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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 26th June, 1927.

"To Thee, our Father and Mother God we come, and we thank Thee with grateful hearts that Thou hast opened the way and that Thou hast given us the gift of sight. Grant that the 'sight' which is Thy children's at this stage, may turn into understanding, and that with the weapon of understanding all the clouds of physical life may be dispatched; that they may look beyond the present and see - not only with the eyes of faith but out of that understanding which is their own - see the sunshine of Thy gracious Love shining upon them, recharging with power, closing the wounds of heart and mind, and filling that which is the real self with joy, and with that firm purpose which shall keep the joy their own for ever and for ever...

"O Holy Father, we know that we have much to learn, but we know also that we have Thy promise that when two or three are gathered together in Thy Name, there Thou wilt spread Thy sweet influence, there Thou wilt minister to us in the Presence of Christ. And because of all these gracious gifts, because of the generosity of Thy Love, we take up our tools with lightened hearts, and we thank Thee that Thou hast called us to high and holy things. Amen...

"...My little children, all so dear to me, and I bid those who perhaps feel a little outside this centre here, I bid you cast from you that thought; for when once a soul has listened to the words which I give, by the grace of God, so that one belongs to me throughout the journey of experience. The physical mind, perchance, cannot grasp this, or again it may be that my message finds not full acceptance by the understanding which is their own at this stage, but it matters not. All the many who have read my words - apart from those who listen in conditions so different from your own - all who have read my words belong to me, under Christ, for ever and for aye.

"When sleep claims you, and them, the barriers are cast aside, differences of opinion, those many points which cause so much discussion, these are as naught. Once the spirit is free from its earthly tabernacle, we all meet to learn, we all meet to draw from the Beloved that love, that wisdom, that aspiration which we can hold, whatever the state or stage we may be in.

"So, my little ones, remember this: That God, because He is a Father and Mother God, has given to me the charge not only of yourselves, but of many beyond your comprehension, and as His servant, His instrument, I seek to minister to that which is Divine within. Sometimes, my children, you speak amongst yourselves as to that imposed upon the guides - the patience required, ah, and that bringing down of the mind to the level of those on earth. Thus you talk and thus you pay deference and thus you express your love.

"We take your gifts, but you know not of what you speak. That which has even the merest aspect of condescension is unknown to those who have communed direct with the Beloved of us all. We look at Christ and see that humility which is His alone. We go back over our past, to those times when we were ignorant in every sense there could be, to those times when God, as God, had no place in our scheme of things, and we see His patience, His ministration to that unworthy one which was our self.

"So, dear children, keep this thought in mind: We may seem to you a long way ahead on the road of experience, we may seem divided from you by conditions and in regard to the attainment of those spiritual gifts which you long to make your own; but, so far as we are concerned, there are no barriers, no distinctions, except perchance the distinction of an elder brother, an elder sister, towards the treasure of their heart - the little one who has been gifted to them to care for and to guide...

"This is our attitude towards you all. And never forget that we ever seek to imitate the Master, that we ever strive to get some measure of that beauty of mind, that beauty of action which is His own. Yet, while we strive, so also we are as infants in love, in power and in understanding, compared to the One who gave us life and being. But the gracious Creator and Controller is conscious of no barriers even between Himself and the one who has strayed far from the fold, and has no wish, as yet, to return...

"Tonight, dear children, having drawn your thoughts towards me - and only do I use that word because you come to me to be taught how to throw off that which binds the mind and heart, how to release that which is Divine within - so, my little ones, because Love directs and because the Beloved has you fast under His care, I speak to you this night upon that which I name: 'Opportunity'.

"And for a purpose I have gathered you together, for this message is for you and those in similar conditions, and for others who can find the time to pause and listen to my words.

"My children, when you upon earth speak of opportunity, immediately, as it were, you count your tools, you go over your environment, and it seems to you that your equipment is sadly lacking in that essential to provide that which is opportunity in any shape or form.

"Those whose lives are controlled, for the most part, by circumstances, they instantly call to mind the great ones, those who are free from the responsibilities which hold themselves, and their thoughts run thus: 'Ah, if only I had those gifts, if only I were free from the tasks of daily life, if only I had a stronger body, if only I had more ability of the mind, what great things I could do. How I would close the door on that which holds me now and travel far and wide and somehow or other leave my mark on history. But no, I am tied hand and foot, the chains of circumstances will not let me go, and a life which is commonplace, a life which is mundane is mine so far as this world is concerned'.

