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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London
(First published on 4th August, 1928)

"My children, you are known to me by many things. During the sleep state by that emotion which you call love, so you and those who have passed on a space, all gather together, and directed by the Holy One I seek to train your minds, to prepare you for the next step in front; for forget not that by choice you have allied yourselves to Christ, which means that you are willing to carry that which represents the cross, knowing that through the cross revelation can be made your own.

"I want you all to realise that this meeting was arranged in the far, far past, and oft we have spoken together of that time when you, from the physical standpoint, should be drawn into this work. Remember that the invitation is extended but free-will is man's own gift, and it is for you to decide aye or nay. Yet, if you turn from the test, if you hesitate over the path in front, then, my little ones, I must tell you, because it is God's truth, that the next span ahead will find you disconsolate, full of grief over the opportunity which came and which you cast away through the ignorance which held your mind.

"Oh, there are many when they are free, when self-realisation is made their own, who stand aghast over that little more which they were unwilling to give, for they see that they themselves hewed down the bridge between them and power and peace and love, the last bridge which lay between them and their spirit's desire.

"Tonight, dear children, I speak to many, yet you by coming in this way, by giving up yourselves in the measure that you understand, you are contributing to that missionary work which has been entrusted to me by the Saviour Christ. I speak to many, to those of your little world and to the vast numbers who have laid aside the garment of flesh; for, alas, there are many who sought other gods than the One true God, and they still seek these other gods and know not what holds them, how the shadows have tricked them and betrayed them again and again.

"So this night my subject is: 'OTHER GODS', and I want you to take the broad view, to keep your minds off the so-called heathen, off those who have different religions from your own; for I have said, instructed by Love, that whatever man believes, that is of second importance in comparison to man's life, man's attitude towards others. There are many who have been brought up in an environment which is charged with superstition, who since their early years have been taught to worship gods of wood and gods of stone. Yet many of these live in a measure a Christ life, in a measure they have taken the hard road, and when they pass into the Light, lo, they shall find to their exceeding amazement that all unknowingly they worshipped the One true God; they worshipped God in their kindly acts, in their compassion for the poor, in their care for the aged.

"Oh, take the wide view! Let not those of the earth sway you; realise that what man does is of greater importance than the manner in which man worships God. For look you, how many of the 'heathen' have had the advantages which have come to you in this corner of that which you name the earth? How many of these primitive children have learned anything concerning the compassionate Christ, the tender Companion? Nay, the gods they worship mean to be obeyed, and in the measure that the culprit fails in this obedience, so punishment is meted out to that one, and in order to conciliate, from their little they have to give much. What know they of the Mother and Father God?

"So, my children, I would speak this night rather upon the many gods which those who have had the advantages of 'civilisation' have erected in the home, in the palace, and even in the church. Think you as to this. There are those who enter a body of flesh, bringing with them many gifts - the tools of the mind, the strength of the physical garment; and as the boy emerges into manhood, so ambition calls with a loud and insistent voice; and that one, although he recognises it not, has built up in his surroundings many gods, but the One true God finds no place. First, it may be power; then, perchance, it is the acquirement of the possessions of the earth; then it is worldly fame. Obscurity finds no favour with such as these, and there are many, rising out of that which once was their environment, who can say with truth: 'I am a power in the land'; and those around, bound in turn, look with envy upon such a one. They think: 'If I had his ability, if I had his opportunity, if I had his wealth, what I could do!', and discontent seizes the mind.

"Poor blind children, they have not learned that by going without they are drawing to them the treasures of heaven. For mark you this: No man who rises to so great an eminence does so without exacting much from others. No man acquires many possessions without directly or indirectly robbing the weak. These things must be faced. When such a one lays aside the physical garment he is stripped of all that which he prizes. Think you as to his thoughts when, as he stands among others, he is forced to recognise that the first is even as the last, that the one he despised takes the place of prominence by the fact that sacrifice was exacted; and that one has a power no one can wrest from him.

