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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 15th January, 1927.

"Most tender Saviour, we thank Thee for this wonderful gift which Thou hast bestowed upon us, and we ask Thee to give us greater consciousness, so that we may realise that between us and Thyself there is nothing except that which we erect ourselves.

"O God, lead us by Thy Love and understanding on to that high plateau of peace where the storms of the physical may reach us no more, where we can stand aloof, yet ever sending our prayers to those strugglers who, as yet, have not found that quiet retreat. Let us in our surety of Thy abundant Love give out the Good News to others, and by our illustration of faith, attract the weak ones, the sad ones and those who are strangers to Thyself...

"Christ, use us for this most Holy purpose and grant, as we continue our way, that the peace may grow, and that the joy, which is unity with Thee, may hold us fast. We ask it in faith, certain that Thou wilt respond to us as we strive to get nearer to Thee in thought and aspiration. Father, we thank Thee, and we ask Thy blessing on our work this evening. Amen...

"...My children, in this little room tonight, I find a variety of emotions, yet above them all - stronger, more dominant than the rest - is love. And so this evening, I want you to take that as a message direct to yourselves: That whatever your lives, whatever the circumstances, whatever the thoughts of those in your vibrations, that the predominant power is love - God's love for you, and, although perhaps some have not yet grasped this wonderful truth, your love for the Creator, for your Father and Mother God.

"Oh, my children, could you but realise the joy you bring to us - your guides, your companions, your friends - to see you gathered together in sympathy with the one object in view: To learn a little more about the wonderful Mind of God.

"This joy, although perchance at times your sorrows and your worries cast a shade across its brightness, this joy is our precious gift, a gift from God, made possible to be put into action, because in your hearts and minds there is the desire to soar above material things and to get nearer to those which never pass away.

"That joy of ours, when you are free, shall be analysed and dissected by each one, and as you go over the past, over these little evenings together, and those occasions when under other conditions you have met your loved ones in this sweet way, as you gaze upon that joy of ours so, my children, the unhappy memories of the past shall be wiped out for ever more.

"The preparation for this work has entailed suffering - in some cases, severe - but because out of your pangs you have given lavishly to others, so you shall see what an all-Generous God shall do for you...

"This evening, my children, instructed by the Holy Master, I would speak to you a while on that which I name: 'The Obedient Will'.

"And I want to show you, because we must ever construct, what obedience from the spiritual point of view represents for all time. You see, my little ones, when you hear that word 'obedience', immediately is conjured up in your mind the laying aside of this and the giving up of that. You recall the struggle, that battle between inclination and duty, and the remembrance brings its sadness for the wound remains, as yet, unhealed. Again, when obedience to God is called into action or is given as a direction from others, so at once that word and resignation, as it were, lie side by side, and to the physical mind the one represents the other.

"But tonight, because the Love of God is here, I want to give you that view which is Truth, that which, in a measure, is a reversal of the old view, because, ah, my children, because the mind of man has been bound by physical things.

"In the home, in daily life, there is that constant battle between the one in authority and the one who is forced to yield. Those who are strong in the world's meaning of that word, who have the power, who have that longed-for authority - these impose their will upon the others, and the others, for the most part with rebellion in their hearts, they yield because they must.

"Tyranny on a gigantic scale goes on in the busy life of work, and there are those who regard each day as a cross which must be taken up anew because of the undevelopment of those who are in authority over them. And, again, in the schools and in the great institutions, that word 'obedience' is another name for force, except - ah, remember this - except where Christ is, in a measure, understood.

"My little ones, could you pass unobserved through those great communities of people, those who are poor, those who have made their mistakes in the past, you would see, perhaps in a way that would horrify you, justice gone astray and power put in its place. The weak tyrannising over those who are weaker still; the strong seeking to dominate those who, as yet, are not strong, and the one who has supreme authority, by his example, by her example, as it were, setting the false note which each follows in the degree that it is within their province...

