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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 28th December, 1924

"Saviour Christ, grant that Thy healing may descend upon all and grant that we may so raise our thoughts that we can contact with it and be made whole once more...

"O God, look with compassion upon Thy children, both here and in the world today. Grant that they may be able to see in the discipline of life the working out of Thy perfect Love. Grant that that dread phantom of suffering may reveal itself indeed as an angel of Light... And, Father, we ask Thee ever and ever again to give more understanding to those who are climbing the steep hillside; we ask Thee to take away the sense of isolation and of strain; that they may be able to raise their eyes from the ground and to fix them on the Golden Glory which calls them on and ever on.

"Yet in Thy most loving Hands we gladly leave everything, for we know that our inadequate petitions have not only been thought out and prepared for, but that the many desires of the soul and the mind have been anticipated, so that nothing may be missing at the appointed time.

"O Father and Mother God, we turn to Thee ever and ever again, certain that we are secure under Thy tender care, and that all those to whom our thoughts go out - the bereaved, the suffering and the lonely-hearted - that Thou hast gathered in these, Thy children, as well, and the time will come when each one - the veil being rent asunder - will see that the dark days but wrought in their characters that which was Divine... And so not only comforted but rejoicing, they will praise God from Whom all blessings flow, and give out of their love in the measure of which they are capable...

"Tonight we ask for power, for direction, for strength, for harmony and for peace; and in Thy Holy Name I can promise Thy little ones gathered here that these good gifts of the Spirit shall be their own...

"...My children, today is one of those days which, perhaps, from the earth point of view, has gone a little awry - but it simply means this to us: That we, as messengers from the Most High, that we have been allowed to bring a little more than our share into the conditions, and so from the very beginning I would reassure you all that the evening will be carried through as usual.

"Tonight, dear children, although it would seem appropriate, I rather hesitate to touch upon the subject of the New Year and all its glorious possibilities from a spiritual point of view. At the moment, memory is too keen over the past. Christmas, unfortunately, has a way, with the vast majority, of turning up old soil and of revealing the bones of past years - which should be left uncovered - to the cheerful sun.

"I want to speak to you in regard to this because, as you know full well, it is the custom at Christmas time - that beautiful time of peace and of close communion with the Divine - it is a habit with the children of the earth to go back in their minds over the past. When it concerns happy days - well and good. When it concerns hard times and scarce-healed sorrows - then I say these thoughts should be ruled out unquestioningly.

"You find it difficult. It is not easy with the inexperienced to bring down the blind on this and on that. But, dear children, in the house of your mind you should reverse the custom with the houses made of brick and stone. The careful housewife draws the curtains or the blinds to keep out that health-giving, that most precious gift of the sun. You, my little children, as caretakers of the Spirit, should reverse this order of things. You should pull down the blinds on the side which is sunless and throw them up, and the windows wide open, where that which is of God is held out to you... I am speaking not only of physical happiness but of that far more definite thing, the joy of the soul in touch with its God.

"My children, I seem to speak, perhaps, too seriously tonight, and yet am I not trying to guard you all from the snares of the shadows? If you could see things as I see them, you would know that these memories - sanctified perhaps by sorrow - that these wounds are deliberately torn open by the evil which seeks to block out the vision of God's Love from your aching eyes.

"Yes, it is in very truth simply an act - a destructive act of the shadows - which makes you, and countless thousands, turn over the leaves of the past and reread them until once more the tears start to flow and the wounds in heart and mind - which we have laboured hard to close - are torn apart, and we have to start again.

"Children, I know it sounds strange to you that the way to God should present so much grief. There are those in your mind who seem to have been struck again and again, and yet you can testify that they have done their best. Do not think that we criticise you for these questioning thoughts. To you, so blinded by the world's view, indeed it seems over hard, and in spite of your best endeavours to be fair to Divine Love, the mind cries out: Why? Why? Why?