"My little ones, countless thousands have talked to themselves in that way. In this room tonight, there is a throng, a multitude hidden from your physical sight, gathered from conditions which once held them fast, aye, those who inhabited the physical tabernacle in that which you name the past. These felt, in their time, exactly as you are feeling today, and because that which they recognised as the great achievement, as the outstanding deed, because these were barred to them, so half in despair and half through that indolence which is so dangerous an enemy, they, as it were, went with the tide and the tide took them not into the great sea of endeavour, but alas, the tide took them into some backwater where the weeds held them fast.

"And there they waited until there were others strong enough in the missionary-spirit and determined enough in the soldier-spirit, who hacked them out of their conditions and put the little craft which represented themselves once more on the broad water, and bade them work and strive; to go not with the tide but to go against the tide, when, if their resolution held firm, at last they would find themselves out on the ocean of revelation, and sorrow, as sorrow, would be past for evermore.

"So, dear children, I speak to you because, blinded by the viewpoint of the world, many of the teachers have failed to drive this point home. Nay, the repressive method has been their tool - the oft chiding, the warning note. The encouragement, the spurring on, the inspiring to great and glorious things, this they have reserved for the few who, so it seemed to a mind blind to things as they are, have those qualities which make for greatness.

"Oh, to the teachers and instructors I speak: Can they not see how by that repressive chiding attitude, they have crushed even that little ambition which is housed within the worker, which is caged within the mind of the one fettered to mundane things?

"When you pass hence the scene will be changed. You will find that many pioneers, from the world's point of view, were the laggards of the Spirit; you will find that those with great mental attainments very often forgot to study the A.B.C. of living the Christ-life on earth. Ah, so much interest in this and that, so much to discover, so much to discuss. The humble path, the simple path, held no attraction for them.

"And thus, in their mind rose up many divisions. They suited their tones to the audience or the congregation they addressed, whether by word of mouth or whether through the book they penned. Sometimes, they wrote or spoke for those equally learned as themselves; at others, in tones perhaps verging on to that which seemed patronising, they gave forth another message - the message of giving up, of obedience, of subjection to the ones in control; all the repressive exhortations which they reserved for those who had little liberty of their own.

"When they are free from self they will view things thus: They will find that that message was meant for the rulers and not for the ruled; they will ponder within and will see that in a large part the injunction to 'give up' was addressed to those who were forced to give up, while those who 'had', were, in so many words, commended for the having and the holding during the physical stage.

"This point cannot be over emphasised. The message of meekness, the message of humility, is not for the humble and the meek; it is for the proud and rebellious; it is for those who have much and still desire more. But the world's way, the mental way, is to preach to the lowly more lowliness still, and to give to the proud and the powerful a message which shall not offend.

"My little ones, that word Opportunity has never been understood and can never be understood in its rightful sense until many stages beyond the physical have been penetrated, and the lesson of those stages made our own. And yet, before us - only we are too blind to see - before us we have the example of the Beloved - that life, the relinquishing of all those things which, to the majority, signify 'life'.

"Christ was the One, the only One, who interpreted the right path by following it in detail Himself. Wisdom conquered over the flaunting banners of knowledge; love triumphed over the desire for popularity and success, and the end was the Cross. But the Cross was the greatest opportunity that the world has ever held...

"My little ones, you see to what I am fastening your thoughts? When you look round upon those in your vibrations, when you read of those whose names are on the lips of all, keep your vision clear, be not deceived by the world, for the world's view is treacherous to that which is holy within.

"How many of the young, with that which to them represents anguish, have thought of another, young as well, so differently placed, surrounded by the brightness and the pleasure of physical life, so admired, so easily able to attract the companionship and the love of others; and the young boy or the young girl has felt within them a deep, deep pang: 'Oh, to have that opportunity myself!'

"But, my children, that is not opportunity, that is bondage in every sense there could be. Opportunity is represented by the cross; yet, not the cross of death but the cross of life, of rebirth, of greater powers, ah, that revelation which only is possible by taking the hard road, the steep road which the Master trod Himself.

