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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Farnham, Surrey, on Sunday, 3rd December, 1950

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"SAVIOUR CHRIST, into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child...

..."MY CHILDREN, as I take my way up and down the countryside I am allowed to see much. Those who gather into these Services bring with them their own conditions, their guides and helpers, and many loved ones from the Spirit World; and I want you to realise that this is a Holy Communion! You may call it the Communion of Saints, and I remind you that the time must come when every one will become a saint. That may seem in the far future to you, and indeed man as a whole has been held back by human inclination; but the time does come when the dross of self at last withers away and the Spirit within mankind is shown in something of its beauty and its power.

"But always, my children, we have to be very practical; it is useless to talk of that which you may regard as Utopia, and yet not to indicate the pathway to be trod which eventually will bring about this happy state of being.

"So tonight I am instructed to speak to you upon: 'Physicians Here And In The Spirit World'.

Now you are all familiar with the subject of doctors; and some today who have given many years to study the science of medicine are feeling in degree that things have gone wrong. When they gave up their lives to this career conditions were very different. Had they known what the future had in store they might have hesitated, because much was extracted from them both in the way of effort and of material treasure. I want to sympathise with the doctors for there are many earnest souls, desiring to do their best, finding that they are up against conditions beyond their control.

"But we must honour also those whose concept was to benefit the rank and file, to make it possible that men and women in all walks of life should have medical attention and should be put in the position that a restoration to health might be possible.

"But you always find, my children, that even with the best theories, there are things which quickly go awry, and very often it is because there is over-organisation. The ones who in the beginning had that high ideal, definitely had no idea that the vast machinery carrying it out might in due course act as a stranglehold upon the ideal they had in mind.

"We must always be fair in our judgements in regard to those who strike out for something which they hope will benefit humanity; and if those in authority were willing to listen to the advice of some who are more experienced, then many of the difficulties and obstacles and the bitterness could be removed.

"But there are many doctors upon the earth plane, because they are qualified to heal, who want to help; they are not interested only in material gain, and these are the ones who are in training to become physicians in Spirit Life, and before them stretches a career which no earthly words can describe. And if there are some who are feeling somewhat sore about the trend of events, I want them to develop the long vision, to realise that even disappointment and frustration and, what to some may seem as actual betrayal, that all these things, if rightly handled, can be used as grist for their spiritual mill in time to come.

"But we must think of the work of the physicians on a much wider scale than that presented by the doctors upon the earth plane. For instance, there are many complaints which are not cured through that brought into being by medical science. No doubt the researchers have done their utmost, they have worked hard to find a solution for this or for that, they have used every means in their power to apply the drugs which are available to bring about the desired result. But, as you know, so often it seems that failure follows and goes on to its dreadful end. So other means and other methods must be found.

"But, first of all, shall we consider the nature of the complaints? There are the complaints of the physical body and of the physical mind, and those deeper complaints associated with the soul-body which, through adverse experiences, has been damaged, and perhaps cannot be rightly repaired until this stage of existence has run its course.

"How do these things happen? Well, you must remember that some people are far more sensitive than others and therefore they are more prone to be affected by the material conditions on this plane. What would ride over one or be dismissed with a laugh, may go very deeply with another one, especially through the childhood years. And if those wounds are not delicately handled and the balm of love placed upon them, they fester in a very real way. You will be surprised when you pass over and are allowed to review the events of the past, to see how some blows upon the soul, made perhaps in childhood and forgotten by you and certainly forgotten by the one who struck, how there is still a mark of the injury upon the next body that is worn.

"So, dear children, here we come to a wider aspect altogether in regard to healing. There are healers who are acknowledged to be healers; there are those healers who carry on their remedial work as it were outside the curtain of legal practice; and there are many others who, through their faith in God and belief in the teachings in the Holy Book, have become spiritual healers. All these people are contributing so far as they are able to the amelioration of pain, of physical disability and of mental trouble.

