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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 2nd January, 1926

"O Thou Fount of all Strength, we enter into Thy Presence tonight with thankfulness and with love, and we ask Thee to cast out of our minds those memories which burn and to close the wounds in our hearts. We, once more, in faith and in trust, throw ourselves on Thy understanding, and we know that in coming to Thee as our Father as well as our God, we are obeying Thy entreaty - that entreaty of love which is sent out, again and again, to sorrowing mankind and alas, is heard not by it.

"Saviour Christ, use us for Thy holy purpose in preparing the minds of others so that they may not only hear Thy Voice but may go forward in confidence certain that what is, is best...

"O God, renew within us hope and faith and trust; grant that each year may see these tools strengthened - recharged, because there is much to do. Make it impossible to go back over the past - over the sadness and the betrayals by the weaker self - rather, let us draw from Thee the strength to make fresh vows that indeed we will not only follow in the footsteps of Christ ourselves but will lead others into that safe and sacred way...

"Tonight, O Father, we ask that the power may be given, that everything appertaining to the earth may be laid aside, and that when these hours of sweet communion are over, each one may be conscious of a blessing direct from Thee... Amen...

"...My little children, tonight, although you know it not, joy is in the air - and I speak of that true joy which is unity between the physical and spiritual minds. And, dear children, because you are cabined within a physical body, does it not appeal to you that unless the heart and mind associated with the physical is in a measure relieved of its anxieties, is in a measure able to contact with happiness, in its turn, so that word 'joy' has no place in the picture I would draw.

"Remember this: That it is God's will that the children who wish to love and serve Him should be centred in that sweet content which only the Father can provide. There is not one of my children - and I use this term in its widest sense - there is not one of those who listen to my voice who has not known the clutch of sorrow.

"Yet think you like this: When sorrow comes, as it seems to you, through no fault or folly of your own, then, dear children, 'blessing' is a more suitable word to use. But the mind of the body cries out: 'Why? Why? Why? Why between me and my desire to love God should come this terrible cloud which obscures the brightness of His Face!'... I say to you, little ones of my heart, that only those who have faced and overcome the cloud can ever enjoy or contact with Love as expressed by Christ...

"You see, dear children, lack of experience is indeed a terrible misfortune. Think you one moment of the Master, of His mighty Heart and Mind, of all those countless ones under His charge, of His capacity to understand the sensations of the least of His creation - aye, and to be able to respond to the least of these sensations as well.

"Those whose lives are as a flower-strewn path, these indeed have little in common with the One who has suffered so much. Those same flowers, because they are of the world, soon fall into decay; they represent that from which you wish to be separated, they are a menace in themselves to the body which protects the soul.

"All these things have a double significance, and those who seek only the delectable toys which the earth provides, these, alas, are binding to themselves dead things...

"Ah, my children, sorrow and the knowledge of suffering is indeed a blessing, for it is the only key which can open the door between you and understanding something of the Divine Mind. Therefore, in future, turn your thoughts in this direction; say to yourselves: Though sorrow may have kept step with me, though my heart and mind have been bruised by others, this is the necessary preparation so that when I am free from that which binds, I can mingle and be as one with those I love best, those who are indeed Spirit in the sense God meant.

"Yet, dear children, fearing I may give a wrong impression, I would recall to your minds, once more, that because you are children of the Holy Father so the Father's care is over you every step of the way, and so no pang reaches you which is not at once compensated for by the Divine.

"Cannot you see then how sorrow gives with both hands, taking nothing away but what you yourself would wish to part with? Cannot you see that not only does it prepare you for the happy by and by but because you suffer, so you draw to your sides those messengers of peace of love and of healing who never weary, whose patience is never exhausted, else indeed they would not be the chosen ones to companion those on the earth...

"My children, oft I hear amongst you strange words regarding those who are your companions in a way you will never understand until you are free. Again and again, you exclaim within yourselves as to the process which you adopt of killing our love for you...

