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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 18th May, 1924.

"Tender Shepherd, we thank Thee for all Thy loving care, for all the protection, for all the foresight and for all the guidance which is around us all.

"O Father, grant that we may be able to rise in spirit to meet not only our dear ones, but to meet Thy great love and understanding. Attune our hearts and minds to the Spirit, grant that we may be able to separate ourselves from the world - from those mental things which play so large a part in the thoughts of Thy children; grant that tonight for these few sacred hours, we may be enabled to leave all behind us and to be free to gather in the great, great blessings which lie on either side.

"Saviour Christ, although the Cross has been before the eyes of some, Thou knowest that it but reflects the glory which is of Thee. Grant that the understanding may come, that the illumination may be here, and that Thy little children may indeed contact with holiness, may realise the sacredness of this communion, may purify their hearts and minds of self in all its many disguises, and thus prepared, may meet and greet those they love with nothing in between.

"Send down Thy power, Thy power and Thy directing influence - send down Thy power, O God...

"...Tonight, my children, is a very happy occasion and I want you, in the days to come, to look back on this evening as symbolical of your own lives. I want you to remember the storm without and the peace within, and to realise that here you have your simile of physical and spiritual life.

"Never be dismayed. I speak to some who have suffered rather deeply - I say, do not be dismayed. Behind the greatest sorrow, behind the greatest forces of evil, there shines the Light and the Love of God.

"There are those who on looking back, have seen much in their own lives which represents disaster - disaster and destruction. I am not only speaking of things in a physical sense or in connection with loved ones gone on before - I am speaking of those spiritual battles which must be met and fought and conquered again and again...

"Be not deceived. There are those whose lives seem to lie on tranquil waters; things go well with them; nothing seems to ruffle their serenity; blows fall on either side but they go scot-free. That is the world's judgment, but I tell you - and I am told to tell you - that this is but the outward and tangible of all that lies underneath.

"Neither be deceived nor let others deceive you - the road to God is steep, it is hard-going in a spiritual sense, it is beset by much that tries, and I want you all - when you see others at grips with the enemy - I want you to pause and to say to yourself: 'How shall I meet it when my time comes?'

"Don't you see, my children, that the easy stages lie at the bottom of the hill? Don't you realise that those who are highest up, immediately attract to their sides the strongest forces of evil which are there to hurl them back, literally, into the abyss beneath.

"I speak most vehemently on this - it is a subject that cannot be glossed over or waived aside, and there is not one child of the earth, and not one who has passed out of the body, that has not to come to grips with these terrific forces which are out to kill the hope within... There is much underlying my words, and as you grow, each one of you will say at this point or that: 'Now I understand!'

"And yet, dear children, I would not have you be afraid. I would not instil into you dismay. I would tell you that behind the darkest cloud is the sun of God's love, and presently - patiently waiting, doing the best you can, trying to hold on to that which seems to have slipped from you - just waiting, the Light will come. It shall come because it is a promise of the Father who understands - understands that to little children, these adverse forces are terrifying indeed, that the shadows are not shadows to them, but something so solid, so overwhelmingly powerful that they shrink and shrink again.

"And now I will tell you a little thing that happened to my child, and I bring it in tonight for her reassurance and for yours as well, when the time arrives...

"At night, in a lonely forest, far away from man, deserted it seemed by all, there she came face to face with Fear, and because she left it - left it in the hands of God - the enemy parted on either side and the path before her led her home.

"This is a symbol of what must come to all, but remember that when you come face to face with Fear, you have got to meet it and not turn from it - you have got to strip yourself of self, and you have got to leave it in the Hands of God... And there has never been anyone yet who has left it to God who hasn't found it wonderfully well in His Hands, and the joy that comes after is just a little indication of the joy which is being built up all around them - those who have striven and failed and yet striven again and again.

"This then should be your watchword, that: 'Though I fail a thousand, thousand times, yet will I try again.' And in that trying, God shall send His helpers, His strongest guard, and in the end you shall find yourself not in a dark and lonely forest, but Home - Home, safe and sound.

"My children, we must all grow, and it must appeal to your common-sense that the process of growth is painful. With those who suffer no growing pains, it is the worst sign of all - it simply means that they have hardly begun to climb at all. Now none of you would wish to be like that.

"There are among my children those who have suffered grievously; those who have had to give up their will again and again - and the process has almost broken their hearts. Yes, so it seemed, but God's Love is so healing, so wonderfully healing, and they forget - and they shall forget - and I say that hereafter it will be impossible to remember.

"The sad side belongs to the earth; once the spirit is free then there is joy - joy that no words can tell - joy because, although they knew it not, they suffered and were strong.

"Many of my children think they suffer and are weak, but by and by they shall see that although the physical mind flinched beneath the burden, yet the spirit was strong, strong in the Lord, strong with that wonderful inner strength which only is possible after great suffering.

