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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Seaham Colliery on Sunday, 30th September, 1934

"SAVIOUR CHRIST, into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child.

"MY DEAR CHILDREN, with joy in my heart I come into your midst, for I know there has been much effort given forth and I know also that God loves a cheerful giver. So at the outset I say that the workers are blessed, and all those who have gathered in are blessed as well.

"Does it seem at times, my little ones, that the One Who rules all destinies has forgotten you? Does it seem at times that the burden of daily life presses upon you in an unfair way? If so, then I entreat you to listen unto my words and to draw from them that comfort which the Master Christ has instructed me to bring; for you are dear to Him, your troubles are His troubles, and in time to come that reaping of trouble - which is translated into joy - that too shall be shared by Him.

"This night, my children, I would touch upon a subject which may seem a little away from that which you came to hear, but the teachings which are passed on through me are not mine, they are given unto me by the One Who loves humanity so well, the Master Himself. So I will talk awhile with you upon: 'The Power To Cast Out Devils'. I use that word 'devil' in the earth sense, for to those who are free, there is only one definition of a demon, and that is an ignorant spirit, one who could have known but who turned from the truth and the freedom that it brings.

"So just for a little while we will think upon that mighty power which enables man, as well as God and His angels, to cast out devils wherever they may be.

"You know that men and women who are not on their guard against unseen enemies, they become obsessed, and at times have to be put away for their own sake and for the sake of those around, lest they do harm. Thus it is that up and down this country and in many parts of the world, there are institutions full of tortured human souls, souls who indeed have lost their way, souls who no longer hold themselves, but are captive by others. Therefore, as you think on that great subject of casting out devils, you know that it does not relate alone to the times of long ago, but it concerns you too, it is something that menaces human nature here and now.

"There is no one who does not shrink from the thought of insanity, there is no one who does not feel a sense of pity for those so stricken; yet for the most part there are but few who understand the law that governs obsession by alien spirits.

"So I would touch upon this subject not only for your benefit, but for the benefit of thousands of souls who will read my words; and, again, for the benefit of the many thousands of disembodied souls whom we have gathered in this night so that at last they may gain something of sweet liberty.

"My children, why do I speak thus? It is because I know that there is so much trouble upon the earth plane, there is so much stress in many ways, there are men and women who at times feel that their nerves are not strong enough to resist the strain - the strain of poverty, of ill-health, of seeing only darkness in the future, of knowing that when their little ones grow up they too may be unemployed.

"Therefore, I want to show you for your own protection how to cast out devils, by the power of the Holy Spirit, not only from your own homes, from your own hearts and minds, but from the homes of others and from their hearts and minds, so that in time to come they in their freedom may bless your name, passing on the truth that when God speaks and His children hearken unto His Voice, no harm can befall them.

"My children, when I take my way up and down the countryside, when I walk through the prisons and the mad-houses, when I minister to the deaf, and the dumb, and the blind, my heart aches for suffering humanity. I know that if over the past the law of God had been cleaved to, there would not be those outward and visible signs of things that have gone wrong; aye, I say, realising the importance of my words, that if the children of God in the past had kept true to their vows to Him, if they had followed the road of duty, if they had not shrunk from self-denial, there would be no insane, there would be no war and the awful effects that surely must follow.

"If men and women had led pure lives there would be no blind and dumb children.

"Oh, think not that I accuse those in the body now, but I do accuse those many who have sought or are seeking to drown their thoughts in alcohol, who have clung or are clinging to the vices of the body. These are the ones who are responsible for the little children and their terrible plight; for what a man sows must be reaped, and sometimes the innocent suffer before the plans of God can be righted once again.

"To you who are sore beset by anxiety in many forms, I speak in tones of love. I know that there are hours of darkness for you, that at times you think you cannot bear any more: but that is only the physical self which so exclaims.

"The real self within, the hidden Christ, knows no fear, it is all strength, all endurance; and if you, my children, go to God in prayer, however heavy your troubles, however many blows may rain upon you, you are safe; you are indeed protected from the unseen enemies which lurk around seeking to steal your body for themselves, seeking to impinge upon your mind those thoughts of rebellion against God which in time, if not checked, will surely mean that you are no longer captain of your soul, for it has been given into the keeping of another who is out to wreck.

"There is one glorious truth oft overlooked by those on earth. The poor at times are tempted to envy the rich; those faced with many anxieties exclaim against the justice of God, and as they see others sailing by in all their material glory, bitterness rises up from the heart and they feel: 'If only I had just a little of what they possess, how different my life would be!'

"Yes, different indeed, but what character would that difference represent? I say to you who are struggling so hard: Envy not those selfish ones, for they are to be pitied in a way that no earth words can express.

"The time will come when they would give all they possess to have the power to cast out the devil that is within; and then it will be the opportunity of the humble-hearted and those who faced hardships with a brave heart, it will be their privilege to go to such as these, and by the power that has been won by suffering cast out the devils and bring unto them something of rest.