"Oh, so blind, so ignorant of God's Love. My children, judge not these things by physical standards, for those are false indeed. If your weaknesses, if your backward thoughts, had the power to stand between you and our love, so then the Master, with sadness indeed, would send us back to re-learn our lessons ere we could be used by Him.

"On earth, the child commits some act against duty or against so-called 'right', and swift the reproach comes and - alas and alas - that most dreaded threat of all is used: That love will be withdrawn if the offence is committed again. That is the work of the destructive forces totally in opposition to the tender heart of God.

"My children, those who are free from the bondage of the physical mind, see on all sides that the only power which has any strength in it is love and love alone. Therefore, when the enemy is too strong, when you fail your sweeter nobler selves, so the time has come for us to use that which God has gifted to us, to its utmost limits. Our children are in danger - or if not in danger, then immersed in the clouds of misunderstanding - and the only thing which can pierce the darkness is that borrowed light of Love, which we focus upon them until the crisis is passed.

"That is the law of the Spirit, that is the Christ way, and until those who are free from the body have freed themselves from the thinking of the physical mind, so the Master is unable to use them to render aid to those who need it most. In the Spirit World, there is one road and one road only. Once you enter the realms which are Spirit, those by-paths, those deceptive thickets which lie on either side during the physical experience, are no more, for being Spirit, living in Spirit, so only that which holds you is the Divine Spirit of God... One road - and that is the road of Love. Self, in all its many hidden forms, laid aside.

"The greater the need of the one on earth, so by God's grace, we can draw from that unending Source of Love the power to bring them back into the Light, into sweet content; and, again, by the power of Love, to close the wounds in heart and mind, cheering, encouraging, prophesying that in time to come they will be stronger, they will do better, they will be able to claim their right with nothing in between - the right of anchoring themselves to Christ...

"And now, my children, the subject I wish to discuss tonight bears indirectly on what I have been saying, which is in the nature of a reassurance for all. This evening, for a little while, we will think together on that most necessary: 'Preparation for the Fuller Life'.

"You see, dear children, man has for so long built up obstacles between himself and things as they are, until at last he has convinced the mind of the body that that which he has erected - for the most part by disregarding the laws of the Spirit - that that which surrounds him, is the only truth there is.

"So, my children, taking this into consideration, you will see, as we go along, how essential it is that the mind should in a measure be freed, and the eyes of the body, bound by the things of the earth, should be released, so that each and every one can see something of the miracle of God's Love which surrounds them.

"And, dear children, in this connection I must bring you back once more to that vast subject with its many aspects, that of personal responsibility - your responsibility to that which is of God within; the responsibility of the physical mind, inasmuch as that physical mind has a far-reaching influence in regard to the environment of the true self when the body is no more.

"Now think you like this: There are many in the world today who have built up an immense fabric around them regarding this and that, and if the passer-by seeks to remove one brick to let the outer air rush through, so, with much indignation, the aperture is blocked once more; the owner is happy only when in the prison-house which he had put together.

"Children, you see on all sides, men and women with minds so rigid that nothing but a terrible physical or spiritual upheaval could make their chains give one inch. You know that there are those living in the world today whose thoughts are bound by tradition, by their forefathers, by that which has been handed down generation by generation - and these guard most fiercely that which appears to them as their most priceless possession.

"Those who would, in some degree, release them, are regarded as enemies, as destroyers, even as destructors of faith - and so in that walled-in turret in which they live, the many aspects of God's Love can find no entry, and the sunshine of His greater Love is kept outside...

"Children, such as these miss much during their earthly experience but, sad to relate, when that experience is over they miss far, far more. You see, dear children, those who are not teachable when in the body, pass out of that body with the memory of the physical mind, as it were, stamped into them - and though all knowledge lies before them, still they refuse to learn...

