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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 17th August, 1924.

"O Divine Spirit of Heavenly Love, pour down upon us the light of faith. Bestow upon us that faith which shall stand erect in spite of all the opposing forces; that faith which shall lead us out of the darkness into the light - the light of revelation and of unity with Thee.

"O Saviour Christ help us, heal us, raise us; and grant that we, Thy children, assembled here tonight - wishing to serve and wishing to contact with the things of the Spirit - grant that we may touch holiness and be free.

"O tender, understanding Mind of Love, give to each one a blessing - that which their spirit longs for most: Peace and at-one-ment with Thee. Send down Thy power - Thy everlasting Love, which shall raise us up in faith and in certainty that with Thee all is well. Grant that this conviction may so find a resting place in the physical minds of Thy children that they may indeed find joy in the knowledge of their God...

"...My little children, the conditions tonight are rather mixed by the thoughts and the experiences which you have had and undergone during the day, and I want you to aid me in the only way you can - to send out your sympathy towards my child, so that I may be able to use the instrument placed in my hands - use it for the furtherance of God's work.

"There are among you tonight your dear ones in such volume, that you should all be conscious of a great peace and happiness within. They are here because the need is great; they are here because the enemy has been pressing close, and they are here to assure you once again of the prevailing, overwhelming influence of the Father.

"Oh, rest you content; believe if you can; and if you cannot, at this moment, separate yourselves sufficiently from the world to believe unquestioningly, then pray - pray that the eyes of the spirit may give sight to the eyes of the body, that the mind of the spirit may illumine that mind which at present, of necessity, is somewhat bound.

"Oh, my children, my children, have I not said again and yet again, that I understand your deepest, your most hidden feelings, and all those thoughts which fret and torture you by their vain questionings, both during the silent hours of night and in the light of day amid the work at hand? I have said that we do understand this well, very well indeed - because, you must remember, we too have gone through the physical stages, and where is he with the mind who can say that he has been so steadfast in his faith that doubt has never been his companion?

"You must remember that though now we are free and we see and we know, there were times too when the sorrows of the physical world crushed us down - crushed us down, yes, but only to raise us up, raise us up in power and in illumination - and that is my point tonight.

"I have you all under my care - and many more than you could grasp - and because you have been given into my care by the Great Father, would it have been possible to place upon me, at once, this great responsibility and privilege, if I failed to understand the things that matter most to you all?

"Again and again, the cry goes up to God for mercy - mercy, yes, because the shadows have so blinded you that in your grief, in your terrible sorrows, it seems that you cry in vain to One who is deaf and mute... But the days go on, and in time to come, that which tore your nerves is covered over until a chance word, perhaps, or a rough hand tears open the wound once more, when almost with its original vitality, pain surges up again and memory refuses to be silenced...

"You see, I do know - I know it all. And because you suffer in this way, you shall reap that which now it would be impossible to present to your imagination. The way is hard and, to some, the gathering unto themselves of faith is harder still - and so the blow is doubled. Yet does that not explain to you something? Does not your reasoning mind cry out that there must be some explanation as to the reason for so much pain?... The explanation is at hand:

"My children - all my children - have chosen to find God quickly; they have decided within themselves that it is better to suffer greatly for a short time and to gain the goal, than to prolong and repeat that suffering when the body is laid aside...

"Quite simple - and it must appeal to you as reasonable, and as fitting in with your practical experience of daily life. Yes, the knife cuts deep - but when there is much to do isn't it better to get it over and be free?

"I speak thus tonight because amongst you, in different ways, there is much hidden sorrow - sorrow which, to your minds, you think could have been avoided; all of us think that it is the unnecessary - the apparently unnecessary - that tortures us most. And yet, dear children, I want you to gather in this thought - which is truth, as it comes through the myriad spheres from the Throne of God - that not one pang hereafter, shall not find its justification; and you then, with me and with those you love so well - you shall feel, as well as say: 'God's ways are best!'

"And now, dear children, I am going to tackle once more that troublesome subject of faith: "Partial Faith".

"It is not to be expected that you can get the thing intact in all its beauty, its power, its wide-spreading influence - it is not to be expected that you can make this your own during the physical stages. But, hereafter, it shall be yours; and those who have suffered most through doubt, against their will, they shall come back and, imbued with power from the Most High, shall again fight this most dangerous enemy for others - and shall prevail.

"Faith, dear children, could carry you through - through the most tempestuous storm that you can imagine, if, ah, if it were only there. And tonight I am going to do my best to pass on to you some of the certainty which I thank my God I hold myself. But, little ones, it had to be fought for, it had to be earned - you cannot step into faith without giving out of yourself a very big return.