"Children, I would not exaggerate, and I draw to your attention with a gladness which fills my heart and mind, that there are those who find no pleasure in controlling others against their will; who prayerfully, thoughtfully, consider that which is the best for the individual under their charge, and seek to bend the will of the rebellious one but not to break it. All honour to such as these - bound though they may be now, and limited their scope, but all honour to them - for they are preparing themselves for God's work when the body is no more.

"My children, for this reason, because authority has been abused, because power has been turned into tyranny, so that word 'obedience', to the majority, is viewed with dislike and sometimes with fear. And when the teacher or the preacher speaks of obedience to God - unconsciously, unwittingly - so there arises in the physical mind the image of someone who means to be obeyed. Love fades away and resentment takes its place. That glad willingness which makes service a joy - ah, instead it is: 'If I must then I must'. But left behind is a sense of injury because of the imposition of a stronger will upon the weaker, upon the one who, it seems to themselves, has no option because of the limitation which is there...

"My children, when you are free, you will be aghast to witness the damage done by the presentation to the masses of obedience in that aspect as it relates to your Father and Mother God; but I remind you that tonight, I speak on: 'The Obedient Will', yet the obedience of the spirit - it is just Love.

"Obedience, using the word in its physical aspect, and Obedience, using the word in its spiritual aspect, some day will be found as one - just love - love in action on God's part, and faith in action on the part of His little children.

"Oh, think you within yourselves - is it so difficult for those who lead and guide others, to understand something of the Mind of God?... Let them regard the Almighty - if they cannot get any higher up - let them regard the Creator as an ordinary affectionate, considerate Father. The parent - what is his attitude towards his child? Now and again, it means a curbing of the childish will because he sees danger ahead - danger to the little limbs, and, perchance, damage to the delicate mind. And so, when the child of his heart seeks to break free from the restraining hand, little reckoning the dangers which lie so close, the parent catches the restless form in his arms, and, struggle though the child may, holds it fast, for love is in action.

"My children, would you name that coercion? True it is that the child's will is unlimited liberty, but lo, a second ahead anguish awaits it, and the body may be marred so long as life remains. What do you say amongst yourselves regarding the careless parent, the unwise guardian? You judge them rightly for the child was within their care; and the child, so long as physical life remains, must pay the penalty, for it did not understand.

"Children, I must take you back to the beginning of things, because God changes not nor are His laws interfered with for the protection of His own. In the beginning, so the Father, gifting that which was of Himself with free-will, sought to protect, sought to provide, so that the damage done by the individual out of his ignorance, out of his wilfulness, might not exact too big a price.

"And so, my little ones, it happens thus, and it has happened right through the experience of the past, that when one of His children commit an act of folly, the suffering comes. Those in his surroundings, using that which they name the Law or using that which is force, say to the individual: 'This much shall be exacted from you'. And the mistake is suffered for then and there. And during the time when the liberty or the free-will of the one concerned is curtailed, so, in a measure, the spirit is making good the loss.

"In daily life it is the same. You fail your stronger selves and automatically, so it seems to you, the punishment follows. There is that in the vibrations which brings you sorrow, the love of others seems a little far away; and, for the time, because of the disharmony between the physical and the spiritual, so loneliness holds first place.

"A most wonderful provision of your Father and Mother God to protect; to save for you that which you are not conscious you are throwing away; to scatter fresh seeds in the furrow so that when the harvest comes, the good grain shall be seen all along the line. And in that time, you will have forgotten the pangs, the loneliness, the sadness, and all your being will be full of joy and thankfulness that that which you had forgotten to plant yourself, is there, by a spiritual law brought into being to protect you from yourself.

"My children, you must perceive, as you go through your daily life, that obedience to man and obedience to God very often is the reverse, one of the other. You give way to your fellow creatures because you must; you fail to give up your will in its fullness to God, and it seems that it passes unnoticed except for the sorrow within.

