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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 6th April, 1924.

"O Compassionate Father of the sorrowful, of the lonely, of all those who wander out in the great wilderness of desolation - Father, Companion, Guide and Protector of these, we come before Thee tonight asking for Thy blessing and, as we ask, knowing that it will descend upon us, and that the Holy Spirit will be with us, and in us, because of Thy promise.

"O Christ, lift us from the shadows, close the wounds in heart and mind, give strength to the weary, hope to the despondent, and grant that memory no more may chain us to the past, but that we may link ourselves with joy and peace and harmony, and on the wings of these soar into the great and infinite future, and find comfort and rest in Thee.

"God of our fathers, God of Thy little children, listen to our petition and give that which we hesitate to ask - give us of Thyself in that measure that we no longer may be pinned down by the physical mind, but may rise above its clouds, above that which shuts Thee from the sight of those who watch, rise even to the foot of Thy throne, and there gain strength for tomorrow and the many tomorrows to come.

"God, we thank Thee, thank Thee with our spirit that Thou hast made it possible for us to so gather together, to put the physical world outside, and to meet and to greet those who love us so well, and those that Thy children upon earth love far better than they know.

"With grateful, thankful hearts we commence this evening, knowing that the power will be forthcoming and the necessary help will be available, both to Thy child here and to those who are waiting with so much eagerness and longing to give their messages in person.

"All Power, all Understanding, all Compassion, all Love is here, and Christ turns not aside from the frailest of His children; and to those who wish to serve Him, gives of Himself again and yet again, and never will cease to give through all eternity.

"The Cross - a symbol of Christ, and above the Cross, in beautiful outline of glory, hangs the crown, and that is waiting to descend upon those who have striven and have not failed - waiting to descend, a gift from the Most High - but only the Cross gives the capacity to take and keep the crown...

"...My children, we meet tonight under rather mixed conditions, in this sense: A change has come and you are not quite sure, at the back of your minds, whether it is really God-directed or brought about by the forces of evil. But the more hopeful side of you seems to be able to see in this the fulfilment of the first of the promises, so often repeated in the records you have by you.

"My children, I understand this two-fold attitude completely and, as you know, it is not my rule to put aside any little difficulty of this sort, but rather to talk it over with you when, anyhow for the time being, the atmosphere is cleared.

"Tonight then, I want you to understand from me - in a very definite way - that even as the more buoyant side of you surmise, the change is indeed God-directed, and it is but a forerunner of many - if not changes - of much growth in a physical, mental, and spiritual way, as concerns yourselves.

"In regard to the cause, well, I not only leave the subject myself but I ask you to make a valiant effort to do the same. It is not easy when one has suffered, to cover up the grave in which lies so much - to cover it in and to plant flowers on the outside. It seems like mockery to attempt to produce beauty out of that which represents to you only ugliness and evil. But still, as ever, I ask you to choose the hardest part - I ask you to not only cover in that grave of memory, but to so attune your minds to God that in time to come you will find, to your astonishment and delight, little blossoms here and there, and those blossoms will have the power to make you forget for ever that which lies beneath.

"My children, tonight I want to speak to you about a subject which is recurring always, and with the majority of people it is a battle that has to be fought again and again, and a battle which exacts much in pain and in disappointment.

"It is in regard to: 'The Physical Will'. Yes, it has rather a dreary sound, I can understand that; it is one of those things which goes alongside with duty - grey, distasteful, something you don't want to hear about.

"Yet tonight that is not the aspect at all which I am commanded to present to you, far, far from that. I want you to try and gather in something of the impression I want to leave, and I want you at the same time to realise that I speak only in order to bring you comfort, and to take from your hearts and minds the pain and the chill which these contests always leave behind.

"In the first place, my children, the physical will is not an enemy; it seems so to you because it is, apparently, in the opposing camp to the spirit, but this is a wrong impression altogether. The physical will, as you will find later on, is one of the best friends you ever had. It is out to challenge you - to challenge the real you, but that is its business and its purpose.

"You can understand quite well that if the spirit within had nothing to fight against, very little could be added to the gain side - very little strength and very little growth, and so much valuable time would be wasted, and you, my little children, would be the first to mourn when you found out how matters stood.