"True, today there have sprung up those who seem to think they are specialists in regard to the real self within. They have advocated certain principles, which, with some people may be effective; but with others the psychologists have failed and, more than that, they have damaged the soul-body of the one concerned.

"So let us use all our commonsense and see what can be done to bring about a better state of being. Now, beloved, there are many who might say: 'I should love to be a healer, but I have not the power!' They are not really in a position to make that remark because they do not understand their own make-up, and, also they are focusing entirely upon those who are regarded as spiritual healers working in the churches, in the circles, or in their own homes.

"I want to assure you that there is not one individual linked to God who cannot be a practising healer; and their power can reach far beyond their own country, or clime, and indeed far beyond the physical world. Now how is this brought about? Well, in a very simple way! You are not required to go through intricate examinations or to spend a lot of money on your mental education; but what is essential is this - the extension of the character which you now possess. And that extension can take place, again, by very simple methods and means.

"You must remember that you are one of a very large family, although your individuality will not be interfered with. In a physical sense you have your own personality, as you call it; but apart from that, the individual side has to be, as it were, merged into the family spirit. And I want you to consider how far you have managed to expand your consciousness to take in something of the real importance of the family spirit.

"You may say: 'I am devoted to my own!' Yes, but you must remember that those you call your own during the physical stage may not necessarily represent your own after the transition. Many families are gathered together for the purpose of gaining experience. Therefore you find very different characteristics in one family, and sometimes a certain amount of clashing of auras. One is keyed to a certain vibration and another perhaps to the opposite, and it is the cause of disharmony or unhappiness in the home.

"But, my children, the mixing of different personalities is of the very greatest importance in regard to the expansion of your understanding, to the expansion of the family spirit. If you lived with those who were in perfect harmony with you, you would find you would not progress because there would be nothing to fight against, nor the calling upon of self-control or patience, or for the desire to understand the human nature of another.

"So you see in regard to the family spirit, at once you draw in the vast subject of the part of the PHYSICIAN. Nowadays you feel greatly in sympathy with a certain type, and perhaps very much out of sympathy with another type; but what is it that creates that sense of sympathy? Sometimes merely the same sense of humour, sometimes the same appreciation of the beauty of Nature, sometimes the same hobby, sometimes you are linked together with those who are quite different from yourself by your wish to serve Christ and to further His work upon the earth plane.

"We are getting a little nearer to the truth. In whatever position of life you may find yourself, whatever your environment, you can here and now learn the rudiments of becoming a physician, a physician who will have his or her own place in the World of Spirit when this short span of experience is finished for you.

"It does open out a wonderful vista of opportunity and of happiness, and you who possess what others regard as a 'sensing' instinct, you are on the road towards the attainment of your career. There are others who perhaps are not so sympathetic as they might be, but surely this is a matter of inexperience? It is not that they are unsympathetic over the sorrows of others, but they do not understand them because they never happened to themselves.

"For instance: if you never had a severe attack of toothache, how could you imagine the kind of pain registered by a suffering child? All these things are on the lines of commonsense, but so often people forget. They would say perhaps they seem so matter of fact that they are hardly worth consideration; but they are, and they form part of the pattern of Life. If you can look upon a little sufferer and feel that a great deal of fuss is being made about something which is a trivial hurt, then, my children, when the time comes and you are attacked in the same way, your view-point changes immediately. But it is too late, as you can understand, to undo the damage which has been done to the child, who is terrified over perhaps her first experience of pain. She feels she is in the clutch of something which should be taken away from her by her elders. That, again, is a natural instinct.

"As you turn to the doctors for relief so the child turns to the mother, whom she thinks will surely be able to relieve her of this terrifying experience.

"Think on these things, my children, and allow your minds to amplify the outline which I have given, for today more than ever the healing touch is needed, and it will be needed in a greater measure still. What an opportunity is lost by countless souls who have never released their healing touch, for there is Divinity within each one of you, and in 'Divinity' is Love, and all those marvellous qualities associated with that predominant and perfect expression of Life.

