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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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Taken from an Address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 26th December, 1926.

"O Christ, Beloved of our hearts, we seek Thee in the silence, and we ask Thee to come so close to each one this eventide that they may be conscious of the unity, of the many links between themselves and the One who loves them best...

"Father of all Love and understanding, help us in our perception of things spiritual, and thin the mists between us and that realisation which is rightly our own. Control the thoughts and soothe the physical bodies of those of Thy children going through their experience upon the earth plane, yet let them ever be conscious that each pang is making more certain the brightness of the Hereafter, the joy and the peace of that Eternity to come.

"Teach us, O Father, as the little children we are, teach us how manifold are the aspects of Thy mighty Love, and if at times it seems that its beauty is veiled from Thy children, grant that to the sorrowing ones the consciousness may come that Thou art not only their God but their most loving Protector...

"Into Thy Hands we commend ourselves, and we ask Thee to lead us still further out of the shadowland of misunderstanding into the brightness of realisation, into the joy of understanding, into the purity which only Love can express. Father, with grateful hearts we thank Thee once again. Amen...

"...My little children, tonight is going to be a Love-night, and I want you all to try and attune yourselves to the Love aspect, not only of the Divine One but to the love aspect which belongs to the spirit within. It seems to the majority that of all things in the physical world, real love is the most elusive, that real love escapes their grasp; and, having sight, so I must say that indeed the earth conception of love is strangely divorced from that mighty gift which God meant should be the possession of all.

"You see, dear children, that once more I am not trying to instil into you something foreign to your nature; I am but calling forth, in imperative tones, that priceless gift, that precious treasure which in each child of God is struggling for freedom, is struggling to make itself felt, is fighting to dominate the mind of the body. For I speak of the 'you' which is Divine, I speak of your true self, I speak of that personality, that individuality, that spirituality which expresses that which one day you will show to all.

"In the future when the burden of the flesh, when those dense and heavy coverings of the spirit have been cast from you, in those days you may possess other qualities, and you must, but they will be simply as branches of the one great symbol which you represent to those who love you, and to God Himself - that symbol, that expression of Divine Love, Love which grows and expands, which has a strength and a power and a scope absolutely inconceivable to the mind of man today...

"But tonight, my little ones, we must pursue our lessons; we cannot waste the precious opportunity placed at our disposal by a far-seeing, all-Caring God; we must learn, for unless we learn how can we teach others?

"Tonight then, the subject which we will consider together is that of: 'Perfection'.

"Yet, I hasten to add, because I do not wish to cause any dismay, that though that word represents, at this stage, something which is far beyond your reach, yet, my little ones, in a far past time you commenced gathering those essentials which only can produce Perfection in the end.

"My children, over the ages, mistakes have been made, unconsciously for the most part, yet there were some who could have found the Truth, who could have delved deeper into that holy wisdom which God holds out to all, who could have understood, in a measure, more of Reality as it was and is for evermore.

"I speak of the many who have had the training of others, and who preached a gospel of elimination in so drastic a way, that, from the Spirit point of view, it was as a garden stripped not only of the weeds, not only of the shrubs - those wind-screens - but also stripped of the flowers as well. Yes, they taught the young and they sought to instruct the old; they sought to force their rules on the many who accepted, and they withheld their blessing from those who fought against so hard a creed, from those who turned against so unloving a God...

"Still, my children, I would not give a false impression. Many of these sought to serve God, and they did their best; but being bound themselves, they sought to bind others, and the consequence of this was a direct revolt against the guidance of the Father, against the direction and the protection of the One who loved them best.

"My children, when sight is your own, you take not one side of any subject and concentrate thereon. No, all aspects have the same consideration and concentration; and, far beyond that, there are those multitude of influences, there are those temptations, those aspirations which cast a reflection on the subject and the individual, and these, as a whole, have to be taken into consideration, or the balance is lost by the limitations of the one who has the task in hand...