"Then, my children, I would have you think of those many who by their very exclusiveness are veiling the beauty of a tender Christ. Yes, these gods are of a different character. Think of the student, the man who is absorbed in the subject under consideration, so anxious to tear out of the earth the so-called secrets of science, so determined to be the one to discover that which shall alter the viewpoint of his world. Think not that these things are wrong, yet I am bound to give out that which is the truth. In the measure that man is absorbed in his own interests, forgetful of the plight of others, in the measure that that man puts the things of the earth before the things of God, so - alas and alas - he is binding himself to that which it will take years to forget and cast away.

"Think of the man who claims that which you name the artistic temperament and, in his desire to satisfy the craving for beauty that is within, wanders far and collects from this country and that illustrations of the beauty it has to give. That, dear children, is not wrong as we regard things when a measure of wisdom is made our own, but again I am controlled by Truth and I say when that man passes into reality the picture which once held his attention and filled him with delight will appear as ugliness itself. The bowls and the plates and the beaten brass in which he revelled, and of which he never grew tired, indeed these things seem of the earth, earthy; and he will stand apart and see another with the power to create beauty in a form hitherto unimagined by him - aye, by will to bring out of the conditions that which is exquisite in form, in colour and workmanship - while he has no tools, and the remembrance of that which he craved while in the body representing a travesty of the real.

"Again, I speak of the man absorbed in music in the bringing out of instruments sweet sounds, melody - the man who uses his talent to amuse the idle crowd, to arouse the worst passions in his fellows, and excuses himself by the thought: 'I must live'. That man when he passes into the realms of melody and sweet sounds - for, mark you, to see reality is part of his education - that man will be anguished, for the power is gone to give forth that which is the truth. The man or the woman who puts together a few simple lines, breathing purity, telling of God - these things may be sneered at by those of the earth, by the criticisers, by those with the mental tools - but I say that such as these, when they pass into God's home, shall - according to the effort put forth - shall have something of creative power, and they, under guidance, shall build up in their conditions sweet flowers, the melody, the charm, the glory that does not fade.

"Other gods! Oh, how many, although they will face it not, have other gods! And that is why if Christ came in His humble guise, from an obscure home, few would recognise Him or bid Him welcome. A God of power may be honoured and worshipped, but a Christ with no earthly power is ignored; for those of the earth, keyed to the earth vibrations, recognise not that the greatest power that any man or woman can have is the humble heart, the obedient will.

"Other gods, aye, even in that which you name the churches and temples - other gods. The splendour of raiment, the costly plate, the rich ornament - all that which is display; ah, there the One Who had not a roof over His head finds little place. A God of power, of might and of splendour those of the world demand. They demand that Christ shall come with His legion of angels to force the rebellious to bend the knee; they forget that God's way is not man's way, that God's way is the Christ way; and that Christ chose poverty, chose hardship, chose the contempt of others, rather than betray His Godhead and pander to the weakness of men's minds.

"Oh, little ones, serious must be my words, for with sight I look beyond this little earth, beyond this little plane, and I see gather in on all sides men and women who worshipped faithfully and regularly at the shrine of those gods built up by the world in which they lived. They forgot the One true God, the One Who promised that the pure in heart should see God as God is.

"So, my little ones, I come back to you, and my love is drawing you into the vibrations of the One Who has fought and struggled for you over time unthinkable. I draw you by the grace of God back to the Saviour, the Beloved, the One Who understands the hardships of your lives, your hopes, your disappointments, the heartaches and deep sorrows. I draw you back to the One true God, our Saviour Christ, and I bid you for the sake of that greater self within to cast from you anything that bears resemblance to another god, anything that comes between you and the One Who loves you best.

"With the tools of the mind, with the gifts of the hands, beware, take care! If that which you can produce has beauty, has the power to draw out admiration from others, oh believe that only in the measure that God is in that which you have built can that beauty remain. Yes, only in the measure that you worked for others, that you did that which went against the inclination of the physical mind, that you put weariness aside, that you tried to forget the pangs of the body.

"Oh, my little ones, all these things create a loveliness impossible for your minds to grasp. They are charged with God-power, and when you are free, when the sadness and the disappointments are forgotten, you will stand as sons and daughters of the Most High, with something of Divine power, released by what has been. And then, at will you can draw out of the vibrations beauty in sound and form, charged with life; and that beauty, that melody, the power shall pass far from you into conditions where beauty and light and sweetness are unknown. In degree you are demonstrating the God within, the gifts bestowed when created by the one God in His own image in the far, far past; you are demonstrating that you are part of that Being.