"But can you judge God in this wise? Can you imagine that the One who gave you being, that the One who loves you best, cannot enter into the struggle, into that conflict? And because suffering is entailed, so, though you fail the best, your Father is seeking to make good, so that, hereafter, there shall be grieving no more.

"My little ones, your obedience to God is asked for one thing alone. And I remind you that when you love another, it is not hard to give way to that other when you know that the loved one has greater experience, has wider vision, has more sense of things as they are, and, moreover, seeks to blend your will with his only because he can protect you and save you from that which must cause you pain.

"I ask you, children: 'When love is between you who are upon the earth plane, is it difficult to give way? Do you call it obedience? Nay, rather, sympathetic understanding. And when real love is there, why, each seeks to give the most; it is a delight to yield; it is a penance to substitute your will for theirs. And as the love expands, so, within your heart and mind, the longing grows and will not be resisted - to give and to give again.

"Obedience to God is as this, and yet I have left the greater part of the joy-side untouched. You, my little ones, have chosen a difficult path, maybe, some of you have chosen a path which, at this stage, seems full of thorns and heavy with stones; but, my children, you - your greater self - made the choice, uninfluenced by anything save Love.

"And here again you get the link - that self within, seeking to put its love into action towards the God who gave it being; that which is Divine within, with sight, understanding in a measure something of the gigantic gift bestowed upon it by its Great Parent, searches hither and thither to find fragments to give back in return. And the spirit is anguished when the physical mind steps in between and grudges this and withholds that. Yet, again, I say that because God is God, so even out of that sense of disharmony between the stronger and the weaker self, so, out of the very pangs, God saves and restores...

"My little ones, there have been many who have questioned within themselves: 'What does God wish me to do?' Their Father and Mother God wishes them to have that joy which nothing of the earth can assail; and the only way to purchase that joy is by allowing the spirit within to pursue its missionary work unchallenged, unhindered by the doubts of the physical mind.

"I say that there has never been a man or a woman who can honestly say from the spirit within: 'I know not what God would have me do'. The mind of the body seeks to confuse, throws across the clear thinking of the mind of the spirit a veil of earthly doubt and the opinions of the world; but I say that no man or woman can stand before Christ in imagination and say honestly, with a consciousness of perfect harmony within: 'I know not what God would have me do'.

"Christ has shown the way; Christ has gone in front. Did He choose the easy path? Did He hesitate, waiting for others to clear the obstacles in front? Did God, as man, question within Himself whether He was taking upon Himself too much? Nay, and the Christ within us all knows instinctively that we can never take on too much of the Father's work, never take on too much.

"My children, you have before you - the whole world has before it - the example of the Holy Master who went in front and took the brunt of everything. Cannot you imagine how those who loved Him - who had watched Him grow up from babyhood - how they were tempted to restrain Him? How they pointed out the dangers, the opposition, and the inevitable disorganisation of the life of that day if He pursued His course? Cannot you visualise His friends entreating Him to be wise, entreating Him to keep within bounds His enthusiasm for His God?

"And what did the Master do? Did He go out and publish to the four corners the campaign which lay in front? Did He draw upon Himself the eyes of the crowd before He had commenced that which had been entrusted to Him? Nay, Christ worked from the inside out. He started in little ways, in such humble ways, gathering in those who loved Him, gradually building up their faith in Him and the gospel He came to teach.

"And then they, out of their love, sought others and drew them in, and those who loved Him, gradually building up their faith in Him and the gospel He came to teach. And then they, out of their love, sought others and drew them in, and those others hearing the Good News, with the spirit within awakened if not released, they went out and told still more.

"And the time came when, in His little world, He was a public figure, but Christ worked from the inside out. He called not to the populace or to those whose curiosity was quickened by the reports; yet, these, through their curiosity, came to see for themselves; and many - ah, many more than the world has ever known - they came to criticise, but they stayed to love; they came to destroy, but they stayed to construct.

