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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Circle held at Greater World House, Herne Bay, on July 26th, 1930

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

..."Would that your eyes could be opened to that which has been built up in this temple of peace, bringing the manifestation of Divine Love. There are some who are conscious that they are upon holy ground - the holiness that has been drawn into the conditions by effort and by sacrifice, the holiness that has been built up over the past by the desire to give and not to hold back.

"We are blessed in a way that is hidden from your comprehension now but in time to come you shall see, laid out before you, visible signs of the blessing of the Most High and those signs shall be in volume according to that which you are still willing to give in the Name of the One who loves you best.

"You are drawn in nearer and closer to Love as personified by our Saviour, Jesus the Christ. Take my love also and realise that your cares, anxieties and tests are shared by me because the Giver of all good things has allowed me to be so blessed. When you penetrate beyond the physical into those realms that are Spirit, you will realise that indeed it is a blessing to share in the sorrows of others, to bear their burdens, and to send them on their way lightened in heart and mind through contacting with holy things.

"I speak to those who are as prepared souls. The Master of all life bids me speak to you on: 'The Privilege of Discipleship', and the joy and peace that the disciple can claim as his own. These are no idle words but that which is the experience of those long past, and they have proved the truth of this statement. The privilege of discipleship cannot be grasped while the physical body binds; yet as the body was cast from them, something of the revelation was made their own. For God has prepared for the faithful heart that which passes the understanding of man.

"Do not think of your own past only, but of my past, and the past of all who have sought to hold up the banner of truth and to demonstrate the power of Holy Spirit upon the earth. Think of the disciples and their early beginnings. Think of their failures. Think of their doubts. Think of their persecutions by those unseen by the eyes of the body. Ponder upon that which they constructed because in spite of everything they went on and did not rest.

"I would narrate something of my early days. Because that which was my lot has been the lot of many, and in time to come all must experience tests similar upon the earth or in some other conditions through which they must pass.

"Ere babyhood had left me, the one who brought me into physical life passed into the light which never fades. I was put in charge of instructors - the teachers of ancient times - and the child, the youth, was subjected to much; and this was essential, it was indeed the laying down of the stones upon the pathway upon which I must pass into higher things. Loneliness was mine. But this was only through my eyes at the time and through the weak, frail heart of the physical tabernacle.

"When sight was given to me before I passed into the Land of the Spirit, I saw that those childhood days were companioned by many. I realised that in my despair, in my solitary position, not only were the unseen guardians close but the children, free from the earth, sought to stem my tears. When the lessons - which I would have pushed from me again and again - had been mastered by my childish mind, they shared the penance, and according to God's law they reaped the ultimate victory which I gained.

"As time passed I was taken to the Temple in Jerusalem, and in what to you may seem a college - a place apart - the boy went through the teaching, the learning, the discipline, the rising at early morning, and the cutting off of the so-called joys of physical life. The lessons were hard, and at times my eyes scanned eagerly the world without. But I built up something that represented a castle in the air - a castle which was free to me - where there was no one to say: 'stay', where there was no one to say: 'No'. This castle was where sweet freedom abounded.

"Yet I can say in truth that all that which was imposed upon the growing child brought to me a freedom inconceivable to the mind of any man upon the earth. Thus attuned to sorrow, attuned to loneliness, attuned to those things that seem to cast greyness over the sunshine of the earth, from childhood I passed into manhood, and the tests increased in volume and intensity of suffering.

"The incidents of my earth life have no worth except to show you that I can understand, that I know, and that my feet have passed over the rocky surface. I fell often and would have lain there if it had not been for one of the holy ones of old, Moses, who raised me from my knees and sent me on with a chastened heart.

"As manhood came so the tests increased. The body called for release, the mind rebelled again and again; and when as man I looked upon my elders I saw much that caused my heart to rebel against them. They did not follow the law yet they sought to work out the law upon me. In my darkest hours someone instructed that the future would reveal what the past and the present held for me.

"As a man, shuddering at times over the chains that held him, I gathered to me the youth of my time. From my own experiences I was able to incorporate within my teaching something of love and understanding. To the youth with their wilful thoughts and many desires: See here! See there! Directing their energies into safer pathways and drawing upon their imaginations, I showed them how to draw to themselves knowledge in many forms.

"I hinted that there was knowledge and wisdom sweeter, grander still, that could be found for the seeking if the will was firm and the heart failed not. By this half-deception, although I know now that that it came from the spirit within, I was able to safeguard many a youth, many a soul, and they are here this night to give the power built up in those far off days.

