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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 28th April, 1928

"To Thee, O Christ, we rededicate our hearts and minds, and we ask Thee out of Thy tender Love to pour down upon us this night the power of the Holy Spirit so that under Thy care, following Thy guidance, these, Thy children, may go forth with the missionary spirit within quickened for fresh work, greater efforts, and with a higher faith.

"Thus we ask of Thy great gifts, yet Thou knowest that Thy little children can hold so little of that which Thou wouldst bestow. Show us, O Father, how we can grow, how we can release the Divine within, and let us go on struggling, overcoming, hoping, until at last we find ourselves upon the mountain top, face to face with Thee, our God.

"Father, in humbleness of heart we ask these great and mighty things, conscious that as we strive so the strength will be given and so the courage will come to fight the enemies which lie between us and our spirit's desire. For all Thy assurances, for Thy most tender Love, for Thy unfailing care, we thank Thee with grateful hearts. Amen...

"...My little children, I know as I come into your midst in this way, that at least some are conscious of the link that is between us, that some have been able to feel the love that I so delight to shower upon them, that some have vowed within themselves that they will indeed take the hard road because of those who walk thereon, because of those who took the hard road in time long past and who hasten back to give of their gifts, their strength, to the stumblers, to those who wonder whether they can go on.

"So, dear children, you see from the outset how closely we are linked together under our Master Christ, and, if in turning the pages of the Sacred Record, at times you question: 'Can I rise to the same heights as the holy ones of old?' - then I answer that those of old were not conscious of holiness, they could not gauge their own strength; to them their life appeared as this: A trying, a striving, a hoping, and then the open door into God's land.

"Those you look back upon with reverence and with tender love, they went through the same experiences as the pilgrims of today except that they had not your enlightenment, they had not the many assurances of the Christ, collected and put together for the comfort of those who followed after.

"For the most part, what they had in the way of support was but a 'voice', and oft they wondered whether it was the Voice of God, whether some strange condition of the brain accounted for that which the majority could not hear. They reasoned within themselves: 'Who am I that God should favour me; what have I done? Is it not some trick of the evil one which means my downfall and God's anger in the end?'...

"And yet, little ones, because of those who had taken the hard road in an earliest stage still, because these walked with them, so again and again faltering faith stood upright and the will regained its firmness, and they said to themselves and to those around: 'Whatever the cost I must hearken to the Voice and obey'.

"Oh my children, how plain it seems to you in this same day, for there, laid out in sequence, so the events in the lives of the prophets, the teachers, show to all how the guidance of God was maintained in spite of gigantic obstacles, in spite of the army of destroyers which was around. They, in their turn, out of the faith within and still more out of the obedience which they strove to give, they overcame their little world and reaped that which no words can portray.

"And so tonight, speaking under the guidance of the One who loves us best, we will talk together on: 'Overcoming the World'.

"I feel that, to you, this sounds ambitious in the extreme. You say to yourselves: 'I cannot overcome even the small difficulties and obstacles on my path; why then speak of overcoming the world?' But listen and learn, for the Beloved bids me pass on good cheer to all, bids me say to His children: Look up above the obstacles, above the hindrances, and be certain that the desire of the Divine within shall be fulfilled.

"Little ones, once more I take you back over the lives of those who are dear to you, aye, and those who have left their mark in a spiritual sense upon the history of this little world; even those of your own time come into my thoughts, for there were some who have laid aside the garments of flesh who set out with the firm purpose of overcoming the world, so far as space and conditions and hardships were concerned.

"Yet, you recall that many of these, instead, were overcome by that which was their task, and they passed out, seeing perchance the edge of the fringe of victory, but leaving another to reap from their experience that little extra which should make them victors. Ah, they passed out of the physical beaten by the physical, yet, with a joy that cannot be described, when they passed into the Light they were shown by Love that the world was overcome in very truth.