"To all those who have the gifts of the mind I speak, and, again, to all those who have, as they put it, achieved ambition, and in the Name of God I bid them pause and think; for in the measure that they have and they hold, so their record when they pass hence. The gifts of the mind, to what use were they put? The treasures of the earth, did they do God's work or the work of the destroyers? The artist, the musician, what of their powers, what of their opportunities to help their Creator?

"And one day realisation must be faced; no longer will they hear the praise of the world, but the past - in terrible distinctness - will be there before their gaze, impossible to escape from. Thus, 'opportunity' with the many, proves the biggest burden that they have to bear.

"And then, my little ones, I come to the great army of toilers, and I speak not of the toilers upon the earth plane alone. Those who were toilers upon earth, they are toilers still. The physical body may be no more but they work with those who have the tired bodies, the weak bodies, aye, with those who find, at times, that the mind they use is scarce equal to that which must be done.

"And while I am upon this point, oh, think to yourselves in this wise: The child, or the man, or the woman, who has that which you name an able mind, surely the pathway of life is eased for such as these by the mere fact that they have the necessary equipment for the task at hand. And then think of the many who, whether their toil be physical or mental, are conscious that the task is always one span more difficult than they can grasp, one span more strenuous than the physical strength within. Cannot you see, dear children, that by the very struggle, by the very heartache, by the very sense of failure that that soul draws to it the helpers, the toilers who have left their physical body, and are free in the measure that they purchased freedom in the past?

"Oh, think you with sympathy of those who try and yet fail to achieve; of those who concentrate their energies upon a given task and yet, with anguish, find in the end an error here, an imperfection there. Those of the earth, gifted with mental powers, they, at times, are conscious of great impatience over such as these; but the great Mind of God - the Thinker of all the 'secrets', the Holder of the knowledge of all states, the Creator - is incapable of anything but loving understanding towards His little ones so sore beset.

"Aye, I would have this message sent far and wide to the toilers wherever they may be, who have stemmed the tears over the mistakes which have occurred in spite of their best efforts, and I say to them: Little ones, brothers and sisters, you have opportunity within your grasp - that opportunity which is learning by suffering, that discipline of the physical mind and will; and the time will come when that heartache shall not only mean joy for you, but by the fact of what you endured upon earth, you shall go to another beset in like manner, and give them that help which they so greatly need.

"That is the Truth - just another fragment of the beauty of the Mind of God. And to the teachers and the instructors I say: Preach not the humble heart to those whose circumstances have forced them to be humble, but preach the humble heart to the self-confident, to the proud, to those so sure of their earthly gifts and mental attainments. It is they who have to learn, they who have to shed the furniture of all that which surrounds them; for by the very absence of that which you name humiliation, of that which causes anguish to the heart, by the very absence of these things, humility is far from them...

"So, my children, I give out tonight a great encouragement to you all, and a warning to those who will heed it:

"The encouragement is as this: By the mere fact that opportunity in the earth sense seems far from you, you are holding opportunity in the Spirit sense.

"And the warning is: Beware of that attitude of mind which comes dangerously near to the criticism of others less well equipped than yourself. Rather, endeavour to place yourself in their position; visualise their equipment - the mind and the body which they wear, their hemmed-in surroundings, their lack of knowledge as to the dimensions or the conditions of the earth, their many hardships; aye, ponder over their limitations, and think to yourself: 'If that was my life; if I was like that, should I do better?' And the awakened soul, the one who has bought understanding by suffering answers: 'No, I should blunder perhaps more than they'.

"Only in this wise can you be instruments of God, only in this way can you use those opportunities, those spiritual opportunities which are on either side - the opportunity which comes to you as you sit by the strangers; the opportunity which comes to you as you pass the sorrowful one in the street; the opportunity which is furnished upon the great highway where the masses gather; the opportunity of sending a thought to this one, an outspoken prayer to that; the cheery word, aye, the encouragement, the praise. All this is work for God.

"Little things they may seem, but they are the big opportunities provided by earth experience. And those great chances which the spiritually ignorant for ever strive to make their own, these are the burdens, the chains which, one day, must be cast from them; for in the desire which held them, nothing of the Christ-spirit found a place.