"Those who come into physical life equipped with faith - and many do - if they have not made it their own individual and personal possession during the physical stages, then, hereafter, they have to work through the doubt of others in order to make that gift their own.

"Make no mistake: Everything relating to the spirit has to be worked for, prayed for, and suffered for. But because it was wished and prayed and suffered for, God is able to pour down upon you the joy which is of Him.

"My children, I give you just a simple little illustration in regard to faith which may help you...

"Picture to yourselves your life as a balloon - for so it seems to you. Hither and thither it is driven at the mercy of the wind; and you inside, so far as your own resources are concerned, are powerless to help yourself. Over the plains, the hills and the great wide sea it bears you, and often fear itself seems your only companion... You forget that God is overruling all. And then a time comes when even that fails you - or so you think. Something has gone wrong - a great catastrophe has happened - and then, as so often has been the case with those hardy travellers, you are forced to throw yourself off, clinging only to what appears to all the most insecure support there could be.

"My children, have you ever considered the faith required by anyone in order to come down from a great height, dependent solely on a parachute? I want you to visualise, if you can, that dropping over the side. Yes, everything is in order so far as he can see, but there is always this question: 'Will it open - will the wind catch it in time to hold him up and, finally, to bring him safely to the firm land beneath?'

"Now, my children, over some of the incidents - those catastrophies in your lives - it is even thus: It seems to you that the most trivial thing imaginable lies between you and the destruction - not of the physical body - but of that most precious thing called 'happiness'. Something has happened and you are forced to take a certain step - to rely upon God - and do I not know that anguish of despair as you find yourself, as it were, falling from most terrible heights into the depths beneath?

"Faith - where is faith? Despair - ah, yes, that is there, and desperation too.

"But, dear children, I should be wrong if I left this impression on your minds. I want you, in regard to faith, not to imagine that it is anything so flimsy or so unreliable as that which I have described. No - with regard to faith, things are quite different. It is only the shadows that represent life in this most terrible guise. All the while, be the day calm or be it rough, Christ walks beside you, protecting you, and throwing off that which would approach.

"The mind may suffer - indeed, in order to grow it must suffer - but picture to yourself the difference between that simile of faith and what is really taking place: You are not falling - there is no terrible gap between you and safety. You are held by Christ; and I have told you before that if now and again you feel you are stumbling, then still more is Christ there to steady you, to encourage, and to lead you on.

"Oh, my children, gather in this comfort if you can tonight. Try more and more to say to yourself: 'Blind I may be, but Christ sees for me, and with Him I am safe!'

"Until you can, in a measure, get this attitude of mind - the suffering, the feeling of isolation, and despair will go on. But you are nearer to the end than you think. You have read many times, with reassurance, that no man is tempted beyond his strengths, and the sentence should read thus: 'That God will not allow anyone to be tempted by evil beyond their strength'. That is a plain statement and no one would dare to refute it.

"You suffer - the shadows are pressing - but I say that now and always the protection is complete because, as you know yourself, you emerge from the darkness into the light. And that is but a simile of what so-called death represents - that final emerging from the twilight of earthly experience into the light of revelation, when Love surrounds you for ever and for ever, and joy is your natural environment, because you are living in God's Eternal Day.

"My children, I must not speak too long tonight because there are many anxious to come, but I want you to continue your help throughout the evening because my child has need of it, for reasons you do not understand. I must have sympathy and understanding and thoughts of power, in order to give you that for which you long so much... Yet, as I speak, I see that God's Will will be done, so, meeting a little in sadness, we shall separate in joy and in peace..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...I want to make things a bit clearer to those who, perhaps, don't really understand. In regard to this 'mediumship', as you call it - we don't look at it like that, but you have got in the way of regarding it as mediumship - well, in order to get the work done, certain tests, as well as preparation, have to be faced.

"I'd like to tell you really what does happen when we are here. It is not easy to describe spiritual things in physical language, but I think you would like me to try.

"Well, when Winnie is sitting on that chair, before the prayer is finished, the body is vacated. You must understand this: That with such a wonderful leader as Zodiac, what seems to you almost an automatic transference, is made so only by his marvellous linking up... I've done badly but I cannot do better... What you have got to grasp is this: The body is never vacated for one second of time - it can't be. Directly the spirit starts the process of removal so - as you would say - inch by inch, is the other presence occupying the space which is vacant. And you know this well, without my telling you, that if anyone stepped in between the body vacated by the rightful owner and the spirit, which is just beyond it, well, what you call 'death' might ensue. I only say 'might' because with a leader like ours - through whom God is able to work so perfectly - ordinary rules do not stand.

