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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes.

An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
printed in the Greater World newsletter on Saturday, April 20th, 1985 (date of Message not given)

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"I want, my children, to talk to you in a very personal way. It is not my part to come back to those on earth and seek to entertain the mind of the body, for I know there are so many whose hearts are aching, whose souls require just that extra help which shall turn turmoil into peace for them.

"True it is that the knowledge of this plane has its uses, it can be blessed when the mind of man is employed on those things which bring benefit to others; but you know, dear children, that many of the mentalists are not interested in other people, they use their gifts and powers to bring credit to themselves alone. Therefore I say to you who have able minds: Be not deceived, that mind of yours can help you in the life to come, but only if in this stage it is employed for the betterment of the conditions of those around.

"So this night, speaking under the guidance of the Master Jesus, I want to talk to you personally about: 'The Power Behind Mediumship'.

"And if there are some here to say: 'I am not a medium, this hardly concerns me', then I ask such as these to wait a while, and they will see that my message is for them as well. Indeed it is for the world at large, and there are many disembodied souls gathered in who shall have strength given to them by the Grace of God - because you have met here and they have been attracted by the light of holy desire. Henceforth they shall no longer walk in darkness, but the Spirit of God shall enfold them until - at last - they find the One True Fold, and wander no more.

"Think of the power behind mediumship. All over the world today you see forms of mediumship. You cannot turn to any made article on the earth plane without realising that in a crude or a refined form it is an illustration of mediumship. There is the carpenter who takes of the raw wood; by care as well as skill, by patience and determination to do his best, out of a shapeless mass something beautiful is created for the benefit of man - mediumship, not only as some of you regard it, but mediumship in its true sense.

"Then I turn to the gardeners here, to those who love their flowers, who, perhaps, found a very untidy patch, one that bore signs of neglect and lack of interest in God's humbler creations. The owner, at first bewildered and somewhat dismayed, wondered how he should begin. Then the will arose to start, and as he toiled, giving out his strength, his interest, love was born for his own garden. This is a wonderful law of God. Dear children, you cannot love anything with your real self unless that thing has torn out from you something in the way of effort - and often something in the way of suffering too.

"I want you, in your own homes and in your spiritual work, to remember that this law of God cannot be evaded. There are many who come in to reap what others have sown; there are those, after God's work has been started, after many disappointments have been endured, who would come in and take on at that stage; but they are not the true owners, they did not love sufficiently to be willing to create, and however clever a man may be, he cannot appropriate the efforts of others.

"And so you find all over this world of yours, caricature-forms of mediumship; and the thought comes to those who consider these things: 'What is the power behind mediumship? What is the power behind those who are the dictators, behind the war-makers, behind those who disregard the needs of the poor and the sick?' And the answer must be given: That there is a force cannot be denied. Whence comes that force? And surely intuition answers: 'It must come from those who are enemies of the Christ, it must come from the fallen angels, from those who have abused the laws of God'.

"Then I turn to another aspect. Go amongst the toilers in the coal mines and factories. Sometimes there is peace, but more often, my children, there is turmoil, there is discontent. Why is this? Because there are those there who are not being used as mediums of the Holy Spirit, but are direct mediums of the unseen forces out to wreck. So the poisoned word is sown here, and thoughts of discord thrown out there, and at last those who were once contented workers, find within themselves rebellion seething up, and many of them make the mistake of their lives - they throw away that which represents their livelihood. But the ones who tempted, the ones who led them, are not prepared to keep them, indeed no help whatever is forthcoming from them for their victims' dire need.

"So we think of the masses: As we turn to the rulers and those holding high office, we can see instinctively the power that is inspiring those who should be the custodians for the Most High. Their love is not for God's work, their love is not for those under their power; their love is for self. Ambition has reared itself up, they are answering to the voice of unseen authority, recognising not that one who is an enemy in very truth, is influencing their minds and swaying their hearts.

"Then we come to the individual, to man as a living soul, to you here imbued with many gifts, for is there not Divinity within, and in Divinity are there not housed in miniature the attributes of God? Think of it dear children, sometimes you forget your holy origin, sometimes the cries of the earth drown the soft Voice of the Spirit. There are so many with high intelligence forgetting that they are immortal, forgetting that this stage is but one short stage alone, forgetting that what they have sown must be reaped in time to come, forgetting that they must pass over the little bridge of physical death and meet those who love them in the Great Beyond, stand before their parents who bore them and endured much for them, and see the pain and disillusionment in their eyes. Truly there are those with mental gifts who overlook fundamentals, who are as the foolish ones of their own generation.