(Matt. 17, 14-21; Mark 9, 17-29)

"Oh, remember the words of the Master. You recall that two of His servants struggled with a man possessed and failed to despatch the alien spirit that was within: and when the Master, having communed with God the Father, came amongst them, they turned to Him in their sorrow of heart and protested because the power had not been given unto them to free the one who was so sore distressed. And the Master answered unto them: Only by prayer and fasting can these things be, and He despatched the enemy and the man was at peace.

(Mark 16, 17)

"Cannot you see where I am leading your thoughts? Cannot you see that by the sorrows of daily life, by prayer and fasting - fasting through necessity, it may be, because there is little in the home - cannot you see that when you try not to rebel against your hardships, you are winning the power, the power promised by Jesus to those who love Him - the power to cast out devils? When such missionary souls come home, when their eyes are opened in a brighter, sweeter sphere, they will see that because of their trials, they had the power to cast away those enemy spirits that sought to claim them, and then it seems that God's mercy was bountiful indeed.

"Think you as to the future of ambitious men. They may be the statesmen of this country or another, they may be rulers or dominators; but when such as these turn from the voice of duty, when they hearken to the dictates of self, they are saying in so many words to the enemy spirits who are close around: 'The door of myself is open to you!'

"And I say, realising the full responsibility of my words, that many great rulers of the past and some today, they were not, or they are not, captain of their own soul; they were, or they are, ruled by enemy spirits - obsessed and possessed - and their sufferings are great when the earth body is no more.

"Is it then wisdom for those in humble places to envy them? Is it not against commonsense that those who are striving against the adversities of daily life should wish to change places with those who hold what they have for themselves?

"You see that the burden-bearers are wise in their own generation, you see that the anxieties of daily life were not presented unto you in their true guise. They are indeed sweet opportunities, they are privileges in this same sense; they are trying your spiritual strength.

"You do not give unto the tiny child heavy burdens to carry; you give them to those who have passed through the school of endurance, and you know that such as these can carry them, for they are trained.

"Thus it is with the pilgrims of the Light; the children of God, whose eyes are upon the Father's land, have many treasures; but these are handed over to God because only He knows how to preserve and safeguard.

(Luke 12, 34)

"Where your treasure is there will be your heart! Where your treasure is, my children, so the real self can indeed operate. If your treasure is in God's land, be it in the form of work or be it that dear one who was taken from you, there your heart is indeed.

"There are men and women respected today, but, unseen by them, they are harbouring enemies in their own homes. What is it that accounts for those critical thoughts, that swift condemnation of others that pours from their lips? What is it that accounts for their hardness of heart, their lack of sympathy with those who are sore distressed? Is it not that a devil is seeking to take possession?

"It is indeed the case; but we must remember this: That those you name the demons are your brothers and sisters; they were created in the Divine Image, they are fallen angels.

"What is our part? So clear is it laid before us. When those thoughts come into our unwilling minds, when we are tempted to be treacherous to others, when the hard word tries to cross our lips, then we can be used as a missionary working directly for God.

"We turn our prayers and our love from ourselves to the one unseen beside us; we say to the Father: 'Lord help me and those who are around!'

"Then, instructed by compassion, we pray no more for ourselves but we pray for the unprogressed spirit who, having fallen himself, is seeking to make us fall in turn.

"And remember this, my children: There is no angel of God who is free from temptation in this same wise.

"The angels bright and fair must pass amongst those who are dark and terrible to behold. Like some thick mire, so the emanations from such as these fall upon their brightness, and if they did not keep their close contact with the Father, then they would be fallen angels. But by the striving over the past, by the suffering and overcoming, they have won the power to cast out devils, and their work for Christ goes unhindered by that which would retard.

"There are so many who give out strange teachings, so it seems to us. They say that this one and that have passed so far into the realms of Light that they can sin no more. But the free-will is never interfered with; and there is no one, if he wishes, who cannot fall. But because we have seen the Light, because we have witnessed that Love which comes from the Master, when we have reached a certain stage, sin, in man's language, is repulsive unto us; we turn with horror from that which wounds the Christ, and we seek to restrain those others who perchance have not learnt the same lessons that we have made our own, we seek to prevent them from falling too.

"The great tragedy of all life is this - and yet it is the greatest privilege that man can have - we all have the gift of free-will, and if we want to turn from God, the Lord Creator cannot interfere, because He has given unto us our own free choice. But what a terrible responsibility is placed upon the children of the Most High! If they want to spurn the Father they can do it at will; yet the love of the Father is over them whatever they do, whatever they say.

"The Lord God loves His fallen children just as much as He loves those who are in the full Light.

"And our part is this: To seek to rescue those in so great a spiritual danger, so to give out from ourselves in love and sacrifice that we can win the power to cast out devils so that those poor souls in bondage may know something of freedom, and be able to vibrate to something of love.

