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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Fulham Church, Kelvedon Road, Fulham, on Sunday 17th February, 1944

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"…Go back in thought before this earth plane came into being, and try to conjure up some idea of the link which binds you and me, indeed which binds all life together. Therefore, if anyone should say: 'Here is a stranger!' or 'Here is an enemy!' - you can see that as time passes on, the links of the past are shown in the future.

"There is a wonderful future in store for man. Among all those wonders will shine out in all its glory the power of Love. Some of you, when thinking of the earth life, become confused over the value of possessions. When you are free from the flesh, you will find that the one possession which transcends all else is your capacity to love and to win love. It makes all the difference in the life that is yet to come.

"As you think how the even tenor of your life has been disturbed, how everything that you thought of great importance has had to be laid aside for the necessities to fill the urgent need at hand - as you think of all that, it is brought home to you that whether you are unwilling or whether you welcome it, it makes no difference at all: you have embarked here and now upon: 'New Ways of Life'.

"While we think of the changing history of this world, of bringing into being, by man’s mind, great operations and contrivances, we are brought back once again to the individual soul, to your life, to the lives of your brethren, to the lives of those in other lands, separated from freedom and joy and peace. Always remember that in the planning of the new world, there must be taken into account not only the 'great and glorious future' upon this mundane planet, but the fate of individual souls who perchance will not survive to partake of those benefits.

"All honour to those who are planning for the new life, who are bringing into fullest use their own intelligence and all the expert experience that they can find. They realise that the past has brought out in a terrible state of clarity that there have been many mistakes. The fundamentals of life have been ignored. Those once graded amongst the weak have become the prime sufferers; those who have been determined to snatch the best out of life have claimed something that only disaster could take from them.

"It is important to be very practical when contact is made with those from the ethereal spheres. You would not understand if they were to describe only the outer courts of those wonderful conditions. Remember that Jesus was very practical, and He taught His messenger to be extremely practical. It would be useless for highly evolved souls to come back and speak of things that are far removed from the mundane round of your daily life, from your sufferings, and from your tests and temptations.

"Those on the higher side who make contact, have come to take the tangle of the earth life and to disentangle it. However, always remember, that free-will cannot be interfered with, and if you cling to your tangles even God Himself must wait until man is willing to accept the help so freely offered to him.

"With regard to those new ways of life: How do they concern you, your children, the warriors tested almost beyond human endurance? I wish to comfort you. I am sent here in great love, for there is a hunger of heart in the human make-up, whatever the nationality, whatever the country: The desire to know what is the meaning of all the anguish, the helplessness, the darkness which seems to have descended upon the material world.

"Can you not realise how our Loving Father grieves because His children do not understand? Their comprehension has been dwarfed and warped by material thinking, and so they wander hither and thither in their misery, wondering at times if there is a God at all.

"Thus the Father suffers and the Heart of the tender Christ is torn.

"The new ideas that are being planned indeed have good in their folds – the health of the people, education, the mitigation of the inequalities of life. All these things are blessed by God. But surely it is obvious that even these great schemes for the amelioration of the troubles of the earth, will only have a surface effect if man, a living soul, has not been rightly taught concerning himself, his inheritance, and the great Life that lies before him.

"All around, you hear the word 'injustice', because many are bound by selfish thought. There is much injustice. The good, it seems, are crushed beneath their cross, and the artful are able to push their own burdens upon the weak. There is not one walk of life where there is not that burning sense of resentment because of the operations of power and authority.

"This arousing of the consciousness of man is not only a step in the right direction, but is an outward manifestation of the Power of the Holy Spirit upon the earth. Even in the study of disease, surely man must awaken to the fact that to cure is not sufficient. Many diseases that afflict and torture the physical body could be prevented. The only way they can be stamped out is by going back to the teaching of old and take up those simple instructions left by the Master Christ. It is a fact that a desire, a determination to do good, inevitably brings back good to the one concerned.

