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The Zodiac Messages
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  Most of An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Kingsley Hall, Old Market, Bristol, on Sunday, June 17th, 1934

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"...But I would speak of a power which is not of the earth at all, a far finer power, a power that shall be seen as a Divine gift when the physical body is cast aside, for I am instructed to speak upon: 'The Power of Spirit Communion'.

There may be those who are thinking of the power which comes to mediums, to the instruments who pass on messages from those in the Great Beyond; but I want to emphasise in tones that must be serious, that even here there are different qualities of power. There is the power that shall be held by the instruments for all time; and there is that power, in the earth language, which represents a terrible responsibility, for so oft it is misused.

"When you are free from that which holds, when you come back and seek to make use of an instrument in the flesh, you will understand so well what I seek to convey regarding the right power, and the power which is recognised as power by those who are ignorant of spiritual things.

"Now I want you to remember that all men and women, yea, even the boys and the girls, each one is an instrument for good or for ill. You are all mediums, whether you recognise this fact or not. Sometimes you can rise to great heights of unselfishness, sometimes self intervenes, sometimes God seems so close that you feel the garments of the Master Christ, and sometimes it seems as though great clouds roll between you and holiness and spiritual desire. To those who have suffered in this wise I speak, not only for their sake but for the sake of those who have passed into the Spirit World.

"For know you not that those who are free from the earth can still be held by the chains of the earth, by your thoughts concerning them, by your desires if they are material? Yes, these things cause suffering unto them, and their progress is hindered because of you, for they love you and they come back seeking to bring about a better state of things, and sometimes, sometimes, your influence over them is stronger than their influence over you, and perchance they are less evolved because of their companionship with you, and you must work out that in time to come.

"So I want you, on this day of brightness and of promise, to think of those things which are still brighter, which hold still fuller promise of glorious times to come. The Power of Spirit Communion lies in this great fact: When your loved ones come to you, and mediums pass on messages from them, what is the effect upon your own character, upon your own lives? Does it make you long to be better, does it seem to break down barriers between you and the One Who loves you so much better than they have the capacity to love you? Does it make the things of the earth seem of little worth in comparison with the treasures of the Spirit?

"I speak to the mediums here, and to those who are training to be mediums, and I ask them to ponder upon this great fact, for one time they must face Reality, and if they have swerved from the Law of God they must work out that swerving with pain, and in some cases with an anguish no words can portray.

"The instruments of God were meant to demonstrate something of that spirituality for which the Master stands; the instruments of God were not meant to give messages to please the physical minds of those who listen; the instruments of God were meant to make clear to those who listen their deep responsibility, to show that what they sow they must reap, that the life of the physical is short in comparison with the life of the Spirit, and by the preparation now, or the lack of it, so will be their fate, their lot, their destiny in time to come.

"There are instruments who had well-known names who have passed into the Great Beyond and they this day are anguished, not because God is not generous unto them, not because they have not many good gifts and privileges and opportunities - for in a measure they were used to help others - but they are anguished because they desecrated their Divine gifts by using them amiss, forgetting that they were something intensely sacred, intensely holy, something allied to the Divinity housed within.

"There are mediums who come on to these platforms and give out that which raises a laugh; they give out that which seems as earth cleverness, and there are those who listen, who applaud, knowing not that the instrument must suffer in time to come, for these things are sacred, and this treatment of a holy gift comes nigh unto blasphemy against the Lord God of all.

"We are dealing with fundamentals, we are dealing with truths that never pass away, we are dealing with God's great privileges and opportunities, and I say to the men and women who are prostituting their gifts: Take care, beware! for indeed you will be tortured in time to come when realisation dawns upon you. This is not a gift that was meant to entertain the minds of others.

"Those beyond the Veil come to you prayerfully if they are freed souls; if they come to you as bound souls, then your duty is to do missionary work with them; and if they give to you that which is unbecoming to evolved souls, it is for you to cast over them such thoughts of holiness and of peace that they shall be quelled, and the spirit that is tempting them shall be drawn into line with those great things of God that last for evermore.

"The power behind Spirit Communion lies in this: How far do you recognise that the gift is holy? What effect has the message from the Great Beyond on your heart and mind? If it does not bring you closer to God, then I say it were better for your soul if the message had never been delivered unto you - better for your soul, better for the instrument, and better for the one who seeks to communicate.

