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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Chicago, U.S.A., on Thursday, 6th October, 1938

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"SAVIOUR CHRIST, into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child.

"My children, by a special dispensation I come into your presence this night to speak to you upon life in its many aspects, to extend the chain of love that binds the children of the earth to those of fairer spheres, and I want you to give unto me not only your close attention but to seek to make your own that measure of truth which the Master Jesus has instructed me to pass on. I know your lives, I know that there are some hard beset by their lot, those whose steps seem to be dogged by anxiety and fear. I know that there are others suffering from the pains of the body; and because those who are a little further on the road of experience remember their sufferings when in the body of flesh, I am sent back to you to give unto you something of explanation, something of comfort and reassurance for the days that lie ahead.

"Tonight, my children, I would speak awhile on that which I name: 'Operations By Unseen Hands'.

"And I want you to visualise, as we think together, the many kinds of operations that are undertaken by disembodied souls, those you name the Spirit people, who come back to give unto you the guidance which you must have; and at the outset I would refer to Spiritual Healing.

"I want to speak to those who have taken upon themselves the great responsibility of healing by the power of the Spirit. Now visualise what is taking place. One who is weak, craving relief, enters a temple such as this hoping that some miracle may be wrought, that the body may be restored, so that life once again may be taken up with the old activity.

"The man and the woman who seek healing in this spirit, are blessed, and even if their hopes are not realised, something still more wonderful has taken place. By their endurance, by their holding on to hope, unseen hands are operating upon the soul body - the next garment that the spirit must occupy in the Eternal Home of God. Yes, my brethren, it is wise to come seeking for healing from the Great Healer of us all, Jesus the Christ.

"But I want to refer to those who undertake, sometimes without a sense of due responsibility, the sacred office of a healer. There are those who seek to prepare themselves by prayer and dedication, those who cleanse the body and purify the mind; but there are many others who forget the spiritual nature of that which they have undertaken to perform.

"There is not the preparation put in, there is not the willingness to live the life, not the renunciation of the calls of the flesh, not the sitting aside in quietness seeking to contact with the higher forces gifted unto man by God. And I want you to realise the awful retribution that falls upon such as these for taking God's Name in vain.

"Think as to this: The man or the woman tortured by pain has an aura that is weak, that cannot resist alien forces as the spirit of the possessor desires, and there are those who plunge their filthy hands through the delicate aura of the sufferer and work untold harm which may take years to rectify, and indeed will take years to work out by the guilty soul.

"I speak to all who love their work, who are approaching the altar of sacrifice, who are desiring to climb and lay their gifts of heart and mind at the Feet of Jesus Christ: never forget my words, and pass on that which I have sought to explain. There is the terrible responsibility of the healers who are unclean, who are selfish, who are swayed by the appetites of the body, and for such as these a punishment which cannot be portrayed in words awaits them in the by-and-by.

"Then, dear children, I would turn to a happier thought, and I want you to realise that not only physically does your body change as the years go on, but spiritually. There is around each one of you your own little world which you name the aura. Some have sight and they can tell by the beautiful colours, or those which are dimmed, the stage of progression that soul has reached. You do not always understand, but sometimes when you meet a stranger your heart goes out to that one in welcome. That is sign to you that your own aura can vibrate in little part to the aura of the one who crosses your path.

"Then there are other instincts and these are given as direct protection. At times there are those who approach you and you shrink from them; you know nothing against them but you want them to go away. They seem to fetter you, sometimes to cause you almost physical pain; and this is endured by many sensitives. That is indication to you that one who is still in darkness is drawing nigh, and it is well that you should be on your guard.

"You may answer unto me: 'But all souls are our brothers and sisters - are we meant to shrink from such as these?' And the answer comes: 'Missionary work is the part of all'; but, my children, there are those who sink to the level of the unevolved soul in contacting the rays of that one, and that is a double error, a double tragedy which must be righted, and can only be righted by suffering.

"Certainly you are meant to send out strong thoughts to that alien soul, but remember that great law of attraction. If you consort with thieves and murderers, the time comes, perchance, when you are likened unto them, and forget not the many who are unseen!

"Sometimes the one in the body is chained to an enemy spirit far more dangerous than himself, and the feeling within of longing to get away is a spiritual instinct, so that your own aura may not be impinged upon by the aura of the one who is a fallen angel.

"There are many aspects of the functioning of this mighty instinct given to man by God. Some of you name it intuition, some have presentiments, some a faculty to forecast the sorrows or the joys that lie ahead. This is part of your spiritual equipment, but you were meant to be a custodian, a true custodian, of that which is sacred, that which is Divine.

"So tonight I speak upon operations by unseen hands, and I want you to grasp that each day these operations go on. Sometimes you are conscious of change, sometimes it seems to you that you are not quite so near to God as you were aforetime. There are so many things that contribute to these changes. There is the temptation of illness, the temptation of health, the temptation of joy, and the temptation of sorrow, and they all have their effect upon the soul part of you that should be growing apace.

