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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes, at Halifax, Yorkshire, on Sunday, August 23rd, 1931.

"Dear children, I come amongst you, a humble servant of the Most High, to give out of my own experience, to say unto you: When I inhabited a body of flesh I knew what sorrow meant, I knew what poverty represented. Long I wandered without a home, oft I slept out upon the hillside; yet, because there were many with true hearts, with tender hearts, they opened the doors of their homes, welcomed me in and gave me of what they had. They are blessed indeed; for they sowed in ignorance and they reaped a mighty harvest, something beyond the comprehension of any man on earth today.

"I have come to speak to you upon that which I name: 'Physical and Spiritual Harvests', and I want you to realise that you who also sow in darkness, and, perhaps, in faith, that you are doing something which shall bring unto you joy for evermore. First of all, think of life before you entered the body of flesh, try to realise that before you were a tiny babe in your mother's arms, you were a spirit; you had existence and consciousness in other conditions long before the earth plane was thought of by you; and I want you to realise that the time before you were born physically, means much to every human soul.

"You came as a babe; you were born upon the earth; but in order to be born into physical conditions you died, as it were, out of that state in which you were before. So I ask you to extend your imagination just a little more and to realise that when the earth stage is over, so you will die to the Physical, to be born, please God, into the Spiritual; you will die out of sorrow to be born into joy. Those three stages of existence, out of countless stages of existence, mean so much, and they are within the range of every one to understand.

"When loved ones pass beyond the Veil, many sit in the quietness of their own homes, and their thoughts reach out to find the one they love so well. It may be the boy who fell in war; it may be a loved mother or a father whose earth life represented toil and strain, and you wonder: 'What is my mother doing now?' Or you ask: 'Is my father free from pain? Has he a home of his own? I wish I knew that he was happy, that he had reaped something for all the sorrow he went through'. And as your thoughts go out, so, if true vision could be your own, you would see that in your seeming lonely room the old folk have gathered, but they are old no more.

"Then you think of the little children so sweet. They looked so frail, so pathetic when you said goodbye to them. The children come back into the home, but they are full of life; they represent something of the sunshine of the Summerland in which they dwell.

"And the boy who fell in the war, is he idle these days? No, the boy who sought to do his duty and was slain by the accumulation of evil gathered together by the terrible machinery of war, that boy is working hard because he has something of understanding and he knows he must sow if he would reap. He sowed his seed when on earth, and amongst the seed that he planted there were many tares. Perchance he sowed the seed of wilfulness, perchance he sowed the seed of thoughtlessness; he was a child in the spiritual sense; but when he saw a comrade hard beset he forgot his wilfulness, he forgot his selfishness, and he went to that one and he gave his life to save his brother.

"During the earth stage, because man has not been taught, many seeds are sown which must be rooted up. But, thank God, amongst the tares, so the sweet blossoms of the Spirit are sown as well, for God is so merciful. The time comes when the harvest approaches, and the one - free from the earth body - goes back over the past and sees laid out before him, even as a field, that which he did and that which he forgot to do because he was held by earthly things. And amongst the sweet corn there is much which causes his heart to ache, but in God's Land countless opportunities are provided, and by effort, by dedication, so the boy, the girl, the old man and the old woman, they wander through their field and gather in their arms the corn, the bread of life, and leave behind the weeds. And at last the weeds die down and the roots disappear, for the good seed is ever stronger than the bad.

"And now I come to yourselves because, as I said at the outset, I know your lives, I know the hard conditions which surround so many gathered here this night. I know that there are countless thousands upon the earth plane today who are asking themselves and demanding of a future which gives no reply: 'What will become of me? Who will provide?'

"Because there is no answer, because fear comes close, there are some who deny their God. Yet even as the thought arises, Jesus the Christ is by their side seeking to heal, to comfort, to reassure. And because of the almighty Love of God, so I come into your presence, and I would part the veil of ignorance concerning spiritual things, and would show you for your comfort that you who are sowing the seed in darkness, will reap the harvest under the sunshine which shall fade never. But the troubles and trials of the earth life have to be met and overcome.

"You turn to the scripts of your day and you see there discussion as to this and discussion as to that. You hear from those in authority prophecies so fair; yet, because experience has taught you much, you say within yourselves: 'Are they deceiving us once again?' Yet those in authority seek to speak the truth, for they themselves are afraid of all the chaos, of all the confusion which they see around. They want to give out a message of good cheer, they want to be able to prophesy that things are improving, that the upward trend has set in, for anxiety gnaws at their heart. Many of those in authority know sleepless nights, and some tremble in secret because there seems no solution at hand.