"So when you think of events today - and some of you are conscious that things are going wrong - you must follow that thought by arguing with your own minds how there can come the healing of any nation; and this subject is of utmost importance because until something of healing can be given to the nations peace cannot remain upon the earth plane. You have seen that by the semblance of peace which followed the great tribulation. You regard it as a very poor specimen of that which you hoped for and prayed for. But the fault lies with the individual not with fate, not with God, not with the working out of events according to universal law. The fault lies with the individual. Millions of individuals make up this world; and millions of individuals, to a certain extent in these so-called modern times, have the opportunity to express their own opinions and of casting their vote on the side of right or wrong.

"I want you to consider this subject because in the days to come it may be brought back to you in rather a forcible manner. You will say to yourselves: 'Yes, too much time was wasted before an effort was made to heal the nations!'

"You must remember that a nation has a mind, a body and a soul, just as you have; and through what has taken place there have been wounds on the souls of nations that cannot heal up; they have gone too deep, the poison has penetrated right through and is still doing its dreadful work.

"Will you try to think on these lines and to consider fairly and justly the kind of physicians you have today, and, again, the physician that you yourself may become? For, beloved, God's law of equality appertains for each and everyone. You can be amongst the finest of the healers, although no publicity may attend your efforts. And you are called upon, if you love God and Christ, to become a healer, to release from within yourself that wonderful power which comes from the Great Reservoir of Life granted unto you by Divine Love - the Father, the Creator of all Life.

"Around you you have many opportunities; but in your mind you have far greater opportunities than the physical can show. What are your thoughts when you take up the daily papers and read of catastrophe here, of threats there, and of the torture of innocent people in some part far away, perhaps? Do you remember the family spirit - that such as these are of your blood and bone from a spiritual point of view? How would you feel if it related to those you brought to birth? But physical birth is of very trivial importance compared with the great link or bond of spiritual birth which holds us fast together.

"And I beg you to do your very utmost to think on sane and constructive lines about this great subject of HEALING, and to ask yourselves how far you have got, how far are you released from self so that you can enter into the lot of others. And always remember that the best work cannot be done when there are other gods worshipped at the same time, when there are those who take so much delight in their own bodies that they have but little time to think of the bodies of others which are far less attractive to the eye and to the physical mind.

"Oh, I do implore you to think very carefully upon this subject, to look at your own hands and to realise that from your fingers - if you love sufficiently - healing power can be imparted to another.

"Then as you sit in the quietness of your own room and consider the mind of the body, you will gain help from the mind of the Spirit. How wide an orbit does the physical mind cover at this same stage? Do you think of others or rather of yourself? When there is a call for service, is there something in the path - a personal desire - which holds you back? Why do I speak thus? I am fighting for the emancipation of the real self from the physical self, because times are urgent, and those who neglect their gifts in this preparation-period may be heartbroken to find they can do so little when so much should be done.

"The physicians from the Spirit World swarm over the earth plane, numbers could not express them, they are here in training, they are doing their utmost to help those who are sick in mind and in body and in soul. They know that still more will be required of them. But one thing they lack, and that is the response from those in the body which would allow them to gain far more experience than they can gain at present, and to bring about far better results than they have ever had before.

"So you see, my children, that in your conditions you have healers waiting there to express themselves through you, but it depends upon your sympathy with the sick, your desire to understand what they are going through, and how far you have released the spirit of service, which means that the coarse cloak which covers that which is infinitely precious - your real Self - can be discarded.

"I ask you to visualise a tree with the bark 'torn off', in your language. The bark is to protect the more sensitive life within. As the tree evolves in other spheres so the bark will become thinner, and the time will come when in the World of Spirit you will be able to see the tree in its original beauty, and the veins of its true life will be obvious to you then; you will see, also, how the different particles in the tree, which give it strength and beauty in greater measure, how they function.