"Then there comes this thought: is pleasure worth while when it erects barriers between you and God; is earthly happiness worth the high price that sometimes has to be paid for it? It is so sad to us that good fortune so oft warps a character; yet on either side you see this worked out to your sorrow, and oft to your own amazement.

"But I turn the shield, and I know that there are those here who marvel at the endurance shown by souls who are hard-pressed by the cares of physical life. Many of you, perchance, exclaim: 'Why should trouble fall upon such a one, so kind, so good, so ready to help?' You do not always remember that the strong souls gather up the heavy burdens; yet in your daily life you see the selfish casting off their burdens upon those who are already over-burdened. Therefore why should you forget?

"There are those upon the earth plane who are free souls, although their lives may seem to hold them in a bondage fast - their poverty, their indifferent health, the home ties, the responsibilities of others. Yet again I remind you, dear-children, that these are the ones well blessed by God, they are the ones who are determined to make the fullest use of the earth stage, and when this little life is o'er, they are the ones who will be chosen to be the leaders of others, for their lessons have been well learnt, and they are ready, prepared souls, for the Master's work.

"Operations by unseen hands! Sometimes the healers are able to lift the load, sometimes the sufferers suffer on and life seems so difficult to those who have not given their hearts to Christ. 'Why is it,' the rebellious soul exclaims, 'that this one is healed and I am still to seek; are my prayers less worthy to be heard?' - and a great bitterness of heart adds to the burden of pain.

"Again I would instruct that a strong soul, so anxious to undertake the experiences of the earth plane, oft comes into a body that has been impaired for it by the wickedness of the generations of yesterday, and so it is that there are little children who are born with a pre-disposition to weakness or disease.

"But the valiant soul, waiting to be born upon the earth plane, chooses this heavy cross rather than wait over a lengthy period of time for a stronger, better body. Thus many who are weak are shown to be strong in spirit, shown to be brave of heart, and sometimes the power of spirit is so able to operate that the words of God are indeed worked out - the sins of the fathers are visited upon the third and fourth generation, but I will show mercy unto thousands who keep My commandments. How simple it is!

"When the earnest souls rise above their troubles, seeking to stem the word of complaint about their many trials, wonderful operations take place; the weakness in the conditions set into being by the wayward children of God is purified and strengthened, re-charged with power, and the ones who, physically weak, endured a life of suffering, can look back from the Better Land and see, where he or she dwelt, a wonderful strength created for the generations that are to come.

"Now I want to speak to you about your loved ones who have passed through the doorway into Life. And I want you to remember, dear-children, that no longer are they held by the narrow earth view; they have seen something of the mighty working of the Divine Plan, and their one desire now is to co-operate with God to bring comfort upon the earth plane, and something of illumination as well.

"I want you to try and visualise the many operations which are being performed by disembodied souls, those, perchance, who were your forebears. What kind of operations are entrusted to their care? It depends entirely upon their progression, upon their understanding of Life and of the laws of God. But you can picture, as you take your way, as you occupy yourselves in the daily task, disembodied souls in the home or in the wider field of toil, seeking to operate upon you.

"Sometimes deep depression holds your mind, you are sorrowful because things are so different from what you hoped and dreamed. Someone is there trying to operate upon you so that room may be found for a measure of joy, for a gleam of understanding, and after a while you feel better, the clouds seem to have passed, and you say to yourself: 'It was foolish of me to give way!' - but you do not always remember to thank the one unseen beside you who has cast over you his or her power, seeking to raise, to rebuild, to charge you with courage for the hill that lies in front.

"There are many operations which indeed go on unseen by man. There are those who come into the conditions trying to bring discontent, trying to open, as you would name it, the great well of hatred, trying to spread a discord which shall lead to war.

(*World War II - this address was given during the uneasy lull between the signing of the Munich agreement on 29.9.1938 and the declaration of war on 3.9.1939)

"How many operations have taken place in the little yesterday of time! (*war crisis). Millions of spirit beings were working unceasingly to save man from his own folly and weakness. Some remembered to thank God; others, although filled with relief, forgot to render thanks to the great Giver of all good things, and on these surely many operations will be performed. They are, as it were, encaged in the shell of their own selfishness and it takes many strong ones, wielding the pick of love, to break down the granite which holds the soul.

"So I come tonight begging you not to resist those many spiritual operations which are taking place day by day, hour by hour, but to hold their thoughts and to do your best to help the unseen healers to bind up the wounds of your heart, to release the enthusiasm of the spirit and, above all, to co-operate with them so that once and for all the key may be turned in the cage that holds the soul, and as a free bird the God within you can find at last the liberty for which it craves.

