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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An Extract From


Taken from an Address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Christian Spiritualist Church, Oddfellows Hall, Vicarage Road, Gillingham, Kent, on Sunday, January 13th, 1946.

..."You see, beloved, that problems upon the earth may seem to be very trivial in comparison with the greater problems in Spirit Life. You, with your physical make-up can deceive others, and sometimes you can even deceive yourselves; you can so reason that you can make what is grey appear to be almost white; you can so persuade yourselves that your motive was good that at last you believe it was good. But all that is changed in the Life of Spirit because Reality is there, and because the cloak of the flesh is no more.

"Now just visualise to yourselves a politician who has deliberately "sold the pass" to the enemy. He may be successful during his material life, he may deceive those around him and still be respected. But once the change has taken place, all that is stripped from him, and then comes the bitter moment when he has to go back upon his own record and see how twisted it was.

"But that is only the first step. He has to seek some means of making straight that which was so tortured by deceit and evil-doing. Where are his tools? This is a grave thought. The man and the woman who have tried to do their duty, they awaken in Spirit Life with plenty of equipment; but not so the man who has betrayed his brethren. He has no tools; and yet he has to rectify the evil he has wrought upon others before he can have anything of peace within.

"Is it not clear that missionaries are wanted in Spirit Life, that there must be many doctors and nurses, many who understand how to straighten crippled limbs and crippled minds, those who are so inspired by sacrifice that they are willing to give up their own happiness and beautiful conditions to try to stem the misery of those who have sinned against God and against the Divine within them?

"Why do I come to you this night? Because I know that there are some of you who are ready to lead others, and when this short life is over, through the experience you have gained while in the flesh you will become a true leader, one who has an influence bought by experience, one who can go to those poor bonded souls and seek to start upon the restitution of their real selves.

"Brothers and sisters, I want you to prepare, yes, to prepare still more than you have ever done in the past? Why? Because then I can promise you, in God's Name, happiness and opportunity and the power to create. If you allow this chance to pass you by, if by carelessness or indolence you do not seek to put the house of your mind in order, then no words can express your grief when you are in conditions of Reality and you see the foolishness of the past and how you have become a bankrupt. And you all love happiness. It is a Divine instinct to want happiness, for happiness is of God.

"Why I speak in these seemingly stern tones is surely because I desire you to pass on the message to others. Are there not around you many who are evading the issue, many so engrossed in their own conceit that God has no place in their lives; many who are cheating their neighbour by giving indifferent workmanship, many who intend, so long as health is their own, to go their own way, and in so doing are bartering their Divine inheritance?"...

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