"The Christ-spirit is giving up, is laying aside, is thinking not of yourself but of others; the Christ-spirit is the humble heart, the desire to ease the burdens of another, the helping hand, and, above all, the cheering of the tired pilgrim, pointing to the sun which lies just beyond the hill in front.

"And so my children, each one of you can make your own this message from the Beloved, given to you through the instrument which He uses, and that which I use in turn: The message that you have been called together to be directed as to that gift of opportunity which is your own, and that you can pass on the good news to others, you can go to those who have naught of the world and tell them that they have treasure which nothing of the earth can take away; that by the very poverty which dogs their steps, by the weariness which assails the body, they have gain and strength - gain and strength. And when the brief earth stage is o'er, in their new garments - ah, my little ones, surrounded by that which you cannot grasp at this stage - they will joy in the demonstration of God's Love, yet as they joy they will seek to manifest that Love to others...

"This is Opportunity - that hard way during this short stage, which is the glad way once the earth life is no more. When I speak of the Cross, always I speak of that which it symbolises and signifies for all times. The Cross which has the power to draw the weak and the frail out of the terrible bondage which holds them, out of the imprisonment which is their own.

"And unless the individual takes up the cross and carries the cross, wherewith can he get that power? You cannot save yourselves, dear children, unless you endeavour to save others. Oh, forget not this: Man may pray, he may cut off from himself all that which represents the temptations of the mind and the body, but until he has acted as a missionary to save the soul of another, so he remains outside those realms which are holy in that sense that he, or we, understand holiness to represent. For when sight is our own, the illumination comes that in the forgetting of self, we set the real self free to get back that which was its own, and that which the lesser self cast aside.

"So remember, my children, how blest you are. Concentrate on the little things of daily life; put Christ in the forefront of your vision, and work and think, act and construct always with the Beloved as the centre of your desires.

"Do this, and when you pass hence you shall find that which seemed as sorrow was not only joy, but it was building power for the days to come. And the more power we have, the more humility holds us, for we look at the One who loves us best, and, in the consciousness of His gifts, so the realisation of our own unworthiness comes upon us, growing ever more marked as we advance; for, as the spirit is released, so we get nearer and nearer in understanding to our Source, and the Source of all Life, All-Beauty, All-Power, is Humility and tender Love.

"And so, my children, I leave you with that thought on your hearts - that the nearer you get to holy things, the higher the aspiration, the purer the desires, so, point by point, that wonderful gift of humility will be made your own, to grow, to expand, to unfold a loveliness incomprehensible to the physical mind, for humility is of God.

"And now I leave you for a space..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, I think you are all agreed that in this little room there has been the sunshine which is not of the physical world at all - the sunshine of the unlimited Love of God.

"Could you see things as they are, you would marvel at the protection round your lives. You could say to your enemies and those who would attack: 'I have no fear, for between you and myself stands Love'. And because, my little ones, Love is between you and the destroyers, so, out of your great gift, you can send them compassion, aye, that compassion which is so akin to love that, as time passes, it turns into love and you know it not. A wonderful opportunity for self-expression; for the real self within is all-pure, all-love, aye, part of God Himself; and because God works as a Missionary, so, too, missionary work must be done by you.

"And thus, my children, I bring back your thoughts to the gift of opportunity, and if this night you have had an opportunity which is unique, because man has built up between himself and the things of God barriers and obstacles, then it is an indication of the freedom of your spirit and the unlimited area of your opportunities to come.

"And so we part, thanking God once more for His unchanging Love, for His care for us, for His understanding of physical needs - thanking Him, and asking Him to pass on to us a little more of that humility which is His alone. For that humility, as I have told you before, is a sign of growth, a sign of freedom from the things which bind...

"In the Name of the Beloved I bless you with the humble heart, with the faithful mind, and with the obedient will. These things, most precious gifts, can be made your own while physical life remains, if the dedication is there. Oh, turn to Love, for the Beloved has overseen all the details of your life, and in linking up with Love so you make the harmony complete... Turn to the One who loves you best and seeks to hold you fast.

"Goodnight, dear children, and remember the link between us - all my love for you, and, in return, give something of your love to me, for this is the Father's Will..."

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