"Aye, I think, as I address you, of the 'lost' battles throughout the ages and that mightier warfare which went on all the time between the forces of good and the wreckers, those arraigned against the Christ. Yes, again and again the battle went to the strong, the mighty, the powerful - from the earth point of view; but the strong and the powerful, those wedded to self, for such as these how soon the scene was changed, and they looked back with anguish on that victory so dear to their hearts and they saw how they were overcome, beaten at every point; literally they were the tools of those who were stronger still...

"Just one word of warning, little ones, as to earth values and the earth point of view: Oh, be not deceived, let the vision come and instruct the mind of the body how God's laws, Divine justice is worked out down to the finest point; for the 'vanquished' so oft are proved the conquerors, the dead physically find they have life and freedom for ever more.

"My children, because God is your Father and Mother and He rules by Love, so it has been provided that the frailest as well as the strongest spiritually has opportunity, again and again, of overcoming the world and what it represents. I think of many a toiler, of those scarcely more than children who suddenly find themselves plunged into conditions of toil, faced with that which is competition, which seems to have a thousand stings to strike.

"I think of the young ones, many unskilled, nearly all so unprepared, of their heartaches, the humiliations, the darkness which seems to close them in, the harshness of others, the scorn and the laughter which cuts as the sharpest knife. What are they doing? They would say to you: 'I am overcome at every point; why was I born?' And the answer comes from the compassionate Christ: 'Little girl, little boy, my son, my daughter - you are overcoming the world by that which it is making you suffer'...

"And then the great majority - those who are faced with the problem of earning a livelihood for themselves and others, those who seek for work and find it not, those who look into the eyes of others for kindness and find it only in the eyes of the child who does not understand.

"I think of the old, the weak, those who are no longer wanted amongst the toilers in the cities or in the fields. Many today are facing despair, and why? Because only the few have either the knowledge or the will to preach and teach God's Truth. Excuses fly to their lips, evasions fill their minds, and Christ is tortured by man's cruelty towards his brother, by that ignoring of the tie which binds humanity together.

"Yes, these, my children, are conscious that life has beaten them, that they have been overcome by the conditions of their day; yet again, the Master's voice rings out that in the measure that they suffer so indeed they are overcoming their little world.

"Children, upon the earth plane there have been many rulers and kings. A great many fought an unceasing battle for power, but, if they gained here they lost there, for around them there were others, lesser kings, lesser rulers, who also desired that most enviable gift of power. What was the lot of such as these when they passed into the Light and self-revelation was made their own? They saw that they could have had power from the beginning, that by taking they lost, by giving not they withheld from themselves.

"Oh, I entreat those who speak to the people - aye, and some of the teachers and the instructors - to reverse their way of thinking and to put their house in order; to turn not from the words of the Christ, the One who was 'beaten' by man, the One whose mission was cut short because free-will could not be tampered with. I entreat them to go back to that incident when Christ gave a promise to those who followed after, when He bid them fear not for He had overcome the world...

"Yes, there are many of the so-called wise ones, many of those who have studied the parchment of their day, who still have to learn the accuracy of the immovable truth expressed by God when - looking into the future, seeing what His faithful children must go through, how the enemies would watch and wait, how the selfishness of the individual would be used to betray them again and again - when the Master looked into the future and knew that in their pangs so He must bear the treble part, and yet was able - because He was Truth itself - to give forth words of cheer, the promise which had never failed. ('In the world ye shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world' - John 16:33).

"So, my children, I want you to take the circumstances of your own lives and of those you know, and to look at them under the light which streams from the love of God; to see in that failure brought about through no fault of the one concerned - that dark cloak of disgrace - to see beneath something lovely, something that has the radiance of the Spirit. To take the so-called misfortune, the many troubles heaped up around the individual, and to remind yourself that though some seem to have lost the battle of life, yet a span ahead they will look back and marvel at what they overcame, marvel at the protection that was around, marvel at their strength that they managed to work out the spirit's desire.