"Temptation came in a guise, which for a time almost swept me off my feet. A woman's love was never mine. Yet love for a woman was mine, during the year before I became forty and one. I remember the sweetness from that woman's eyes. I remember her loyalty to her God and to me - the one barred from her by laws which could not be denied. Each time the thought returns, a fresh realisation is given - that through the mercy of our Father and Mother God, here and there, from the heart and mind of another, something of loyalty, of purity, and of holiness, is granted to those upon the earth to lead, to guide, and to protect. God manifests Himself through the faithful heart of the woman who puts herself second to God.

"Over the years doubt tortured my mind - even as to the existence of God - Jehovah, the One of old. As the doubts tortured the physical mind, again and again I abased myself upon my knees. I sought for light and light came, but only as old age crept over me. So wonderful is the love of God; so sweet His promises; so unfailing His faith with His creation; the Master passed by, and doubt was killed forever more. I walked in the courts of the Temple and One walked in the opposite direction. My head was bowed, but as the Presence drew near I was inspired to raise my eyes, looked and saw, and was free for evermore.

"I remember the dust upon His garment, the worn sandals upon His feet, the weariness of the face, the sweet compassion of the eyes, and the look that claimed me as His servant, as one who would love Him for all eternity. The gladness of remembrance is with me now. Loneliness was killed, desolation was mine no more. Sweeter than the sweetest flower He seemed to me as He passed, and touching His garment with its healing I gathered in those few seconds all that I had missed, all that had seemingly passed me by.

"In the tender compassion of the Master, love of woman, love of child, love of parent - all these qualities seemed to be gathered together into that mighty Heart of Love. As the days sped, I knelt before Him and received from Him the charge which with His strength has been mine over the years that have passed. That charge is mine forever, to lead His children out of the valley up the hillside.

"Do not let the enemies deceive you. Do not let the cries of the world deaden the sweet voice of the Spirit. In the Heart of the Christ, all you long for most can be found. The One who suffered so much has given to man many good gifts that are of the earth - loving friends, the gift of sight and sensation, the gift of thinking, and the gift of building something of the glories of the Kingdom upon the earth.

"I see what troubles you, and that gladdens my heart because there are those of you who have placed their hands to the plough, and nothing shall turn you from that purpose. Nothing shall turn you from that purpose for the Holy Spirit has charge of your conditions, and help shall come as the enemies strike and strike again. Do not forget that the plough is a useful implement that all must use, yet it only opens the earth.

"What of those who follow after? What of the ploughman if no seed is in his basket? What of the ploughman who has nothing to sow? No harvest upon the earth can be gathered. The ploughman is blessed if he opens the earth, yet he is but a pioneer. When the long furrow has been ended, with his mind upon his Master's work, if there are no hiremen or kin to cast the seed, then he lays down his plough for a while and goes back and gives the seed himself so that the earth may fulfil her part in the holy plan.

"Then when the seeds-man has done his part - is that all? The processes of growth go on. The furrow has its food, and nature does her part in great or little measure, according to that built up by man in the stage before. What of the harvest if the reapers are absent? When the reapers have gathered in the good corn, what of the harvest if there is no one to eat the bread of eternal life?

"No one is independent. All must rely on other forces, other powers. Each must contribute what is within his province, or God's work is hindered and the resurrection is delayed - the resurrection of the earth from earthly things. It was never God's Will that Gethsemane and the Cross should be inevitable before the resurrection. But man, by the abuse of free will, has ordained that the garden and the cross must be experienced first before he can arise in something of his Godhead and demonstrate that he is the King's son and is fit to reign in the Kingdom of His Lord.

"In the name of our Saviour, ponder upon these words. Many will give and give again. Those who make the complete surrender are as the ploughman, sower and reaper and theirs is the harvest to give to the spiritually starving - to those who would perish at this stage if it were not for the effort they have made. In tones of exceeding joy, I say, if the way is hard, if much is exacted from the divine within, then do not forget that though those of the earth may seek to lead where you would not go, or where the mind of the body rebels or shrinks from, remember that the God within you cannot rest.

"At times the divine spirit, caged in the physical tabernacle, seems a hard task-master. Some proclaim: 'This cannot be'. The lessons of endurance have been rejected by the physical mind. But the soul cries: 'Go on'. The strength will never fail if the voice of the spirit within is listened to in faith, for God will give to His own that which is of Himself.