"Oh I want those who feel self-confident, wherever they may be, to have the courage to face spiritual fact. Were they not born as helpless babes? Have they not seen men and women with full vitality struck down almost without any warning at all? Who are they to defy physical death and Divine Law? It is no use, dear children, to disbelieve in immortality, it is no use for one ignorant of God's laws to bid the seas depart or the sun to shine. These things but prove the puny character of man at this same stage.

"So I want to send out a message to those who are self-confident over their own lives, to those who say: 'I do not believe in spirit return', for as they speak they are being used as mediums by an earth-bound spirit. When man denies his immortality, when he turns from the Holy Creator, refusing to acknowledge the facts that are there, surely he is proved unworthy of his Divine origin and inheritance. Yet God is a God of Love, of infinite mercy and patience, and the time will come, dear children, when every soul at last will be won by the saving Grace of God. Never forget that when the Master hung upon the Cross, it was the love-sacrifice and not the blood-sacrifice that was given to the earth to win and save humanity as a whole.

"Then I turn to your own lives. I know that there are some here who feel that life is merely routine; it is the same thing over and over again; what is the use of it all? They have high ideals, and ambitious desires, and they feel that they are wasting their time. If only their chance would come, they could show the world that they could pull their weight in any boat and win the race.

"So this day, through the loving Heart of Christ, I would speak to you upon the use of routine, and I feel that there will be some here who will take a different view of the mundane round and trivial task. Think you, dear children, of the laws of God as expressed in this little planet of yours. The seasons change, the tides turn, the winds do their great part, the rain brings your food. What a wonderful illustration of the blessings of routine.

"If there was a lack of co-operation between the various forms of power given to man on earth, what a chaos life would represent! Ponder upon the precision of Divine Law. Think of the stars in their courses, of the millions of planets and bodies hidden from the eye of man. What would it mean if routine were absent, if the laws of God did not work on in perfect harmony? Truly, life upon this little plane would have passed away centuries ago.

"Then I turn to the women here, and I understand the lot of women in a way it would be hard for them to grasp, but this has been part of my training upon the earth plane. So I speak to the mothers and sisters, and I ask them to try to realise that the mundane in their daily lives is part of the great law of order ordained by God. You know, dear children, that when there is a woman in the home disregarding her duties, there is no harmony, and in time the place becomes unbearable. Why? Because order is the Law of Life, and when anyone sins against the law of order there is no stationary state, bad develops into worse, and at last there is the forsaking of that patch which is a home degraded and defiled.

"Are there not some of you here waiting for the comfort I bring? No one seems to notice what you do, it is all taken for granted, day by day, month by month, year by year; but God understands. Unknowingly, unconsciously, by doing your duty over the mundane task, you are co-operating with Him, you are supplying power so that God's law of order can be sustained, strengthened and beautified as well. Is it not worthwhile?

"And I turn to my brothers too. I know that there are some here who are tired of their daily toil, who feel that their abilities are wasted, who want to do something nearer to their heart's desire. Brothers, be not deceived, the heart's desire so often betrays; there is something stronger than that, there is the desire of the spirit within you, and the spirit within you wants to be part of the Divine Plan. It is only by harnessing the will, by developing the patience, by keeping back the thoughtless word; it is only by these simple processes that you can grow, that the real self within you can be expressed.

"You did not think when you looked out upon a man sweeping the road, that if he was doing it to the best of his ability, he was creating beauty and power. Perhaps as you saw your brother gathering up the rubbish, it did not occur to you that by fulfilling his part be was obeying Divine Law. There is nothing upon the earth plane so repellent to the mind of man that cannot - by the Grace of God and the miracle of His love - be transmuted into beauty and power. I would that at times your eyes could be opened and you could follow in thought the humble toilers, and vibrate at times to the humiliation that seizes their being. They ask themselves: 'Was I born for this?' And the answer comes from the Throne of Grace: Work well done is second to none!

"Think, dear children, of the power behind the mediumship of such as these. Have you not noticed that so often those with the hard lives are able to find the cheerful greeting, those who are robbed of their sleep sometimes come and leave a little blessing behind because they pass on a happy thought? God's mediums, expressing themselves through the mundane, through the routine of daily life.