"There is no solution physically, but every solution spiritually. Those who are in high office, the men who hold in their hands the lives of countless thousands, they can save their country, but not by physical means - no, only by going to God and placing themselves as servants for use by Him, can they redeem all that which has been cast away.

"Over the years the god of power has been worshipped, over the years the god of pleasure has been worshipped, too. The time comes when those who sow the bad seed must face the consequences; they must reap that which they have sown. Many are innocent of ill, many there are who have tried to do their duty. They too, so it seems to them, are finding the punishment of the sins of others almost more than they can bear.

"But I have not come to talk of sorrowful things, I have come to speak to you of the joy which even now can be your own; for you who are finding life so hard, by your striving you are sowing the seeds of spiritual endeavour, the seeds of those flowers which shall represent to you a priceless possession in time to come.

"Nature illustrates again and again, in miniature, the truths which are of God. The tiny seed is placed in the darkness of earth. The passer-by sees nothing of the struggle going on in the soil, and may place his foot upon the ground, not knowing that something beautiful is hidden there. But, in the prison-house of the earth the little seed struggles on, and the time comes, because God has care of the little seed, when the prison-house breaks asunder and a tiny shoot appears. Even the careless passer-by stops before this miracle of God's grace, and the children greet the newcomer as something welcome in very truth. Cries of joy go up from the little homestead: 'Come here! See! See! the seed we planted is showing!' And they know that presently the blossoms will come.

"From the physical point of view, that is the first stage. In the darkness of physical life, in the restricted area of the home, of the office, the warehouse, the factory, you can sow seed which shall, in time, allow you to break free from your prison and demonstrate something of God's Grace, something of the beauty hidden within you - which was ignored, perchance, by yourselves and others. You have sown in the darkness to reap in the light. The seeds which have life in the physical stage must have true nourishment. The earth gives of its bounty, but the earth alone is not enough. Something precious, something rare is wanted for the little seeds - and that is the strength, the patience and the faith that are your own.

"So I ask you to seek to review your lives in something of the true way, to go back upon your childhood days, upon your tests, your sorrows, your physical illnesses, and to realise that when things went hard, so you were giving to the seed of the blossoms of the Spirit true nourishment, something which enabled them to have life for evermore.

"There are so many gathered in amongst us. There are the holy ones, there are those you name the angels of the Most High. They have been drawn here, for much dedication has been put in, and much effort has been given out. The bright and glorious ones are your brothers and your sisters. They remember their earth life, they remember their failures and their successes, but they strove, they struggled, and when they were in temptation they asked for the strength which Christ alone can give. And when the earth life was over, they found to their exceeding joy that the earth body had taken with it much of their bondage, much of their weakness; it seemed to them as if they were as freed beings charged with life. And over the years which have sped, they have sought to help their neighbour, they have come back to you and to others in the earth condition, and today - again I say it - they are as glorious manifestations of Divine Love.

"And you, dear children, can be as these; you can do as well as Peter and as Paul; you can love even as John loved. Your life is not harder than the lives of the disciples - the humble followers of the Christ - but that does not mean that God turns a deaf ear to your cry for help and consolation; that does not mean that those who work for Christ do not realise that your sorrows at times seem over-great. You have within you life and love and power; and out of your love, your greater life and your power - which denote your Divinity - so you are sowing the seeds for the sake of the sweet by and bye.

"Oh remember the words: 'Let not your heart be troubled. I will send unto you a comforter and the comforter shall lead you into all truth'. Let not your heart be troubled, dear children. You are sowing in darkness to reap in the light; you are giving now of your choicest gifts - your physical strength, your love, your service; but if your eyes were opened, you would see that those around you - the great unseen - were bringing unto you not only gift for gift, but gifts in treble measure.

"In your daily life, you can demonstrate to others something of the Christ-courage, the Christ-mind, the Christ-heart, by stilling the word of complaint, by believing that God loves you, by realising that though you are sowing your seeds in darkness, the harvest shall be golden, the Bread of Life shall be drawn unto you, and it shall feed you for evermore.

"The earth life and its struggles are worthwhile. If the physical harvest seems to those who watch and wait to be a disappointment, then I remind them and you, that the physical harvest is one stage alone. The spiritual harvest is ensured for evermore.

"I bless you as I take my leave. Peace be with you and remain with you for evermore. Where love is, so peace must abide as well, and the Love of Christ - like a cloak is wrapped around each one of you - sheltering you from the storms of physical life. Farewell."

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