"Tonight, then, my children, I want to stand out in your minds as one of peace, of promise, and of joy to come. And you know full well that if the dedication is there, if the wish for service is there, and if the desire to love God is there as well - that that shall produce just what your Father intended - and in time to come, you shall find that you have builded better than you knew.

"But be on your guard against doubt - and against indifference most of all, I mean indifference over those little things which do not seem to you to matter. Those little things are the cement that keeps the bricks together. And if that watchfulness over self is absent, the bricks may be there of the big things, but that which makes them strong in unity will be missing.

"I give you this warning just to help you. You know I am your friend, not your schoolmaster - not one who lays down hard and fast rules, and tells you that if you disregard them you will be punished. Not at all - I am your friend, and you are my little children that I have had under my care for so long - so long that it is difficult to express it in words, but long before you took on your physical experience and came into a world that in some ways has not proved over kind...

"Therefore trust me more, try and turn to me more and more and be certain that what touches you touches me - that I am not free, that I am not independent in any sense whatever. My children are as the nerves of my heart, and their troubles are my troubles, and their joys are going to be my joys as well. And when you get on, you will find things will come to you in exactly the same way. When you get the larger vision of the spirit, self seems so unimportant, so trivial - in the way. You want to be free, and all your thoughts and hopes are focussed on another, on many others, and in service to them you get that gladness which nothing else can bring, because it links you with Christ who said: 'Feed my lambs'.

"And now, dear children, I think I will go, although I feel there are some who wish me to stay, but I will go and let another speak - perhaps to give something of the message that I might have given if he had not been here to do it instead... I go, but only in a physical sense. I am with you all in a way you cannot understand - with you, living in your lives, of your lives, bound to you closer than words can say...

(After all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued)...

"Well, my children, I think you have had an evening, as I promised, of peace and of happiness. And if with that happiness there seemed to you to run the river of pain, well, I would tell you that this is only the earth side, and tonight - in a spiritual sense - has been one of beauty, of holiness, and of unity.

"You are out for big things - I have told you that often before - and you cannot break up a field with a tiny pocket knife, you have got to use suitable tools, and within you, in a way altogether beyond your comprehension, lies power - the power of the Spirit before which nothing can stand. Oh, let not your hearts be troubled. Keep the Truth in front of you as a beacon of light, and neither be dissuaded nor persuaded one way or the other. Look not to the left or to the right, but to God who calls you on.

"And I will tell you this: With those who have once heard the call, even though they dally by the way, that which is within them will not let them rest. They belong to better things, and sooner or later - if later with extra difficulty - but sooner or later, they will start to climb. And although the way be heavy going and there is weariness - what you call 'spiritual weariness' but that weariness of the physical mind - yet on either side, you are companioned by the heavenly host and those who are there in bright array - as you would say - they shall bear you on in spite of all.

"The Holy Spirit has called you. It is calling to the world and soon - sooner than many think - will the Voice become so persistent that an answer will have to be made. Once more I say to all: 'Prepare the way so that when the Light comes to those who walk in darkness, the sky will be clear, in a physical sense, because of the Work done by the children of the Lord'. Ignorantly, blindly, blunderingly - so it seems to you - but that Work is the Work which will tell, and that Work one day is going to be shown as the sure foundation on which God's erection can rest.

"There I have to leave things because I get beyond the radius of your minds, but this is the beginning - the beginning which shall soon be seen by those who watch, as the opening out into something big and permanent, and that growth shall go on and on and the blessing shall come upon the children of the earth - the blessing of the gift of the Holy Spirit as their possession. It has been given to man since the first stages, as I have told you, but it shall be shown again as a gift direct from God.

"Oh, prepare the way, do your part, continue to sow the seeds. Remember that what you don't do has to be done by another. Each one do your part, and if that is done to the best of your ability you shall indeed rejoice, for God has given you the vision of the future in the measure that you could bear it.

"And it is the vision always that calls man on, that bids him forsake the busy streets of material life, which bids him separate himself from that which would destroy - and entering into the holy citadel of the spirit within, to get into personal touch with Christ, and by trying to follow His example, strength to do likewise is passed out into the world... Thus each individual can build for God, can bring down blessings upon himself, and blessing upon those others who, as yet, are far down in the valley and without the strength to climb.

"I will not keep you longer tonight, but I ask you to be brave. I ask you to search within yourselves for that spiritual courage. And I ask you to try and demonstrate Christ in your daily life - to be thoughtful for others, to be kind - ah yes, to be kind, and to know that in so doing the happiness you pass on to others will echo back to the soul within, because there is unity with the Spirit and the harmony which is of God alone.

"I bless you in the Name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit - bless you with peace and with faith; bless you with the Love which covereth all things...Goodnight, my little ones."

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