"It is sad to put it into words, and yet some of my children know already that such as these - even on the edge of the illimitable Spirit and all it means - such as these, again, set to work to build up those barriers which prevent their free access to all that which the Father has provided.

"And so it is, dear children, that those who, during the earth stages, have fixed their minds on unbroken sleep when the day's work is o'er, so these sleep on. Nay, think you not that we do not try to awaken them, but the mind of the body - so fixed, so determined in its convictions that physical death is sleep - so that mind still binds them, and it is beyond our power to interfere with the free-will of the individual, and so they sleep on and on...

"Children, again I turn your attention to those who are certain that they are amongst the few who have been able to enlist God's favour on their behalf. Sad, sad is their plight, because in a measure their eyes are fixed on God although they so terribly misrepresent Him. And, in the measure that they can take it in, God's Light shines upon them - but in that measure alone, for they have much to learn, much to work through, much to understand regarding the universal Love of the Creator. And sometimes centuries pass before the spirit within is sufficiently awakened to make them realise that the only road to God is that of love and service to others...

"Ah, my children, to these mistaken ones send out your prayers. They have forgotten that the Good Shepherd seeks for the lamb which is lost; they have forgotten that the Master said He had come to save the world; they have forgotten that they too are linked to the weakest and the frailest, and that the Father's Home is incomplete unless all are gathered in...

"Then, dear children, think you on this: I speak of the sorrowful ones, I speak of those who indeed have fallen beneath the blows which physical life has inflicted. They cannot see God for their tears blind their eyes, and many such as these - held in the grip of despair - take means to extricate themselves from the body and all it represents. And, dear children, there are many ways of taking life; there is the drastic course which is the one recognised by the world, but subtle enemies are at work amongst those who would shrink from such an act, and these - pouring in the poison of despair - at last kill all desire to remain on earth and carry through those experiences which the spirit dictates...

"Children, there have been those who have 'died' of a broken heart. Could you see things in God's way, you would know at once that that represents a mistake terrible in its consequences inasmuch as the soul has to retrace its steps, to once more lift up the burden and carry it to the appointed end. To these sorrowful ones I speak in tones of greatest understanding, but, at the same time, I ask them to beware. Passing out under such conditions, though joy may be all around them, the black cloud of sadness still holds and holds, and much time elapses before they can walk care-free in the Home which the Father has thought out for them with so much love...

"Children, in many ways too numerous to go into tonight, man's responsibility to himself is ignored and ignored again; and because man is Spirit and not body, so that which is awry must be weaved in, in order that the pattern may be complete. Sorrow indeed brings a blessing no words can express, but while Christ walks on earth, while you are surrounded by those who love to serve you, so a broken heart is directly against those Divine laws to which, remember, your real self is keyed, and to which your real self responds whatever the mind of the body may feel...

"Prepare for the Fuller Life: Don't you see, dear children, how enormously you can save time now? Think of the awful waste of opportunity if, when free from the body in its physical sense, you are still bound by the memory of that body and its thoughts. Think of the awful waste to sleep on and on, and still, when the awakening comes, to have to take up the next stitch from the last one which was worked in while physical breath remained.

"Free-will, so gigantic in its nature - free-will is dominating and destructive after physical death in a way no words can express.

"Then think you, on the other hand, of the glorious possibilities and opportunities which surround you now. Children, I say that to those who know God's truth, to those who have had the courage and the faith to pierce that veil built by man between himself and the Spirit which is all around - I say, when such as these step o'er the border, with scarce a pause they can continue their way into the Light which has no end.

"So, dear children, you see how necessary it is to rid yourselves of these encumbrances; you see how the accumulations of the earth and the useless furniture of the physical mind can, indeed, be as an army shutting you off from that free life of the Spirit which God longs shall be your own. In your own hand it lies - the responsibility is personal to all.

"The Master said: 'Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you' - but the majority, so engaged with the things of the earth, not only fail to knock, but between themselves and that door - which opens at the call of faith - so they drag this and that, piling up the rubbish and the toys of physical life, shutting themselves off - aye, and more than that, laying up for themselves in time to come labour and regret...