"Obedience here, dear children, in such a wonderfully simple way. The Child said He must be about His Father's business - that obedience to God which took first place even before obedience to the one who had given Him physical birth; and that obedience has changed the whole aspect of the world and brought Light into dark and terrible places.

"Yet, forget not this: In that time when the Child stayed in the Temple, He knew not His great mission then. Bound as you are bound, so He sought to get nearer to Holy things. As man He accepted man's limitations and imprisonment; and it was not until He had suffered, it was not until He had been tried and tested, that the realisation came that He had to save the world - to save the world.

"My children, can you understand when I say that the Beloved, Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, sought to obey the Divine within, even as you and I would that we could obey the Divine within? And when, in the Garden, He called upon His Father, out of His limitations He cried for strength to that which was Unlimited within.

"You and I, dear children, as men and women during the physical stage, for ever we are calling upon that which is our Parent, God - All-Holy, All-Power, All-Strength - calling upon that which is Divine within for help. And that 'little' links up with the Source, because it was of the Source, and is part of the Source, and that which is missing is made good, and that which is weak is made strong, for we have the Unlimited to call upon at will...

"My children, the Valiant Heart, the Understanding Mind, and the Obedient Will - all these Christ had to produce, by growth, by watchfulness, by work, and by effort, out of that physical tabernacle in which He dwelt.

"Could it be like God that He should come to earth and take upon the human experience unbound - while man is bound? Is it possible that any who have studied the Mind of God could credit Love with such an act?

"God came as man, limited as man, unconscious until He had arrived at manhood, that He had to save the world; only conscious of the Holiness within striving to link up with that greater Holiness which, for a space, He had laid aside; conscious of the power that was within only because it was part of the Unlimited Power which He had relinquished...

"My children, these are grave words, but I say that Christ, by His obedient will, has not only made it possible for us to understand God in a measure, but has shown us that with God helping us, the obedient will is within our province as well - shows us that with Christ as our example, we can rise, we can surmount the physical, and become - as far as is possible during this stage of limitation upon the earth - become as the Divine within...

"My children, that word 'obedience' has never been rightly understood. God asks from you and He asks from me just the blending of our wills with the Divine will; just the striving to get free from that which binds, holding on to All-Wisdom, All-Love - because out of our ignorance we are unable to protect ourselves. Holding on to the great support of Christ, because Christ is our Friend, and as our Friend he fights for us; and because He is Strength and because He is Love, so He has the power to fend off those destroyers, those who are out to do damage to the real self within...

"That is obedience. It is the long view in place of the limited vision; it is the glad view in place of the sadness which so easily assails the physical mind; it is the only view when we are free from the body and see God's mighty plans at work...

"You and I, dear children, we seek to climb, but unless others had gone in front, long ere this, our hearts would have broken over the difficulties which lie on either side. And those others, the pioneers - who, blind, yet seeing - sought to obey the Divine within, they could not have been pioneers if the Great One had not gone in front.

"Limit not yourselves to the appearance of Christ on Earth as the Leader and the Guide. Christ is your God. Long ere physical creation was set into being, your Father and Mother God had tested the road in front. He came as Christ to remind His children that they had a loving God and not a ruler, a coercer and a condemner. He came, with all the limitations of the physical body, to tell His children that in spite of their blunders, in spite of their folly, in spite of their deliberate disobedience, their Father and Mother God was fighting for them, as He had fought for them over the long past, and as He will fight for them for ever and for ever.

"This, dear children, is the only true view - I say it in the Name of God - and it gives each one their direction without any possibility of choice or indecision, in this wise: The direction is Christ.

"What would your God have you do? And the answer has rung out over the ages: 'Take up your cross and follow Me'. Yet Christ, because He chose the Cross and endured the Cross, and because He is our God, has promised that when we willingly take up our cross, lo, instead of a burden it shall prove a support; for the Father is the Father and the children are the children...

"So then, my little ones, go on your way rejoicing, and know that your obedience to God is not obedience in the earth sense; it is linking up love with Love, hope with Hope, aspiration with Aspiration, and an inexpressible joy follows...