"Well, dear children, perforce I must repeat myself: That these beloved of the Great Father are strong sturdy souls, and they are determined to carry on until the end, in spite of the protests of mind and body. I would have you know that there is not one of the chosen - that there never has been and never will be - who has not found the road both hard and steep; and because these instances are constantly being forced under your attention, it means that they have not only been chosen but that they have heard the Call and have answered with unflinching spirit. I say it is beside the point that the physical mind complains, so long as they go on.

"And yet, dear children, what does this reluctance of the physical mind represent? Just this and nothing more or less: Unconsciously, they are praying against the spirit; unconsciously they are setting the physical will against that which is Divine - the Divine within - and the struggle is fierce indeed, for the spirit has no intention of retreating one step... So the battle goes on, wearing out both body and nerves, and still the spirit fights on.

"My children, I know to some this sounds almost like a tragedy - and so it is; but not in the way you think. It is a tragedy that the children of the Most High should suffer so; it is a terrible thing to Perfect Love to witness, and yet there is one point to which I would draw your attention because it will show you that in the Saviour, you have that direct contacting point of sympathy and understanding.

"Once and once only, for a brief second, Our Lord felt the same. Don't you remember, when, in the garden - in the narrative as laid down in your records - that Christ, the suffering Man, faced with the complete denial of His life's work and purpose by the children He came to save; brought up against that most terrible thing of all, the betrayal by those He loved so well - that in that moment of isolation and of grief He voiced the one entreaty: 'Father, if Thou be willing, remove this cup from me', and in that test, that most drastic test of all - the crying out of the physical - the revelation came, and, as you know, He added: 'Nevertheless not my will, but Thine be done'.

"My children, I have had a little difficulty here because this is rather against the physical mind of the instrument I use, but I want you to consider it as it stands in all its beauty of abnegation.

"Can't you see, dear children, that if Christ had not been through that period, brief though it was in His case - that period of struggle between the physical and spiritual - the children of the earth could rightly declare that God could not enter into their feelings in this respect. Have I not told you before that all your experiences have been lived through and conquered by Christ Jesu, our Lord?

"So, dear children, from this take comfort, and when you hear of, or see, those in your own circle of friends - when you see these shrinking from the experiences they have undertaken, say to yourself at once: 'God will understand, and, understanding, will help'.

"Yet, of course, you know that something must be forthcoming from the individual concerned. These periods - when the task taken on seems too heavy and life altogether too unkind - these periods, dear children, could be shortened, if only you would concentrate more closely on the Mind of Love.

You see, in the world today, you have got to reckon with that which is not of the world in any sense there could be. I speak of the things of the Spirit which are all around you, which intermingle with the physical and even the material. These beautiful conditions which are so expressive of God are weaved into your daily life - and so it is that when the physical mind prays against the decrees of the spirit, immediately, as a natural result, disharmony is brought about in those conditions which are all around.

"My children, in regard to praying against the spirit, you have a two-fold responsibility - and yet before I touch upon that I want you to understand fully that we, and certainly much more so, Christ, do understand that, to the physical comprehension, life represents an enigma which has yet to be solved.

"It is so entirely natural that when 'undeserved' trouble comes, as you regard it, the shrinking should be there - I say it is perfectly 'natural', but it is not spiritual; and because of that, at once you enhance your own unhappiness, for that within, which belongs to God, separates itself from the reluctant mind, and, closely allied to the Father, goes on its way leaving that other self rather on its own...

"It explains much - it explains those periods of darkness with which all my children are familiar; it explains also that unless a tight hold is kept on the physical mind, these periods of darkness are not lessened but are increased. Yet it simply means - when they come - that, for the time, you are estranged from the greater self within; but in no sense does it mean that you are estranged from God or that the Father is separated from His child.

"If I could once get that glorious truth firmly fixed in your physical mind, I should never more be placed in the position of grieving over the grief of my little ones - and it is just that healing thought which the shadows are determined shall not be there.

"But we have fought many big battles and have overcome, and so it means, dear children, just this: That the day will dawn when the physical mind no longer will hamper the brave, pioneer spirit within; when you will have worked through those chains of the earth, and, in your new-found freedom, will not only rejoice but will be able to free others, by the fact that you have been through the same yourself.