"My little ones, I wonder oft within myself how you can regard me in the way you do? I speak not of one nor do I refer to another, but there are those amongst my children, who, on the one hand endow me with an advancement and a spirituality which reflects the Holy Master; and, on the other, so curiously controlled is the mind of the body, that they can reconcile with my desire to serve, a narrowness, and, alas, a capacity for criticism which is so far beyond my radius that I marvel, knowing all things.

"Yes, little ones, there are many who can hold these separate impressions in the physical mind. One second they can acclaim with sincerity as to the love I bear them, and the next they can be equally certain that their lives, their thoughts, and their deeds, call out from me not only distress, but something which resembles condemnation so nearly that there is no distinction at all.

"Still, little ones, you are in the body, and I realise that this bondage must cause much which makes the heart ache, much which brings sorrow, much which throws a shadow across the brightness of this wonderful communion which has been gifted to us by God direct...

"Children, I want, tonight, to give an explanation and to show you how things are worked out, controlled by the mighty laws of the Spirit, moulded by God, blest by Him, and returned to you as treasure in the end. Yes, the garden of the mind, over the ages, has seen many changes and has had many gardeners as well.

"You see, my children, you, in considering things, instinctively place yourselves in the position of the gardener, and indeed your handiwork is shown, but there are many other gardeners and many destroyers too. In the beginning, as I have told you oft before, that essence of yourself represented Beauty, Truth and a Purity inexplicable to the physical mind. Yet, experience was not there - that herb which, if rightly planted, rightly cared for, rightly regarded, provides not only the gift of joy but the blossom of Eternal Life itself.

"Those who love God or who try to love Him, have been sore distressed to find that in that garden which represents themselves, there is much which they would were absent; and when the Spirit has been able to force this consciousness through to the mind of the body, so the pilgrim has awakened in very truth, and found hatred in his heart - hatred for those things so antagonised from God - and in his zest and in his zeal, has torn out that which was evil and that which was good as well.

"Yet, the owner of the garden has his power limited by a merciful God, and in the very act of separating himself from that which represents the weeds of temptation, so the seeds fell, and instead of the garden of the mind being a barren waste, lo, here and there, life showed again; life in so miniature a form that it escaped the vigilance of the possessor. But, when the consciousness came, so once more the ground was laid bare, and had it not been for the seeds so the pilgrim, in passing out of physical life, would have been broken of heart to find how much putting back, how much planting, had to be done before he could be used by God to do His work.

"My little ones, I am forced to use these similes, because only in this wise do you remember, and can the influence linger after the brief day when we have met. A simile perchance exaggerated to you, but to those who have sight and a measure of understanding, it represents but a reflection of things as they are.

"There have been sturdy souls who have longed to work for God, but have forgotten that the Christ way is the only way. They have been fierce with themselves and fierce with others; they have eliminated love in its many forms, they have crushed down the love for beautiful things, aye, and some have regarded Nature as a temptation in itself. Yet, when the body is no more, so they must retrace their steps, and with much sorrow of heart, unlearn that lesson and learn the lesson of Love in its place.

"My children, I want you to consider what Perfection represents. The mind cries out: 'Only God is perfect', but I remind you that Christ called His followers to be as perfect as their Father; yet He was conscious that the process must be a long one, that growth cannot be hurried, that the spirit must learn by gradual stages to walk erect.

"The Master spoke to those who knew very little about spiritual things, those who had scarce begun to climb the steep, rough road, those who were bound by traditional thought, who were fettered by a thousand chains which, long since, have been struck off from you, my children here. Yet the Saviour said: 'Be ye perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect', for the Master knew that one day they must be perfect; the Master knew that only little by little, can the essentials of Perfection be gathered and be made into a firm foundation.

"Christ knew the weakness and the strength within each one; He knew those who were tempted and those who had not reached the edge of temptation as temptation is; He knew their frailty, He saw their worldly ambitions; but patiently, ah, how patiently, so gently He threw off, as it were, those thoughts; He disentangled them from desire and He reinstructed them as to the meaning of that ambition which, in some, had so firm a root.