"Can you imagine, little ones, a life lived in a dark dungeon, the dungeon of self, without anyone near who seems to care? There are many helpers around, but those entombed by self cannot see them and they cannot hear them, and it seems that ages pass, for they are tortured within and tortured without.

"Is it not clear that those who have the true hearts and true minds should be willing to sacrifice so that they may bring to such as these a little relief, a little comfort in their misery?

"Mother, when you tend your child, when you hold back the impatient word, you know not what you are doing; but you are winning the power to cast out devils.

"And to you, brother, I speak also in tones of deepest love. When you seek to have faith, although despair seems all around, when you hold fast to self-respect, and show to the Father that you wish to conform to His Will, then indeed you are creating the power to cast out devils, and no devil can be in your home or in your heart. There is no insanity for you, there is no chance of obsession taking place, for such as these have bought their spiritual protection by that which they have given out from themselves.

"Therefore, I say: Be of good cheer! Let it not seem that your fate has gone wrong, that your destiny has been clouded by that great menace of woe and despair. Rather reason within yourselves in this same wise: 'My life is hard, there is trouble all around; but there is some great purpose in it all. I will keep back the word of complaint, I will seek to be faithful until the day breaks. I will cast off the darkness in the conditions and I will pray that the light shall shine for others as well.'

"Thus, my little ones, you can be miracle-workers in very truth, and when your eyes are opened glories shall be revealed unto you. You will see for your soul's comfort that the past, seemingly so dark, was only brightness covered o'er; you toiled and no recompense seemed to come, but all the time God was giving, giving; all the time there was being piled up around you those essential tools that you must have for happiness in the Life to come.

"And those dear ones of yours who passed on a span before, they are rejoicing, rejoicing for you, and rejoicing for themselves, because when you come home there will be no barriers. The gates of revelation will be thrown wide open, and you will pass therein, blessed by the Master, welcomed by all those who love you so well; and then you will see so plainly the meaning which underlies those few words: The power to cast out devils - and your heart and mind will be so dedicated to God's work that you will not be able to rest; your one aim and ambition will be to save others who have turned from the short steep path; to fetter them by love and to draw them back out of the pit of misunderstanding on to the high plateau of peace; and to have the joy of seeing that they, too, have won the power to cast out devils.

"In time to come there shall not be one lost soul, for the Shepherd will seek, and seek, and seek, until all are gathered in. We are one great family under the Father and Mother God. In all worlds and in all spheres love is the link, and we cannot know true happiness so long as one of our brothers and sisters is missing from the Fold.

"So then, with a brave heart, face your troubles, realising what they represent; stand unashamed, although you may have poverty within the home; stand unashamed, for you can be blessed by God as the selfish-rich man can never be; for you have gone without and yet have kept your faith intact.

"I say once again that great changes are coming to pass upon the earth plane, and those with the endurance will be wanted; but those with the coward-heart indeed will be dismayed. Yet the ones who are strong shall succour the weak, and the weak in time will be strong themselves and give strength unto others.

"I bless you, my well-beloved, by the grace of God with the will to be brave, to be cheerful, to hold up your light so that all may see it; and thus to draw down a Divine blessing upon yourselves and those around, to spread the healing power - healing for the body, healing for the mind and healing for the soul. And as you pray and strive, so shall be released within you that holy power which is symbol and sign of your spiritual inheritance, and you shall sorrow no more. Joy and peace shall hold your being; you shall look at the things of the earth and see them for the trumpery toys they represent. Then your eyes will be raised to the sky, for it means to you a brighter, fairer land. Your treasure is there, in God's home, safe and secure; and when your time comes to pass hence what a glorious harvest shall be there for you, it will indeed be Welcome Home!

"As I leave you, I send over the spaces the healing power of God - not mine but His - giving peace and understanding, throwing the light of Divine Love over the pathway that seems so dark. And when that pathway is lightened for yourselves, you can go to those in darkness, so that they shall share the light with you. And when your eyes are opened to spiritual things, you will see to your infinite joy that the light upon your pathway on earth was the light of angels who walked with you, giving you strength, guiding your steps, pointing to the Better Land, where God has prepared for those who love Him those things which pass man's understanding, but which are there in very truth. The little children shall work for God, and those who have done so much, they shall be given added power; the blind shall see, and they shall have the power to cast blindness from others.

(1 Corinthians 1, 17-24)

"Thus in time the Will of God shall be done; darkness shall be no more the Cross of Jesus Christ shall be as a strong support, and with the Cross so fear is banished; with the Cross the power has come to cast out devils wherever they may be.

"Peace be unto you, the peace which the Master only can give, the peace that can remain whatever life may hold...The Master comes to bless us Himself! With loving words He draws you close: Come unto Me all ye that are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest!

"Farewell, my little children, but in God's good time we shall meet again with joy, bringing our sheaves with us for the Harvest which God has ordained.

"Peace, and again peace!"

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