"Children, to this responsibility regarding your real selves, once again I link that word which you call 'influence'. Cannot you see how wonderful a tool is in your hands? Cannot you see that it is within the power of those who know, to say to those who do not know: 'This is the law of the Spirit, this is the short road to God'?

"And, my children, if you reply: 'They will not listen!' - then I answer that though they seem to turn their face away, yet the seed sown, because it is of the Spirit, cannot die, cannot be killed by that which is of the earth, because Spirit dominates and controls. And in the by and by, long after you have forgotten the sowing, maybe, so the life in that seed will have strength to show itself, and so when such as these pass hence, though they sleep, yet their sleep will not be dense, and in time to come those who are free, focussing on that tiny seed sown so long ago, will, by the power of love, enable it to throw forth its shoots and all will be well...

"You see, dear children, how wonderful is the Mind of God, how unlimited are His love-gifts to you and to me and to all His children. Cannot you see how, on all sides, He has built up around you opportunities - those two-fold opportunities which, while they may help another, are gathering strength to the soul within, which, in the by and by, shall make the unity between soul and Spirit complete?...

"Yes, this is God's work: First to take in, in the measure you can, what that fuller life in the Spirit represents; and then to consider how you can make ready for the day of your freedom, how you can gather to yourselves resources and tools to commence work at once - work where weariness is unknown, work which for every particle of effort sent out, immediately brings back its strength in return...

"Yes, ready to work for God in God's way; ready, at the same time, to not only linger under the sunshine of God's Love but to take the steep climb which shall bring you nearer and nearer to something of the realisation of that Love; and then, in turn, the mind of the spirit seeing and grasping in part the glorious possessions God has provided - to demonstrate your love for Him by passing on the knowledge of those wonders to others...

"Ah, this is the key to all things in God's Land. Because we know the Father, because the companionship of Christ is our own, so our whole being goes out in longing to pass on this precious gift to others. That is the mark of the Saviour. Those who seek to have and to hold for themselves - they as yet know not love, for love seeks but to give, holds nothing for itself, for that is death - death to love.

"Service is the only way, the only possible way in which to hold love, to enhance it, to strengthen it, and at last to bring it into some little semblance of that mighty Love from which it came, and to which - ah, yes - all love must return: The Fount which sends out, and in time to come, draws back unto Itself - again to send out and send out for evermore...

Note by 21st century digital transcriber: Unfortunately, the last page is missing from the original source text and so the remainder of this Address is from a newsletter and has been slightly edited.

"God's peace is with you; hold it fast, for it is indeed a gift of great price. There is no peace without love - and Love reigns supreme.

"Let these thoughts sink into your mind. God is a God of joy. Your real Home is charged with happiness. If you could only extricate yourself from things as they seem and make contact with things as they are, the protection of your Father and Mother God could fence off those sorrows, those darts of the enemies, those unclosed memories. Then you, companioned by the One who loves you best, would walk in peace - both within and without.

"Prepare yourself - not for sorrow but for joy. Prepare your mind now for that which is your own, held in trust for a few short years; and, because of that withholding, made more beautiful and more glorious still. Prepare yourself and let God do His part. Only the physical mind, only the physical will stand between you and perfect comfort. The only comfort that you need to recognize is that comfort which brings its own gladness, which brings its own hope, which is indeed renewed faith in God as your Protector.

"As you give of your best you will reap what you have sown. Those who work for God are indeed blessed, and those who wish to help God's purpose forward are indeed His disciples, and as His disciples are centred in the Light of His Love forever.

"God bless you with that inward peace and joy which is your own soul's strength, and keep you safe from straying thoughts, from the enemies that would throw dark clouds between you and the reality of His Love. Rest in peace, yet go forward with faith, with trust and determination - for the harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few. Good night."

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