"Yes, even as through a wood so the Master sought to penetrate the thickets of the physical minds of those who were to follow after; and by His patience, by His unfailing Love, at last He cut a path - no more, it was not possible to do more - He cut a path, and, as the children they were, He bade them keep to that narrow path and to ignore the maze which lay on either side.

"Children, those who read the Scriptures can see for themselves how far that obedience took the followers of the Holy Master. With amazement, some have read to what heights they climbed; but, my little ones, they could not stop to clear the forest as they went. They sought to remember that tiny path cut by Christ, to remember the injunction to keep their eyes fixed upon Him; and because of their desire to be obedient, so they passed through dangerous places and entered the Promised Land...

"My children, these were pioneers, so you will remind me, and their lives - silhouetted against the sky-line of the past - their lives bear little resemblance to your own, but wait while I explain.

"Little ones, those whom you name the 'disciples', in the beginning of their ministry, made many grievous mistakes. They also sought to tear out this and that from the mind and the heart. They travelled a road bare and bleak except for the remembrance of the Beloved who had passed from them; yet mounting on the steps of experience, so gradually, over the years, the Truth penetrated their being, and as they taught so the beautiful plant of Love grew and grew, and so those other thoughts and desires and hopes and fears which were connected with the earth, were crowded out. These had less space and less space, and at last they vanished, not missed, indeed forgotten before their life had sped...

"This, dear children, is a subject that I am instructed to pass on to you for consideration, a subject which can never be exhausted by thought, and never be overtaken by actions - the subject of the Love-element in human life, the subject of the Love-element in the lives of those who are free, and, again, the subject of the Love-element in the Almighty Father. And there, because God is God, we find that the 'element' is the whole, and the whole is Perfection, and Perfection is unbounded Love.

"Children, tonight I must emphasise once again, that although the pilgrimage of the soul is beset by much which the physical mind would were absent, yet it could be made something so full of joy that the journey could be regarded as a gift rather than the stern discipline which it represents to some.

"The whole world is involved, the whole creation is gathered in, for we, though individual, are one. We cannot fight for ourselves, because only can we gain by fighting for others. Warfare, spiritual conflicts, these go on on every side, but the person who fights for himself, ah, he will find anon that instead of victory coming back as a direct result, so that battle must be fought again on the Christ lines, so that warfare must be understood for what it is, and then he will fight not for himself but to free another, not to purify, not to sanctify himself, but to purify and sanctify another who, as yet, has not found the strength to even desire that freedom from bondage which one day must be his own...

"The soul within us waits, waits for further preparation. The spirit within us, with its full knowledge and understanding, gives out lavishly, but its gifts go unclaimed, unrecognised, and thus are not made the possession of the physical mind.

"But, my little ones, we have to regard life in its larger sense, in this wise: Not to destroy that which is within the physical mind, not to tear out those most human longings which, in their higher form, are Divine - but to plant the seeds of Love in those places where the ground is barren; to remove the little weeds of thought, yet to leave no vacant space but to plant and plant again, so that, as time goes on, the garden of the mind is full of the blossoms of Love, is full of that sweetness which, in miniature, represents the Mind of God.

"Perfection: Little ones, it sounds so far beyond your reach that it is ruled out as something which must be considered as aeons ahead; yet, each day, each hour, you are tending the garden of the mind, you are destroying or you are planting, you are contributing to that Perfection, or you are delaying that happy completion which one day will be your own.

"I ask you all tonight to give out of yourselves to those you meet; to spread Christ's gospel, and to show the individual here and there - whether they are conscious of this branch of the Truth or not - to show them that in the heart and mind of humanity, there is that which is waiting to be brought to Perfection. The seeds are there.

"The world and the enemies of the Saviour have sown seeds, perchance, but the garden, in the beginning, was full of the blossoms of love; and, therefore, it is but to increase the space occupied by love when that which is alien to love will be driven out or die a natural death. Let the beauty of the Love of God guide you and illumine the path on which you tread.