"This is the position in a nutshell: The physical will, as I have told you, is not an enemy, and again, I would have you know that it is so closely associated with your spiritual individuality that it is a matter for grief when the physical will is absent. In that case the soul is in its very early stages.

"I have got to make this point clear. The physical will is, as it were, the materialisation of the spiritual will, and it is significant of the strength and the determination of the higher you within.

"But do not confuse this: I have not said a physical will that sets itself against God's purpose, which resists to the end the trend of their lives, and which uses the power thus bestowed to bring evil to the soul - rather than the good that God intended. You must distinguish between a misdirected physical will and a physical will which wishes to acquiesce to the plans of God, but finds great difficulty in so doing.

"It is a fine point and many confuse it, bringing sorrow to themselves and to those who heed the opinions they express.

"Now, my little children, we are going to talk quite frankly. You, little ones of my heart, have had all sorts of trouble over this same physical will, and you have come to regard it as second only to the evil one himself. You see how the shadows play upon the imagination? First of all, I want to reassure you, and then I want to warn you, and then I want to send you on your way renewed in courage, and with more sight, as to what it all means, and what is going to be worked out in the days to come.

"I tell you for your comfort that your Heavenly Father does not regard this development of individuality as a crime, but He grieves because it exacts so much from the child He would protect; He sorrows for your sorrow, and He tries ever and again to lift you from the bitterness which follows.

"In your world it is not considered a good sign when a child shows what you would call, very little character; in fact, you shake your head with misgiving - it is a pity, you think, that there is not more there. Quite so, and then on the other hand, with the little one whose definitely developed character expresses itself in naughtiness and self-will, well, you sigh there as well... It is a difficult problem - but wait: Put that second child in his right environment, teach him, train him, and above all, influence him to surrender his heart to God, and you will have a very fine man indeed, and one that will leave a mark on the lives and memory of others.

"You see, my children, that it is a perfectly reasonable, common-sense way of looking at things, and over here that is one of the first things we have to learn - to get the proper balance, for in the God-Mind the balance is perfect.

"Of course, in the training process, suffering must come, and life seems a very hard and unlovely thing, but presently the physical will settles down - it is not broken, that would be the worst case of all, but it settles down, and the thinking part of the mind helps a lot in the beginning. It takes the practical point of view, arguing like this: 'What is the use of banging your head against a stone wall?' And the answer comes at once: 'No use whatever!'

"That is the first, the elementary stage, necessary because you cannot jump from one extreme to the other. Presently, however, the conviction is borne in upon the mind that not only was the resisting waste of strength but, after all, things didn't work out so badly. That is a big step forward because it brings into the consideration of the matter, hope, and you cannot get on without hope - not in the way of happiness.

"Later - the last stage during physical life is this: The surrendering of the will to God, trusting - trusting that He knows best, and then happiness can come inside and can hold its own against all the enemies without. The faith and the trust are there and God does the rest.

"You see, dear children, that when I explain matters, it doesn't sound either so dreadful to have a rebellious will, nor is it so disheartening. It is a stage of growth, and sooner or later, that same will, will be brought into harmony with the spiritual will, and that means unity with God for ever more.

"And now I come to a note of warning. It is not a very ominous note, as some might think. Yet it is a warning, because in delaying the offering up of that will, unconsciously you make it easier for the shadows to influence you, and when this happens, not only are the plans of God hindered, but the process is very painful indeed. I want you not to put this from you; I want you to promise yourselves that you will try still more, first of all, to see, as well as to say, that God's ways are best. Then to so educate your physical mind, that in those ways is revealed to you something of that deep, wide river of Love, which is there in all its strength and power.

"Think it over, pray over it, ask for illumination and it will come, and you shall say with me that God is Love because I have proved it, and love for God fills my heart and mind because He first loved me.

"And now I take the third stage, and it is closely united to the first. I want you to see in all this discipline of the physical will, little steps cut by you, sometimes with anguish and often with reluctance, but cut by you up that steep hill of Promise which you have been climbing - it seems to you - for so long. Those battles have not been on the loss side; the pain so expended has not been wasted in any sense there could be; not one tussle has not taken you a point higher - for, in the end, to the best of your ability, you followed the direction of the Master.