"These, little ones, are those who indeed are as the jewels of God. Upon the earth plane, crude, dull, ugly stones perchance they may appear, but through that supplied by the earth experience - the going without, the denying of the desires of the heart so that the desires of the spirit may be fulfilled, through the scorn of others, the imposition of the determined will upon those too weak to resist - so the rough stones are cut and polished and henceforth they belong, by choice, by love, to the King of Kings...

"So, dear children, do not turn from that which, in the future, may represent something relating to failure. Say not to yourselves: 'If I thought I should succeed I would work with all my might', but rather say in faith: 'This is the next step; I will work with my strength and God will finish what I have begun'. Only in this way, my children, can a firm foundation for your spiritual emancipation be built to resist the storms of physical life and the many conditions around and beyond.

"You may construct and, perchance, may have to leave it for another to continue or to expand. That is not failure, it is the greatest form of success that can come to any man or any woman; for all must know that first stages are difficult stages, the time when the enemies strike their hardest to defeat the object that is in view.

"Therefore, build and build again. Think not of tomorrow or whether you yourselves may have the strength and the opportunity to carry through God's work. That is not your part; your part is, by faith and determination, to seek diligently for the first bricks and to fasten those together by the dedication of your heart; and if God calls you to another branch of His work, to another form of service, what then?

"Oh, cannot you see that had not you built that which you leave, you would not be sufficiently trained, sufficiently prepared, for the greater work to which your energies are fastened by the great Constructor of all things?

"You cannot overcome your little world unless that which is within has the power to overcome the physical mind, with its reluctance, with its doubts and many misgivings; but in overcoming its unwillingness so indeed the world has been overcome in turn...

"And forget not the Christ way, the way that the Beloved took Himself when the world marked Him 'failure'. When those so bound jeered at His seeming helplessness on the Cross, then He was victor indeed, for through the Cross and the pangs it represented, so a mighty resurrection was made possible for those who were even as the dead.

"Forget not the method by which Christ overcame this little world, and take heart, fresh courage; for within you, my children, there is God Himself. That expresses what you scarce can understand, but when you think of God you recall His power, that He is the mightiest of all. Yet, within you is the same power in the degree that you aspire to follow in the Master's steps, in the degree that you can give out of yourselves to others so are the powers to create released within.

"Oh, cannot you see that when I say each one can overcome the world, how I am understating the truth as it is? This little world is but one small planet to us. I have told you that those upon it represent but a little group to the Father, the One who brought it into being. If within you there is God, how can you limit your strength? It is impossible to limit your power. You are of Him, gifted with His gifts, and by service to others, which is the law of the Spirit, you can demonstrate something of your inheritance, something of the Divine within.

"So, my children, I would leave upon your thoughts this night, some conception of the great possibilities which not only lie in front but even now are within your grasp. Therefore, whatever life may hold, have no fear, for Christ has shown you how to overcome your world; and out of that which is, so then you have your shield, and your confidence should be complete. Pass on the good news to others; let the sorrowful rejoice, let the broken-hearted arise and clasp their happiness, let those who are sick, the blind and the maimed, face the truth; for out of their pangs, out of that going without, when they pass hence indeed they shall see - because God is a God of Love - that they overcame their little world...

"Now I leave you for a space. I ask each one to remember that these conditions have been built up solely for the Master's work. Those who use this instrument (Miss Winifred Moyes) come under the Christ-ray so generously bestowed, and they speak according to the plan. Therefore, little ones, whoever comes to you, be certain that God's ways are not only best but sweeter than you can imagine at this stage. And now I go..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...Friends of my heart, I come into this little home once more - it is the one you name Francis of Assisi. I am well known here and through the grace of God I can say I am loved.

"I would speak this night according to my custom upon another vision which was made my own, which came - it seemed so strangely - when the wind was high, when the storms beat upon tree and house, church and hutment, when all nature seemed at war with itself...

