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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Memorial Hall, City Hall, Sheffield, under the auspices of Sheffield and Rotherham Christian Spiritualist Church Alliance on Sunday, 22nd of April, 1934

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"This message comes to you charged with the Holy Spirit through the loving instruction of the Master Christ - His message of truth endeavouring to open the minds and hearts of those who are willing to become disciples, who, imbued by the Holy Spirit, will be willing to take the steep road out of earthly things into revelation for the sake of those to come.

"You who have the urgent desire within to demonstrate your Divinity must realise that in this time there is granted to man a mighty opportunity to have re-enacted that scene of long ago - but with this difference: where there were few, there shall be many; where there were those who doubted, there shall be many more who shall believe. Great emphasis will be placed upon certain things if the greatest good is to be brought to pass.

"The Day of Pentecost came after the suffering and the testing, and after those many hours of anguish when it seemed that faith lay in ruins. Yet, left with the humble followers, was the remembrance of the glorious Resurrection. So their sorrow was tinged with joy. But their joy was dimmed by the thought that the One so loving had left them for a while. Obeying the Voice of the Spirit, they gathered together seeking to carry out the instruction as they had been directed.

"There is much that is overlooked by those exploring these avenues of truth regarding 'phenomena', such as its uses and abuses, failures and successes, and the deep lesson that lies beneath it all.

"In every age there are many who call for signs and wonders. The Master was often grieved because the cry was so insistent. Those who gathered around Him always wanted Him to show miracles on the physical plane. When people came to Him with diseases of the body and the soul He longed to do the greater act; but again and again He was constrained by the limitation of the human heart and mind to let the demonstration be of a physical nature instead of that spiritual character which should acclaim Him that which He was: The Word made flesh.

"It would seem that the desires of the physical body are very great, and often there arises within the deep desire to have a sign from God. Many instruments have been prevailed upon by the masses to show them signs and wonders. However, consider this, those signs and wonders may be great, they may demonstrate the psychic power that is housed within, but when you are free from the body, it will avail you nothing. If you were able to transport that which was material through material conditions to be found in another place, it will avail you nothing in so far as your spiritual emancipation is concerned.

"But it will avail you everything if by the demonstration of the Divinity within you were used to raise another soul out of that which held, and that soul gained the strength and the faith to take up the cross and to climb the steep hill into spiritual revelation and freedom. There are many tempted to desecrate their Holy gifts because the cry from the human mind is so great: 'Give us signs and wonders!' - and the heart of the Christ is sad.

"That which is named 'phenomena' can be blessed. It is a manifestation of crude power that can be used to bring child-souls out of their childish state into the higher state of being. But unless that demonstration has the power to awaken the sleeping Christ within, far better the power had not been used. You are Spirit here and now, and housed within you are mighty gifts of healing, not only for the tabernacle of the flesh, but what is far more important, healing for the soul, that next garment in which you must have your being. If the power, that grace of the Holy Spirit, is used merely to entertain the minds of those who watch, and that power has not the force to strike from those who listen the bonds which hold, then God is desecrated by the abuse of Holy Power.

"We are all on a long, long mission, not only among those upon the earth, but among countless souls in other spheres. There are so many that no words can portray their number, who are living in bondage most profound and their sufferings are terrible to behold. Why? Because in their day they too cried for signs and wonders; they wanted the success of the earth, they despised the success of the Spirit; they explored those avenues of knowledge that led them back to the earth and earthly things. They did not want the simple teachings of Jesus the Christ - which only could make them free.

"Thinking back to that Day of Pentecost what would it have availed you today if the demonstration had only been given as a demonstration of tongues of fire and those men and women who were gathered had been content with the signs and wonders and had not gone back to their own villages and homes, willing to suffer for the faith which held their being.

"Those of you who are attracted by the outward demonstrations of power need to remember that it states in the Holy Book that the giving of messages in languages that no one can understand cannot be blessed. But what is blessed is that through the instruments of God - with the humble hearts and minds, with the capacity to love, with the desire for purity - a simple sentence can be charged with power and not only lead the one who listens nearer to God, but the ray from these words, because they are sincere, penetrates beyond the earth into those planes where the prisoners lie and perchance through this form of mediumship another soul is won for evermore.

"I was there on the Day of Pentecost, and I marvelled that so great a power could be manifested. I was also blessed with an inward vision - God gave me spiritual sight, so that I was able to see the soul-bodies of each person, and the guides and guardians around them - the angelic beings. I saw the angels kindle the light upon the head of each one, and as the flames leapt into being, I knew that not only for their physical stage but for all eternity, those men and women would work for God and not weary. As we took our separate ways, each one realised that the outward was only the outward; it was the inward that was pleasing to God.

"So it is with those who are right-minded, they will have the flame which shall denote to those unseen that they are torchbearers for the Master Christ. They are the light-bringers and they shall have the power to produce those signs and wonders that are not physical, that are not of the material plane, but are indeed of the planes of Love itself. They shall have the power to pass among those in the body and those free from the body, and, as their light impinges upon their darkness, so the darkness shall give and there shall be something of the light, and the light shall grow.

