would do better if I could, that I would be valiant of heart, that I would be as a warrior rather than as one who hides from the enemy in attack'.

"And then, keeping that thought in your mind, to look round on those you know, those who perhaps are taking their troubles hardly, who are shrinking from them, who beg to be released; and out of your own pangs, you can go to such as these and say: 'I understand'.

"Children, when you are free from that which binds, when, in a measure, revelation has been made your own, so those little incidents will be shown to you in their true light - as steps nearer to the Christ ideal, nearer to God, nearer to joy, nearer to that for which the spirit longs...

"And then another aspect of Progression I must touch upon, because there are some who read these records who, as yet, have failed to see Truth stripped of the furniture of the world, stripped of the embellishments of the physical mind; they fail to see Truth as presented by the Master when He trod the earthly way, when He demonstrated, in person, that gospel which He came to teach.

"There have been many, right down the ages, who have aspired to holy things, and in their preparation for the higher part, they have laid aside much for Christ's sake, and because it was for Christ's sake, have gathered to themselves power, aye, that which no one can name...

"Yet, dear children, confuse not these with those whom I have in mind. There are many in the world today who claim much credit and think they merit the praise of others, because temptation is beyond their orbit, is absent from their vibrations - so they think. Yet, to these, and there are many, I speak in tones of entreaty, and for the sake of the spirit within I ask them not to confuse lack of feeling with either chastity or those many virtues which, in their ignorance, they think they have made their own...

"Lack of feeling takes the pilgrim barely an inch on the way - that coldness, the elimination of all those tender emotions, which, when they are free, will be shown as belonging to the spirit, to the self which lasts for ever. Yes, those who are cold of heart will have to retrace their steps and put back that which in some long past age they cast away...

"Ever have I taught my children the sacredness of 'feeling', ever have I instructed them that the emotions in the human heart can and must be brought up to the highest and the best - not discarded, thrown away, not torn up by the roots, but tended, watched over and nourished by the Love of God.

"Therefore, little ones, make no mistakes. Coldness of heart, lack of feeling, it may exclude much but it is not of God; it belongs not to that purity which one day will be made your own, for purity in its highest form is love, and love is not love if purity is absent. The feelings of the heart, that sensitiveness, is part of the other body, part of the garment which, even now, you are weaving in by sorrow and by effort...

"So, my children, gather into your minds that which I seek to teach. I have shown you Beauty, for glorified like a golden light through a darkened world is that gift of understanding, of sympathetic love. I have shown you that by the cultivation of the simple gifts, that by the protection of that which is included in your emotions, so you can work for God even while the body binds. And I have warned you always against that elimination, that coldness, for when you are free, lo, you will find that you have incased yourself, not in the lovely garment of chastity, not in that which represents to you the essentials of God, but rather in the density of the selfishness of the earth...

"I speak to many. I draw them in from the four corners, and I show them the short steep way to God. Go back on your tracks and make good while the opportunity lies across your path. Yes, there are those dominated by self, enclosed in their own satisfaction, in their own definition of righteousness, who one day will mourn - will mourn over their imprisonment, for that which they might have done was overlooked...

"And so tonight, by the will of the Beloved, I have placed into your hands a simple truth which can only be seen in its real value when the body is no more. I have given you the key to the riddle of Progression, and I bid you take up your weapons once more and go on, out of the shadows of misunderstanding, out of the greyness of the condemnation of others, into the glory of the Love of God.

"And remember this: That though, to some, the Christ may seem far away and the enemies of the Spirit so close at hand, yet, by the fact that they have come to grips with the enemy, they are closer to Christ than ever before, closer to Love, because though they knew it not, the love within showed them that only by making their own the faith which lies beyond the reach of the physical mind, could they link up with the faith of Christ, with that faith which He showed during that same earthly experience; that faith which did not fail though all condemned.

"Oh, children, be happy in your knowledge, be thankful for the gift which lies within your midst; oh, be thankful for you have that which nothing of the earth can procure; you have that which has been taught by suffering, you have that which only can rest on the foundation of effort and overcoming.

"Cast your mind from the present, and let it linger not too long on the past, but with happiness, with certainty - aye, with that inward illumination - focus on the future which belongs to God and which belongs to the Divine within, when you, no longer as little children in understanding, no longer as little children in holding back, you will rejoice in what has been wrought, what has been bought, what has been suffered for Love's sake - for Love's sake.

"Now, my little ones, I will leave you, yet this subject of Progression is scarce entered upon as you can grasp, but in the unfoldment of the Truth of God, so little by little, you will see the beauty of the path on which you travel - the glory of this will be revealed, the miracle of that will be outlined.

"But remember this: That only by going forward - in spite of weariness, in spite of the dissuasions of others, in spite of the treachery of your own minds - only by going forward can the beauty be revealed. But it is God's will that each one should receive just that help which they require. All - all is included in the promises of God, and the promises of God are beyond your comprehension now and always; yet, in the little by and by, so you shall see the golden fringe and so your heart will gain fresh hope, new resolution, and inspired faith; and all - all will be well... And now I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, there are one or two things which I must say to you before we part, and first of all, I speak to the stranger present (Mrs. Smith): I ask her to meditate within, I ask her to go over her resources and to see what is there ready for use in Christ's service. I ask her to think of the past, to remember the love ties, and, again, to recall the companionship of Christ; as it were, to weigh the past and the present, and to see what she is willing to do in the future. Are you ready to take up your part? Are you ready to go among those whom you name friends, and to call out from amongst their number the soldiers of Christ who are willing to fight, who are ready to lay aside self and those delectable things of the world - the temptations represented by ambition, and, above all, by possessions? Are they ready, and are you willing, to let the lesser go for the sake of the treasures which are of God?...

"I speak because the Master has directed, I speak for the one (Mr. Smith) who has loved you over the years, aye, and for the many who are a little outside that personal love which you have given out from your heart. From each one the same question comes: Are you willing to take the steep path for the sake of the future in God's Land?

"And now, my little children, so dear to my heart - aye, even as jewels which I hold fast lest the enemy should creep near and steal - you, little ones, have been called by God. The spirit within has chosen the highest and the best, and though the mind of the body mourns, and though the will is hard to lay aside, yet gifted with that sight which is of God, I say and I see that the future is gloriously bright; for lo, we are stronger than we think, we are nobler than we dare to hope, we are greater in aspiration than we should deem possible. And why? Why, because that which seems so wonderful to us is culled from Christ: He has lent us His strength, He has fastened upon us His courage, and because we love Him and because we wish to serve, we can claim those gifts from Him as our right...

"So then, my children, be not afraid; cast care aside and take up the staff of faith and go on, certain and sure that the protection is complete, that the children of the Most High are guarded and guided, and though the storms of physical life may beat upon the body and may seek to torture the mind of the body, yet the spirit is centred in peace, for the spirit knows God and sees the purpose and the plan...

"And now, my children, I bless you in the Father's Name, and I entreat you to keep close to those things of the Spirit which can banish all sadness from your life... I bless you then in His Name with resolution, with the desire to serve, with that true progression which shall lead you out of things physical into the glory of that which lasts for ever...

"Resolution and peace and faith - these three are one, and they are bestowed by Christ direct. Therefore rejoice - rejoice in your good gifts and let tomorrow no shadows bring, but just a clearer perception of all that which lies in front...

"Goodnight, my little ones, and remember how my love is around, and remember still more that that love is culled from Christ, the Great Source, the One who loves you best - His gift and my gift, for God is Love... Goodnight."

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