"Thus I leave you, yet I find it hard to separate myself from you, even for a brief space. You, my children, so loved by me, so understood - your troubles and anxieties and disappointments and the shadows of the past, are they not my memories as well? If they were not, then I should prove so unsuitable an instrument of the Father that we should never have met in this way at all.

"So then, my children, give me the happiness of being a little like the One who has given me so much. Turn to me in your troubles and let me bear them with you. If I took them completely from you, then, my children, though I might progress in a measure through my greater burden, you would lose. And here is a Divine law: Those who take from another, even sorrow, to their loss - such as these are not following the Christ way because the Christ way is gain for others even at the expense of one's self.

"So, my children, you understand. The powers at my disposal, bestowed by an all-Generous God, they would allow me to lift every pang from you, but I must withhold my hand, for I dare not rob the spirit within; I dare not crucify Love, I dare not betray my God.

"So, tonight, I pass from you, conscious of the blessing which is all around; conscious that my love for you has drawn out something within of love for me. This is my reward, greater, more beautiful than you can understand; and God has blest me because I have been able to gain that reward from you for myself; God has blest me because within your hearts I have quickened the seed of Love and He bids me, as I speak, say in His Name that Love has its roots in the Spirit; and because all love comes from the great Source of Love, in loving each other, in loving your guide and companion, you are but responding to God Himself...

"And now, my children, I will go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, tonight perhaps has been a little unexpected in the way it has worked out, but God has ordained that those who were weak shall be made strong; that those, free from the body - who have seen Him and love Him - that these shall find every channel opened to them, through His Love.

"So then, my little ones, think to yourselves that, by handing over your desires to the ruling of the One who understands you best, you have not only helped yourselves, but you have helped many more than have entered into your mind tonight.

"Never limit the work to those who speak. The influence of their messages is thrown out over the vibrations, and that influence has had its effect on those who are strangers to you - yes, even to the spirit within - strangers to you, yet you have acted as friend to them, and those in this little world who read these records, many unknown to your physical minds, they have exclaimed within themselves: 'Ah, here is someone who understands'.

"So the good work goes on, and because we are missionaries, so we must do God's work amongst those who want help so badly, those who have blundered, those who have fettered themselves; and these, in the body or out of the body, through these little evenings have seen the star of hope - that symbol of God's watchfulness - and even in their weakness they have sought to show strength...

"Oh, the blessed privilege of this most Holy work for God. The privilege of having undertaken to inspire others to fresh efforts, bringing the consciousness within that God is not only their Creator, but the One who loves them best...

"And so, my children, we part, handing over our wills to the Divine joyfully, gladly, asking Him to blend our wills with His own, when we shall be certain of security, not only from the enemies which rage without but from those which are within: The sadness, the wondering, the misgivings. We are protected from everything of the physical world, and from everything in those planes which have not yet evolved into the physical - protected by the handing over of our wills to God.

"Children, once more I bless you with happy hearts; once more I bid you keep your eyes ever on the sun of God's Love, certain, positive within yourselves that you are guided, you are directed out to that wide plane of opportunity, where on either side you shall not only be used as instruments for God's work, but others, seeing your efforts, shall in turn seek to be used by the Holy One, for Love's sweet sake...

"Holiness and peace and love is in this room tonight, brought here, dear children, by those who are free, yet it could not have remained if you had not done your part... Holiness and peace and love, and God's will has been done this night.

"Keep close to your understanding Friend, and remember that His servant (Zodiac) desires to follow Him, and with a humble heart has taken up the mission which has been entrusted to him - that mission of which, as yet, you scarce know anything... Christ's mission upon earth, and I, and you, His instruments for this branch of the great whole.

"Goodnight, my little ones, and rest in confidence in the call which has come to you all - the call from God direct, to do His work in the Christ way, fearing nothing, hoping all things, with complete faith and trust in His protecting care..."

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