"There are many wearied by the stress of daily life who marvel how the strength returns. Sometimes there are those who think there is some strange law at work which shows favouritism to some and not to others. Those who have been taught the truth, realise that Divine Law works on faithfully and equally for those who know and for those who do not. Here and now you find humble people who have overcome their sorrows, and in doing so have gained a little understanding of the pain which physical life sorely afflicted. Immediately, by the mere fact of their own similar experience, their thoughts go out in true compassion, not blaming God, but the compassion that has in its folds appreciation of the strength of that soul to take on so heavy a burden for the sake of the sweet by and by.

"Thus it is that there are those who, in their physical weakness, are able to demonstrate a wonderful spiritual strength; they will feel that finally they were overcome, but no, they roped up, began to work and the power came. So it did. But not only to them. The power was drawn by those individuals for their own use certainly, but also to strengthen the low conditions of the earth. That needs to be remembered. For have there not been those who have held in their minds a physical complaint, that at last it has become a reality?

"You are the master of your own fate. Then the question arises: What of the good people who are afflicted? The answer comes straight from the Heart of Love - such as these are God's messengers, they have not only been called but they have been chosen. What have they been chosen to do? That is very clear. They have been chosen to demonstrate to a world that has very little faith, that faith is a reality, that there is a strength dominating the depleted strength of the physical body, that there is a power that can be demonstrated through the frail flesh to raise the heart and mind of man.

"So we come back to the new ways of life. While we think of the great effort being given out at this time, and the plans for the future - the stud of social life, the bringing into practical use of economies, the determination that the masses shall have their chance to gain a measure of health - while we give honour where honour is due, there is something vitally missing: A practical and true religion.

"If, over the years which have passed, there had been a practical religion placed within the reach of man, with true explanations concerning life and being, then the schemes of today would have been unnecessary, because the afflictions of the present are the direct result of the forsaking of the path, of sinning against the body and misusing the physical mind.

"When we think of religion, we are brought face to face with many obstacles, because to the majority it has a grey sound, something associated with frustration, with not-knowing, with petty restrictions and injustices, and in many a heart and mind there is that instinct: 'I do not want religion'. It is obvious because the kind of religion available to those souls was not a practical religion.

"It is useless to dig down into the past or to cling to the chains of a far off yesterday, when people today are in the throes of agony. Science has its place, theory and doctrine and ritual may play their part; but when a soul is in agony there is only the understanding Father who can reassure.

"It is impressed upon you that your part, as well as all those on the Higher Side of Life, is to give to the masses a religion that shall appeal to their sense of justice, of honesty; a religion that shall answer their questions and quieten the agonised murmurings of their physical mind; a religion that shall enable any soul to go to a broken-hearted mother, or wife, or sister, tear the bandages from their eyes, raise them from their knees, and show them - not a grave - but a glorious life, an active, useful, purposeful life in conditions where sorrow and pain are unknown.

"Therefore, in considering new ways of life, we have to take into consideration that which is all important. In this new way of life, what kind of religion will be given to the masses? Will it be merely a turning over of the tablets, merely a clinging to the weaknesses of the past, will it be the same: 'No' to simple questions because the custodians cannot dictate the answers; will it be the old mystery concerning physical death and will the mourners still leave their graveyards broken in spirit, all the light blotted out by grief?

"Consider your own responsibilities, you who have a voice in the organisation of these great schemes, in the ordering of the life of your country - for the struggle is coming - because there will be thousands and thousands who have sacrificed their all, contemplating the few who, by the use of the cunning of the earthly mind, have turned disaster to their personal advantage. There are the maimed and the blind, the young robbed of the inheritance to which they felt entitled, the abused and the lonely, and so the list goes on.

"Think about this: Will those new ways of life be brought about by politicians, by the doctors and the priests? Will they be sufficient to fill the hungry hearts of the sacrificed? No. When agony and loss have reached a certain point, the things of the world only mock and deride. Those schemes, though holding in their documentation much that is good, are incomplete because of the cowardice of those who have not sought and therefore have not found the Truth.

"There should not be one representing God or His church unqualified to answer the questions that come from those who, it seems to them, have lost all that makes life worthwhile. What will be answers given to such as these? In the main, those answers only hammer in their repugnance to 'religion' because they give no explanation of personal grief, loss or fear.