"What a privilege, being an instrument that the Father of all mankind can use. The wonderful gift of taking that which you have, be it of the earth, be it of the body, be it of the mind, be it of the spirit within, and laying it at the feet of the Master and feeling upon you the sweetness of His smile. That was mine, and I long for the same for you - for the joy which has been mine over the centuries. The privilege of the full surrender when the Christ, our God, can return to us that which shall not pass away - peace for the soul, peace for the earth mind, and sufficient strength for the body, hour by hour and day by day while physical life remains.

"There is another incident of my life on earth that I would share, for I feel that your love for me makes a fitting setting for those times of old, so fraught with sorrow yet covered over with love of God.

"When the Master had been slain by His enemies, Joseph of Arimathea begged the sacred body. He came to the Temple and together we returned to the Garden, and mine was the honour - how great an honour was mine - with Joseph, to straighten the limbs, and to render those last services, and though our tears blinded us, and though our fingers trembled over out task, in later time we were shown what the tears and the trembling had brought to us - how can words express that which is of God Himself? They brought to us the courage that was of Him. Like a cloak it was wound around us, and thus it was that when our enemies fell upon us and struck and tortured, there was no fear. We knew that God was with us. We knew not then how the protection came but it was revealed when the body was no more.

"As a boy, the Master was full of health and strength. As He carried out His ministry His body became overstrained. I feel that thin body again as we speak. Dead, Beloved, ah dead! My grey hair mocked me. I look upon my withered hands for old age had fallen upon me, yet here was I, and the Beloved was dead. Woe was ours. How I reached the city I do not know - something within had died. After the agony of that day, after the sorrow and the tears, God justified Himself to those who were so bereft; and this old man was no more, strength returned to my limbs - for love is the greatest strength-giver in this plane of all planes. I no longer trembled for the Master was alive and among us to bless and to cheer.

"Oh, the privilege of discipleship. What words can portray the sweetness of office that was mine? Many have thought with sadness as to my lot - an old man, eighty years, who took his way through Syria in poverty and alone; an old man who was beaten by his enemies, who had no roof, nothing of the earth but the pilgrim's robe that he wore. But love gives strength to the limbs and power to the mind. Though the robes fell from my shoulders and I was driven to my knees, sorrow found no resting place within.

"You who seek to take and hold up the torch of truth, would you have a life of ease? No, the torch and its light would dwindle in your grasp. Would you like friends and many to love you? That shall always be your lot. Would you go to those who know not God as the Christ and the Christ as God, and give them the knowledge that you have gained? Yes, but this gift exacts from you in turn your very best.

"The privilege of discipleship; the privilege of persecution; the privilege of being weary for the sake of the Christ; the privilege of going through darkness holds conditions though doubt assails, though the voices of the enemy try to drown the sweet voice of the spirit within - the joy of discipleship that was ours no words can portray.

"What of the past? God protected all the way. What of the present? God directed. What of the future? The future is in God's Hands.

"I give to you the blessing of the Christ, and as the words come forth I feel that you are conscious of the mighty blessing that has been bestowed upon us. We have much to do in time to come. The pace must be quickened and the pressure will grow and grow. But always as the need arises so the power will come. The privilege of discipleship, the privilege purchased by the full surrender shall be demonstrated for all to see.

"As you go your earth way to take up your tasks anew, go back over these words, gather up the threads of power, the threads of comfort, the threads of guidance, and if need be, gather up the threads of warning, and hold them fast. These shall prove a degree of protection and bring about that firmness of desire, that steadfastness of determination, that indomitable will to carry on the work - not only to the best of your ability, but to remember that where your ability comes to an end, so then you have the unlimited resources of those whose ability is far greater.

"Work while it is day. For you there is no night - no death. Sweet work for God opens the gates to revelation, and beyond the gates lies beauty and power and holiness and the peace that is of Him. The way is open. Forward and onward, always listening to the words of comfort that ring through the spaces from those who have taken the road in time long past.

"Onward and upward, and upon your shoulders lies something of the cloak of the Christ. Held out for you in the sweet tomorrow is the Cross in its true meaning: Immunity for yourselves from sorrow, and what is trebly dear - immunity from sorrow for those you love. Gracious is our God; most tender is that One so near, so accessible to everyone.

"In the World of the Spirit, we thank the Giver of all good things. We take up our task with lightened and happy hearts."

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