"When we are speaking through Winnie, she is so close to us that she is conscious, not only of the physical side of her own body, but of the things which affect us in a physical sense - but not in a spiritual. During the sleep state only is that possible - when the body is left behind.

"Now, I am telling you this because I want you to know that while 'under control' - to her own sensitiveness, of necessity, is added part of the sensitiveness of the person speaking, which they had when upon earth, but not what they feel now.

"You see it takes some thinking out. The sensitiveness that we feel now is so enormously greater than when we were protected by the body, that it would be impossible for anyone still in the physical body to bear the burden...

"I've got an enormous amount of power tonight. It seems that, at last, I am getting my heart's desire...

"Then as to the conditions in this room: I want you to try and imagine a million, million lines of light. Some of them are from your own thoughts; some are from those who are assembled here who love you. In addition to these, which are considerable, there are those wonderful lines of light - I can think of no better expression - which are a gift direct from God. They belong not to your world at all - they are brought by your leader in order to so intertwine you that, for the time being, the destructive forces can find no entry at all. Their beauty, their harmony, their power, I cannot touch upon because it goes too deep.

"And by Dorrie's side there is one... a great penman. Now, Dorrie, I want you to know this: You have wondered - and others still more - why your hand holds out. Well, in addition to the Heavenly Ones - the Messengers of God - there is, by your side, one who, during his earthly life, was a great penman, and he, all unconsciously to yourself, he holds your hand. Sometimes we go too fast for him as well as for you - and then we not only have to pay back to you, but we have his reproaches to stand in addition.

"You see, he doesn't like his charge imposed upon too much. From what I have told you, you will understand that being in conditions so entirely non-physical - if I may use the term 'distractions', in the way of speech or movement beyond certain limits allowed for your comfort, does serious damage. You cannot mend spiritual conditions by physical means; and the spiritual conditions are of so fine a weaving that much effort, much time, and much praying as well, is necessary in order to make everything complete.

"Your leader, acting for God - or, rather, God allows him to act for Him - brings into this room such holiness that you can imagine how we long to come, to be part of it, to feel that we - though not worthy of it, of course, but even unworthy - are allowed to enter in, to take part, and to leave our little mark behind.

"There is much I can't explain - the greater part - but I want you, if you can, to try and put yourselves in the position of the instrument so used - so absolutely at the mercy, so it seems, of things - thoughts and vibrations which don't belong to her.

"I want you to try and get hold of that idea, and to realise that there is a nervous strain which is greater than any other experience could bring, because here and yet not here, she willingly - sometimes reluctantly - is forced to take part in it all; and the loss of identity is more troubling than you can imagine.

"I hope I've managed to get a little though. When it is written out, perhaps it will be clearer..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, I have heard a lot about myself tonight - Zodiac does this and Zodiac does that - I must be quite an important person. Yet I would not check them too much because I like my children sometimes to think of me thinking of them. You know, when there is someone you love very much, it is nice to know that not only do they love you, but that their thoughts are all around you - and that's how I feel tonight.

"My thoughts indeed are all around you in a way, of course, you couldn't understand. But I want you, if you will - I entreat you - to get into that very happy way of regarding me as someone who is not only overseeing your lives, but who is very dependent upon you for his joy... You see, as I have said before, parenthood is only half - or less than half - of what it was meant to be, when most of the love is only on the one side. As with all love, there must be a counterpart - that which meets the other - if it is to bring any joy at all.

"And so, my little ones - here and outside - I want you to remember that Zodiac is very dependent upon you for happiness - for real gladness - and that when he sees you happy and in sympathy with him, then - well, life, from all aspects, is just as beautiful as it could be.

"In saying this, I want you to carry on your thinking a little further, and to remember that Christ, your Saviour, your Companion, your Protector, is very much in the same position: He wants you to give what you can to Him. The Love goes on all the same - you know that, of course - whether you can find it in your heart to love Him or not.

"But, as was said just now, there are many people who cannot take unless they give - it goes against the grain. And that's my last word: It goes against the grain to take of that wonderful, overwhelming, unlimited Love, which the Father showers upon His children - unless those little ones make a real effort to give of themselves in return.

"And now, my children, the blessing - which is of peace, of healing, of renewed faith, and fresh courage - the blessing of the Holy Spirit rests on you, and can be held close to you, if only you commend yourselves to God ever and ever again.

"Goodnight, my little ones."

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