"I want you to try to visualise those veins. Sight here is blindness to us. When you stand before a tree in the World of Spirit, having loved Nature for herself, it will seem to you that miracles are being enacted before your eyes. It was never meant that the processes of growth should be hidden from the understanding of man, but in this material state it is essential because the real life of the tree would be far too sensitive to live here without the protection of the bark.

"Now this is a simile which I want you to apply to yourselves and others. The physical body and the aura around the real Self represents the bark of the tree, and adding to the thickness of that 'bark' there are all the forms of self-desire and material ambition. As you know, with many people the bark seems to get thicker and thicker and the real self retreats further and further from those who are anxious to help and to release.

"But as time goes on and you take on other bodies, finer bodies and still finer bodies in the World of Spirit, you will then be able to see, as in that rough illustration I have given you, how growth, indeed life itself, goes on in the vehicle which covers the Divine Spirit within; and as man strives to be free from that which holds, the outer covering becomes less dense, less binding.

"Even with some people upon the physical plane you have noticed that this one and that seems to be more Spirit than flesh. This is a little illustration of the law which is in operation. All this brings you back to the family spirit, and the family spirit is dependent largely upon the release of the instinct of the true physician. So then, my children, will you not do your very utmost to further the release of those healing qualities within you? They have so many aspects that if I attempted to describe even a few of them I would bewilder you.

"But remember this: you are sons and daughters of the Most High, you have inherited from God all those qualities possessed by God, only He is the source and you are the fragment. But does not this open unto you possibilities which you have never considered before?

"And will you not, for the sake of the glorious Hereafter, set to work to release from within the healing Power which Christ showed to perfection?

"I know there are many here who are in need of healing over their anxieties, healing for the physical body, healing perhaps for the physical mind, that very unruly servant over which we all complain when we are in the flesh. The mind sometimes is like a young colt; loosen the rein and off it goes over the plains of desire, and we are shocked by it.

"But only by practice can you harness the mind of the body to conform to the will of the Spirit. Be not disturbed too much when these things happen, but gain from them the lesson which surely they underline - that you have yet to find the way to become master of your unruly self, which means arbiter of your own fate. But I know that there are many here and those who read my words who put up a valiant fight, who have constantly striven to become more spiritualised, who desire with all their being not to fail in the great Battle of Life; and by the Battle of Life I mean that struggle which is going on between the forces of evil and the forces of good. Well, my little ones, in the degree of their sincerity they shall not fail.

"But you must struggle with yourselves, you must take the little things as well as the big and see what they really mean; you must seek to understand those wonderful gifts which God has given unto you during this stage. Some may seem to be buried for a span, but they are all there, my children, all the gifts and talents that you can imagine are in your make-up; but it depends upon the degree of struggle as to their degree of release Hereafter. That is a fundamental point.

"But tonight we are met here with gladness of heart. Once again the preparation has been put in, and more and more, beloved, I ask you to prepare to become a warrior, if need be, and to remember always that if you love God, in time you must become a warrior in the great Christ army. Many more are wanted to take an active part and leave their mark on time for the benefit of the generations yet to be born.

"I bless the workers here, and beg them to increase their efforts. I know that other people very often seem as broken reeds, but the call has come to the leaders to take the broken reed to give it a support - the support of example - when the reed shall become stronger and stronger and be of great utility in the furtherance of the Divine Plan.

"Yes, I bless you all, and I remind you that although the ills of the body may be hard to bear, and the ills of the mind a constant frustration, they are trivial in comparison with the ills of the soul, which are absolutely against God's Will. See to it, little ones, that you try to cover those old wounds in your soul by remembrance of the sufferings of Christ and the balm He brought as the great Healer of all Life. And then to remember to go carefully so that you may not be used to damage the soul body of another.

"I bless you in the Name of the Master Christ, and I remind you that when sleep holds the body this night we can meet again, and you can verify all that I have told you under instruction from my Master and my Lord.


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