"But the only way to have that which is of God is to take the God-way, the Christ-way, the way of patience, the way of work, the way of helping others. Let not others deceive you, let not ambition call to any man, any woman - the ambition which is of the earth. Let the ambition be of the Spirit, to rise above the troubles, above the difficulties, to conquer the obstacles, and to manifest to those around that there is that within stronger, more powerful than anything the earth can show, and that is God.

"And when you reach that stage, your gifts, purchased by what you were willing to endure, then, my children, as disciples of the Master indeed the promise of the Christ shall be fulfilled. You shall pass among your fellows and you shall heal the blind, straighten the limbs of the crippled, release the spirits in prison; but, again I say, the only way is the Christ-way. In the measure that other gods force back the One true God, in that measure are you binding yourselves, are you thwarting the powers, the gifts which God meant should be your own; but if the gods of the earth are banished out of your environment and you turn to the Christ, entreating that the Christ shall use you as His tool, then, my children, although the eyes may be bound, although the ears may not be trained to the finer sounds of Spirit, around you in your daily life, beauty in a thousand forms is there for ever, and sheds among the drab grey ugliness of materialism something of the glory which is of God.

"Thus I pass from you, yet forget not that in time of need, or that which you name trouble, should you call upon me, then, borrowing the grace of Christ, it shall be my privilege to help, to steady in the hour of temptation, to recharge with power; and - oh, remember this - that you too can have this same gift, this same honour. Let those in your surroundings come to you for help, for guidance. Cast aside the viewpoint of those of the earth. Turn to the Christ, ask for His grace, borrow His power, and you can have that same joy which is mine so often; for God understands the longings of His children and He delights to give and give again.

"Little ones, remember that by gathering together with the wish to learn, you pass out of these conditions with something gathered to you which no one can wrest away. I, in turn, through the blessing of God, have that added gift, added joy which you have given unto me, for without that which you provide, without the instrument which I use, lo, I might be in your presence but I must be dumb, you would know me not. I might scatter my love amongst you but because you were bound by the physical you would not think to gather it up.

"These things are symbols of what takes place with the Lord God of all. Think you! Christ passes among you, gathers close to you in your toil, in your sorrow, in your disappointments, but those who turn not to Him are unaware of His sweet presence. He gives but you cannot take, and therein lies the tragedy which for ever touches God. Other gods have their worshippers in plenty. The Christ, Love personified, draws close to His children seeking their love, for only through their love can He help them as He desires; but they know Him not. Christ walks through the cities and the towns, through the humble homes, through the churches, through the palaces, out amongst the players in open spaces, but few know of Him, know of Him as He is - the One so kind, the One so understanding, the One so humble, the One who delights to serve.

"So then, my little ones, as you go your separate ways take the thought of the sweet companionship of Christ with you, and hold fast to the One Who can raise you up above your troubles and place you on that high plateau of peace where the enemies of the earth can touch you not, where those out to destroy dare not venture. Then let Christ come close in the trivial things as well as those which seem so important to you, turn to the Saviour in the little things that appear to go wrong, however mundane they may be; think of the Great Consoler, the Great Constructor, and be certain that Christ is near, comforting, recharging, healing, calling to you ever: 'My child!' Yes, and when the Master places upon our shoulder the yoke which has been blessed by Him, with lightened hearts, with unwearied limbs we pass on our way, conscious that through that which we bear so we are linked to the One Who bore so much.

"Other gods? - we want them not. We have the one God, our Saviour Christ, the One Who never fails, the One whose love for us is illimitable. Oh, take of Love and let that which seems as sorrow be transformed by His love into the joy which fades not, into the peace which nothing can destroy.

"I bless you with reassurance, with renewed determination to take of the best; aye, I bless you with spiritual ambition. Oh, forget not that within there is perfection, and around you here are those with the gifts of strength and patience and endurance. Why then, little ones, should apprehension approach you? You are centred in love, and the blessing of the Christ rests upon you. Take and make it your own. Farewell."

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