"When the Veil is rent in twain it will be clear to you. The Master, when He walked the earth plane, taught His disciples to put into use this Divine gift. The disciples prayed, they cleansed their body, put on clean garments and gathered into an upper room; or when the persecutors drew close, they took their way over the plains and found some lonely cave, and there upon their knees they fell and asked that God should purify their hearts and minds. Their prayers were answered, and in those lonely caves great souls such as Elijah and Abraham and Moses demonstrated before their wondering gaze.

"Oft I have said: Do not seek to materialise spirits in the Great Beyond; but remember that it lies within your power to bring about that which is an etherialisation of the material, and great souls can come back and demonstrate, building up by thought an image of their soul-body, in as much brightness as those on earth can bear. And when those sweet companions come amongst man then his resurrection shall take place; then the children of the earth shall scorn their troubles, will rise above their sorrows, will cast off their earthly burdens and rejoice. A great light has streamed upon them and they have seen the promises of God fulfilled.

"It is not meant by the Father and Mother God that those images should come back into the earth conditions which are material in every respect; but it is meant by God that the sweet forms of your loved ones, bearing something of brightness, shall manifest among the children of the Great Lover of us all.

"So I plead with you, and when one tempts with this or with that, oh, take care! Be on your guard, realise that you are a living soul, that within you is all-purity and all-truth, and in the degree that you desecrate that holiness, so you must work it out in time to come.

"Spirit Communion is blessed by God; Spirit Return is indeed that great gift of the Father for the comforting of His children in the earth body; but woe unto those who forsake the law, woe unto those who seek to make earthly the things which are Divine, for their sufferings will be great in time to come. Many an instrument has gloried in his or her gift, many an instrument has entered into this holy communion without a prayer, without that commendation of themselves to the only One Who has the power to protect; and then when they have passed over the narrow bridge of physical death they have found the messengers of Christ waiting for them; they have been led gently into this condition and that condition, and their eyes have been opened gradually to the truth.

"Then such as these seem as ones struck dead, for in looking over the past they hear their own voices repudiating the Master of us all. Yet the great Light has shone upon their soul, and by repentance they can win back that which they have cast aside; but the influence they had upon those in the earth body remains, and think what a load this represents. Because of their levity and materialism, because they desecrated their Divine gifts, men and women have lost their way in the darkness of the forests of the earth, and they must call to them with an insistent voice before they respond and seek to climb the hill into revelation and Divine truth.

"I speak to the instruments, and I say that in the degree they strive to seek to help their neighbours they are blessed beyond earthly language to describe; in the degree that they give out healing power to those who are sick, so the Holy Spirit is drawn unto them in volume; in the degree that they seek to raise these meetings until they are services of worship, so there are piled up around them the treasures of heaven, and the treasures of the earth are shown in their true guise.

"We have much to teach and those upon the earth plane have much to learn. I would draw in those who have so much trouble, those who are faced with poverty, those who work hard from early morning till late at night, and I say unto these men and women that if they have that which you name psychic gifts, or not, they have something better: they have spiritual gifts, they have the gift of endurance, the gift of patience, the gift of faith; and when they pass into the next stage - they shall find that they have gifts of sight and hearing far surpassing anything shown on earth, and such as these will indeed rejoice.

"So I speak to my brothers and sisters who are so hard beset, and there are many gathered in. To you, my brother, who know so much about the sting of poverty and adversity; to you, my sister, who grow so tired of struggling to make both ends meet; to you, poor tired mother, who feel at times that the human frame cannot stand the strain imposed upon it; to you all I speak: Be of good cheer; you are indeed an instrument of God in the God-way; by your striving, by your determination not to give way, by your seeking to remain true to your faith, you are bringing into the earth conditions Divine power. You are a miracle-worker, and one day your eyes shall be opened and the truth shall be revealed, and then the past will not represent dimness and struggle, sorrow and grief, but it will be as a path lined with flowers, the flowers of the Spirit, and on your knees you will fall before the Master, thanking Him that He has lent you the strength not to give way, not to lose heart, to be faithful unto the end.

"Oh, I would that I could make you understand what such an attitude of mind works in for disembodied souls. It may be that in your own family or in the wider field of labour, or it may be that amongst your forebears there were those who fell from the highest and the best, there were those who passed out and found themselves in the chains of earthly desires. Yet because you strove to do your best, through the cord of relationship or of love or of sympathy or of memory, they have seen the light that shines from you, and through you, perchance, a soul bound over many years has found its freedom.

"What are you but instruments of grace? Does not joy fill your heart and mind, does it not seem that life is explained in certain measure? I congratulate the trouble-holders and the burden-bearers, for they are the ones who shall be the treasure-holders and the joy-bringers in the time to come; and the power behind Spirit Communion shall be granted unto them, the power built up by them through Spirit Communion. They have been instrumental in bringing into being the power that shall not fade, but shall grow and grow; and when they are free from the body they shall be free in a sense that God only can portray.