"Oh, be not deceived; be not downhearted because of the multitude of those struggles. Say to yourself instead - the past is past, it has taken me thus far, and God has made good that which I failed to do myself, and God will make good that which the spirit longs to attain to, using even for His purpose that physical will which cost so much.

"I tell you to take heart; I entreat you in the Name of Christ to draw unto you closer and more closely still not only faith and certainty, but hope, and for ever to turn aside from that terribly familiar grey shadow of sorrow; to go forward in the Name of Christ, rising on that which was even the greatest obstacle in your path, and attaining to the strength which only comes from weakness fought and struggled through during the dark days of suffering. 'Let not your hearts be troubled for I will send you a Comforter' - In a measure you cannot understand, the Comforter is bestowed upon you, and if you could but grasp it you would know that with that most precious possession physical life, as such, can strike you no more.

"Oh, be glad in the Lord for He is mighty and has great compassion on all His children, and extends a helping Hand ever to those who wish to rise and wish to do His will. Let the balm of His love so close the wounds in heart and mind that the power of the Comforter may be felt and held, and given forth again to others, for this is God's will and His holy purpose..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...Well, I could not stay away tonight. Knowing I could have come before it was hard work to keep in the background, because the thoughts of my friends drew and drew me again.

"Mrs. Moyes, I wish I could put into words - suitable words - something of what I want to say, but it is tremendously difficult. I didn't find it difficult to speak when I was in the body, for then we have the merciful dispensation of Providence of thinking that we know a little and that that little is worth giving to the public, and at the back of our minds we think it is for their benefit. I smile now to go back on the time when I imagined I was something of a spiritual benefactor in this way - smile, and yet there is that heartache underneath, that terrible heartache to think I was such a fool.

"But here we learn pretty soon not to go back over the past in the way of useless regret. We have got to set-to and make good, so far as we are able, that which was done in ignorance and often in the greatest blindness there could be.

"Do you remember how I took as the subject for a series of sermons, the designations, or rather, the descriptions of Christ in the New Testament? I took a certain amount of pride in those addresses, and I thank God that underneath that, was a deep and abiding love for the Saviour, and a thankfulness that He was there to be portrayed in the best language that it was man's privilege to use. It seemed to me then that all those different titles provided a very comprehensive way of expressing the Master. Even in the chronicles of the New Testament He was everything that the mind - the physical mind - could think of. He represented the mightiest in nature and in the world at large, without touching on His Godhead at all... I Am The Way, The Door, The Light, The Good Shepherd, The Bread Of Life, mounting higher and higher, until words failed to supply themselves to express the Crucified.

"I loved those portions, and I got together the sermons with real enthusiasm, and tried my best to pay homage to what He was and what He represented to man.

"And yet, as I listened the other night to my friend (Mr. Hetherington) who described to you what he saw on crossing over and how the Saviour of the World came to him, leaving His glory behind, and lifted him up from the black sea of despair and loneliness... when I listened to that, I realised how limited my imagination had been. That little incident should be written for ever on the hearts and minds - engraved upon them - of all those who wish to find Christ as He really is.

"Oh, make no mistake any of you; cast aside your preconceived ideas of a conventional God; they don't fit in in any particular. Lifeless, heartless, heedless in comparison - that is the image of God that you have got in your midst. Give your Creator His due, don't judge Him by your own warped standards... I did it, I did it myself. Get out of your narrow rut of personal thinking. God is not like us, but we are told to try and be more like Him. That's where the mistake comes in. We erect our ideals from the few and miserable bricks in our own minds, but the Saviour stands outside. Yet, if we wish to love and honour Him, well, He takes that poor ideal and, passing His Hand over all its puniness, makes it a connecting link between us and the real.

"I wish I could say just one sentence which would give you a larger vision of Christ; even as He was upon earth; during those days when He stood bereft of His Godhead. And not only that, but shackled in every way conceivable - shackled with the accumulated sorrows and temptations of the world, hemmed in by these for the love of mankind - and yet only man Himself. I choose this physical side of our Lord because it was always that side which brought Him so closely to me as a man myself. It was on the plane of sympathy that I could grasp something of what He was and something of what I was expected to be...

"It is useless to attempt any description of Christ as God, and yet the 'One so kind' who lifted up one of His brethren out of his distress - that 'One so kind' brings Him back again into your midst, close to your personal selves, undivided by the gulf - the spiritual gulf - that lies in between.