"You may not have the power to do those things that you greatly admire - that may not be your lot. But what is your lot is that which is far greater: to have the power to bring into being something sweeter, something more miraculous than the coming of Spring.

"It is sweet to walk in the open countryside. You instinctively thank God for Spring, for the songs of the birds, for the opening of life, for the sense of cheer, for the rising of hope and the promise of better things.

"Because you are sons and daughters of the Most High, as you take your daily way fighting against despair, as you search for work and cannot find it, as you pray to be faithful, as you entreat God that you shall not fail your test - you are the miracle workers in very truth, you are doing something which is greater than anything you have seen, you are drawing out of the very stones upon the road-side beauty and life.

"If your eyes were opened you would see in your homes, in your dreary streets, amongst those hemmed in by poverty and care, beauty in a form undreamed of by the human mind. Because there are men and women seeking to be brave, who refuse to be daunted, and such as these - out of barrenness and bareness of their homes - are producing power and a beauty that shall live for evermore.

"Thus we draw a little nearer to the truth, a little closer to revelation. Do not forget that it is God's Will that you should knock and that the door shall be opened to you. There will be those who shall see God's signs and wonders and rejoice. When looking upon their brethren they shall see something of the hidden splendour that is within, that hidden splendour of the Holy Spirit. In that time, the outward form - physical phenomena - will represent the tawdry toys of the earth, and those who have been touched by the Holy Spirit shall suffer no more.

"As an old man, I made my way over the hillside, through the villages, and often found an enemy waiting, someone who had gone before, determined to destroy. But I had seen the light over the heads of those servants of the Beloved, and I knew, because God is so good, that I had been given the light also, and that the light could not be quenched. I thank God that there were some who were stirred into spiritual activity before the body was taken from me. As an old man, I passed into revelation and joy and peace and kindred with the Master Jesus the Christ.

"My mission on earth is to search for instruments, missionaries, those who have the power to release within others, glorious manifestations of the holy Spirit.

"The times are fraught with so much. There are coming to the earth plane tests and trials, and those who have taken the easy way, who have made a god of their bodies and their possessions, will be in a poverty most profound. But you, by the power of God, can be sent to the north, south, east and west - even little children can do their part - for man has the gift of omnipresence. By the desire, by prayer, can be poured from you that glorious light of the Spirit that can reach a brother overseas, one in despair, one tortured by the flesh for whom there was little alleviation previously.

"When you are free you shall see, because your thoughts went beyond yourself, that even while you were performing mundane tasks, that you are an instrument second to none. You were used by God and through release of the Holy Spirit were able to save the pains of another soul.

"The Day of Pentecost must be re-enacted. The day of calling out those who are held must be increased. Those instruments who have that which is named psychic power must feel the touch of the Holy Spirit upon them, and psychic power must be turned into Divine Power for the spiritual awakening of all humanity.

"So, with the whole force of your being, re-dedicate yourself to God's service and release that Divinity that is within. Pray that you will be able to use the power to heal your brothers and that by the grace of God you will set the bonded free. As you pray, as you work, as you strive to take the upward path into the Kingdom, so you shall see the miracles of Grace wrought by you - because you belong to God and God has gifted to you those mighty powers, in miniature, which He possesses Himself.

"The blessing descends upon you all and your physical conditions are charged with the power of the Holy Spirit. When you read in the Holy Book of the raising of the dead and you recollect that the Christ said to another: 'Your sins are forgiven', remember these words: It is far better to raise a soul spiritually than physically. The earth garment is but one of the many garments which clothe the spirit - and the spirit is there forever; but the spirit is troubled by the many garments that hold it fast.

"Therefore, pray that you may have the power to go to your fellow-beings and to say to them with faith: 'Your sins are forgiven', because you have kindled the light within them and they wish to sin no more.

"The knowledge of the things of the earth are clear to those who have passed into the Light. In the language of this land, even those who are uneducated from the earth point of view, when they pass, if they have been true servants, find that avenues of knowledge far beyond those of the earth are their sweet possession.

"Dear children, do not marvel that those who have seen God, can speak in the language of the land. I came here on a mission for the Christ, and the words I use, and the phrases, are simply the tools. With the Christ is the Grace. I am but the instrument, yet the instrument is blessed, because through the great dispensation, many have turned back to the Master, and have sought to follow the path He has laid down.

"Thus the light is spread. This day within the hearts and minds there has come something of emancipation, and because that emancipation has come, countless others, unseen, disembodied souls, strangers in the darkness who are gathered in, have also experienced something of emancipation and so the blessing is spread.

"Light in a darkened world: 'Let there be Light', said the Lord God of all, 'Let there be Light' (Gen.1:3).

"May the Light that is of Him stream through your being, may you prepare your hearts and minds for many Days of Pentecost. May the conviction be born within that the Holy Spirit can be demonstrated upon the earth in a measure never before evinced to man because of all those faithful ones who have passed hence and have come back bringing their mighty gifts with them for the redemption of mankind.

"Peace be unto you. May miracles be performed by you through the Grace of God and through the dedication of your heart and mind."

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