"So, while there are many to take full advantage of spirit communion in the temples, it must be noted that there are many who are unwilling to study Divine Law. Therefore they have not the correct answers to give to those who walk in darkness. Even the grief-stricken, once they have been re-united to their own, want to know more. They want to be able to readjust their thoughts over what they see and hear. They want God to be justified over the misery that assails so many during the physical stage.

"Those who love you and care about your spiritual welfare are pleading with you to rise and to have the will to study God's Law, so that you may have the capacity in your own mind to make things clear to others, to open the eyes of the people to the fact that everything upon the earth plane is but an aspect of something else in another world.

"According to the conditions of that other world, the aspect is finer or dwindled in its representation. As you study, so you will grow in spiritual wisdom and knowledge. What you know now is like a foundation, waiting to be built on - be a lighthouse upon a rock.

"There is not one thing that you can name or can conjure up in your imagination, which does not have its counterpart in conditions of Reality. There is no one suffering from any affliction of the flesh who could not be reassured; for not only is compensation built up here and now, but in the next body to be worn, there will be - for that weak limb or for that misty faculty - a wonderful strength and power.

"To those who are blind shall be given the light to see the beauties beyond the range of those who see the flowers upon the earth. The crippled who wistfully wonder when spring comes as to its beauty, surely the crippled will have increased strength of limb. Many so fettered, by their patience and their faith - when in the physical body - can fly at will.

"Try to readjust some of the fairy tales of old and see them as Parables of Reality. There is much truth embodied in those tales which came through to earth - by the Power of the Spirit - into instruments who did not understand their Source. Think of the future. Be prepared to do your part.

"There will be the wounded, those who gave up their employment, almost suffocated by the darkness of despair. You must go to such as these. Rekindle the life within them. Give them a certainty that the scales of justice held by God can never waiver. That which they lost today can be gained tomorrow.

"Are you grieving? Does it seem to you that you have not been fairly treated by fate? So many desire to push these thoughts aside; but they come back murmuring their temptations. What is it that has gone wrong with your life? Is it not that your religious teaching has represented God as someone removed from the daily round, someone only concerned with the big affairs of life and so perchance your own little patch has been overlooked?

"There are millions thinking on these same lines; but beneath it all, there is the desire for a practical religion, not a God so great in power that there seems no link at all with man's own limitations; but a God as represented by the Suffering Christ - a Loving Father - who can walk beside him and pour into his mind inspiration regarding Truth as Truth actually is.

"Always remember that the heavy laden in any state are the brave souls, the ones who have not only been called but - by the release of the Divine within - are chosen as God's instruments to demonstrate the power that is possible through the flesh, or the body that is worn on any plane in God's wide world.

"Readjust your views over your personal troubles, over the pains of the body, over the unanswered prayers, over the dread of the future. Children of the Light be comforted; try to understand that nothing has gone wrong with you who suffer. But there is much that has gone wrong with those who made you suffer. Yet, in the tomorrow of time, in another world, you will hasten to those bound souls and try to help them to break from themselves the chains which bind them.

"You will love your work. As you minister, so greater power still will come, and the time will arrive when you shall stand among your fellows as a leader. You led in the old days upon the earth because you suffered and were strong. Here again, you find the wonderful justice of God. All the ability of the physical mind, the strength of the physical body, the possessions of the earth, are scattered before the Divine law, which ordains that promotion and leadership depend upon the development of character.

"Therefore the humble-hearted are honoured - the burden-bearers, the ones who can see the world well lost for the Christ. Thus the 'first shall be last and the last shall be first', and the Love of God, God's wonderful provision for His own, will be shown in all its beauty and all its power.

"But in the meantime, you who know must urge those who do not know to learn the Laws that govern Life and Being, so that man can have a practical, logical religion to guide his footsteps out of the valley paths into the way of peace - up the steep hill to the glory that never fades, to the joy that has no end, to the peace that can send back rays to this burdened world and save the future generations from another crucifixion through despising the simple Christ Laws of health and happiness and holy being.

"All the workers are blessed. There are many spiritual possessions for such as these. Raise your conception of Spirit Communion, remembering the new ways of life in the framing of the future for the children yet to be born upon the earth.

"The Christ Power blesses you all, and with those who have striven to be faithful, upon them rests the yoke of service which shall make all things light by faith and knowledge throughout the days that are to come.

"Peace be with you."

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