"Let no misgivings fill your heart as to your part, as to the part of this most sacred work for God; but remember always, that the way to Perfection is not that taught of old: It is by development, not suppression; it is by tending, not eliminating; it is by planting in amongst the weeds, here, there and everywhere, the little seeds of love, which are so strong, which have such vitality that, lo, when you look again, that which you wish were absent no more can be seen.

"We are called, as the children of God, to follow in the Master's steps; and, little ones, although the sacred Narrative is prized by you all, yet I should be false to love if I did not state in tones emphatic that scarce a thread of the golden fabric of Christ's Love has been preserved.

"You see, dear children, it was as this: Those who loved the Master so well, they, in quiet places, far removed from the busy crowd, they gathered around Him, and He poured out His love upon them, and much was said which they considered too personal, too intimate, to be put into writing.

"Cannot you understand? Is there one who has not had those sacred moments when nothing would induce them to speak of that which meant so much? There, in the heart and mind, far away from curious eyes, the treasure lies - yes, the treasure lies - but the world is poorer by the very fact that it is locked away; the world today, and always, is poorer, because those who so loved the Master held to themselves His most precious gift of Love, held to themselves those many expressive actions. They belonged to them; yet, with larger sight, there is not one, who, if they could, would not give out even those most intimate passages between them and the One who loved them best.

"My children, you cannot understand the Love of God; we cannot understand the Love of our Creator, but we could have done more to convey to others that unlimited gift which He bestowed. And so I entreat you, and I entreat all the teachers and the preachers, to bear in mind when they read the Sacred Record, that the followers of the Master held back, because they were so precious - those acts, those sayings of His, which showed the personal love of the Divine for the individual.

"That is the point. God's Love, as a whole, is accepted by many, but God's Love for them individually escapes their consciousness altogether; and those who went on before shoulder the blame, those who worked with Him, watched Him and adored Him, these thirst, and they have thirsted, to give out of that precious fountain of Life which, in their blindness, they held back.

"For oh, my little ones, the only thing which can save the world is love; the only thing which can heal the wounds of heart and mind is love amongst mankind for mankind; and because of the lack of love in the lives and in the minds of the individual, so the great Source of Love is, as it were, ruled beyond their reach; so that warmth, that understanding, that compassion, and that protecting care, seems, as was said, like a beautiful story which it was sweet to dwell upon, but alas, had no more tangibility than that...

"This, dear children, has been built up over the ages. You cannot say that one generation is less responsible than another. The Love of God has been so concealed from man that many doubt its existence at all; and because they know not the Love of God, so those seeds of love in their own heart and mind - there it is true - receive no nourishment; and beneath the ground of sadness, beneath the ground of indifference, beneath the ground hardened by the coldness of others, so the seeds remain and their beauty is lost.

"When we grow up in Spirit, we look back over the past and the realisation comes how we slandered God. When we have penetrated into wisdom, we realise how we have desecrated that capacity within ourselves to love; for knowing not the Greater Love, we understood not our lesser love, and the redemption of the world thereby has been delayed...

"Oh, talk not of reserve and of buried feeling, for this is self. Speak not of reservations of the heart and mind, for the Holy One cannot take of your gift unless humanity is included as well. Those many who have sought to show their loyalty to God by barring love for any other, these, though they know it not, have erected between themselves and the free offering of God's Love, a barrier high and impassable. The Love is there but they cannot take it, and so with weary minds and heavy hearts they seek and pray, and work and strive for the love of their fellow creatures first...

"My little ones, perhaps it seems to you that I labour this point, but if I spoke on Love each evening that we meet, and barred all else outside, I could not explain to you the value of love, the power of love, the privilege of love, and, above all, the absolute essential need of love in the lives of those who want to show their love for God...

"Perfection is simply and solely Love; that love which has mellowed the harshness in the character, that love which has purified the physical desires, that love which has turned duty into service and service into a gift, that love which has changed knowledge into wisdom and, again, wisdom into love.