"My children, I implore you to strive on; I entreat those who have the gifts of the hand, the gifts of the voice, the gifts of sight, the gifts of hearing, to purify still more their gifts, to realise that in time to come they will be seen by themselves as stewards, stewards of something sacred, something that they want to hand back to the Christ unspotted by the world; and when they offer to the Christ their gifts, whatever they may represent, the Holy Master will shed His blessing upon the gift and it will be returned unto them with a life and a power that shall never pass away.

"So I plead with you all, and to those who seem beyond my reach; to such as these I say that there are angels walking amongst them, seeking to put upon them their own mantle of light, praying that they may be able to hold the holiness that they are bestowing; aye, praying that God may use each one of you as He thinks best, praying that earthly desires may wither and pass away, praying that you may be true custodians of that which is symbol and sign of your Divine inheritance. Oh, pray, too, and your prayers shall be answered. Seek the highest and the highest shall be returned unto you, not as man understands, but as God interprets. When that prayer goes up, forget yourselves; pray that you may be used to bring faith to others, pray that the messages that pass through your lips may be as a spiritual benediction to those who listen; pray that you may be used as a missionary so that those who otherwise might have strayed, may be fettered fast to the One Who only can safeguard, our Saviour Jesus Christ.

"My heart yearns over you all. I know that there are faithful souls gathered here, I know there are men and women who want to consecrate their lives to the higher service, and I say that for them is being prepared that which shall surpass their highest hopes. Yet if you consecrate your gifts now, forget not to consecrate them still more tomorrow; if you contact with the holiness which is poured upon you from highly evolved souls who long to be welcomed into your presence, then pray that your consciousness may be still further released and you may be still more sensitive to the holy vibrations they bring. For remember that your home is not here; your home is in a far city, and if you are not attuned to holiness now, in a time to come you will seem as a stranger in the celestial city, as one who is dazzled by the light there, who is confused by the brightness, who is deaf to the sweet angel choir, because you are unprepared.

"Yet the time is here and now to prepare, the opportunity comes each day to get nearer to God, nearer to the One Who loves you best; and by this attitude of mind you are being used by your guardians and your guides during the sleep state to pass into those planes darkened by self, and to lead 'lost' souls out of their misery into something of peace, something of happiness, and they bless your name for evermore.

"As I cast over each and every one those finer vibrations of Spirit, I ask them to remember that the power that can open all doors is the power set into being by reverent prayer. Pray with your minds when your lips do not move, pray by thanking God in your heart for the brightness of the sun, for the sweet perfume of the flowers, for the fact that you can see, you can walk and hear. Let that which is your real self, perchance once entombed within, let it express itself by that attitude of mind of praise to God from Whom all blessings flow, and you shall find, dear children, that you can be used as never you have been used aforetime, and there shall be many who shall be led to become pure instruments because you did your best.

"Peace and blessing, and the power of holy communion bind your hearts and minds fast to God! Bring up the young to seek the Baby Jesus and His obedient life; bring up the growing girl and boy so that beauty and happiness can come to them from self-denial; and show to others that you do not only preach to them but you seek to live your faith, that you love to encourage those who are not as far as you are. Yes, be an example to those around and there shall be opened to you those sweet conditions where sorrow never enters, there shall be shown what the path of duty faithfully followed has achieved for the humble soul, wherever he or she may be.

"Then the miracle of God's Love in little measure is unfolded, and as time goes on the bud opens, and within the bud there shall be deeper recesses still. As we go on through the spheres, as you would say, we marvel at God's grace, at His generosity, His unbounded love, and even so we know so little of the unlimited Heart and Mind of the Lord Creator; but all things shall be granted unto us in time to come.

"As I take my leave, I charge you all to set your ideals still higher; your hopes, see that they are still further cleansed; your ambitions, let the Light of God shine upon them and wither up all of the earth that remains; for the time is coming when great things will happen upon this plane; the time is coming when pilgrim souls will be wanted in a way you cannot grasp at this same stage. When the great call comes, those who failed their better self will see that life in its true sense is not for them; but those who strive against weariness and poverty and the treachery of others, they will see an aspect of life hitherto undreamed of in their own consciousness; and, as I have said before, manifested before them shall be those of ancient days - the saints and the martyrs - and as the children of the earth see them, their hearts and minds will be filled with the peace of God that no man can take away..."

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