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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An Extract From


Taken from an Address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Co-operative Hall, Ipswich, on June 10th, 1945.

"...Do not be disconcerted if you are an earthly failure so long as you have tried; but be on your guard in very truth if you have failed to try, failed to put in that essential preparation for real life which awaits the one who is most determined in his belief that there is no life after physical death. You have read in the Holy Book that man goes to his own place, and the responsibility rests upon the individual as to the kind of place he inherits.

"In this physical plane it is possible, by defying Divine Law, to take what belongs to another, and many feel very exhilarated because they have achieved their object; they are so ignorant that they do not realise that in stealing from another they have only stolen from themselves, and they have jeopardised their happiness in the Life to come.

"But always remember, beloved, that it is not wise to hoard up the things of the earth, to cumber up the outer courts of the soul which should be swept clean, so that the sweet breeze of the Spirit from the Christ within can penetrate the mind of the body and guide and uplift. But those who steal that which is not their own, they find it very difficult to replace a material thing when they are in a world where material things no longer have any value.

"I bring in this thought because there will be many sufferers from war conditions who will come upon hard times, many who have lost their health, and it needs a ready explanation to comfort the sufferers, and it represents a great responsibility upon those who understand Spirit Communion if they have not the words to heal the wounds in the heart and mind of those who have given the best of their physical life at the call of duty.

"Picture for a moment the position of one of those torturers after physical death. Does he sleep? No! His nature was of a restless kind; force he expressed, and these characteristics are not in alignment with sleep. Sooner than you can imagine, after wreaking upon the helpless indescribable horrors, the suicide opens his eyes to find, so it appears to him, that his suicide has failed.

"It is impossible, beloved, to describe in any detail the conditions in which such an unhappy soul finds himself, but I want to underline that in the hells of man's own making there are no helpless victims, there are no children or old men, there are only those influenced by the same instinct of cruelty as the one concerned; and I leave it to your minds to visualise the violence of two or many desiring to devour each other.

"Then we turn to God's side, to the little children who died in agony, to the old men and old women, the defenceless citizens of another land. They passed out, many in dreadful fear, to awaken to find that Winter was gone, and Spring in all its glory was on either side. And because the mind of the body perishes with the flesh, and because the power of love is so strong around the sufferers, we are able to put them to sleep and, during that sleep state, in a measure to wipe out the fiercest remembrance of the past. From that stage comes the beginning of health, and in that health there is emancipation, and in emancipation there is joy.

"I want those who are gathered in indeed to prepare their minds for revelation, revelation of the justice of God, revelation of the punishment that man brings upon himself by his own vileness, revelation of what the next stage means for the humble-hearted men and women who struggle on. Oh, wonderful is the thought that God's Love prevails. You in the flesh may be held by physical restrictions now, but only for a little while; you in the body may suffer through the injustices of others, through material things going wrong, yet each night when sleep hold the body no longer is it Winter - it is Spring for you, with all the joy that Spring in the Spirit World can express."...

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