"It is not easy in speaking on a matter so sacred, to have any feeling but the worst sense of dissatisfaction at what one has said, and yet there is that within me that urges me on; that makes it impossible for me to do anything but try again and again to get man to alter his conception of the Father; to try and realise for himself just a little of what that Fatherhood represents; to throw off for ever those binding, torturous, blasphemous ideas of judgment and punishment and vengeance unto the third and fourth generation... To realise that in thinking of God, only one thing is possible, and that is to think of Love, and then to magnify that Love, and to do so again and again so long as physical life lasts, right on through Eternity itself; and then to realise that you reach only the outer fringe, for it is unthinkable, ungraspable by anyone either in your world or in ours. You cannot understand the Love of God; we cannot understand it, but it is there in all its grandeur, its magnitude, and illimitable power.

"God does not judge those who fail to understand what it means - He does not judge, but it strikes that which is All-Feeling, and so I entreat you here and outside, to not only give God credit for infinite love, but also in so thinking, to give back that which is His due - the love of your hearts - all He asks in return for so great a gift... the love of our poor hearts, poor because they are so limited, but even so, the Father asks it from us and suffers when it is withheld.

"Tell Kate I cannot speak about personal matters tonight. My mind is swamped by the incomprehensible breadth and depth and height of God, as He reveals Himself to me. It is so vast, so overwhelming that she, and you, should know that to be gathered under His protection, includes everything now and for ever more, and that words only detract, because you cannot express that which is Divine... Goodnight..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, I think we have all had a very happy evening and a comforting one as well. I find on going through your minds that a lot has been covered over and I want you, if you will, not to try and lift that covering to see how the wound is healing. Much better leave it alone.

"Oh, I have lots of plans for the future, and in those plans we are going to rule outside misgiving, doubt, memory of suffering - and all those other depressing clouds that cluster so thickly around.

"Tonight then, my children, my closing words are entirely on a note of hope, and I want you to remember that if I spoke rather emphatically about the necessity for surrendering the physical will, in so doing I was trying to clear the ground of the briars and the thorns which lie between you and the clear path of peace.

"You remember the lines: "Renew my will from day to day, Blend it with Thine, and take away, All that now makes it hard to say – Thy will be done!"

"Those words bring to the physical mind a sense of dismay. You have got into the habit of associating 'Thy will be done' with fresh trouble and accumulated disillusionments. Tonight I want you to view it in the spiritual way - in the way that God would have you take. I want you to know - to be convinced, that in saying 'Thy will be done' you are linking yourself immediately to happiness and not to fresh trouble... the sorrow comes because the physical mind cannot say 'Thy will be done'.

"Oh, as I speak I see the vision glorious - I see result, but not result in the same sense as you use that word. Result, to you, generally implies the final stage; that is because of the finite mind.

"Over here, result is but that stage, which in each case is essential in order to produce the next and the next. The harvest in your world means the clearing of the field; in ours we reap what we have sown, but instead of sharp stubble remaining behind, lo, the green shoots are showing again, and there is no end to this for ever and for ever.

"You see the distinction between result in the physical and the spiritual worlds?

"When I speak I feel I hearten you, and I do want you to try and cling more closely to this heartened feeling. Not to let the enemy suggest anything at all, because behind even the simplest suggestion is the covert dart of evil. Put it all from you. Remember what I have said: Visualise to yourself the harvest which is never over - the result of labour which leads on but to additional result, the thing itself growing and expanding point by point, not only renewing itself at each fresh stage, but extending in beauty and in power, and linking itself ever more closely to the things which are of the Spirit, and to the Love which is of God.

"Let nothing come between you and this work - I say it for your own sakes entirely - let nothing come between you and this work. Evil seeks to disguise itself in the ordinary common-place details of everyday life.

"Frame your lives so that God comes first, and then I promise, in His Name, that all the rest will fit in without effort on your part, and without the worry which now is connected with it.

"Light after darkness, calm after storm, rest after weariness, and God over all. These are my last words. I raise your minds from the valley to on High - to the Spirit, but reminding you ever that Christ walks by your side and that through Him and in Him you are made one with the Father and with the Holy Spirit - one in Love, and Love in you all... Goodnight."

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