"As you look out upon the beautiful signs of Spring, remember my words and apply the law to your own lives. Have you not had Spring and Summer, and then Autumn and the dark Wintertime of experience? Yes, this is part of life, it is essential for growth.

"Now I would come amongst you and pass on the power which has been gifted to me by the One Who loves us best, Jesus the Christ; and I want you to realise that because I use the instrument in this way, it does not mean that you cannot be used in another way equally effectively and become equally blessed. It is not for you, dear children, to say: 'I want to be used as a medium in that way'. God's ways are best.

"There are many humble-hearted men and women who, when they pass into the Better Land, feel they scarcely have a right to be in such bright conditions. How great is their amazement when they are shown a picture of their life on earth! All the mundane tasks, the living of an obscure life, unnoticed, perhaps, only loved by one here and there; and yet there was something within them inspiring them to do their little best, and in conditions of bliss they see they were mediums, and through them the power of the Holy Spirit was passed and left its sweetness upon the earth plane, inspiring others in turn not to ignore the routine of daily life, not to grow tired of the same old task which must be done and yet always must be done again. The power behind the mediumship of the ordinary toiler surpasses your language to describe.

"Then I want to turn your attention just for a moment or two to mediumship as applied to psychic gifts. You know, dear children, there are some mediums who inspire you to be brave; others who pander to your baser self, who give you false and foolish messages, who say to you that you have such wonderful gifts that you are going to do this and that. You know in your heart it is scarcely possible, and yet human nature is such that these messages are far more prized than the ones which will be proved true for evermore. If a spirit comes back to you, my children, and says that you are doing marvellous things, then answer: 'Get behind me Satan!' for indeed you will be in communion with a bound soul.

"The messages that are true, that come from God's Land, are as this: 'You can do better tomorrow. You may have done well in the yesterday of time, but you can do better tomorrow'. Any spirit who turns your attention from carrying your own cross, is indeed as a snake in the grass.

"But I know there are many here who are willing, once the call has come, to make the full surrender, to give out of their very best for the purification of their own conditions and for the amelioration of the woes of others. Blessed are such as these, their places in the Kingdom is assured. Many have been prepared by following the mundane task, by refusing to grow tired of routine. They are inspired by God, and they shall be used when the little earth body is cast asunder, to be guides and guardians of others, and they shall be loved by many for the release that they have brought.

"So, as I take my leave, I would once again ask you as to the power behind your mediumship, and I want you to be honest with yourselves, to make a vow this night that God - and God alone - shall give you power to express yourselves to others. Man indeed represents a mighty force; the able mind of the body possessed by many, that is as nought to the mind of the spirit that shall be at the disposal of the brave soul, of the one who has kept his eyes upon the Star of Bethlehem, and has travelled on, out of the darkness into the light.

"Dear children, what know you of creation, even of the humble wayside flower? The greatest scientist this world has ever brought into being, stands dumb before the miracle of the tiny daisy in its simple beauty. But when you are free, if you did your duty in the position in which you found yourselves, then shall be released - within - the true creative power over those things you love. Because you love them you shall have the power to penetrate into their world, and through the Divinity that is within you, God will allow you to create, to give life, to express in outward form the beauty which indeed is within the Divinity that is your own.

"Now I take my leave, blessing you all, and surely the blessing which comes from God is this: The blessing of understanding, the blessing of comprehending that sometimes the little things of life create the big things of the Spirit. There is no bridge between you and the next stage so strong as that built up by following the simple path of duty, and over that bridge not only your forbears, but the saints and martyrs can come to you, for your mediumship is such that the barriers are broken down.

"I would bless the workers - bless them by the power of the Holy Spirit - with a cheerful heart, with a still higher spiritual ambition, and I say to those who have striven so hard, who have overcome so many obstacles, that their spiritual sinews have been strengthened thereby and the plan shall unfold, and darkness shall give way to the sunshine of the Spirit; and out of the little things, out of the mundane toil, so the flowers of the Better Land shall be brought into being and give comfort and healing and peace to those who are sore distressed.

"The power behind your mediumship, dear children - oh, forget not that this will make all the difference when you are free. Seek the highest, and the highest shall come to you; seek that which is base, and God Himself does not interfere, because you have the gift of free-will, and what the Lord giveth He taketh not away.

"Peace, and again peace, dear children. Remember the brightness that lies ahead for the patient toilers, for those who desire to do their best. Farewell."

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