"And now, my children, that brings me to another point: You find it impossible to grasp, in its completeness, the necessity for such experiences in order to help others; and yet, so inconsistent is the physical mind, that again and again you exclaim at the lack of understanding some have over other people's sorrows...

"All of you who are out in the busy world are struck by this: The total inability of the vast majority to enter into the thoughts and the deep anguishes of others.

"I tell you quite frankly tonight, that I could not have used either of you; and I shall be unable to use anyone who has sailed only over the smooth seas of life. You cannot teach the things of God to the uninitiated, and that's what you forget. It is like talking in a foreign language to one who understands only his mother-tongue; it would be wasted effort on my part if I had chosen as my children those who had not passed through dangerous storms and deep waters of physical experience...

"You see, dear children, that once more when we bring things down to a commonsense level, the knots are found to be in imagination only; and I direct you to tell the one who is mostly in your mind (Mrs. Bicknall), that she, out of her wider vision, has chosen the short, steep road to God. And tell her this: That as in nature, storms are succeeded by calm, and calm by storms, so she shall find that the little boat of her life shall be led safely out of that which threatens to wreck, into the great wide sea of God's most perfect understanding.

"Children, in thinking things over, will you try to bear in mind that it hurts the tender heart of the Beloved when you pray against the spirit. Don't you understand what the great Parent feels in regard to His children when they - treading so blindly their uphill way - fall over stone and rock, and, it seems to them, produce nothing in the way of advancement but only damage to heart and mind and body - that the Father, so comprehensive, so unlimited in His Love, suffers in a way you little understand - suffers when His little ones pray against that wonderfully strong and sturdy spirit which is within. He longs to give you peace, He longs that joy should be held closely in your arms, but, in His Divine wisdom, He knows that only by unity between the physical mind and the greater you within - can perfect happiness be made your own.

"Now, dear children, as you will have seen, I have had various little struggles tonight, but what does it amount to? Nothing serious at all. We went on. Now and again, of necessity, I paused to build up the power, and that is all. And so it is with your physical lives today: That shadows seek to hinder you, and, sometimes, not realising it is the shadows, you stop and listen. But never mind, presently on you go again; and each time the battle is fought, and won, so, all unconsciously to yourselves, you are building up strength in the spirit. And that strength shall stand you in good stead, not only in the years to come, but in the great Hereafter, when you will find it impossible to go back in thought on the discipline which you have taken on...

"And now, dear children, I will go, but those who come will need help - help and encouragement too, and if you will give out of your best, you shall find that the help and the encouragement has become your own..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, as that boy said, it has been a wonderful evening - wonderful in a spiritual sense - and once more we finish stronger than we began.

"Oh, my children, I do want you to see in this that far-reaching Love of the Father; I want you to be able to read between the lines, and to be positive that this is going to be worked out in detail - in all your lives and in all that appertains to them. My children have been tried and tested, and if they have fainted by the way, yet what are the Messengers of God sent for but to revive, to re-charge with strength, and to lead them on!

"Let the New Year bring this message to you all: That God is not mocked; that although the evil seems to strike and to strike again, yet, in reality, Christ stands between you and that which would harm. There is no danger of land, of sea or of air; of forces known or of those unknown which can pass the Saviour... Now and again, it is true, that certain souls take on for their experience such things as you call 'accidents' to limb and to mind, but with Christ in command, you shall find not only in regard to your own lives, but also in regard to all those who have been gathered in, that only in pretence was the blow there - that Christ stood between you and evil, and will do so for ever more.

"There is much that will be explained in the days to come, and when that explanation comes, you will see, with me, that not only was the discipline self-chosen, but also it was love in that infinite sense, which had escaped your physical understanding - until God gave you sight and hearing...

"So, my children, meeting, perhaps, with sad thoughts, we close our evening tonight on the keynote of hope, and faith, and that determination to fight through the last remaining barriers until freedom is our own."

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