"The garden of the mind waits for the chief gardener to take control; the garden of the mind has many bare places waiting to be filled; and I entreat all those who read these records to pass on this truth to others, for one day it must be faced; to warn them against elimination, to warn them against tearing out this desire and that and to put nothing in its place - for that part of the garden which is vacant is soon filled by enemies, and the last state is worse than the first...

"You and I, my little ones, though we have been together so long, we have only started on the great continent of understanding our love for each other; and I want you not to apply that to yourselves and to think that I am excluded in the indictment. I say, because I have seen something of Perfect Love, that you and I have only penetrated a few steps into the Promised Land. In front there is a greater conception of love, a greater understanding of the privilege of love, a nobler, sweeter, purer revelation of love.

"For you and for me, dear children, that lies in front. Yet, in case there seems a hint of reproach in my words, I would underline that, to us, love is not love when it is not put into action. Once again I emphasise this, and as time goes on I must return to it, for the mind of the body forgets so soon. Love is not limited to tender emotion. That tender emotion has its place, but if love does not emerge beyond tender emotion, very soon it changes its aspect from love into self.

"No, love to us is action - the doing and the building, the thinking and the contriving - so that love may have more scope, so that love is expressed in form. Beautiful, far more beautiful than you can grasp, is a fleeting thought of love, but because it is fleeting, so the beauty passes beyond our sight. But the love which is expressed in effort, that, dear children, cannot pass away; it is ranked amongst the permanencies of the Spirit World. Love that has found expression in action - it has all the beauty of the tender emotion, all the loveliness of pure desire, but in action it gains stability, in action it gains permanency, in action it remains within the reach of the one on whom it was bestowed...

"So, my children, ere I leave you, I would knit together the few thoughts that I have passed on tonight; to remind you never to forget that even an inferior love is superior to no love at all; for if the love is poor in quality, you can be certain that, by application, you can turn that which is fragile into something strong and beautiful, something which is nearer to the spirit's desire.

"And then, with the love which is half of the Spirit and half of the body, let no fears beset your path nor misgivings assail your mind, but strive for better things, and, if you fail, then strive again. And in time to come, so it shall be as God intended, and so as you pass out of earth life, there, for your use, you have the essential tool, and with greater sight, greater wisdom, you can bring it still nearer to that Perfection which one day it must represent.

"But only by giving out love can love grow - stem it, thwart it, and you leave in the garden of the mind bare patches, where, sooner or later, weeds will spring up; for while you were killing, an enemy was planting. Hold on to love, for love is of God, and without love Perfection is forever beyond your reach. Despair not over failure but hope always, serve ever, and God will finish what you have begun... And now I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, I will not keep you longer tonight. You have all done well, and you should go forth to your daily tasks happy and refreshed in body, in mind, and in spirit; conscious of God's Love, giving out from yourselves that love which only waits for further exercise to grow and expand.

"Keep close to the Saviour, hold fast to the Consoler, and spread the good news to all within your vibrations: That God loves them, that God understands them, and that God has provided for them in the days to come that which His children, His beloved children, should possess.

"Oh, be happy, little ones, happy - and spread your wings of aspiration, fearing nothing, certain that as you strive to fly, so, by the power of the Spirit, the strength to soar will come to you. Though not reaching Heaven itself in your first flight, yet you will be training the wings of the mind to soar higher and higher, to get nearer and nearer to that Perfection, to that Love which God represents...

"I bless you in the name of your Father and Mother God. By the power of the Holy Spirit I close the book of the past; and, again, by the power of the Holy Spirit, I open the book of the future - and therein is written Peace and Joy and Love, gifted by the Father Himself...

"And now, my children, I will say Goodnight. Give out to us, for we long to do more for you; give out to Christ, for the Father's Heart aches to do more for you; give out to those in your lives, hold not back your love, for it is the will of God that love should meet love in order that His plans may be worked out.

"And now I go. Rest in peace; let the past slip from you and hold out your hands to what lies in front. Amen. Goodnight, my little ones."

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