"There is a deep import in the words that I give forth; there is the imperative need for the children of the earth plane to awaken to a sense of their holy and glorious inheritance, for ever to remind themselves that they are Spirit encased in flesh, and the time must surely come when the flesh will be cast asunder and reality must be faced by them. What of the soul-body beneath? Does it bear the marks of the earth, is it crippled? Oh, my children, there are many souls who pass into the Great Beyond and find, to their anguish, that they are in bodies which are hideous to behold. They are maimed and blind and, alas, there are some as idiots as well. Yet within is the remembrance of that higher state which once was their own.

"There are spirit beings operating upon you as I speak, seeking to raise your consciousness so that you can contact with God; seeking to release within you the missionary spirit, so that you may make your vows anew; seeking to call forth the Christ which has been gifted unto every individual soul, the Christ that in so many is almost as one dead; seeking to break open the tomb, so that the dark days of Gethsemane may be illumined, radiated by the light that shines from the resurrection of the true self, which at last is able to gain expression.

"Operations are going on raising in you a greater sense of duty towards the young, trying to safeguard their path. The little ones, so quick to imitate, love to do what mother does, what father does, what big brother does, and oft the little children are led into darkness by these older ones, instead of into the light and the freedom which it represents. Woe unto the parents who hesitate over sacrifices, woe unto the parents who cannot deny themselves for their off-spring and the protection of those yet to be born!

"The time is coming, my children, when every human soul must face its own responsibility, the time is coming when you will come back and seek to operate on souls in the flesh, and then you will understand the terrible difficulties set up by the ones concerned, the resisting of your sweet influence, the turning of the deaf ear to your earnest prayers. Then you will know what in the past disembodied souls endured for you.

"But I thank God that so many are becoming aware of what is going on in the Great Unseen, and as they awaken the prayer goes up: 'Give me strength for today, let me not fail today!' Oh, precious words of supplication, the blessing they attract no words of mine can e'er express. But these petitions said from the heart reach the very Throne of God, and from our Father and Mother God come down the rays, and they shall find that the Grace is sufficient to carry the yearning soul through.

"But there are those here who may challenge this. They may say unto me: 'I have prayed to do better and yet I have failed before the day has passed.' And the answer comes from Understanding Love: Build on, little flock, build on! Failure today resisted means success tomorrow, and the time shall come when the desire within you shall be worked out, only pray and struggle on and lose not heart!

"In the sweet by-and-by, what joy awaits you, what wonder will hold your mind: you will go back over those earthly days, you will watch with a fascination that holds your very being how this one and that, unseen, threw around you the silken cords of love and held fast the reins, leading you here, leading you there. How thankful you are at times that you did not resist, you gave of your very best, you spurned weariness and weakness and reluctance, and did the work of God by ministering unto those around.

"And because these operations were allowed to take place upon your aura, so when the body is cast asunder, no longer held by restrictions, hemmed in by limitations, no longer bound to the earth - you find yourselves in garments of light charged with Divine Power, and before you lies an unending vista of opportunity, of working those same operations upon others, and gaining the peace, the unutterable bliss which comes when, through your own efforts, a crouching soul has been raised to face the Cross and follow in the Master's Footsteps unafraid.

"I bless you as I take my leave, and I entreat you, my children, to read my words when the opportunity comes and to ponder upon them, to realise that no evasion of the physical mind can alter God's laws, that the time comes when you must pass into Spirit, the time comes when you must face the record of the past, and for so many there is this anguish: they see that if only they had done a little more, what a vast difference it would have made.

"They were willing to do so much, and then the reluctance of the physical stemmed their steps. That was the crucial test, but they failed, and they must reap the sorrow that comes from failure to take that last step, which represents not sacrifice but a fuller understanding of God, when the sorrows of the earth fall from them and joy only holds the heart and mind.

"I bless the workers, and, instructed by the Master Jesus, from my heart I urge them not to pause on the upward path. Many sacrifices have been made - spiritual achievement is but indication that greater strength still can come to the soaring soul. Excelsior! - that is the call. When one difficulty has been overcome there are still the heights that call one on.

"So I bless the workers wherever they may be, and I entreat them not only to thank God that the strength came to them to work for Him in the past, but I entreat them to undertake loyally, faithfully, those still greater sacrifices which shall bring unto them their spirit's desire when they are free. The importance of these words cannot be over-emphasised this night. I am seeking, ever seeking, for those who have the strength and the will to become true representatives of the Master and His love, and I know that more and more there shall arise those willing to make the full surrender, and to joy in that which they have cast aside. Blessed be such as these, blessed be the strong souls, they are paving the way, and in time the weak will be weak no more.

"Let spiritual operations go on apace, let the vitality within be called out in still greater measure. God waits, the Christ is knocking upon the door of your heart; say from the depths of your being: 'Enter Lord Jesus and dwell with me for evermore!'

"Farewell, my children, farewell, but much unseen by you has been worked in this night, for sacrifice has brought me here. Farewell!"

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