"Methinks I will go back, retrace my steps; and tonight the valley, so associated with my boyhood days, bears fresh significance as a symbol of all that which was to follow after. Out of the valley so I came, and if at times the hills and the plains seemed too strong for my physical body, yet God's will was done in part if not in whole. But I will turn to the vision which was mine:

"I hear the storm, the howling of the wind, and I am alone, I have arisen from my prayers and I think of those far from me, those in the little vessels facing an angry sea, those without shelter; and then my thoughts go back to the story in the precious Book, and I visualise the Master as He quelled the waves by the simple words: 'Peace, be still'.

"Then it seemed to me the scene was changed, I was out on a bleak and desolate coast and there was only desolation around. I thought of humanity and still more of the brothers I had left, and I argued: 'Why am I here, why am I here?'

"Then, to my exceeding horror, in the far distance something was crawling towards me. I was alone; my hands seemed cold and lifeless, my heart struggled within me like a bird; and then across the grey and dreadful sky the sweet tones of a tiny songster scattered the shadows within and without, and I leapt in my joy: 'Oh, little stranger, come and meet the love that awaits you'.

"But the song faded away; and then I heard even as angry thunder, the whole world seemed in conflict, and out of the rock itself rose strange forms terrifying to my startled gaze... 'Blessed Saviour, be with me now', I stammered in my sore distress; and again came the trilling notes of a tiny bird, but once more the darkness descended.

"And then before me stood One shrouded from head to foot. I spake to Him thus: 'Tell me, stranger, what has happened to us all?' And He answered: 'Is fear within?' And I replied: 'Oh, a nameless dread'. Then as He spake; self fell from me like a hideous cloak, for He said: 'Peace, be still'...

"It was the Master who had found me to my shame, it was the Master who had come to warn. At His feet I fell, and the trembling of fear was as naught to the trembling of the anguish which held me and would not let me free... 'Oh Master, Thy unworthy servant, Thy unworthy servant!' Yet, upon my ears fell such words of comfort that even now, as I recall, I marvel that they could be mine: 'Son, lovest thou Me?' 'Oh Master, Master!'... He raised me and I looked around on that awful sight, those who had lost all semblance to human form, and His sweet voice went on: 'These are my lambs; feed thou my lambs'...

"Then I awoke and took from the wall the lantern to guide me on my way, and I went out into the storm, and peace dwelt within..."

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, when we met together in this little room, there was running through the vibrations, like the grand chords of Divine music, that which expresses God's love in regard to His children. That love is built up around you in a volume which you cannot grasp, but oh, regard it thus: It is as the inexhaustible supply for your missionary work on the earth plane and in the planes of darkness which you frequent during the sleep state...

"Little ones, I have said that that supply is inexhaustible, but think as to the reason for this. The love of God is illimitable, we know, but through the love of God the supply at your disposal has had many contributions out of the efforts of those who took the earth journey in the long ago - aye, and those who suffered in the little yesterday.

"And now comes your part: You, by the experience you have undergone, you too have added, out of yourselves, to the supply, to that store, that treasure of love in which there is the life, the power and the strength to reawaken and recharge others for the hill which must be climbed.

"Oh, remember ever that as you take the daily way, overcoming the little things, attempting to suppress the irritation, the reluctance, ah, the sense of things having gone wrong, as you overcome your little world, you are making it possible - by your contribution to the store of power which love represents - you, are making it possible for those who are weaker, those who are stumbling over their lessons, to arise and overcome their world in turn.

"So, my children, in the Name of God our Creator, I bless you with a higher courage, a stronger faith, an indomitable will to carry on His work in His way. And I bless you with the consciousness that in overcoming the temptations at your side, the obstacles which arise so speedily on your path, indeed you are linking yourself to the One who overcame all things, and who passes on to His children a message of complete reassurance - a message which should carry you through with happy hearts, and bring you out of the wood of misunderstanding on to the plain of great endeavour with not only faith held, but faith justified up to the hilt... The blessing of the Christ is upon you all.

"Farewell, my little ones. Thank the Father for His many good gifts..."

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